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Capabilities Statement - Download as PDF by kaj11697




                                                                                           Capabilities Statement
    Our Company
    NCN Technology is a certified small, woman and minority-owned (SWaM) business that                 For Product Sales and
    provides web based business intelligence and reporting software and services to firms,             Demonstrations, contact
    organizations and government agencies.                                                             NCN Technology
                                                                                                       9893 Georgetown Pike,
    Key Personnel                                                                                      Suite 710
    Sharon Muniz is a solution-oriented consultant with expertise spanning over 15 years. She          Great Falls, VA 22066
    has the ability to help clients evaluate best practices and software to drive their organization
    to success. As a consultant, Sharon has garnered the skills of solving complex business
    issues for clients and building solid relationships. While working with clients implementing       703-757-2209
    systems, Sharon helps organizations diagnose weaknesses and improve processes by
    properly utilizing software.
    Our Vision
    Enable knowledge sharing of critical information to make better business decisions and
    improve productivity.

    Our Mission
    Our mission is to securely provide the right information to the right people at the right time
    with smart Business Intelligence tools at a low cost of ownership.

    Core Principals
        1.   Client Satisfaction.
        2.   Teamwork to achieve a common goal.
        3.   Productivity to meet the client’s mission.
        4.   Communication to deliver projects on time.

        Consulting and Implementation Services
           •    Business Process Management
           •    Report Development and Enhancements
           •    LogiXML Project Management and Project Reviews
           •    Migration from other Reporting Tools to Logi 9 Platform

        Project Management
            •   Implementation Life-Cycle Best Practices
            •   Integration with Source Code Control System
            •   Migration Project to Production
            •   Team Development

        Application Integration Services:
           •    Integration into Existing Portals and Intranets
           •    Integration into Existing Security Infrastructure

        Data Management and Data Architecture Services
             •    Data modeling
             •    Application and database performance tuning
             •    Data Warehouse and/or Data Mart Design

        Expert Services
             •    BI Requirements Analysis and Definition
             •    BI Best Practices Advisory Services
                                                                                                       For Product Sales and
Business intelligence has become a primary focus among businesses of all sizes and                     Demonstrations, contact
government agencies. We help clients get the information they need to make better                      NCN Technology
decisions using less resources with a proven technology. To meet these needs, NCN                      9893 Georgetown Pike,
Technology has partnered with LogiXML to deliver tools for robust reporting, analysis and              Suite 710
dashboards.                                                                                            Great Falls, VA 22066
LogiXML is the best value for business intelligence on the market. These cost effective,
web-based products allow management to deploy a solution quickly and access their data                 703-757-2209
on-the-fly in a user friendly format. The Logi Suite is recognized for its ease of use, quick
time to market and low cost of ownership.
    •    Managed Reporting
    •    Ad Hoc Reporting                                                                               
    •    Business Analytics
    •    Dashboard Reporting and Visualization
    •    Geographic Mapping
    •    Data Integration
    •    Web based Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
    •    OLAP Analysis

Contract Vehicles
         VITA Contract #VA-080717-LOGI - LogiXML Business Intelligence Tools
         Established contract vehicle for public bodies including all public agencies and
         institutions and localities of the several states, of the United States or its territories,
         the District of Columbia, and the U.S. General Services Administration.

         NAICS – 511210, 541511, 541512, 541519, 611420

         SIC Codes – 7372, 7379

         PSC Codes – U012, H170, L070, N070, H970

         FSC Code - 7030

         Cage Code – 5PWK4

         Dun Number - 831460238

         SWaM number – 680787 under Advanced Business Software, LLC (dba NCN


         Corporate Status – Advanced Business Software, LLC (dba NCN Technology)


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