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Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety is a state of mind wherein a person experiences a number of
emotions at the same time such as nervousness, fear, uneasiness, worry to
name a few.

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Anxiety is a state of mind wherein a person experiences a number of
emotions at the same time such as nervousness, fear, uneasiness, worry to
name a few. This is accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitation
, headache, unsettled stomach, chest pain and the like. This can be
triggered off due to a number of reasons such as one’s circumstances,
certain traumatic experiences or anything perceived by the person as
traumatic. When this anxiety extends for a prolonged period it is time to
be warned and seek professional help. This condition of the person is
known as anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a rather common problem especially in today’s stress
filled world. But the bigger issue is that we don’t treat it as a problem
in the first place. Most people who suffer from anxiety disorders and the
people around them tend to consider it just as mood swings and the
temperament of the individual and thus, overlook the seriousness of the
issue. But the point to be noted here is that the symptoms should not be
ignored as timely help can cure the person completely.

Anxiety disorders are of different types. People develop anxiety
disorders for various reasons and under various circumstances. One should
understand the reasons thoroughly to be able to treat the patient. A good
talk with the patient along with a standard questionnaire which could
include questions about the family, friends, likes and dislikes of the
patients would help in finding out the root cause which has led to the
anxiety disorder and thus, would help in the treatment. The various kinds
of anxiety disorders include panic disorders, kinds of phobias like
agoraphobia (which is the fear of being in a social setting), stress
disorder, social anxiety to name a few.

Anxiety disorder symptoms would vary depending upon the individual and
also with the kind of disorder that the patient is suffering from. The
good thing is that there is treatment for this condition. When in the
pursuit of anxiety help, it would be better to know the kind of anxiety
that is the cause of trouble. One should also find out the situations
which cause the condition to aggravate. This would go a long way in
deciding the treatment and making the treatment more effective. Anxiety
and depression go hand in hand. People who develop some sort of anxiety
disorder tend to undergo a state of depression if timely treatment is not
provided. People who suffer from depression tend to be sad, irritable and
always have negative thoughts.

People suffering from anxiety disorders need to be made aware of their
problem. They need to use self help methods also to curb these issues.
One can take prescription drugs from the doctor to treat the problem and
if not suitably convinced can opt for alternative treatments for anxiety
disorders such as ayurveda, acupuncture , acupressure, aroma therapy,
yoga and the like. Many people do try alternative treatment for anxiety
disorders even though they are not endorsed by any legal authority. If
the anxiety attacks cease to arise it does not necessarily mean that the
person is fully cured but there can always be a relapse of these
problems. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the patient
undergoes a thorough treatment that deals with the root cause of the
problem so that the person can continue to lead a quality life.

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