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Rachel Coursey Holmes


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									                                                                            Rachel Coursey Holmes
                                                                                                freelance production

❊ Experience ❊
Freelance Work          (Fall 2002 – Present)                                                        Washington, DC
Producer/PM             PBS Brand Management & Promotions Department (Dec 2007–Present/Dec 2005 – Aug 2007)
                        National Geographic / Antenna Films “Bridge” Documentary Field Producer (July 2008)
                        Participant Productions “He Comes in Peace” President Carter Doc (Fall 2006)
                        Green Box Entertainment “Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra Kenya Exchange” (Spring 2007)
                        Engine Pictures Various Campaigns (2002-present)

Head of Production (Fall 06 – Spring 07)
                        Socially Progressive Entertainment + Community Internet Startup First Hire.
                        Managed and supervised all content. Creative Direction. Created editorial voice.
Coordinator             APOC. Universal Pictures “Lions for Lambs” Feature Robert Redford: Director (Winter 2007)
                        Drescher Films / Pfizer “Pfizer Philanthropy” (Winter 2005)
                        International, real people, documentary-style corporate film about philanthropic health care
                        program. Pre-pro organizing, casting, location scouting, stock footage research. Cambodia,
                        Uganda, Morocco, El Paso, TX, Kalamazoo, MI & Brooklyn, NY.
                        foreign films @ cYclops / Sharp TV “Aquos” Lincoln Memorial (Spring 2005)
Assistant Director      Complete Pictures “Leahy for Senate” (Summer 2004)
                        Vermont Senator Re-election campaign ads. Russell Williams, Director.

Producer                The Shenpen Fund “The Chungba School” (Spring 2003)
                        7 minute Fundraiser Film: The first Tibetan school in the Chungba Valley.
                        Organized DC Screening and Fundraiser Event.
Producer                Monkeyboy Studios / Thievery Corporation “The Richest Man in Babylon” (Fall 2002)
                        Music Video from title track. Aired on MTV & MTV2 Internationally.

Engine Pictures         (Fall 1998 – Summer 2004)                                                    Washington, DC
Producer/PM             Managed production of TV commercials, public service announcements, and corporate films.
                        Created bid proposals for prospective clients. Casting, location scouting, hired 10-30 person
                        crews, supervised post production, responsible for $30,000 - $500,000 budgets. HD, 35mm,
                        16mm, and video. 100% of projects within budget, Clients included United Way, PBS,
                        National Institute on Drug Abuse, America’s Job Bank, AOL. Produced company website,
                        managed corporate identity change & company move. Designed and produced DVD’s.
                        Created marketing database. Computer network maintenance & technical troubleshooting.
                        Supervised Internship Program and freelance staff. Over 6 years, promoted from
                        Receptionist through the ranks to Producer.
Post Prod. Supervisor   Oversaw all projects through post-production. Experience with supervising and prepping for
                        processing, film transfers, negative cutting, offline editing, motion graphics, subtitles,
                        transcripts, researching and licensing stock footage, casting and recording narrators, audio
                        sweetening, stock music research and licensing, composing, dubs, dvd production.

AVID Editor             Managed AVID Media Composer 7.1 System
                        Clients included: Cable One, AOL, TMP, DC Lottery, Tuna Foundation, DC Labor Dept, NIH
                        Co-director and Editor Cash Express Investor Video (long format.)

                                                  3823 Veazey St. NW * Washington, DC 20016
                                                                     20 2 -2 58 -305 5 c * 202 -36 3 -0 65 5 f
                                                     ra ec p rod uctions.c om * rae c ourse y@g ma il. c om
                                                                    Rachel Coursey Holmes
                                                                                      freelance production

Disney Imagineering (Summer 1997- Fall 1998)                                            East Hampton, NY
Office Assistant    Created public relations package for Executive Vice President. Communicated with top
                    executives. Managed expense reports. Conference and schedule coordination.

❊ Etc ❊
Education:          Wellesley College BA 1997 American Studies
                    University of Edinburgh, Scotland 1996 study abroad
Internships:        Smithsonian National Museum of American History (Fall 98-Summer99), Yellow Moon Press
                    (Spring 97), ABC News “20/20” (Summer 96)
Computer:           Proficient in MS Office, Bid Works, Power Bid, File Maker Pro, FTP
Multimedia:         AVID Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2, Cleaner Pro 6,
                    Quicktime Pro
Volunteer:          “United We Stand” benefit concert volunteer for 9/11 Red Cross Fund.
                    Regular Outings with 2 mentally challenged adults.
                    Summer 2007 Geotourism Honeymoon: English Teacher in Chungba, Tibet.
Celebrities:        President Jimmy Carter, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Cal Ripken, Peter Jennings, Tim
                    Russert, Senator Patrick Leahy
Other:              Spent Fall 2005 living and traveling in Argentina to learn Spanish.
                    College Jobs: waitress, nursery school assistant teacher, figure model, and work-study

                                            3823 Veazey St. NW * Washington, DC 20016
                                                               20 2 -2 58 -305 5 c * 202 -36 3 -0 65 5 f
                                               ra ec p rod uctions.c om * rae c ourse y@g ma il. c om
                                                                                        Rachel Coursey Holmes
❊ Production Credits 1998 - Present❊
Spots / Promos
Producer                       PBS* Ken Burns “National Parks”, “Carrier”, “Be More: American Masters”, “Year in Review 06”, “Be
                               More Membership”, “Mirrors Campaign”, “American Summer Campaign”, “History Detectives”,
                               “Parents Site”*
                               Antenna Films / National Geographic “Bridge” Field Interview Producer
                               Ford’s Theatre / APCO Worldwide “Ford’s Theatre Gala” PSA
                               USTA / The Glover Park Group “Old Worlde”*
                               DC Lottery / MDB Communications “Treat Yourself”
                               Road Runner/RTC Relationship Marketing “Mini-Mercials” Campaign
                               New York State United Teachers/Shorr & Associates “Good Investment” Campaign
                               Partnership for Essential Nutrition/Mariner Marketing “Lost”*
                               Cable One/Hadley Associates “Digital Retail”*
Production Manager             Blue Cross Blue Shield / Engine Pictures “Piggy Bank Campaign”*
                               USTA / The Glover Park Group “Uninvited,” “Distinctions”
                               United Way/Brann Baltimore “Neighbors in Need” Campaign, “Home/Work”*
                               DirecWay/RTC Relationship Marketing “Everyone, Everywhere”
                               Cable One/Hadley & Associates, “Faces” 4 promo campaigns*
                               PhRMA/Issue & Image “3 Spots”
                               Jewish Medical Center/Paul Schultz “Jewish Hospital”*
                               Warner Chilcott/Jay Advertising “Femring”
                               Time-Life “Love Affair”
Production Coordinator Southwest Airlines / Chase / Euro RSCG “Seats”
                       Sharp TV/foreign films @ cYclops “Aquos – Lincoln Memorial”
                       Depatment of Labor “America’s Job Bank” 2 campaigns*
                       National Institute of Drug Addiction/IQ Solutions “Bright” & “Choices”*
                       Pennsylvania Tourism/Bozell Kamstra “Visit PA” 2 campaigns
                       GW Health Plan/KSK Communications “Stuff Happens” campaign*
                       ABC/WJLA-TV “Parade” “Weather” “Peter Jennings” promos
                       Trigon Health Insurance/Twin Productions “Accidents”*
                       Commuter Choice/Equals 3 Communications “Bus, Subway, Elevator”*
                       AARP/RTC Direct “NY Life & The Hartford”
                       McDonalds/Arnold Advertising “MVP”
                       International Basketball League “Cal Ripken”*
                       National Diabetes Education Program “Free Throw” *
Documentaries / Feature Films
Unit PM - DC                   Participant/Real Peace Productions “He Comes in Peace” Feature Doc
                               President Carter / Director: Jonathan Demme / Producer: Ron Bozeman
APOC                           Paramount “Lions for Lambs” Feature Film / Director: Robert Redford / Talent: Meryl Streep
Producer               PBS* “Be More Interactive”, “Pat Mitchell Tribute”
                       The Chungba School/Shenpen Fund “Tibet School” Fundraising Video
                       Cash Express Investor Video (*
                       DC Department of Employment Services/Reingold Inc. “Project Empowerment”*
                       TMP Worldwide “Lockheed Martin Proposal”* & “Verizon Pitch”*
                       Washington Convention & Trade Center/The Ad Agency “New Center”*
Production Manager     Cablevision/Red Tettemer “iO” AOL/PineRock “Freedom”*
Production Coordinator Pfizer “Philanthropy” – El Paso, Kalamazoo, Brooklyn, Cambodia, Uganda & Morocco
Music Video
Producer                       Thievery Corporation/Monkeyboy Studios “The Richest Man in Babylon”
* Supervised Post Production                                  3823 Veazey St. NW * Washington, DC 20016
                                                               r a e c p r o d u c t i o n s . c o m * rae c ourse y@g ma il. c om
                                                                                     202 -25 8 -3 055 c * 2 0 2 - 3 6 3 - 0 6 5 5 f

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