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					  Making Word Walls Work in the Classroom
             (Wagstaff, 1999)
  Make Them Memorable- Use text as the context for
  identifying key words to place on your word wall.
  Remember, if the key words are any old words, they are
  likely to be treated as such.
                                                                   PD360 Video – Expanding Vocabulary:
  Make Them Useful - The more you use the word wall                Look at ways to expand student vocabulary
  the more your students will do the same. Demonstrations
                                                                   and give your students a lifetime skill. “The
  and think-alouds take only a few seconds, if done
  frequently, will give you more bang for your buck. It is         expansion and elaboration of vocabularies is
  important that you show students how to use the word             something that extends across a lifetime.”
  wall. Putting the words up at the beginning of the year          [Kamil & Hiebert, 2005 as quoted in
  and telling kids to use it without showing them how is           “Teaching Basic and Advanced Vocabulary” by
  setting your word wall up for failure.
                                                                   Robert Marzano.
  Make Them Practical- Incorporate word walls into
  your daily instruction. By incorporating the word wall in        PD360 video 1402 E-9:          Expanding
  daily instruction, students will gain automaticity in using      Vocabulary, Elementary (12 min 47 sec)
  this classroom reference.
                                                                   PD 360 video 1402 S-9:         Expanding
  Make Them Hands-On- Make your wall interactive by                Vocabulary, Secondary (12 min 24 sec)
  using Velcro or sticky tack. This allows students to go to
  the wall, remove a word, use it at their desk, and return
  it. Post words WITH your students to make it more
  meaningful for them.
  Make Them Space Efficient- If you lack space, use
  three-panel display boards. These freestanding materials
  don't require any wall space, and can be moved around
  the room and placed on a table for easy visibility.
                                                                    Into the Book
  Make Them Your Way- There is no right or wrong
  way to build a word wall. What to build, what words to          This is a great website for K-5 teachers. It is a reading
  add, and when to add them, all depend on what your              comprehension resource. It is fun and helps teach
  students need. Organize your walls in a way that is             children reading strategies through songs/lyrics. It
  practical to students. Be creative!                             focuses on the eight research-based reading strategies:
                                                                  using prior knowledge, making connections,
  Make Them Attractive – Word walls should be neat                questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing,
  and legible for students. The words should be easily seen       evaluating and synthesizing. I have used it in trainings
  from any angle in your classroom. Type the words and            to facilitate a sense of “passion” and enthusiasm to
  put them on colored paper, if possible.                         sometimes teaching reading strategies which may not
                                                                  always be fun for kids. It also includes “behind the
                 Useful Word Wall Links 
                                                                  lessons” which provides lesson plans, video clips, ideas             and links as well as graphic organizers to help     implement the “gradual release of responsibility” to
  html                                                            students.                                                           - Ebru Bilgili

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