PROJECT DATA SHEET Project Environmental Audit of the Caliraya by kaj11697


									                  PROJECT DATA SHEET                               Services Rendered:

                                                                   APCC conducted the environmental audit in two (2) phases:
Project:   Environmental Audit of the Caliraya-Botocan-
Kalayaan (CBK) Hydroelectric Power Project
                                                                   •   Site visit and review of available data; and
Client: Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J Power)             •   Report preparation.

Location: Caliraya, Laguna, Philippines                            The project team also reviewed the public documents
                                                                   available at DENR-EMB pertaining to CBK operations to
Duration: July 2004 – August 2004                                  evaluate pending compliance issues or regulatory offenses or
                                                                   penalties that may have been applied to the CBK operations.
Description of the Project:

The CBK project is being implemented through a Build-
Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer (BROT) scheme between CBK
Power and National Power Corporation (NPC) which was
executed on November 6, 1998. The CBK Power Co. Ltd. was
formed for the purpose of rehabilitating, upgrading, expanding,
testing, commissioning, operating, maintaining and managing
the Caliraya, Botocan and Kalayaan 1 Hydro-electric power
plants of the National Power Corporation (NPC).

The Environmental Audit had the following objectives:

   a)    To assess the environmental conditions of the CBK
   b)    To review the applicable environmental laws and
         compliance by the project;
   c)    To identify potential environmental risks for long term
         operations; and
   d)    To propose an environmental risk management

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