Jobseekers2Communities Fact Sheet 2 by kaj11697


February 2010
Volume 1 Issue 2

                                             Fact Sheet 2
                                            First Projects Completed

                            The Project Officers in-
                            volved with the Jobseek-
                            ers2Communities have
                            completed the following

                            New website for the
Inside this issue:          Blackwood Basin Group.
                            Even though the Black-
Who is eligible?        2
                            wood Basin Group is
                            based in the south-west,
                            Christophe Bouyac was
What kind of projects   2   able to complete a total
can be taken on?
                            new look for their website, and leave be-      Executive Officer at GROW to assist her
What kind of organisa- 2    hind a comprehensive manual which en-          with two spreadsheets which she needs
tions have been             ables the BBG to manage the new site.          to use for reporting requirements. Mi-
successful ?
                            Check out Christophe’s work at                 chael was able to understand what the
When do applications    3                                                  problems were in using the spreadsheets,
                            and with some modifications and instruc-
How do I apply?         4                                                  tions, enable Louise to feel much more
                            Database of resources for the                  comfortable in managing them next time!
I need more help!       5   Ivi Sanchez Moncada has catalogued all         Michael developed a call logging data-
                            735 individual resources held by Con-          base for GROW together with an auto-
                            nectGroups, and left behind a database         calculating spread sheet for reporting .
Our story               6
                            that enables anyone to search for any
                                                                           The Jobseekers2Communities Program is
                            topic and know exactly where to look for it
                                                                           open for further applications. Please con-
                            in the office! Antonella Segre, the Execu-
                                                                           tact Eira Clapton for
                            tive Officer of ConnectGroups says “our
 Special points of                                                         assistance or go to the WACOSS website
                            funding body requires us to be able to         for more information.
                            provide resources to our members. Now
   First Projects           we know exactly what we have, what we              This Project is supported by
     Completed              need to update, and where they are! We
                                                                                      funding from
   What kind of             are now very comfortable with our ability
                            to manage that part of our work.”
    projects can be
    taken on?                                                                    Australian Government
                            Ivi called in assistance from fellow Project
   Which organisa-          Officer Michael D’Silva in creating the
    tions have been         search facility for her library database.
                            Assistance with spreadsheets for

                            Michael D’Silva visited Louise Howe,
Page 2                     J o b s e e k e r s 2 C o m m u n it i e s                Volume 1 Issue 2

                           What kind of projects can be taken on?
                           Some of the work we have agreed to do so far includes:
                                   Web design and development of websites,
                                   Marketing plan and database
                                   Records and archival support
                                   Upgrade website and data capture and storage
                                   Event coordination
                                   General office support, includes policy and procedure manuals
 We have recruited a
                                   Refinement of data collection tools
 wide variety of people
 with administrative       Not for profit, small to medium sized community service organisations are
 skills                    eligible to apply. (see the application form for definitions).
                           Applicant organisations must have the capacity to provide support to the pro-
                           ject and the Pool Worker as he or she completes the project task.
                           This includes having space for the Pool Worker to work in your office.
                           It means that there will be a person who is ready to help the Pool Worker ad-
                           just quickly to the project work and will be ready to answer any questions as
                           they arise.
                           The organisation must be in metropolitan Perth .
                           Successful organisations will have submitted an Application form with all the
                           required documentation to WACOSS for consideration by the assessment
Examples of projects for   panel.
pool workers:

     Updating your
     policy and            What kind of workers will be available?
     procedure manual

     Making the            WACOSS has recruited workers who have been retrenched from business –
     transition of your    or become unemployed due to the Global Financial crisis-and oriented them
     Chart of Accounts     to work in the not-for-profit sector.
     to the Standard
                           We have people with administrative skills, book-keeping or accounting skills,
     Chart of Accounts     IT professionals and so on. These people are our Project Officers for a period
                           of four months of full time work.
     Archiving your
     records               The workers are employees of WACOSS, and their wages are provided by a
                           grant from the Commonwealth Jobs Fund.
     your document
J o b s e e k e r s 2 C o m m u n it i e s                   V o l u m e 1 I ss u e 2                 Page 3

How do I apply?
Organisations need to apply for Project Officers. If approved, projects will be
allocated to the Project Officers according to their skills and interests and the
time available.

Applications must be made on the Jobseekers2Communities
Application form, and submitted in full with all supporting
documentation, by the due date.

It is strongly recommended that any organisation talk over
the project that they have in mind, with the Program Coordi-                            It is strongly
nator Eira Clapton, prior to submitting the application.                                recommended that
                                                                                        any organisation talk
Applications need to be at the WACOSS office by                                         over the project that
                                                                                        they have in mind,
5pm on the Second Monday of each month                                                  with the Program
                                                                                        Coordinator Eira
during 2010.                                                                            Clapton, prior to
                                                                                        submitting the
Get your application form by emailing                                                   application. or phone 9420 7222.
Projects which have been approved so far include those of the follow-
ing organizations:

Blackwood Basin Group; Bridging the Gap; CARAD; Community Legal
Centres Association (CLC) (WA) Inc; Community Sector Services;
ConnectGroups - Support Groups Association WA Inc; Federation of
Housing Collectives; FinUCare; GROW; Joondalup Youth Support
Services; Learning Centre Link; Peel Community Development Group;
Peel Youth Services; People With Disabilities WA Inc (PWDWA);
Shelter WA; The Patricia Giles Centre Inc; WACOSS & Peaks Train-
ing Gateway; Women's Law Centre

How much will it cost?
The project is supported by funds from the Australian Government
which will pay the Pool Workers’ wages. In-kind support from organisa-
tions who have a Pool Worker working for them is an essential compo-
nent of the project.
We invite organisations to contribute 20% of the cost of their Pool
Worker. Income from these contributions will go towards the long-term
sustainability of this Project and help us to assist more Organisations.
                                                     Contact the
                                                     Jobseekers2Communities Program
WACOSS City West Lotteries House
2 Delhi St West Perth WA 6005                        Coordinator Eira Clapton
WACOSS Fremantle Office: Jobs Fund Projects          for more information about this
Level 2 22 Queen St Fremantle                        exciting new project.
West Perth 08 9420 7222
Fremantle 08 9430 8200                               If you need more help, or are
                                                     unsure if the project you have

                                                     in mind is suitable, please call
                                                     the Program Coordinator Eira                               Clapton, who is available to
                                                     assist    or ganisations     to
Ways to make a difference.                           complete their applications.

                                                  Applications are now open!

                                    Application forms can be downloaded from the website at


                                                           or email


Our story
The Jobseekers2Communities project came about from
planning by the WA Peaks Forum, a network of community
service organisations which meet regularly to discuss
matters of importance in the not for profit community
service area.

The Peaks Forum identified that there was a concern about
attracting workers into the community sector, which was a
limiting factor on the sector being able to deliver services
to the people of WA.

WACOSS is the lead agency for the WA Peaks Forum in the
management of this project.

                               This project is supported by funding from the
                                         Australian Government.

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