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National Book Trust, India an autonomous organization, under Ministry of Human
Resource Development, Deptt of Higher Education, Government of India, invites
sealed quotation in the prescribed Tender Form from reputed transporters for
transportation of books packed in carton boxes on need basis from its godown in
Vasant Kunj, Phase- II, New Delhi to various Districts Hq. of Uttar Pradesh.
Quotation should be submitted in prescribed form. The prescribed quotation form
may be collected from the Deputy Director (Sales Store), National Book Trust,
India Nehru Bhawan, 5, Institutional Area, Phase – II, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi –
110 070 on any working day between 9.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. The form can be
downloaded from the website www.nbtindia.org.in The last date for submission of
quotation is 4th March, 2010 upto 3.00 p.m. and shall be opened at 4.00 p.m. on
the same day.

Director, National Book Trust, India, India reserves the right to accept/reject any or
all tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever.
                            NATIONAL BOOK TRUST, INDIA
                                      NEHRU BHAWAN
                      5, Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj – II, New Delhi

       Quotation for Transportation of books from National Book Trust, India, 5,
                Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj, Phase – II, New Delhi

                                TERMS AND CONDITIONS

      1. The quotation should be submitted in the form prescribed). Estimated value of the
         contract is Rs. Three Lac..

      2. If the cover of the Quotation is not sealed and marked. Trust will assume no
         responsibility for its misplacement or premature opening.

      3. Incomplete quotations are liable to be rejected.

      4. Rates should be quoted specifying whether they are including or excluding
         Service Tax and other levies. The safe delivery of consignments will be sole
         responsibility of the transporter which include the carier risk as per declared
         value in the GR.

      5. The Tenderers should fill the rates both in figures as well as in words. The
         Quotation form may be filled in English and all entries must be handwritten in
         ink. Overwriting of rates is not permitted. Corrections, if any, should be attested
         by the Authorised Signatory.

      6. If there is a difference in rates between words and figures, the amount in words
         will prevail.

      7. When deemed necessary, the Trust may seek clarification on any aspect from the
         Tenderers. However, that would not entitle the tenderer to change or cause any
         change in the rate quoted.

      8.    All the bids must be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.6000/- in the
           form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of National Book Trust India, New Delhi.
           The successful Tenderer shall be required to deposit Rs.15,000/- lump-sump with
           adjustment of EMD as Security Deposit (refundable) in the form of a demand
           draft drawn in favour of National Book Trust, India. Payable at Delhi/New Delhi
           before issue of the work order.

  9.       The Trust may waive off any minor infirmity or non-conformity in the Tender
           which does not constitute a material deviation, provided such waiver does not
           prejudice or affect the relative ranking of other tenderers. The decision of the
           Trust in this regard will be final.

10.        The Trust shall award the contract to the tenderer whose rates has been
           determined to be substantially responsive and has been determined as the lowest
           evaluated bid, provided further that the Tenderer is determined to be qualified to
           perform the contract satisfactorily. The Trust shall however not bind itself to
           accept the lowest or any tender, wholly or in part.


11.   Security Deposit shall, however, be liable to be forfeited if the contractor fails to
      excute supply within the stipulated time or if the supply is not made satisfactorily
      as per the terms and conditions.

12.   If the successful Tenderer backs out after award of the contract. Earnest Money
      Deposit shall be forfeited.

13.   The consignment of books are required to be lifted by the Transporter from NBT
      Godown, Vasant Kunj, Phase – II, New Delhi and to be door delivered.

14.   The Transporter will be responsible for safety of the books during transit, loading
      and unloading. Full value of books in case of loss or damage, if any, occasioned
      to the stock shall be recovered from the Transporter. The value of books declared
      in GR shall be the value of the consignment.

15.   The books to be transported are exempted from levy, octroi, Terminal/Toll Tax

16.   The consignment must be delivered within a maximum period of 05 working
      days after handing over by the Trust. In case, the Transporter fails to deliver the
      books within the stipulated time, the Trust shall have the right to make an
      alternative arrangement at the cost and risk of the original transporter. Besides a
      penalty of Rs. 1000/- per day for the period of delay shall be imposed.

17.   The Trust shall make the payment at its Delhi Office after the books are delivered
      in good and intact condition to the satisfaction of the Trust on production of
      Dharam Kanta receipt and acknowledgement of consignment by the

18.   Rates quoted for transportation by the Transporter shall be inclusive of loading,
      unloading, carrier risk charges, door delivery from our godown to various District
      Hq. of Uttar Pradesh .

19.   The Trust reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation, and to annual the
      whole Tendring Process and to reject all bids at any time prior to award of the
      contract without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Tenderers.

20.   The Trust is not bound to accept the lowest rates quoted by any bidder and
      reserves the right to accept the whole or any part of the Tender which the
      Tenderer shall have to execute at the rates quoted. The decision of the Trust in
      this regard would be final and binding.

21.   Rates quoted should be valid for a minimum period of three months from the date
      of award of the contract.

24.   Income Tax at the rates applicable shall be deducted.

25.   The Tenderer must mention the Permanent Account Number (PAN), Service Tax
      Registration No. and other credentials.

26.   All unresolved disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi/New Delhi
                                                                                           Annexure I I

Quotation for transportation of books from NBT Godown at Vasant Kunj, Phase-II, New
Delhi to various districts of Uttar Pradesh .
         S. No.   Distt.                              Approx. Weight    Freight rate for transportation of
                                                      in kg. to be      books including loading/unloading
                                                      transported       and door delivery carrier risk
                                                      200 Tonnes         charges per kg.

(A)        For all over Uttar Pradesh

(B)      District wise
         1. Agra
         2. Aligarh
         3. Allahabad
         4. Ambedkar Nagar
         5. Auriya
         6. Azamgarh
         7. Bagpat
         8. Blarampur
         9. Bahraich
         10. Balia
         11. Banda
         12. Barabanki
         13. Bareily
         14. Basti
         15. Bijnor
         16. Badaun
         17. Bulandshahar
         18. Chandauli
         19. Chitrakoot
         20. Deoria
         21. Etah
         22. Etawah
         23. Faizabad
         24. Farrukabad
         25. Fatehpur
         26. Firozabad
         27. Gautam Buddha Nagar
         28. Ghaziabad
         29. Ghazipur
         30. Gonda
         31. Gorakhpur
         32. Hamirpur
         33. Hardoi
         34. Hathras
         35. Jalaun
         36. Jaunpur
         37. Jhansi

                                                      Cont. - - 2 - -
                                             -- 2 --

38. Jyothiba Phule Nagar
39. Kannauj
40. Kanpur Dehat
41. Kanpur Nagar
42. Kaushambi
43. kheri
44. Kushinagar
45. Lalitpur
46. Luchknow
47. Maharajganj
48. Mahoba
49. Mainpuri
50. Mathura
51. Mau
52. Meerut
53. Mirzapur
54. Moradabad
55. Muzaffar Nagar
56. Plibhit
57. Pratapgarh
58. Rai Bareily
59. Rampur
60. Saharanpur
61. Sant Kabir Nagar
62. Sant Ravidas Nagar
63. Shahjahanpur
64. Shravasti
65. Siddharth Nagar
66. Sobhadra
67. Sultanpur
68. Unnao
69. Varanasi

I/We hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in Annexure I

Date                                                   Signature    :
                                                       Name         :
                                                       PAN          :
Place :                                                Service Tax/
                                                       Reg No:

                                                       Seal/Stamp of the Firm: