Voter Signature Cheat Sheet

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					                    Voter Signature Cheat Sheet
Make sure the heading information is filled out.
    o   Office of the Governor & Lieutenant Governor, Timothy Cahill & Paul Loscocco
        51 Grenwold Road, Quincy, MA 02169
        Paul’s Address
        Independent candidate
Get voter signatures from ONE city or town ONLY on each nomination paper.
    o   Keep separate sheets for different cities/towns.
    o   If you are in a public area, make sure to ask the voter where they live BEFORE they sign
        your sheet to avoid them signing for the wrong town or city.
    o   i.e. If someone lives in Randolph but signed on the Quincy sheet, it will NOT be counted.
The papers may be signed by ANY registered voter.

    o   i.e. Democrat, Republican, Unenrolled, Independent.

    o   Voters who are unsure of the way they are registered may sign in different ways on
        consecutive lines (with addresses each time) and the correct one will be counted.

All signatures must be legible and written as they registered.
    o   Make sure the voter does not use nicknames or initials in place of full names.
    o   Married women should sign “Helen Smith” not “Mrs. John Smith.”
All signatures must have present addresses
    o   Voters must use street addresses, not mailing addresses such as post office box numbers.
    o   If a voter is unsure of their registered address, ask them to sign multiple times with the
        addresses they think may be accurate. The correct one will be counted.
If a voter signs incorrectly or makes any error, DO NOT erase or make changes.
    o   Leave the incorrect line intact and ask the voter to sign again on the next line. The correct
        one will be counted.
Voters who are prevented from signing by physical disability may authorize another individual to
sign for them in the voter’s presence.
    o   NO person may sign for another unless the voter is physically disabled as above. One
        spouse may NOT sign for another.
A voter may sign ONCE.
    o   If a voter signs more than once for the same candidate, it will only be counted once.
Be sure to collect and submit MORE signatures than the required number because many may be