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					            The Citadel-SBI! Monetization Bootcamp

With a mix of SiteSell Education's expert instructors, along with real-life SBIers
who have mastered monetization, The Citadel-SBI! Monetization Bootcamp will...

   •   increase your current monetization results
   •   find new monetization avenues that you may have dismissed or
       overlooked, but which hold great potential for you
   •   move you from PREselling content to content that sells
   •   build upon real-life experiences and proven success of other SBIers,
       applying them to your specific circumstances

You'll go way beyond theory. Hands-on exploration and work will ensure that you
leave with a greatly improved Monetization Plan that can be quickly implemented
for long- term results!

You will also get a full set of tools on your own USB key: each one crafted to
help you overcome any difficulties you've had to date with monetizing.

Dates and Location For The Sessions

                                Wed, August 19 – Sat, August 22, 2009
                                (Opening Reception 6 - 8 PM at the Marriott Hotel)

                                The Citadel
                                171 Moultrie Street, Charleston
                                South Carolina


1) BAM. As always, you bring the BAM. We'll do the rest.
2) Your site has 30 pages and attracts 20 unique visitors per day.
3) You have not yet started monetizing and need a strong plan.
You have started monetizing and feel you could do better.
4) You have read the Monetization HQ and are familiar with all the major
monetization models...

The Price

We're offering The Citadel-SBI! Monetization Bootcamp at the
non-profit price of... $499 USD. (Skip to Page 5 for ordering details.)

This includes…

   •   use of computer labs and meeting room at The Citadel
   •   resource materials (you will receive your own USB key)
   •   opening night reception
   •   break refreshments
   •   daily lunches
   •   Saturday evening dinner cruise (Spirit of Carolina provides a 3-hour cruise
       with breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor with live entertainment, as
       you savor a gourmet meal)

Maximize The “M”

You've made the important investment of time to get your Content     Traffic
PREsell engine rolling along. Now is the time for you to maximize the "M."

Each session starts with an overview of its topic and related strategies. The
majority of time, however, will focus on…

       •   hands-on work as it relates to your site and Monetization Plan
       •   sharing of tips, advice and resources
       •   Q&A

Wednesday, August 19, 2009: Registration
    2 PM       6 PM Registration (on location: Marriott Hotel)
                    Hand out “Monetization Arsenal” (USB key)

    7 PM       9 PM Reception (on location: Charleston Marriott)

Thursday, August 20, 2009: Fundamentals (Future Growth Preparation)
    8 AM    8:45 AM Reception (on location: The Citadel)

 8:45 AM      9 AM Housekeeping (“Question Desk”)

    9 AM    9:30 AM Keynote Presentation: Getting Into The “Show Me The Money” Mindset

 9:30 AM 11:00 AM Targeted Traffic and Monetization: Topics include…
                      • CTP engine
                      • analyzing your traffic funnel (traffic stats, click-in)
                      • value of organic traffic vs. social traffic
                      • inbound link-building
                      • Google Analytics

11:00 AM 11:30 PM Brainstorm It! & Monetize It!
                      • Site Info Notepads, Search It! (“How Are Others Monetizing?”)
                      • Staying up to date with the needs/trends within your market; periodically
                          refreshing your MKL (“What Do They Want Now?”)

11:30 AM       1 PM LUNCH
    1 PM    4:30 PM PREselling to Selling: Topics include...

                          1. Changing your mindset from providing content to generating income from your
                          2. Strategic relationship builders (FBI!, ezine, Socialize It!, RSS, Content 2.0) and
                             their role during the “M” stage
                          3. Raising your profile, credibility, data mining, etc.
                          4. Writing sales letter/sales pages

 4:30 PM       5 PM Closing comments (or refer to “Question Desk”)
                     Optional: Evening “Dine Around” and/or informal “M” meetings

Friday, August 21, 2009: Going Beyond AdSense
 8:45 AM          9 AM Housekeeping
    9 AM 12:00 PM Rotating Monetization Sessions*                    Rotating Monetization Sessions*
   12 PM    1:30 PM LUNCH
 1:30 PM    4:30 PM Rotating Monetization Sessions*                  Rotating Monetization Sessions*
 4:30 PM          5 PM Closing comments
                        Optional: “Dine Around” and/or informal “M” meetings
Saturday, August 22, 2009: Wrap Up
 8:45 AM          9 AM Housekeeping
    9 AM 11:30 AM TUTORIAL: E-book Creation                          TUTORIAL: Video Production
11:30 AM 12:30 PM LUNCH (Working lunch)
12:30 PM    2:30 PM Building Your Business: Topics include...
                        • Content creation that reflects the needs of your audience now
                        • Time management
                        • Clone your business by outsourcing and/or with a Web site network
                        • Creating an “Action Plan”
 2:30 PM          3 PM Host Wrap-up ( ** Dinner Cruise boarding at 6:30 PM)

* Rotating Monetization Sessions

                Group A                                Group B                                 Group C
AdSense                                Hard Goods Creators/Sellers             Affiliate/MLM
Affiliate/MLM                          Service Selling                         AdSense
Service Selling                        Affiliate/MLM                           Hard Goods Creators/Sellers
Hard Goods Creators/Sellers            AdSense                                 Service Selling

We have negotiated a special group rate at Best Western Hotel…

Wed and Thursday nights: $82 / per room / per night

Friday and Saturday nights: $112 / per room / per night

* These rates are available if you wish to extend your stay either before or after
the Bootcamp dates.

We have also set up a shuttle bus service that will take you to and from Best
Western each day. You’ll always be on time for the sessions, rain or shine!

For more information about the Best Western and to book your room, please visit
their site…

Please note: When you book your room, be sure to mention that you
are part of the SiteSell group.

Order and Registration

The phone order line opens on Wednesday, June 3rd exclusively for the
Bootcamp waiting list registrants. You can also fax your order, if you prefer.

Business hours: 9AM – 5PM (EDT)

Call us at 1-877-999-6977 (North America Only).

Or call 514-671-9882 (Rest of World).

Fax phone number: 1-519-641-4521 (See Fax form on the next page.)

** The phone order line opens for all SBIers on Thursday, June 4th.

Seats are limited: max. 50.

Spouses are welcome. Full participation fee = $200 (limited # of spots) or “for
social events only” = $100 (guaranteed spots). Payment by June 15th.

                 The Citadel-SBI! Monetization Bootcamp Order Form

Please fill in the following order form to register for the August 19-22, 2009 Citadel-SBI!
Monetization Bootcamp in Charleston, SC and kindly fax it to 1-519-641-4521. Or you
can call us at 877-999-6977 (North America) or +1 514-671-9882 (Rest of World).
Our business hours are 9AM to 5PM, Eastern North American time.

*Enter your first name (above) and last name (below), exactly as they appear on
your credit card. CVD indicates the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card.

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Card Number: ____________________________________CVD_____________

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This order is for the Citadel-SBI! Monetization Bootcamp at US$499.00, plus
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I authorize SiteSell Inc to charge my credit card the aforementioned amount.

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