Art Restoration Master Brings Skelton Back to Life

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					Art Restoration Master Brings Skelton Back to Life

Gregg knew his mother collected clown drawings and was a huge fan of Red Skelton. When he had an
opportunity to purchase a chalk drawing done by Red Skelton from the estate of Soupy Sales, he jumped at
the chance. The one issue was the drawing had water damage from being in the attic for many years. The
drawing needed Art Restoration.

This did not deter Gregg, as he knew his Mother collected clown drawings and did not have a Red Skelton
clown drawing in her collection. If this chalk drawing could be professionally restored, it would be the perfect
Christmas gift for his Mother.

Now that Gregg had the drawing in hand, he started to search for the perfect Art Restoration company to
restore the drawing. His internet search for 'Art Restoration' brought him to a web site on the first page of
Google named

Gregg read all of the testimonials on the web site and decided this was the best company to do his art
restoration work. He sent the Red Skelton clown drawing to Mr. Rod Hewitt, the thoughtful owner of Rod thoroughly explained the restoration process and how long the art repair would

Gregg knew he had made the right decision for his art restoration project, and was even surer after he
received the detailed assessment of the work involved to restore the drawing.

As stated by Mr. Hewitt, “The Skelton can be restored but there are major challenges. The first problem is
that the water damage has caused acidification of the entire piece. Acid has migrated from the front to the
back and will continue to yellow and disfigure the work as time goes on. The second challenge is the water
stains that extend throughout the image and cause long lines down the pastel.

First we will de-acidify and bleach the entire work. We will block out the image and then using an airbrush to
apply chemicals that will remove all traces of the acid. Then we will bleach the work on the front and back,
careful not to touch the image. When completed and if the work is cared for properly, the acid will never

The second problem is the greatest. The lines caused by the water damage have seriously compromised the
pastel. When we remove the water lines, the original pastel will be compromised. Mr. Gustavo Perez, our
head restorer will be working exclusively on the Skelton. He will in essence have to repaint about 90% of the
image. The light pastel quality of the image will be, in the restoration, more opaque. In others words the
image will not be as transparent but more solid following the restoration.

Finally, we will add a light protection varnish that will protect the area that is not pastel. This will protect the
work for fifty to a hundred years, but the area of the restored pastel will not be varnished because that would
alter the color.

The yellowing will be gone, the water damage will have been removed and the piece will look very close to
new. The work completed you should never have any concerns with the Skelton for the rest of your life. The
estimate for this restoration is $900.

Greg, please note that we guaranty all our work. If you have a problem when the work is returned or in five
years or more we will fix any concerns free or charge.”

So how did this art restoration project turn out? Let’s see what Gregg had to say about it.


Good morning,

I received the Skelton yesterday.... it is pretty dang amazing. I wish I would have taken picture of before and
after, because it is pretty amazing (I could repeat this over and over again). THANK YOU, my mom, I HOPE,
will love it.

Please tell Gustavo that it is beautiful, his work is amazing, and THANK YOU. Please tell everyone at
Restorations by Heart, THANK YOU. After I purchased the Skelton, I figured restoration was almost
impossible, as it was so badly damaged. You guys made the impossible, possible.

Thank you.”


In a world with seemingly so many problems, it is gratifying to hear about a sons love for his Mother and a
business whose love for restoring cherished pieces or art are alive and well.

For your heart felt art restoration, art repair or art conservation needs, consider visiting, or calling Rod toll free at 1-866-635-8516.

If you have a web site you would like on the first page of Google, please visit,
or call Cal Hesson at 402-896-8055 to learn more.

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