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									February 18, 2010

For the Renovation and Upgrade of the
50 Sifton Road, Fort Garry Campus

Please submit applications, prior to
2:00 pm (CST) March 4, 2010,
(5 copies) to:                                        Direct inquiries to:
Ms. Roxana Semchuk                                    Ms. Roxana Semchuk
Purchasing Consultant, Purchasing Services            Questions must be submitted in writing,
410 Administration Building                           preferably by e-mail. Only registered
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2                            participants will be issued any required
Ph: (204) 474-9238 Fax: (204) 474-7509                addenda or clarifications.
Website: services/purch/Purchsing.htm

Participants must register in writing to Ms. Roxana Semchuk, preferably by e-mail, in order to
receive future correspondence, including addenda.

The University of Manitoba (the University) intends to pre-qualify General Contractors. The
University will retain one of the Pre-qualified General Contracting firms to provide full General
Contracting services for the Biological Sciences Building, an eight million dollar renovation and
upgrade to the existing Pharmacy Building, now renamed, the Biological Sciences Building for the
new Department of Biological Sciences. Only General Contractors who have pre-qualified
specifically for this project with the University of Manitoba will be allowed to submit a tender.

Contractors are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification in order to provide the best
possible response to this Pre-qualification Statement.

Firms are invited to submit a Pre-qualification Statement on the forms outlined in the following
pages. Only the requested information should be included in the proposal response. Only the
requested information will be evaluated and rated.

The University reserves the right to suspend the pre-qualification status of any contractor at their
sole discretion, including but not limited to a bidder that is, or has been in a legal dispute with the
University or other entity.

Following the proposal evaluations, the University will tender the work described in Section 1.0 to
the General Contracting Firms pre-qualified for this project. The General Contractor must, in their
tender submission, select tender pricing from the University of Manitoba list of pre-qualified
Mechanical, and Electrical Contractors. For the tender submission, Electrical Contractors must
either be AMP certified (and AMP listed) or carry an AMP certified contractor for the Voice
Data portions of the work.
1.0   Description of the Work – Biological Sciences Building #191

      1.1    General

      The Biological Sciences Building is approximately 3175 gross square metres (over 4 levels)
      of offices and teaching/ research labs, plus 110 gross square metres for the new tunnel.

      This project has to meet the target completion dates set by the funding requirements of the
      Knowledge Infrastructure Program federal stimulus funding.

      1.2    Architectural

      Work of this Contract includes:

            Renovations to the interior and limited exterior envelope of the existing three-storey
             plus basement Biological Sciences Building (former Pharmacy Building).
            Interior renovations include building code upgrades such as wall and stair fire
             separations, sprinklering and barrier free access, laboratory and fume hood upgrades,
             miscellaneous architectural upgrades such as floor finishes and millwork
             refurbishment, and numerous mechanical and electrical system upgrades.
            Exterior envelope upgrades include replacement of the exterior windows and doors,
             miscellaneous masonry and concrete sunshade repairs, and foundation wall
             waterproofing and insulation upgrade of the Biological Sciences Building (Separate
             Price item).
            Construction of a new tunnel connection to link the existing University Centre/ Allen
             Building tunnel and to the FitzGerald Building.
            Removal and / or relocation of existing mechanical and electrical site services in the
             area of the new tunnel.
            Repairs as required to adjacent sitework (sidewalks, paving stone, landscaping and
             sodding, asphalt paving).

      1.3    Mechanical
      The renovation of the existing Pharmacy building and the addition of a tunnel connecting the
      existing tunnel infrastructure to the Biological Sciences and Fitzgerald buildings will require
      the following Mechanical work to meet code and owner requirements:

           Rework of domestic hot/cold, sanitary waste, lab waste, compressed air, natural gas,
            and reverse osmosis piping and venting to suit new sink and relocated sink locations.
           Installation of new brass for all gas turrets, sinks, lavatories, and eyewash stations.
           New piping connection to new fume hoods – water, waste and gases.
           Separation of the domestic supply water from one supply to three supplies.
           Relocation of site catch basins, water mains, high pressure natural gas lines to make
            way for new tunnel.

            Installation of a new wet system throughout the existing building.
            Installation of a dry pre‐ action system for server rooms.
      Installation of a deluge system along fire‐ rated glazing systems.

    Rework of high, medium, and low pressure steam system throughout the building.
    Installation of complete hydronic glycol/water heating and heat recovery systems.
    Renovation of medium pressure dual duct air delivery system and air handler.
    Rework of laboratory general exhaust and fume hood exhaust systems.
    Installation of new fume hoods.
    Repair and renovation of existing air handler.

1.4    Electrical

The project includes the supply and installation of the following components and systems:

      Existing Main Distribution to remain
      New Cutler Hammer breakers to be supplied for new panels
      New panel interiors to be provided for all existing 120/208V panels (15 panels)
      New emergency feed extended to building from Allan Building emergency
       distribution c/w transfer switch and CDP.
      New voice and data services from University cable plant into building.

Lighting, Receptacles and Communication Cabling:
      Demolish existing lighting.
      New T5 recessed lighting to be provided in all new ceilings.
      Occupancy sensor control for all offices and washrooms.
      Modify and supplement existing receptacles and wiring to accommodate upgrades
       and meet new equipment requirements.
      Provide new communication systems infrastructure and voice/data room.
      Modify fibre optic and CAT3 house WAN cabling and support systems in existing
       tunnel to accommodate new tunnel connection to building.

     Replace existing fire alarm system with new single stage addressable fire alarm
     Remove all existing emergency lighting.
     New access control system by CARDAC.
     New CCTV system c/w interior and exterior cameras, DVRs, and cabling as per
      University of Manitoba specifications.
     Replace all exit signs.
     Provide new conduit and cabling systems for audiovisual systems in classrooms and
      lecture labs.

(Please print or type in information in the following spaces provided.)

2.0      General Information

 Contractor’s name (show complete legal name)

 Street Address

 Mailing Address

 City:                            Province:                         Postal Code:

 Contact Person

 Phone No:                        Fax No:                           E-mail Address:

 G.S.T. Registration No:

 Application submitted by:        Title:                            Phone No:

 Applicant's Signature:                                             Date:

 ** In submitting this signed Pre-qualification Statement, the Applicant certifies that the information
    contained herein is complete and accurate, and authorizes the University to verify these statements by
    any means available. Submission of false information will result in disqualification.

 Indicate Contractor’s organization’s operating name, if different than legal name:

 How many years have these organizations been in business under their present business name?

3.0     Criteria for Evaluation and Grading

3.1     Contractor Experience (50 Points)
The University will require a minimum level of experience with relevant projects and will evaluate
the Contractor’s relevant projects in order of importance for size (stated in construction value),
function/occupancy and complexity. The Contractor firms must demonstrate their experience by
listing the similar projects in the respective sections below. The Contractor is encouraged to use the
“Description of Relevancy”area to explain why a project should be considered relevant during the
evaluation. List a total of five different projects, carried out by the Contracting firm within the last 7
years. Value should be comparable to the value of work of the submitting Contracting Firm. The
University reserves the right to contact anyone known to be associated with the Project listed, as
another means of verifying the relevancy of the project listed.

Relevant Projects

 No. Project Name                  Location         Value         Date          Key Contractor Personnel
 1                                                  $

      Description of Relevancy:

      Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

 No. Project Name                  Location         Value         Date          Key Contractor Personnel
 2                                                  $

      Description of Relevancy:

      Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

 No. Project Name                  Location         Value         Date          Key Contractor Personnel
 3                                                  $

      Description of Relevancy:

      Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

 No. Project Name                   Location       Value         Date          Key Contractor Personnel
 4                                                 $

       Description of Relevancy:

       Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

 No. Project Name                   Location       Value         Date          Key Contractor Personnel
 5                                                 $

       Description of Relevancy:

       Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

3.2      Proposed Key Team Members’ Experience (50 Points)

For each of, and only, Contractor’s team members noted below, please list the most relevant
constructed projects constructed within the past 5 years that illustrate their qualifications. Include
the name of the project, its’ location, the construction value, the construction completion date as well
as a current contact who can verify this information. In addition, list only the personnel proposed to
be used on this University project. As the University is aware that timing may depend on who is
assigned to projects, we have allowed for an Alternate name to be submitted. Please note that the
University will not allow any substitutions from the names listed on this statement unless in writing
and the contractor must allow 30 days for the University to review their credentials. The University
will not unreasonably withhold their approval.

Project Manager Name
(General Contractor Only)
 No. Project Name                   Location       Value         Date          Contact Name / Phone No.
 1                                                 $

 2                                                 $

 3                                                 $

 Client Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

Alternate Project Manager Name
(General Contractor Only)
 No. Project Name                   Location       Value      Date         Contact Name / Phone No.
 1                                                 $

 2                                                 $

 3                                                 $

 Client Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

Site Supervisor Name

 No. Project Name                   Location       Value      Date         Contact Name / Phone No.
 1                                                 $

 2                                                 $

 3                                                 $

 Client Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

Alternate Site Supervisor Name

 No. Project Name                   Location       Value      Date         Contact Name / Phone No.
 1                                                 $

 2                                                 $

 3                                                 $

 Client Reference Name / Company / Phone Number:

3.3      Safety (COR or approved equivalency required)

The contracting firm must be a Certified member of the Manitoba Building Contractors Safety
Program. COR equivalent safety programs will be considered for contracting firms outside of
Manitoba. The University reserves the right to determine equivalency based on its review of the
submitted documentation.
COR certification number:

3.4       Bonding (Mandatory to limits of project)

Name and address of Contractor’s Bonding Company

 Institution                                Name, address & phone number of contact

Total bonding limit:                        $

Bonding committed to date:                  $

Bonding limit per project:                  $

Must meet or exceed the bonding requirements for this project:
   General Contractor $8,500,000

May we contact the above Bonding institution(s) to clarify information?
 Yes. Signature:
 No. Reason:

4.0       Response Rules:

          1. Issuance of this Invitation to Pre-qualify in no way constitutes a commitment by the
             University of Manitoba to award contracts to any General or to pay any costs incurred by
             the Firm in preparing a response or otherwise in relation to this Statement.
          2. Submit only the requested information.
          3. The responses and accompanying documentation submitted by the Contracting Firms
             become the property of The University of Manitoba and will not be returned.
          4. The General Contractor Firms are obligated to inform the University, in a timely manner,
             of any changes to key personnel, ownership, financial position or any other information
             which may affect its pre-qualified status with the University.
          5. The University of Manitoba reserves the right to contact owners, owner’s representatives
             and/ or consultants on construction projects that have been identified as well as the
             references provided in this Statement and by any other means or sources available to the
             University of Manitoba.

5.0       Evaluation and Notification:

          1. Upon receipt of the Contractor responses, the University of Manitoba will screen each
             submission to ensure the applicant’s compliance with requirements of the Pre-

          qualification Statement. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any
          response deviation from the requirements of the Statement.
       2. Each Pre-Qualification Statement submitted will be evaluated in accordance with the
          requirements indicated on the form along with any other information available to and at
          the discretion of the University of Manitoba.
       3. The University of Manitoba may require clarification from applicants to assist in making
          its evaluation.
       4. General Contractors who qualify for this project will be advised prior to proceeding to the
          Building tender and their Company’s name will be posted on the Purchasing Services

          This list will also be available by contacting Purchasing Services at 474-8348

This information is being collected under the authority of The University of Manitoba Act. It
will be used to assess the qualifications of the Contracting firms who wish to do business with
the University. Personal information within this document is protected by the Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection
contact the FIPPA Coordinator's Office, (204)474- 8339, University of Manitoba Archives &
Special Collections, 331 Dafoe Library, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2. Contractors are encouraged
to identify any non-personal information in this contract that is confidential and specify what
harm could reasonably be expected from its possible disclosure.


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