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            Top suiTes of hong kong
                     Hong Kong is a sizzling mix of East meets
                     West, where the door to Asia opens to a neon
                     world of economic power, high fashion and
                     extreme cuisine. But it’s the city’s architec-
                     tural skyline that fixes onto the memory of all
                     who travel here—best seen from the heights
                     of these luxurious suites.
                                                     By Scott GoEtz

                                                                 LIVInG AREA
inTerConTinenTal hong kong
Presidential suite
Key selling points | this Presidential Suite is the largest in
the city and was designed to give guests an ‘IMAX’ experi-
ence of Hong Kong. Built over the harbor, its dramatic set-
ting includes an expansive 2,500-square-foot rooftop terrace
with private infinity swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
standout services | the butler can arrange everything from
private yoga and tai chi sessions to private tailoring.
style | contemporary with Asian influences, by HL Lim of
LtW Design Works, 2006
special amenities | Artwork created by Beijing Long Mai
Gallery, Edelman leather upholstery, linens by christian
Fischbacher, bathroom amenities by chanel, 65-inch Sharp
Aquos LcD tV, Bose and iPod entertainment systems
square footage | 7,000
                                                                  MAStER BEDRooM
number of rooms in suite | ten
number of bathrooms | Five and one half-bath
number of rooms and suites in hotel | 495, including 92 suites
Who’s slept here? | John travolta, Japanese pop star Ayumi
nightly rate | $11,228
location | 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon
Contact | Managing Director Jean-Jacques Reibel,


PRESIDEntIAL SUItE FoyER / GRAnD HyAtt HonG KonG                                              PEnInSULA SUItE LIVInG AREA / PEnInSULA HonG KonG

   grand hyaTT hong kong                                                  The peninsula hong kong
   Presidential suite                                                     the Peninsula suite
   Key selling points | Located on the top floors of the Grand club       Key selling points | Unabashed opulence dominates this
   accessed by two private lifts, the suite commands spectacular          residence on the 26th floor of one of the world’s most
   panoramic views where guests can enjoy en-suite treatments             historic hotels. Designed to be the most spectacular suite
   from the Plateau Spa. the dining room seats 10 to 12 people            in Hong Kong, it boasts an immense master bedroom with a
   and includes a baby grand piano—perfect for entertaining.              marble bath, a fitness room, a private study and more.
   standout services | Recently a guest of the suite chartered a          standout services | After one guest left his wedding suit at
   private helicopter to Macau for a day trip and took the suite’s        the hotel, Peninsula colleagues flew to Bangkok to deliver it.
   personal butler as his tour guide.                                     style | European with subtle oriental influence, by Richard
   style | natural hues, by Ann Li Koh, 2002                              International and Alison Henry Design, 1994
   special amenities | L’occitane bathroom amenities, Ploh bed-           special amenities | Frette linens, 24-hour chauffeured
   dings, 42-inch plasma tV with DVD, cD and VcR players                  Rolls-Royce, 24-hour butler service
   square footage | 3,064                                                 square footage | 4,111
   number of rooms in suite | two                                         number of rooms in suite | Six
   number of bathrooms | three                                            number of bathrooms | two and one half-bath
   number of rooms and suites in hotel | 549                              number of rooms and suites in hotel | 300, including 54 suites
   Who’s slept here? | Bill clinton, Jose carreras                        Who’s slept here? | Sir Elton John, tom cruise
   nightly rate | $7,095                                                  nightly rate | $8,772
   location | 1 Harbour Road                                              location | Salisbury Road, Kowloon
   Contact | General Manager Gordon Fuller, 852-2588-1234;                Contact | General Manager Rainy chan, 852-2920-2888;;           ;

FoUR SEASonS HotEL HonG KonG / LIVInG AREA                                                                LAnGHAM PLAcE, MonGKoK / DInInG RooM

   four seasons hoTel hong kong                                           langham plaCe, mongkok, hong kong
   Presidential suite                                                     the Penthouse
   Key selling points | this sanctuary on the 43rd floor, part            Key selling points | this modern flat on the 40th floor offers
   of Hong Kong’s tallest building, reigns over the city with wall-       heavenly views across Kowloon and Hong Kong, dark-wood
   to-wall windows overlooking Victoria Harbour and Kowloon.              floors, modern furniture, state-of-the-art technology and
   the oversized master bedroom and sitting area, formal din-             authentic chinese art that invites entertaining.
   ing room, marble bathroom with spa tub, glass-walled rain              standout services | one guest asked the concierge to write
   and steam showers, and wellness room with massage bed                  a letter in chinese to convince a chinese woman’s parents to
   provide a magnificent home high in the sky.                            allow them to marry.
   standout services | catered private dinners from Lung King             style | trendy sophistication, by cyS Associates (Hong Kong)
   Heen—the only three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong           Ltd., 2004
   style | contemporary Asian, by Wilson & Associates, 2005               special amenities | Artwork by zeng Hao and Sun chuang,
   special amenities | Bulgari bathroom amenities, Frette                 Aveda bath amenities, Frette linens, Bose surround-sound
   linens, Bang & olufsen sound system                                    system, onkyo amplifier
   square footage | 3,430                                                 square footage | 1,700
   number of rooms in suite | Six                                         number of rooms in suite | Five
   number of bathrooms | one and one half-bath                            number of bathrooms | one and one half-bath
   number of rooms and suites in hotel | 399, including 54                number of rooms and suites in hotel | 665 rooms and 58 suites
   suites                                                                 Who’s slept here? | Prominent international business lead-
   Who’s slept here? | Jackie chan                                        ers, Asian film stars
   nightly rate | $6,450                                                  nightly rate | $1,935
   location | 8 Finance Street, central                                   location | 555 Shanghai Street, Kowloon
   Contact | General Manager William Mackay,                              Contact | General Manager Shaun campbell,
   852-3196-8888;;                     852-3552-3003;;                                          

                                                                                              PRESIDEntIAL SUItE LIVInG AREA / ISLAnD SHAnGRI-LA

PRESIDEntIAL SUItE LIVInG AREA / KoWLoon SHAnGRI-LA                                      PRESIDEntIAL SUItE MAStER BEDRooM / ISLAnD SHAnGRI-LA

    kowloon shangri-la                                                   island shangri-la
    Presidential suite                                                   Presidential suite
    Key selling points | this suite’s fabric-covered walls, wood         Key selling points | Make yourself at home in this corner
    panels and creative plant arrangements exude an elegant,             suite that boasts 180-degree views of the harbor and a spa-
    homey air. Highlights include two sitting rooms, a dining            cious dining room with hand-painted chinese murals. the
    room, a study, a kitchenette and a master bedroom with a             splendor continues in the bedroom with more hand-painted
    35-inch plasma tV complete with bedside controls for the             murals above the bed and a white marble bathroom.
    sliding curtains.                                                    standout services | one guest requested modifications to
    standout services | Butler services by award-winning hotel           the suite including dismantling doors and installing carpet-
    employee Edward Wa                                                   ing and a barber’s chair.
    style | contemporary Asian, by Bilkey Llinas Design Limited,         style | contemporary Asian, by Leese Robertson, 2005
    2003                                                                 special amenities | Frette bed linens, pillow selection,
    special amenities | L’occitane toiletries, white marble mas-         Acqua di Parma bath amenities, 56-inch LcD tVs, Bose en-
    ter bathroom with gold fittings, Jacuzzi bathtub with LcD tV         tertainment system, limousine service, personal butler
    square footage | 2,422                                               square footage | 1,840
    number of rooms in suite | Five                                      number of rooms in suite | Five
    number of bathrooms | two and one half-bath                          number of bathrooms | one and one half-bath
    number of rooms and suites in hotel | 700, including 30 suites       number of rooms and suites in hotel | 565, including 34 suites
    Who’s slept here? | Sultan Ismail Petra, count Jacques               Who’s slept here? | Prince charles, Margaret thatcher, tony
    Rogge—President of the International olympic committee               Blair, Angelina Jolie, Luciano Pavarotti, Vivienne Westwood
    nightly rate | $2,435                                                nightly rate | $4,360
    location | 64 Mody Road, Kowloon                                     location | Pacific Place Supreme court Road, central
    Contact | General Manager Stefan Bollhalder,                         Contact | General Manager Darren Gearing,
    852-2721-2111;;                     852-2820-8301;;                                 
                                                                                MAnDARIn SUItE MAStER BAtH / MAnDARIn oRIEntAL, HonG KonG


   The landmark mandarin orienTal                                   mandarin orienTal, hong kong
   Presidential suite                                               the Mandarin suite
   Key selling points | Lovers of modern chic interiors will find   Key selling points | the double-height ceiling, striking an-
   themselves at home in this extravagantly hip suite that com-     tiques and handcrafted pieces offer a home befitting ancient
   bines revolutionary technology with extreme comfort. Set in      chinese royalty. With a wet bar in the living room, a dining
   the nucleus of Hong Kong’s fashion and commercial district,      room that can seat 16 and a wraparound balcony, this is an
   the in-room spa offers a prime post-shopping retreat.            ideal spot for elite entertaining.
   standout services | In-room bath menu,                           standout services | the concierge was once requested to
   in-room shopping from Harvey nichols                             provide 888 white roses.
   style | chic contemporary, by Peter Remedios, 2005               style | Ancient chinese opulence, by Lim teo Wilkes, 2006
   special amenities | Frette linens, Aromatherapy Associates       special amenities | Gerard D’a Henderson murals, a framed
   bath amenities, Apple-iMac G5 desktop, 55-inch LcD HDtV          Qing Dynasty court robe, Bang & olufsen audio technology
   square footage | 2,000                                           square footage | 3,143
   number of rooms in suite | Four                                  number of rooms in suite | Four
   number of bathrooms | one                                        number of bathrooms | one bath plus one couples’ spa and
   number of rooms and suites in hotel | 113                        steam room
   Who’s slept here? | John Legend, Alicia Keys, christina          number of rooms and suites in hotel | 502, including 68 suites
   Aguilera, Venus Williams, John Woo                               Who’s slept here? | Princess Diana, Bill clinton, tom cruise,
   nightly rate | $5,804                                            Kate Moss
   location | Landmark complex, central                             nightly rate | $5,804
   Contact | General Manager Anthony costa, 852-2132-0188;          location | 5 connaught Road, central;              Contact | General Manager Jonas Schuerman,
                                                                       EXtREME WoW SUItE LIVInG AREA / W HonG KonG

w hong kong
extreMe WoW suite
Key selling points | Revel in the city’s enchanting skyline
and views of Victoria Harbour from the 400-square-foot,
Swarovski crystal-bedecked bathroom complete with bathing
pool, shower, steam room and 20-inch LcD tV.
standout services | Guests of this suite have exclusive use
of an Audi Q7 during their stay.
style | Whimsical yet opulent, by nic Graham & Associates,
special amenities | Bang & olufsen audio entertainment,
65-inch plasma tV with DVD, in-room aquarium, Bliss bath
square footage | 2,200
number of rooms in suite | Five
number of bathrooms | one and one half-bath
number of rooms and suites in hotel | 393
Who’s slept here? | Jackie chan and singer natasha Bed-
ingfield have both been spotted at the hotel.
nightly rate | $5,800
location | 1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon Station, Kowloon
Contact | Director of operations Benoit Racle,
852-3717-2781;;                                          EXtREME WoW SUItE MAStER BEDRooM / W HonG KonG


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