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					December 2008                                 Volume 2, Issue 5                          Lindsay Minor Hockey Association

                                                                                   Fish Tales
                                              Advisory from the Health Board in regards to smoking
                                                     and the City of Kawartha Lakes Arenas
Smaller than normal issue: LMHA has been sent a letter by the health board in which we have been told that it is our
                                             responsibility to advise our membership of the following information, and although we do
You will notice that this issue is a much
smaller than normal issue. After sending
                                             not think that our association is involved in any way directly with this issue, we must also
out an email requesting information          remind you that smoking is NOT permitted in ANY CoKL arena at ANY time. Please
from teams as to things they are doing,      read the following and take it under advisement.
it went almost totally unanswered.           LMHA Executive.
Myself, I have been too busy to try and      Please be advised that the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit
“write” any stories, and others have         has received several complaints regarding user-groups smoking illegally in City
been too busy to submit any stories or
                                             of Kawartha Lakes (CKL) arenas, contrary to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act
articles. So for now I will just send this
                                             (SFOA). Failure to comply with this law will immediately subject any offender(s)
short issue out to make sure that we at
                                             and their respective user-group(s) to enforcement action from Health Unit
least have a chance to express our
                                             Inspectors. Additionally, Inspectors and CKL staff will also share information
wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday
                                             with respect to all smoking violations. In other words, non-compliant members
season for all of our LMHA member-
ship. If you are doing any travelling this
                                             and their user groups can be charged by Inspectors AND subjected to CKL's
season, please do it carefully.              progressive disciplinary measures (such as ice time suspensions) as per CKL's
                                             user agreements/policies. The Health Unit holds user-groups accountable
See you around the rink.
                                             under these circumstances. The minimum fine for "smoking in a prohibited
                                             place" under s. 9 of the SFOA is $305. Unfortunately, in the last year alone, we
                                             are advised of no less than 50 incidents of smoking in CKL arenas. Therefore,
                                             due to the flagrant and on-going nature of this matter, we will conduct random
                                             inspections immediately. Any offender(s) caught or reported to us will be
     Inside this issue:                      charged under a "zero-tolerance" enforcement policy, and their user-group will
                                             be reported to CKL for further discipline as noted. This law is strict because it is
  1st VP Message                             designed to guarantee a I00% smoke-free enclosed public space. In essence,
                                             the public deserve to be protected from over 4,000 chemicals that are found in
                                             tobacco smoke. At least 40 of these chemicals are extremely                  toxic
  Sponsorship info
                                     2       carcinogenic.
                                             •A web link for the Smoke-Free Ontario Act & Regulations:
  2nd VP Message
                                             •A web link for a quick summary of the legislation in "plain speak" re: how the
  Winning names drawn                        Smoke-Free Ontario Act affects various people and workplaces
  Player’s Corner                    4       We hope enforcement will not be necessary and ask for your immediate
                                             assistance in communicating the seriousness of this matter to your members
                                             (and any of their guests/family/friends attending any of CKL's arenas). Thank
                                             you for your anticipated cooperation in resolving this matter. Please do not
                                             hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to assist you.
                                                                                     Volume 2, Issue 5

                             1st Vice President’s Message
Hello hockey fans! Well, here we are the middle of December, we already have more snow at this
point in the year then we had at this point last year, and the first day of winter is not until December
21! With just over 3 weeks to go in the regular season for our Rep and AE teams, I would have to
deem the regular season as a success for most of the teams. I am sure that all the Coaches would
love to know what is in store for them in the playoffs, but that is half the fun of the game. Most of the
teams have competed in tournaments up to this point, and have a good indication of how they will
stack up against teams, when the playoff games begin. The scheduling meeting for the playoffs will be
in early January and the teams will be starting shortly thereafter, as they attempt to bring OMHA
Championships to the Town of Lindsay.

    As I sit here and reflect on the first half of the season, I would like to say thank you to all players,
coaches, trainers, managers and last but not least the parents, for a successful regular season and I
look forward to seeing some of the upcoming playoff games that your teams will be playing. From my
family to yours, all the best for a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year, and I hope Santa is good to all of you.

Peter, Jessica and Joshua O'Neill

                                Sponsorship of our Teams
Each year Lindsay Minor hockey goes out into the        Team Sponsors
community to ask local businesses for their             Boyer Chev Olds (3 teams)
support in return for some advertising of that          Pizza Pizza
business. We encourage our teams to use the             Abel & Associates - Cooperators Insurance
sponsor name when ever possible in such things
                                                        Kinsmen Club of Lindsay
as sending game scores into the newspaper. This
year we had a new sponsorship coordinator               Wilson Tire
looking after obtaining this support.        Director   Kids First
Debbie Dixon did an excellent job of securing our       Kennedy Electric
sponsors this year, and it is at this point that we     Moose Lodge
would like to take a moment to Thank those              Royal Canadian Legion
sponsors for their support of our local teams.          Synergy Group
Without the financial support of these businesses,      Kiwanis Club
hockey in Lindsay would be decidedly more               Optimist Club
expensive. It is from these sponsorship funds that
                                                        Kawartha Lakes Sports (1/2 sponsorship)
we cover the majority of the ice costs for the
                                                        Kent Cleaners (1/2 sponsorship)
second half of the season. So we would like to
remind you to keep these local business in mind if      Manley Motors (1/2 sponsorship)
you have the opportunity to show your support in        Holsag Canada (1/2 sponsorship)
return to them.                                         Gary's Landscaping (1/2 sponsorship)
You will notice two categories. One category is         Kawartha Lakes Cafe (1/2 sponsorship)
Team Sponsorship, these sponsors are paying a
higher fee to have their names placed on the back       League Sponsors
of our home and away jerseys. The second type           Selcor
of sponsor is our League Sponsorship. League            Blewett Printing
Sponsorship is a business that is willing to help out   Thompson Fuels
our association for a slightly less amount without      Reid's Valumart
the benefit of names on the jerseys, so their ap-
                                                        Mariposa Electric
preciation is shown more by word of mouth and on
                                                        Economy Wheels
our sponsorship board at the arena.
                                                        Lindsay Sportsline
Again, please read this list and show your support
to the businesses.                                      John Sims Concrete

Page 2
 Fish Tales                       2nd Vice President’s Message - Paul Starling
It’s hard to believe that our season is all but half over already, but it is. Our rep teams are winding down their regular
season with anticipation of heading into the playoffs before the end of January for what will hopefully be some long and
successful playoff runs, and our Three County teams—at least from Atom through to Midget—are finishing off their
last couple of games before heading to the next scheduling meeting right after the Christmas break. This scheduling
will take us through until nearly the end of February, at which point we will get together once again and schedule for
the playoffs. By the time the next newsletter arrives in your inbox we will likely know who each team will be playing
in the playoff round.
So far things have been pretty smooth overall for our Three County teams, there are always going to be some bumpy
roads, but collectively we try to work through for the benefit of all the kids playing in LMHA. I would like to take a
moment to also thank all of the Coaches, Trainers, Managers and support people that are involved with each and every
team, without these people, or people like them, none of us would be here in the positions we are in, helping to keep
kids playing the awesome sport of hockey.
This past weekend (December 14th) saw yet another successfully run LMHA LL tournament. This one was for the
Bantam and Midget division. Although neither Bantam team fared very well; fighting it out for the “D” Championship,
the two Midget teams did better and ended up battling it out for the “B” Championship.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people for all the hard work that they put in to help get the
tournaments going and keep them running on the days that they happened. First off a big Thank You goes out to Peter
O’Neill who took hold of the reins right from the start of the year and organized basically every aspect of the
tournaments. I would also like to thank Debbie Dixon who was at both tournaments all day helping out with keeping
the score boards and dressing room assignment boards organized. Thank you also to past 2nd Vice Randy Deschamps
for coming in all day on the 14th to act as Tournament Convenor since both Peter and I were involved with a team in
the tournament. Helping Randy all day were Shawn Woolridge and Glen Lockhart. Two of the big behind the scenes
helpers are Cindy Brown and Zyg Kaminski. Cindy organizes all of the refs and timekeepers for most of our local
league teams, and once again did a bang up job for our tournaments. Zyg Kaminski also is a referee scheduler, and
scheduled all the officials for the Bantam and Midget tournament. Thanks to the teams that helped out with the
running of the “Fish Pond” and the handing out of food for the teams. Last but not least we should thank the players
that were around helping out as well, some able to earn hours for their high school credit.
Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every member of the LMHA family a safe and joyous
holiday season. Wherever you are, what ever you are doing over the Holidays please do it safely and have Fun.
From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Paul Starling
2nd Vice President

A special note of thanks was
passed on to me to share with all
                                                       Team shows some community support
of you:
On behalf of the parents and                         After much thought of what to get the kids for Christmas
coaching staffs of the Tyke teams                    from the team we decided to be charitable. The team
I would like to send a very special                  collected 2 full boxes of food which was donated to the
Thank You to Jason Ward and                          food bank. We also collected 2 large bags full of toys
everyone at Ward Legal for                           which was donated to the Kawartha Lakes toy drive. It
supplying the Tyke teams with                        is always nice to help those less fortunate any time of
practice jerseys and socks.                          year.
Chris McPhail                                        Wishing all those a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
Tyke Black                                           New Year...Atom Teal

Thanks Jason!!
                                                                                                         Page 3
         Lindsay Minor
                                                              PLAYER’S CORNER PUZZLE
      Hockey Association
             P.O. Box 193                                                 Last issue saw an increase in the number of
           Lindsay, Ontario                                               participants of players corner. Still far below
               K9V 4S1                                                    the numbers that I thought I would see, but an
          Phone: 705-324-5822                                             increase non the less.
           Fax: 705-324-9277                                              The three winners were chosen by random
E-mail:                                     draw at our Executive meeting on Monday
                                        Look for the next issue of Fish
                                        Tales coming in February          December 15th.
                  Web:                                                    1st place winner of a pair of Muskie tickets                                             was Austin Boadway of the Atom BB Muskies.
                                                                          The 2nd place winner of a Muskies mouth
                                                                          guard was Dryden Brown, also of the Atom
                                                                          BB Muskies.
     TV Draw winners Announced                                            And the final winner of the past issue, and
                                                                          winner of a Muskies water bottle, was Ethan
   Each year one of the principal fundraisers that LMHA
                                                                          McPhail of the Three County Tyke Black team.
   does is our annual “TV Draw”. This year of course                      Congratulations to all three of the kids, and
   was no exception with in fact 2 TV’s to be won as                      thank you to the other kids that entered the
   well as a third prize of a 1000 watt surround sound
                                                                          contest, better luck this time.
   system.                                                                There will be no player’s corner puzzle for
   On Sunday December 14th, Executive members                             this month as this is just a small issue. Watch
   gathered for the annual draw at the LMHA office                        for a return of Player’s Corner in the next
   above pad 1. Once all tickets were verified as being                   issue.
   tickets for the current year, as well as having staples
   removed—yes some of you are still putting all of the
   tickets into the draw box stapled together— the
   tickets were then thoroughly mixed up and the
   winning ballots drawn.
   The 1st place prize of a Sharp Aquos 42” LCD
   HDTV goes to Jayne Bellows
   The 2nd place prize of a Samsung 32” LCD HDTV
   goes to Steven Hiscock
   The 3rd place prize of a Panasonic 1000 watt
   Surround Sound System with iPod dock, goes to
   Holly Wallace
   LMHA would like to congratulate these three
   winners, and wish everyone else better luck next

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