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Fish Tails - August 2007pub


									August 2007                           Volume 1, Issue 2                            Lindsay Minor Hockey Association

 Special points of
                                                                            Fish Tales
 •   Fall tryout dates
     changed see page 4

 • New Scoreboards now            President’s Message - Peter Mitchell

 • New EOMHL alignment
                                  The City of Kawartha Lakes is currently          Lakes.
                                  gathering information and assessing the          The presentation centered on the following
 • The tentative date for         Structural Integrity of the Facilities and
                                  Demand on Arena Primetime Vs Non                 items.
   picture day is Saturday,
   November 3rd.                  Primetime of Recreational Facilities and         Do we close or keep open (upgrade)
                                  Arenas in the city. The latter was the main      aging and/or under used arenas?
 • New Director elected           subject of the meeting I attended on behalf      It is estimated that 17 million needs to be
                                  of our Association. It is of note, that the      allocated to upgrade CoKL arena/
                                  Lindsay Arena is the only arena in the city      recreational buildings over the next ten
                                  that has full primetime use at 100%, other       years. Its costs 5 million to build a single
                                  arenas in the city are at 65%-%74% usage.
                                                                                   pad arena.
                                  The Lindsay Arena is used by LMHA, LFSC,
                                  High School Hockey (both Boys and Girls          Do we remain as we are, or do we build a
                                  teams), Jr. A Muskies, AAA Wolves,               future arena, or plan to possibly plan the
                                  Lindsay Lynx, Pastimers and Men’s                closure of one arena.
                                  Recreational Hockey. The simple solution         Allocation Policy;
                                  would be to utilize the arenas that are
                                  currently under used and schedule out of         Do we create a new one, or do we
                                  city or citywide user groups and their           continue with the status quo?
                                  tournaments/special events to these              The Allocation Policy has to be developed
                                  locations to help provide those facilities       so it can best serve the community.
                                  with the needed income. It is critical that
                                  the local community has priority in the use      Capital Surcharge;
                                  of their local arena in order to instill a       Do we (all users at all arenas in CoKL)
                                  sense of belonging/ownership in the facility     accept an increase in ice costs so that a
                                  the community’s children.                        portion of that money can be set aside to
 Inside this issue:                                                                subsidize arena upgrades throughout the
                                  Primetime ice is considered, the use of ice
                                                                                   entire CoKL. Future adjustment of fees may
                                  from 5:00PM to 11:00PM Monday to Friday          be an acceptable method of provided both
 1st Vice President’s             and 8:00AM to 11:00PM Saturday and
 Messages                     2   Sunday. Arenas are considered community
                                                                                   capital and maintenance funds, but we
                                                                                   would need a guarantee from the CoKL
 Award Winners List               facilities and do not make money; they           that the money collected would go back in
                              2   balance off cost of ice vs. servicing the
                                  community expectations. Historically,            to the arenas.
 Coaches Corner                                                                    Without the arenas there are no hockey
                              3   minor hockey organizations have received
                                                                                   centres, no hockey centres, a weaker
                                  a reduction in the hourly rate of the ice
 Treasurer’s Message              costs. This is in keeping with the belief that   Tri-County League.
                              4   all participants (children) come from the        In summary, there is rich history not only
 Tri County Coaches               local community and their Parent’s are           on the Lindsay Arena but also in all the
 Fall try out schedule        4   local taxpayers. It should be noted that the     arenas in CoKL. Our children and our
                                  CoKL has decided to extend the same rate         children’s children in our CoKL
 New BB alignment
                              5   to both the Jr. A Club as well as the AAA
                                  Wolves, both of whom which has many
                                                                                   communities need a hockey or figure
                                                                                   skating program and it is our responsibility
 Player’s Corner                  players not only from outside Lindsay but
 LMHA Contact information     6   also from outside the City of Kawartha
                                                                                   to keep our children active. Throughout the
                                                                                   Continued on Page 3………….
1st Vice President’s Message -                                        Pete O’Neill
Well, hello again all hockey players! By       the ice, and off the ice. From a personal      occur. Coaches, now is the time to put
now most of you have been registered or        perspective, I noticed more teams last         your season practice plan together. Are
are in the process of registering for the      year doing things as a team off the            you ready to get going as soon as you hit
upcoming LMHA hockey season. When              ice. To me, as a coach this is a very          the ice?      Preparation is the key to
you think about it, it feels that our season   important part of the game. Having team        success! Try and get together with your
ending banquet was just the other              building events and functions, is a great      coaching staff and talk about what you
day. For most of us on the Executive, the      way to get your players to get to know         want to achieve through out the
planning and procedures that goes on for       one another away from the rink, and            season. Break it down by month, 2
the hockey season is a 12 month a year         gives the parents a chance to talk with        months, half the year. Set goals for your
process. With almost all of our coaches        each other. As you work at the team            team and the players on your
in place, our teams are starting to take       building skills away from the rink, you will   team. Make them aware of your goals
shape, and if you have not already heard       gradually see how the teams play on the        and plans for the team and for them
from your coach, you will in the near          ice improves as a unit as well.                individually. This game is a lot of fun, but
future.                                        As the season fast approaches players,         as coaches, it is our responsibility to be in
With the success that we achieved last         now is the time to get your gear out to        charge and make this possible.
year in the Tri County loop, we are            make sure that everything is in good           Well, see you at the rink shortly, until
                                               shape to keep you safe on the ice. Check       then, enjoy the rest of the summer and
expecting to improve on that this year,
especially since we stepping onto ice now      for damage to the equipment and check
                                               for proper sizing. What fit you last year,     please be safe!!!
knowing what to expect. Last year was
                                               may not fit you this year. As parents we
certainly a learning curve for us in this
loop, but all of us felt that we adapted       know that kids are growing so fast now a       Pete O’Neill
                                               days, and it is vitally important that the
well, and this showed by our success on                                                       1st Vice/Coach Coordinator
                                               size be correct, or injury may

                                2006/2007 AWARD RECIPIENTS
       ESSO AWARD RECIPIENTS                   Most Valuable Player Awards                    Most Valuable Goaltender Awards
Most Improved Player Awards                    Novice - Mac West, Hunter Reedman              Novice - Liam Schneider
Chad Callaghan, Riley Ballam, Adam Harris,     and Tyler Marshall                             Atom - Larissa Lockhart
Sam McGregor, Brant Foster,                    Atom - Liam Storey, Dylan Rhodes, Gage
                                                                                              Peewee - Joshua O’Neill
Davis Smith, Ben Hodgson, Sam Young,           Howell and Connor Grills
                                                                                              Bantam - Devon Molleson
Mark Saville, Connor Broughton, Austin         Peewee - Kyle Demarchi, Branden Smith,
Duff, Trent Jackson, David Edney, Gegory                                                      Midget - Matt Buckley
                                               Kyle Kearns and Gus Grier
Wakelin, Mike Pinkney, Dillon Guitto and       Bantam - Cash Cormier, Brandon                 Other Awards:
Mitch Thurston.                                Sedore, Zach Pereria and Dustin Sleep          Atom Rep Most Improved Player
Most Dedicated Player Awards                   Midget - Jordan Ross, Zach Turpin and          Marcus Piggott
Brady Johnson, Jason Foster, Travis Battah,    Stuart Muirhead                                Peewee Rep Most Dedicated Player
Connor Thornton, Luke Tamlin, Aaron
                                               Most Valuable Defenceman Awards                Mathew Flynn and Brett Windrem
Thompson, Clayton Robson, Paul
                                               Novice - Jason Thompson, Tyler LeBlanc         Peewee Rep Team Spirit and Co-operation
Hennessey, Duane Ariza, Conor Seabrook,
Liam Shanks, Ray Hartjes, Aaron Polito,        and Dryden Brown                               award
Nicholas Bell, Samantha Starling, Brandon      Atom - Neil Dekoker, Jeffrey Friend,           Greg Coleman
Valaine and Julian Bertino.                    Sandy Murphy and Shawn Thompson                Bantam Rep Award for Spirit
Most Sportsmanlike Player Awards               Peewee - Ben Whyte, Zachary Abbott,
                                                                                              Greg O’Neill
Jeff Balcombe, Adam Davies, Mark Harris,       Kyle Kearns and Nic Williams
                                                                                              BB/AE Coach of the Year
Gabe Pereira, Scott Clyne, Mathew              Bantam - Chad Lindsay, Steven Steffler,
                                                                                              Paul Ellis
Franceschini, Stuart Fierheller, Kevin         Josh Jamieson and Dylan Dixon
Donnelly, Dylan Brown, Jordan Beukeboom,       Midget - Dylan Moores, Graham Fiddler          LMHA LL Coach of the Year
Justin O’Neill, Phil English, Mackenzie        and Nick Stockill                              Dave Bellows
Deschamps, Kevin Seabrook, Dryden                                                             Business of the Year
Brown, Keifer Williams, Sean McNamara,
                                                                                              HB Cycle, Linda and Phil Hodgson
Max Wallen, Jordie Keene, Willy Nettinga
              and Mehran Qaaboos
Page 2
President’s Message Continued                                             2007/2008
meeting, it was repeated that the user
groups and the community would have a
say in how the results of this assessment is
                                                                         Raffle Prizes
dealt with by CoKL Council. To ensure          The LMHA raffle prizes for this years’ draw will be as follows:
that this is true, let your Councilor know
                                               1st Prize 40" Samsung LCD HDTV
your opinion on the future of the CoKL
arenas.                                        2nd Prize 32" Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV
Future meetings will be held to discuss the    3rd Prize 1000 Watt Panasonic Surround Sound System
options after the Consultant has provided
                                               Each family will receive 10 tickets with their paid registration, you can sell
his report and LMHA will be in
                                               them or keep them for yourself. If you would like to purchase additional
                                               tickets they are available for $2.50 each, contact LMHA for more
Peter Mitchell                                 information.
LMHA-President                                 The draw will be made on Sunday, December 16th, 2007 @ 7:30PM, by the
                                               LMHA Executive, winners will be notified and their names announced in an
                                               upcoming issue of Fish Tales. The draw box is located in the lobby between
                                               the two pads, make sure you don’t forget to deposit your ballots.

                                                  Coaches Corner
     This section will be dedicated to the coaches. Here I would like to give some short drills or tips. If you have
     a particular drill or tip that you think would be good to share then send it to me, I will try to put it in the
     newsletter. If you have a favourite web site(s) that you find very useful for coaching, send them along, I
     would love to share them too. Lets all work together to make Lindsay Minor Hockey the best it can be.
     Send your stuff to me at

                                               Bank and go, pass back

Page 3
                                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 2
Treasurer’s Message
Christine Young                                     Congratulations to the Coaches
Welcome back for the 2007/2008 hockey            In the last issue of Fish Tales we congratulated the coaches of the Rep
season. Where did that summer go? Hope it        Teams that were given coaching positions for this year. Since that issue
was safe and happy for you and your family.      there have been two additions to that list. The Executive is pleased to
We have another great year of hockey in          announce that Peter Mitchell has applied for and been approved as head
Lindsay to look forward to. Hopefully, some      coach of the Bantam BB team, and Skyler Boadway has also been ap-
OMHA & T/C championships are in our              proved as the Head Coach of the Atom A/E team. Congratulations to
future. By this time, 95 – 100% of our           both of them!
registrations should be done. To avoid anyone
missing registration next year, we will be       Also at this time we would like to congratulate the coaches that have
holding it on the day of the banquet. That way   positions for this year at the Tri-County level. At this time we
you will not have to remember any other          currently have the following coaches in place:
dates for registration and we will just post a
notice in the paper when the cheque in June      Novice-Darrin Mac Duff,
and August would be coming out. This should      Atom-Karl Ward and Peter McCarney
make your life and the executives’ lives a lot
easier. No more trips to the rink in June        Peewee-Rick Carter and Kirk Baker
when we all should be enjoying the nice          Bantam- Randy Nettiinga and Dave Bellows
                                                 Midget-John Sims
Just a reminder that the final cheques will be
                                                 Congratulations to all of these gentlemen, and good luck with the
deposited September 15th and November 1st.
                                                 upcoming season!
See you rink side!
                                                  TC is still looking for trainers and managers for some of these coaches
Christine Young                                  as well as coach, ,trainer and manager commitments for 2 teams of
                                                 Mites, 2 teams of Tykes and 1 coach for Novice and Midget. Those in-
Fundraising Rebate                               terested may contact the LMHA office ASAP.
Are you looking for a way to earn back
your $150.00 Volunteer Fee? With the
removal of the Bingo Bingo as an option,
here a few other options for you to                  New Fall Tryout Schedule
consider:                                        Due to scheduling errors that were made by the City, there
1.    Minimum of one 6 hour shift at the         have been a few minor changes to the remaining fall tryout
      LMHA Booth of the Lindsay Fair.            dates and times. The dates and times are now as follows:
2.    Minimum of one 6 hour shift at an
      LMHA run Tournament booth.                            August                              September
3.    Set-up and tidy-up of year-end
      banquet.                                   Aug. 25 Novice   1200-200            Sept 1   Atom AE 100-230
4.    Minimum of one 6 hour shift at an                  Atom     600-730                      Peewee AE 230-400
                                                         Peewee   645-815                      Bantam AE 400-530
      LMHA run Dance.
5.    Member of the Coaching staff for a                 Bantam   730-900
                                                         Midget   815-945             Sept 2   Atom AE 100-230
                                                                                               Peewee AE 230-400
6.    Be a registered on-ice volunteer.                                                        Bantam AE 400-530
7.    Taking 6 extra TV Draw ticket              Aug 26 Bantam 730-900
      books and selling the tickets to                  Midget 900-1030               Sept 5   Atom AE 530-700
      recover your money.                                                                      Peewee AE 700-830
                                                 Aug 27 Novice 500-630
                                                                                               Bantam AE 830-1000
              Contact LMHA for more                     Atom 630-800
                                                        Peewee 800-930
              information on these
Page 4        options.                           Aug 28 Midget 515-645
Fish Tales                                                             Puck Machine
                                      We would like to remind all coaches that last year LMHA purchased a new puck machine
                                      for the use of all of our teams. This puck machine may only be used by those that are
                                      specifically trained to use it, although all teams are encouraged to book some time to have
  Country 105                         a trained operator attend a practice and work with their goalies. To find out more or to
                                      book your time, please contact Skyler Boadway, who is the director in charge of the puck
  Dances set                          machine, at 324-7404 or
 Country 105 Dances have been set
 for this year. The first dance will
                                                      New EOMHL Centers Alignment
 take place on Saturday November            After much hard work and time put in by many different people, the Eastern
 10th , 2007 at the Lindsay Rugby           Ontario Minor Hockey League has finally made some changes in their alignment
 Club with the doors opening at             that will impact our Association in a positive manner. Below you will find the
 8:30pm and running until 1:00am.           layout for the new alignment, showing the teams that Lindsay will now face in
 The second dance set for this hockey       the regular season:
 season will be held at the Lindsay            Eastern Ontario Minor Hockey League 2007/2008
 Armories on March 1st, 2008. Doors
 will again open at 8:30pm with the                            Division One                             Division Two
 dance running until 1:00am.                         West                        East                Grafton
 Tickets for these great events will be       Ennismore                 Campbellford                 Havelock
 available from Garvey’s Variety on           Lakefield                 North Frontenac              Percy
 Kent St. in Lindsay & at Kawartha            Baltimore                 Bancroft                     Rice Lake
 Lakes Café on Hwy 35 S. for only             Douro                     Brighton                     Centre Hastings
 $15.00 each. All shows are an age of         Norwood                   Tweed                        Lakefield AE
 majority event.                              Colborne                  Deseronto                    Campbellford AE
 Thanks to Shawn Woolridge for all            Otonabee                  Tamworth/Stone Mille         Tweed AE
 his hard work in organizing these
                                              Lindsay                   Trenton AE                   Brighton AE
 great events.
                                              Peterborough AE                                        Lindsay AE

  The Board of Directors for Lindsay Minor Hockey is pleased to announce that the last remaining Director’s chair has
  now been filled. At it’s regular meeting on August 12, the Directors and Executive members accepted, and passed, the
  nomination of Consuelo Kuetter-Sandoval. Consuelo fills the final seat left vacant after the last AGM.
  Congratulations Consuelo, and welcome aboard, your assistance is welcomed.

   New Score Clocks                                     Important dates to remember
     are installed!!                         Photo Day
 Take note the next time you are in
 the arena of the new score clocks.          Saturday November 3rd, 2007
 Although the new clocks have the            Tournament Dates
 same cases, the insides have been
 changed to allow for the new,               1.     Sunday November 4, 2007 Novice TC Tournament
 brighter look. The boards are now           2.     Sunday December 2, 2007 Bantam TC Tournament
 LED lights making them much easier
 to see. Along with the new look             3.     Sunday January 6, 2008 Peewee TC Tournament
 comes a new control panel which will
                                             4.     Sunday January 27, 2008 Atom TC Tournament
 make things much easier for our
 score keepers, including the ability to     5.     Sunday February 17, 2008 Midget TC Tournament
 add more penalties that will
                                             6.     Sunday March 2, 2008 Tyke TC Tournament
 automatically rotate in as penalties
 expire. Also take note that the time        7.     Sunday April 6, 2008 Peewee BB/AE Tournament
 clocks have been changed to new
 LED clocks as well. No backwards            LMHA Night at the Marlies
 moving second hand in pad 1 any
                                             Saturday January 5, 2008—More information to come
                                             LMHA Country 105 Dances
Page 5
                                             1.     Saturday November 10, 2007 8:30pm (Lindsay Rugby Club)
                                             2.     Saturday March 1, 2008 8:30pm (Lindsay Armouries)
                                                  Help us save money and paper
                                  If you would like to stay on top of LMHA news and events then please
                                  subscribe to the LMHA Newsletter “Fish Tales” via email. As each newsletter
           Lindsay                is produced you will automatically receive a copy directly to the inbox of your
Minor Hockey Association          choice. Want to receive it at home and work? No problem. Here’s all you
                                  have to do; send an email to with
        P.O. Box 193              the word “subscribe” in the subject line from each email account you want it
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   Phone: 705-324-5822            coin a phrase — Together we can make a difference!!
    Fax: 705-324-9277             Thanks for your assistance—Paul
           E-mail:                                Player’s Corner

Last issue in Players Corner we had
a word search for you to fill in and
enter your name for a prize,
surprisingly there were not too
many entries in the ballot box,
hopefully this issue will bring more
The winner for issue #1, who will
receive a pair of tickets to a
Muskies game (once they get
started) is Larissa Lockhart, con-
gratulations to Larissa!!
This issue you need to come up
with the hockey term or expression
represented by the picture. For
example, #24 is hard to read so I
will give you the answer for it. It
says abracadabra and hocuspocus in
the shape of a hat, therefore it
represents the term “hat trick”.
The player that gets the most
correct will win, in the event of a
tie, the winner will be chosen by
random draw at an Executive
meeting, and announced in the next
Entries must be received          by
October 7th to qualify.

Look for the next issue of Fish Tales   NAME:_______________________________      DIVISION:____________
coming in late October!                 PHONE NUMBER:______________________        TEAM:_________________________

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