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October Keynotes Digital Edition


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									                                             December Keynotes 08 Digital Edition

Grand Knights Report                       Meeting Notes
Sorry, we did not receive a letter from      Knights of Columbus Council
the Grand Knight this month.                             #889
                                                          November 4, 2008
Auxiliary Report
Greetings!                                 Meeting called to order at 8:10 p.m. by
                  nd        st
On November 22 our 1 Auxiliary             Grand Knight Paul Vizina.
Holiday Arts and Crafts Show will take
place. Our chairpersons, Mary Ardolf       Officers Roll Call:
and Julie Ochs, have had an                Grand Knight: Paul Vizina – Present
overwhelming response from Crafters        Deputy Grand Knight: John Zoubek –
and a waiting list for next year. I hope   Present
this becomes an annual event.              Chaplain: Fr. Kevin Finnegan – Not
        On December 11th will be our       Present
Auxiliary Christmas Party, a pot luck      Chancellor: John McDonough – Present
supper will begin at 6 PM. Please bring    Recorder: Richard Klatt – Present
an item for the food shelf, and a “white   Financial Secretary: Randy Ochs –
elephant” gift to exchange and of course   Present
bring your special Hot dish or salad or    Treasurer: Kevin Lang – Present
sweet item. Come and celebrate with        Lecturer: Chuck Ernste – Present
your Auxiliary sisters.                    Advocate: Gary Voegele – Not Present
        Wishing you peace, happiness,      Warden: John Hake – Not Present
and the warmth of friendship, now and      Outside Guard: John Lovold – Not
in the New Year.                           Present
Thank you and God Bless,                   Inside Guard: David Krenske – Not
Marlene Gustafson                          Present
                                           Trustees: Mark Reuvers and Larry
                                           McHugo – Present and Butch Schwartz
                                           – Not Present.

                                           The minutes from last months meeting
                                           were approved.

                                           Grand Knights Report:
                                           Knight of the Month for November is
                                           Kerry McCarthy. Kerry will receive a
                                           certificate for a free burger or breakfast.

Treasurers Report:                                  would be printed in house.
Treasurer‟s report read by Kevin Lang               Notice should be given to the
Motion to approve – Mark Reuvers                    Print Shop in advance.
Motion Second – Kevin Voracek
Report approved.                                    Motion to approve – Ryan Bauer
                                                    Motion Second – John Zoubek
Financial Secretary Report:                         Motion approved.
Report by Randy Ochs
                                             New Business:
Gambling Report:                                Motion by John Zoubek to notify
Report by Ryan Bauer                              the Print Shop in advance and
Motion to approve – Rick Scheil                   start printing hard copies in
Motion Second – John McDonough                    house starting February 1, 2009.
Report approved                                   Motion Second – John
Estimated Expenses:                               Motion approved.
Report given by Ryan Bauer
Motion to approve – Rick Scheil              Charitable Requests:
Motion Second – Chuck Ernste                    Rice County Food Shelf for
Report approved                                    Christmas baskets. $250.00 from
                                                   the Council and $250 from
Home Inc. Report:                                  Gambling for a total of $500.00
Report read by Ryan Bauer                          for November. We would like to
                                                   add to this donation in
                                                   December, but we need to review
Old Business:                                      the financial report at our
    Safe Place for Newborns:                      December meeting.
      Dinner is this weekend 11-08-08              Motion to approve – Ryan Bauer
                                                   Motion Second – Rich Scheil
      Discussion on what the Council              Motion approved.
       wants to do with the Keynote
       mailings to save money.                     Several other requests were
       Discussion was to reduce the                 mentioned with no action taken.
       frequency of the mailing from
       the present monthly to a              Good of the Order:
       quarterly basis only or offer            Sick or ill member
       Keynotes on the website only. It            acknowledgements conducted.
       was decided that we continue the
       current procedure as our                    Memorial Mass for all our
       advertisers have paid through                departed brothers and sisters at
       February 1, 2009. After that date            the K of C club on 11-11-08.
       it was discussed that that only the
       online version would be posted              Membership Dinner will be held
       except for those members that                on 11-21-08 in appreciation to all
       have requested hardcopies of the             members.
       Keynotes. The hard copies

      The Football Frenzy fund raising     There was a spirited discussion on
       program sponsored by Supreme         whether the club necessary for the
       was found to be illegal according    Knights of Columbus or is it a
       to the State of Minnesota            hindrance. We have had the club for
       Gambling Commission. Those           over 40 years. The club has provided a
       who purchased tickets will get       permanent place to hold meetings and
       their money back, but no time        have fundraisers. Should we sell it and
       lines given. Evidentially the        hold our meetings elsewhere. There was
       vendor running the fund-raiser       strong opinions on both sides of the
       for Supreme failed to meet a         discussion. All discussion was welcome
       procedural requirement.              and appreciated.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.              Over the past few years, gambling
                                            income has been on a downward trend.
Next Meeting: December 2, 2008.             Gambling was paying for a large portion
                                            of our bills in the past.
           Knights of Columbus
Council #889                                There was discussion on the frequency
                                            of the Key Notes being mailed out to
     September 30, 2008                     save money. Council has been working
        Special Meeting                     on sending the Key Notes via e-mail.
                                            One suggestion was to send out the Key
Meeting called to order at 7:12 p.m. by     Notes less frequently.
Grand Knight Paul Vizina.
                                            Discussion on the number of breakfasts
Special meeting was called to discuss the   held at the club per month. Current
future of the Knights Of Columbus Hall.     status is one breakfast per month.
Can the Council afford to keep the hall     Members stated that more than once per
or should the hall be sold and meet         month causes a drop in attendance. We
elsewhere.                                  should stay with current one breakfast
                                            per month.
Opening Prayer: Father Kevin
Finnegan                                    Possible income would come from
                                            football at approximately $750.00 and
Presentation of the budgets (Club, Home     the scooter raffle at $3,500 if all tickets
Inc., Council)                              are sold.
Council did discontinue sports.             The K of C Family Breakfast scheduled
Historically breakfast money did go to      for October 26th was changed to another
sports until last year so payments can be   recipient that had requested a breakfast.
made.                                       It was decided that the club would get
                                            more income from the ticket sales if the
Currently we are taking in much less        requestor sold tickets rather than the
than we are spending on the basics. We      Knight of Columbus sold tickets. Past
need to cut our costs as well as increase   history has shown this to be the case.
our income to save the club.

Only 42 out of the 693 members of          Lecturers Notes
Council #889 attended this Special
                                           Brother Knights,
Meeting. Even if we had 42 members                   We’re heading into our new
attend each monthly meeting it would be    Church year as of now. Please prepare
a great success. Currently we have         yourself for the Holy Day season
difficulty obtaining a quorum to hold a    of Christmas. Making sure you have
meeting. Now is the time to pull           spend a lot of money for gifts is only
together and get things moving.            something less than preparing your
                                           soul for being ready for Jesus Christ.
                                           Advent is our time to find a time to go
Special request from Grand Knight Paul     to confession and feel closer to Him on
Vizina was that each of the 693            the    day   we     all  celebrate   His
members of Council 889 be involved in      birthday. This is not just something to
the Council activities at least one hour   put in this article, but what we should
per year per member. This would spread     all consider deeply as a special part of
out the workload over more members         our preparation for this season.
rather than just a few.
                                                    We had a especially good
                                           turnout on Sunday November 16 for
We are asking for donations from           our fourth degree poultry bingo day at
Council members i.e. $100.00 or $50.00     our club. Really, we could start having
per member to help reduce the club debt    regular Wednesday night bingo again if
on past kitchen and bathroom               we set it up real well as knights that
remodeling. This would relieve the         will do a sincere honest and caring job
mortgage burden.                           of being friendly to all the people that
                                           come to have a nice time and enjoy
                                           playing the fun game of bingo, and
We are looking for funding ideas from      winning some money. This can be
members i.e. hog roast, wild game feed     something, just maybe, our council
etc.                                       could re-start again if we have a
                                           meeting and get our members to
All members are asked to pray the          consider volunteering to share a -
Rosary.                                    once-a     -month-"working      bingo".
                                           Some years back there was several
                                           men that were the "man-in-charge"
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.             each week. or captain of the team.
                                           There may be no reason that this
                                           couldn’t be a part of our club again.
                                           Please,           consider          this.

                                                   There is also another thing we
                                           need to do, recruiting! We should get
                                           some new members to make up for
                                           the various losses of men as of late.
                                           Death    and     some    others    that
                                           have decided        to     "move-on".
                                           Regardless, we need to recruit. Surely
                                           some young members of Divine Mercy
                                           Church are just waiting to be ask, so
                                           "do-it                           now".

                                           Charles Ernste, Lecturer

Note from the Church
No notes this month.

The Council is selling raffle tickets
($10) for a 42” Sharp Aquos LCD TV.
All proceeds go to our club. Tickets
can be purchased at the Club or from
an authorized seller. If winner of the
TV does not want it, we will auction it
off that night. If you don’t win, save
your stub and get 10% off retail prices
at Edison Custom Electronics, see

house full
with your
Needs. Stop in NOW! Open
until December 23rd.

„Keep Christ in Christmas‟ and „Light
Up For Christ‟
In a time when all things religious are
being discouraged and swept away, it‟s
refreshing to know that the Order
established the “Keep Christ in
Christmas” campaign and the “Light Up
for Christ” program to remind people
that Christmas is above all a holy day
celebrating the birth of Christ.

Grand Knight           Auxiliary Officers    Fourth Degree
**Paul Vizina          President             Officers
Deputy Grand Knight    **Marlene Gustafson   Faithful Navigator
**John Zoubek          Vice President        **George Voracek
Chaplain               **Marlene Gustafson   Faithful Captain
**Fr. Kevin Finnegan   Co-Secretaries        **Mark Reuvers
Chancellor             **Julie Ochs          Faithful Admiral
**John McDonough       **Margaret Paukert    **Albert Koenig
Recorder               Treasurer             Faithful Pilot
**Richard Klatt        **Ann Herda           **Ken Mracek
Financial Secretary    Trustees              Faithful Comptroller
**Randy Ochs           **Audrey Tebo         **Ray Johnson
Treasurer              **Joanne Wall         Faithful Friar
**Kevin Lang           **Caroline Heskett    **Fr. Dennis Evenson
Lecturer                                     Faithful Scribe
**Chuck Ernste                               **Mark Winter
Advocate                                     Faithful Purser
**Gary Voegele                               **Aldon Sammon
Warden                                       Faithful Inner Sentinel
**Brian Hake                                 **Ron Wermerskirchen
Outside Guard                                Faithful Outer Sentinel
**John Lovold                                **Tom Wirtzfeld
Inside Guard                                 Trustees
**David Krenske                              3 Year*George Fink
Trustees*                                    2 Year*Clem Wall
**Mark Reuvers                               1 Year*Robert Staska
**Larry McHugo
**Butch Schwartz
**Kevin Voracek


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