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					    Bellarine Sporting Club

                    Liquor Licensing Accord

To encourage and promote best practice in licensed sporting clubs in Barwon Heads,
Ocean Grove and Leopold, and to contribute to the safety and well being of the local
community by promoting the responsible service of alcohol and maintaining high standards
of behaviour in and around licensed premises and sporting clubs.


•   To provide and promote a safe and confident community

•   Work co-operatively to protect the peace and welfare of the community

•   To provide a pro-active forum to discuss and resolve relevant alcohol or liquor licensing
    issues that impact on the community

•   To discourage anti-social behaviour in and near licensed premises

•   To address illegal underage patronage at licensed premises

•   To operate licensed premise in accordance with licence conditions that apply to their
    respective venue

•   Attend local Liquor Licensing Accords as scheduled

•   To foster an on-going relationship between licensed premises, Police, Local Government,
    Liquor Licensing Victoria and other interested parties

•   To encourage best management practice by licensees

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Police Licensing Inspector                            Licensee / Nominee