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09 January 2009                     Contents in this issue
                                          •     Blu-ray Disc re-writes record books in U.S.
CES Special Issue – Day Two
                                          •     Panasonic extends award-winning Blu-ray Disc player range
                                          •     Sharp introduces world’s first LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray Disc player
                                          •     JVC launches Blu-ray Disc home theater-in-a-box in U.S.
                                          •     Acer enables Blu-ray Disc playback with Corel WinDVD
                                          •     AudioDev approved as European Blu-ray Disc test center

                                    Blu-ray Disc is proving to be the most popular and fastest establishing platform
 Blu-ray Disc re-                   ever in the history of the U.S. entertainment industry. This was one of the main
 writes record                      messages presented by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) at a packed press
                                    conference on the opening day of the 2009 International Consumer Electronics
 books in the U.S.                  Show in Las Vegas yesterday.

                                    Since Blu-ray Disc’s inception in June 2006, some 10.7 million Blu-ray capable
                                    players have been shipped in the U.S. (source: DisplaySearch). By comparison,
 “We are on a growth path that      5.4 million DVD players had been shipped three years into its launch (source: CEA
 will see Blu-ray entertainment     Market Research).
 mainstream entertainment
 markets in the U.S. during         “Already, in just our third                Historic Adoption of Key Home
 2009. Within the BDA we are        year, Blu-ray has                              Entertainment Technologies
 working tremendously hard to       achieved more than
                                                                               Penetration of U.S. Homes at 3rd Year
 make this technology available     seven per cent market
 to the broadest community of       penetration here in the              8%

 entertainment enthusiasts. We      U.S.,” commented Andy                6%
 look forward to what will be a     Parsons, Chairman of                 2%
 tremendously exciting and          the BDA U.S.                                  TV      Color TV      VHS        CD          DVD       HDTV         BD
 perhaps unprecedented period       Promotions Committee.
                                                                        Note: BD Player/PS3 value counts households – multiple device households counted once

 ahead of us.”                      “This compares with just                                                                      Source: Adams Media Research

                                    over four per cent for
 Andy Parsons                       DVD, less than two per
 Chairman                           cent for CD and less
 BDA U.S. Promotions                than one per cent for color television itself at comparable stages of their evolution.
 Committee                          These are really significant figures and illustrate the ability Blu-ray possesses to
                                    revolutionize the home entertainment industry.”
                                       This exponential growth in hardware sales is supported by very strong sales results
                                       in the software sector. Parsons announced to the news conference that nearly
                                       1,100 Blu-ray movie titles are now available. With the release of Dark Knight by
                                       Warner Home Video the BD format has its first title to surpass one million sales.

                                           In the U.S. the first two million disc sales month was achieved last October. This
                                                                      was immediately followed by more than three million BD
    Blu-ray Title Sales By Year                                       movie sales in November and more than eight million
                                                                      sales in December. Since Blu-ray’s inception more than
 More than 30 million Blu-ray Discs sold since inception
                                 24.09 M
                                                                      30 million Blu-ray movie discs have been sold. In 2008,
      25                                                              24.09 million discs were sold (source: The Redhill Group)
      20                                      More than fourfold      representing a more than fourfold increase on the
                                              increase compared
      15                                      to 2007                 previous year.
                       5.67 M

                                                                         Parsons pointed out to the audience of journalists that
              0.37 M
                                                                         whilst these figures are impressive, they represent just
             2006      2007     2008                                     the start of a revolution that will transform living rooms
                                   Source: The Redhill Group
                                                                         across the U.S., and indeed the world. He highlighted the
                                                                         potential impact of BD-Live – a sophisticated Blu-ray
                                             interactivity platform that transforms the entertainment experience from passive
                                             viewing to totally immersive interactivity.

                                       There are currently more than 75 BD-Live movie titles available in the U.S. and
                                       many more are in the pipeline. There are nine BD-Live capable player models on
                                       the market today and a further five new players have been announced at CES.
                                       This means that when PLAYSTATION 3 is taken into account more than 75 per
                                       cent of all Blu-ray players sold in the U.S. are BD-Live capable.

                                       Blu-ray Disc is a format that is in the early days of its evolution and numerous
                                       companies and organisations are working with the technology to enhance the
                                       consumer entertainment experience. Andy Parsons identified Digital Copy and 3D
                                       technologies as good illustrations of where this is happening.

                                       “We are on a growth path that will see Blu-ray enter mainstream entertainment
                                       markets in the U.S. during 2009,” concluded Andy Parsons. “Within the BDA we
                                       are working hard to make this technology available to the broadest community of
                                       entertainment enthusiasts. We look forward to what will be a tremendously exciting
                                       and perhaps unprecedented period ahead of us.”

           Andy Parsons
                                       To find out more about any of the topics reported here, or to contact a
                                       spokesperson, please email

Panasonic                              At CES, Panasonic has introduced the successors to last year's award winning
extends award                          DMP-BD35 and DMP-BD55 players, as well as presenting the world's first Blu-ray-
                                       VHS dual player. All three of the new Blu-ray players - DMP-BD60, DMP-BD80,
winning Blu-ray                        DMP-BD70V - combine high quality images with enhanced networking functions,
Disc player range                      including VIERA Cast's improved internet functionality that provides access to
   Amazon VOD's huge selection of titles. Continuing its commitment to producing
   products that stress ease of use, the 2009 line of Blu-ray Disc players continue to
   incorporate VIERA Link, allowing the consumer to operate their audio/video
   components, via HDMI, with one remote. And, in keeping with Panasonic's pledge
   to reduce the planet's carbon footprint, the new Blu-ray players have been
   designed to reduce power consumption.

   Each of the three models employs the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus.
   Developed in collaboration with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, this high image
   processing technology reproduces clear, vivid colors that are faithful to the original
   film. Recognizing that audio is important to the overall entertainment experience,
   Panasonic's three 2009 Blu-ray Disc players feature a High Definition audio
   decoder (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio Essential) to
   take advantage of the exceptionally high quality 7.1 channel surround sound now
   integrated in Blu-ray Discs. The DMP-BD70V distinguishes itself as the world's first
                                              dual deck VHS-Blu-ray player, providing
                                              the consumer with a video product that
                                              features multi-format playback allowing
                                              the user to play VHS, CD, DVD and
                                              1080p High Definition Blu-ray Discs. The
                                              BD70V allows for premium 1080p up-
                                              conversion for all video formats.

                                          VIERA CAST technology, introduced in
                                          Panasonic's PZ850 2008 VIERA Plasma,
                                          is now available in Panasonic's 2009 Blu-
                                          ray players. The internet enabled
                                          technology lets the consumer access the
Panasonic DMP-BD60
                                          internet without the need of either an
                                          external box or a PC and enjoy the
                                          entertainment value provided by such
   targeted sites as Amazon VOD, with an extensive library of streamed titles,
   YouTube, Google's Picasa Web Album, Bloomberg and a weather channel.

   "With the expansion of the unique VIERA Cast functionality and the introduction of
   the industry's first dual VHS-Blu-ray deck, Panasonic's 2009 line cements our
   position as technology leaders and places Panasonic in the forefront of the Blu-ray
   arena," said Richard Simone, Director, Panasonic, the Entertainment Group.
   "Panasonic was the first company to produce a Blu-ray player with Bonus View
   and the first to incorporate BD Live functionality into a stand alone player. Now we
   are the first to bring to market a dual VHS-Blu ray player. When coupled with a
   Panasonic HDTV, Blu-ray gives the consumer the essential 1080p High Definition

   The Blu-ray players also provide 1080/24p output, thereby reproducing cinema
   images from a Blu-ray Disc and DVD in their original 24p form with no need for
   conversion. This allows the user to enjoy cinema images in the same format used
   in cinema with a 1080/24p compatible TV.
                                Complimenting the HD audio codecs the three Blu-ray players feature 96kHz
                                surround re-master, a function that enhances the sound quality of CDs and other
                                sources, and even improves the quality of the multi-channel audio data on Blu-ray
                                Discs and DVDs. The DMP-BD80 further enhances the audio experience with 7.1
                                channel analog out to produce true 7.1 surround sound, thereby affording the
                                consumer a home theater environment that rivals the movie theater.

                                In order to obtain a reduction in power consumption the 2009 Blu-ray players use
                                Auto Power Stand-By, a function that automatically turns off the player when you
                                return to TV operation using the VIERA Link menu. The BD60 consumes 16% less
                                power in standby mode than last year's model, the DMP-BD35.

                                For more information, please respond to Jeff Samuels,
                       or Alix Dunn,

Sharp introduces
                                At CES, Sharp has introduced the world’s first AQUOS LCD TV Series with a built-
                                in Blu-ray Disc player, for a convenient all-in-one home theater solution. The Full-
world’s first LCD               HD 1080p AQUOS BD series, which includes the 52-inch class (52-1/32” diagonal)

TVs with
                                LC-52BD80U, 46-inch class (45-63/64” diagonal) LC-46BD80U, 42-inch class (42-
                                1/64” diagonal) LC-42BD80U, 37-inch class (37” diagonal) LC-37BD60U and 32-
integrated Blu-                 inch class (31-35/64” diagonal) LC-32BD60U screen class sizes, combines the

ray Disc player
                                ultimate high definition television with the ultimate high definition content format
                                with a side-loading multi-slot for Blu-ray, DVD and CD content.

                                The series offers a single-step operation feature that turns on the TV and activates
                                play when a BD disc is inserted. In addition, the BD series features a newly
                                developed Advanced Super View (ASV) Superlucent panel for a dramatically bright
                                and crisp picture with reduced reflection and a new AQUOS Pure Mode for
                                convenient optimized viewing of Blu-ray titles. A new elegant “AQUOS Blue”
                                design includes a subtle blue accent at the bottom of the frame and a swivel stand
                                                                            for viewing convenience.

                                                                        “We created this series to offer
                                                                        consumers a product that provides the
                                                                        same high-quality, clear picture they’ve
                                                                        come to expect from a Sharp AQUOS,
                                                                        but with the added convenience of a
                                                                        Blu-ray player for a unique combination
                                                                        solution that allows playback of the
                                                                        latest HD Blu-ray movies,” said Bob
                                                                        Scaglione, senior vice president and
                                                                        group manager, Product and Marketing
                                                                        Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation.
                                                                        “This product is a one-stop, stylish
       Simple and stylish – LCD TV with built-in Blu-ray Disc player    home theater and the built-in side-
                                                                        loading Blu-ray slot is also a space-
                              saver for style-conscious consumers, eliminating the need for a separate box and
                   extra cables.”

                   Sharp’s new ASV Superlucent panel applies an ultra-smooth finish that minimizes
                   gloss while intensifying panel brightness and contrast. The AQUOS Pure Mode
                   automatically senses the Blu-ray disc content and intelligently adjusts display
                   settings such as aspect ratio to optimize the movie image. The LC-52BD80U, LC-
                   46BD80U and LC-42BD80U further improve picture quality with Fine Motion
                   Enhanced technology for 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion, a 10-bit panel for Deep
                   Color compatibility and “dejudder” technology that results in the smooth
                   reproduction of film content. All five models offer fast pixel response time, ensuring
                   that viewers never miss a detail of High Definition content.

                   These Full-HD 1080p models are very fully featured, with four HDMI inputs on the
                   LC-52BD80U, LC-46BD80U and LC-42BD80U and three on the LC-37BD60U and
                   LC-32BD60U, as well as two component video inputs, all of which are 1080p
                   compatible. The HDMI terminals all have 24p input capability for high-quality Blu-
                   ray video processing. A true high-definition TV, the models house a built-in ATSC
                   and QAM tuner for access to DTV channels. The units also feature an RS-232C
                   input for custom installations and a PC input so the TV serves a dual purpose as a
                   PC monitor.

                   For more information or to contact a spokesperson, please respond to Melissa
                   Non, or Chris Loncto,

JVC launches       At CES, JVC has introduced the company’s first Blu-ray home-theater-in-a-box

Blu-ray Disc
                   system, a three-piece package that includes a sound bar speaker system, wireless
                   subwoofer and Blu-ray player, providing a complete High Definition home
home-theater-in-   entertainment package designed to complement virtually any HDTV.

a-box in U.S.      The new JVC TH-SB100 is a 3.1-channel system designed to make it easy to
                   upgrade to a full HD home theater, and offers such advanced features as BD Live
                   compatibility. The system’s powered soundbar is designed to nestle unobtrusively
                   below a television, while the subwoofer, thanks to its wireless technology, offers
                   the kind of placement flexibility that design-conscious consumers appreciate. The
                   included Blu-ray player, in addition to its BD-Live compatibility when used with USB
                                        memory, also offers AVCHD playback, the popular high
                                        definition camcorder format.

                                        The simple and cleanly-styled sound bar has an internal
                                        amplifier that provides 30 watts each to the left, right and
                                        center channels. Left and right channels are each handled by
                                        a pair of three-inch woofers and half-inch tweeter, while a
                                        single three-inch woofer handles the center channel. The
                                        eight-inch wireless subwoofer is driven by 100 watts. In
                   addition, the system offers Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, plus six-mode digital
                   signal processing.
                    The TH-SB100’s Blu-ray player offers compatibility with the full array of formats,
                    including AVCHD. Connections include HDMI ver.1.3 with Deep Color and
                    x.v.Color, USB Host, LAN for BD Live, component and composite video outputs,
                    and analog, optical and coaxial audio outputs.

                    With BD-Live compatibility the player can be connected to the Internet to access
                    BD Live 2.0 features, including easy firmware updates, new movie trailers, updated
                    subtitles, online shopping, chat and gaming.

                    The TH-SB100 is designed to complement the latest generation of sleekly styled
                    flat panel TVs. The glossy black low-profile Blu-ray player has illuminated function
                    keys, while the black soundbar likewise features a slim design.

                    For more information, or to contact a spokesperson, please respond to Chelsea
                    Vander Groef,

Acer enables Blu-   At CES, Corel Corporation has announced that Acer will bundle Corel WinDVD,
ray Disc playback   video and DVD playback software, with its TravelMate commercial notebooks and
                    eMachines consumer notebooks.
with Corel
WinDVD              Through this powerful new offering, users of all skill levels will be able to easily
                    playback and enjoy standard-definition videos and DVDs. TravelMate professionals
                    will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to play back Blu-ray Disc content,
                    providing High Definition quality and all-in-one productivity.

                    "We are delighted to partner with Acer to provide users with a complete playback
                    solution tailored to their specific needs,” said Jeff Hastings, President and General
                    Manager, Digital Media at Corel. "By combining Corel WinDVD with Acer's
                    TravelMate and eMachines notebooks, we are making it easy for a variety of users
                    to play back and enjoy their videos, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in style.”

                    "Corel WinDVD is reputed for its superior quality, stability and performance on
                    video and disc playback,” said David Lee, Associate Vice President of Mobile
                    Computing Business Unit, Acer Inc. "Thus, we are pleased to incorporate the
                    WinDVD software into our notebook solutions and empower our customers with an
                    enhanced media playback experience on the move."

                    Select Acer TravelMate notebooks and the full line of Acer eMachines notebooks
                    are now available bundled with Corel WinDVD.

                    For more information, please respond to Amie Hoffner,
   Jeff Hastings
                              On December 30, Swedish technology company AudioDev was approved by the
                              Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) as an official Blu-ray Disc testing center for BD-
approved as                   ROM Media (Data/Video). A Blu-ray Disc testing center has a very important task,

European Blu-
                              as it verifies whether new BD-products are up to the high quality standards set up
                              by the BDA. Before a licensed disc replicator can produce and sell BD-media, the
ray Disc testing              mechanical, optical and electrical properties of the discs have to be approved by

                              an official BD testing center.

                              "We have been working with measurement and verification of Blu-ray Discs for a
                              very long time, even before the format received its official name. With this in mind,
                              the decision to assume the role of official testing center was a logical next step for
                              us" says Magnus Wikstrand, Senior Measurement Development Manager at

                                             AudioDev has been a contributing member of the BDA since 2003
                                             and the company has during this time taken an active role in the
                                             development of the specifications for the Blu-ray Disc format.
                                             Through this approval, AudioDev will also act in the Verification
                                             Service Group (VSG) within the BDA. The VSG ensures the
                                             alignment between the different BD testing centers and defines their
                                             logistics and technical procedures and also organizes market
                                             inspections in order to maintain the quality of the products.

                                             The approval of AudioDev TestCenter as official testing center for
  Magnus Wikstrand in the Test Center        BD once again shows that AudioDev has a strong commitment to
                              support customers and partners in regards to the Blu-ray Disc format. The approval
                              is also an important step forward in terms of the recognition of the AudioDev’s
                              CATS- and ETA-testers when it comes to measurement performance.

                              From January 1st, 2009, AudioDev TestCenter is the official Blu-ray Disc testing
                              center for BD-ROM (Data/Video) in Europe.

                              For more information, please respond to Marianne Semevi,

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