Chemical Peel - A two-part skin resurfacing treatment by tracy12


									Chemical Peel - A two-part skin resurfacing treatment. What is Skin re-surfacing? It is the removal of the
dead skin that is a part of the cell turnover process so that the new, beautiful skin can shine through. There are two ways
to exfoliate. There are Chemical exfoliators (like Chemical Peel) and physical exfoliators (Like Microderm Abrasion
described next). For best results, you should do both. Dead skin cells make wrinkles look deeper, dryer and more
recessed, cause discoloration's and uneven skin tone, they block our repair and prevention "wonder" cremes from being
able to penetrate to do their job, they trap dirt, oil & make-up under the dead skin which causes break outs and oil build
up! Chemical Peel to the rescue! Two parts to facial BLISS!! First, apply the acid Serum and let it quickly dry. It is a thin,
"watery" solution. The serum will break the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together and loosen them from their hold
on your skin.
Acid Serum benefits: Improves texture and smoothness, while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles &
discoloration's. Minimizes pores! Reduces oil build up and dry patches that are a result of dead skin build-up. It improves
elasticity and firmness going deeper than other chemical methods. And, if that's not enough, it kick starts the process of
cell turn over so that new cells can come to the surface with more ease. In a nutshell, it gets rid of the old so the new can
shine through!!
Peel off masque benefits: Then apply the cool, gel masque thickly over the entire face. A liberal & even application will
allow you to pull it off in one sheet once it has dried. The peel off masque soothes and cools as it locks in the benefits of
the Acid Serum and keeps it from evaporating before it does its wonderful things! As you pull away the masque, it takes
with it the dead skin cells loosened by the acid serum as well as sweeping away other pore clogging impurities like dust,
dirt, oil and make-up residue. Peel off masque also, counteracts dryness in aging skin. ($40 reg. price for Acid Serum &
Peel off Masque set)
Tips: Masque will peel off effectively once completely dry. Allow to dry for 30 minutes for best results. Begin at the jaw
line lifting the outer edges of the masque and roll your way all the way around your face. *Note if you have hair on your
face it will hurt if you yank it.

Microderm Abrasion - The most phenomenal skin polish, facial scrub you will ever use!
Delivers, Delivers, Delivers FAST results after the very first treatment and incredible results after the third! It is very
affordable, easily added to your weekly skin regimen and is formulated with the SAME ingredients as a high end Spa or
Dermatologists office without the office visit and expensive machinery which demand the hefty price tag! Diamond and
laser cut crystals mixed with an emulsion creme are swept across the face with a spinning brush for up to five minutes.
Clearer, brighter skin is visible because of the removal of the dead skin on top. Diminishes lines and wrinkles formerly
shadowed by dead skin, fades brown spots, age spots, freckles and mask of pregnancy as it completely re-texturizes the
surface of the skin. Reduces the size of pores, oil build up and dry patches. Makes skin tone and clarity more even. Try it
twice and you'll be hooked on it! Tip: Purchase a "stick-up" mirror for your shower. I find if you can keep it handy, you'll be
more likely to stay regular if you can do your Microderm abrasion while you are caring for the rest of you in the shower.
Just remember to apply the creme to a dry face and use a dry spinning brush to do your treatment. Count to 60 five times
while you think about all of the wonderful people in your life! Then...PRESTO! It's literally a new you again! Get fabulous
and stay fabulous with Microderm Abrasion!! ($60 reg. price for Creme and brush set)

Use Chemical Peel 2 or 3 days before Microderm Abrasion for best results. They are
formulated to work together.

Platinum Regeneration Line Reversal - Live, love & laugh - a
lot!! Worry not over expression lines and furrows! Get Botox-like results
on expression lines & furrows without the injections & hefty prices of continued Botox treatments! It is not an all over
treatment but, applied directly to the wrinkle two times per day. The immediate results can be extraordinary! The newer
the wrinkle, the faster it erases! Some will see the wrinkle disappear before their eyes! Deeper..."longer been with ya"
wrinkles. In other words, those of us who REALLY need this product in the first place, will enjoy the even more
extraordinary long-term benefits!
How does it work? A mesh like fiber in our skin, called the Dermal matrix, is made up of collagen and elastin. As we
age, our production of collagen diminishes. Collagen is that fat, wonderful, pinchable skin on a baby's thigh that when
pinched, it bounces right back into position. This mesh is very elastic but, eventually, it loses it's elasticity due to
environmental damage and age. Line Reversal is formulated with peptides which work in tandem with each other. Two of
the peptides offer both long and short-term benefits. One temporarily relaxes the wrinkle (minimizing or erasing it) so that
the other can penetrate the skin and boost the production of elastin and collagen which "re-elastizes" the matrix causing it
to tighten and firm! Yippee!! Different than many tightening products which simply pull and place the skin in position for the
day, Line Reversal actually works towards fixing the wrinkle!!

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