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					Google- A search engine turns into a Cash engine

I know you might have heard about it! Ok right, but still, I can't help myself
from writing about it. Well! You can get better knowledge about this
program on Internet. But I felt I must write something about this program,
what I feel.

The Google Ad sense program in brief to say- Create a website, Submit it to
Google, If you get a nod from Google, then you are on a way to earn money.

I am not saying that you can earn lakhs of rupees in one month. I've seen a
lot of scams related to website opportunities. I think I have encountered
more than 1000 websites which say-"Earn $1000-1500 per month, Just click
and earn, etc...I have gone through such websites and I've signed for some
also. Yes! you will get money by clicking on ads. BUT HOW MUCH TIME
WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO EARN $1000 AT A RATE OF $0.10 per day.
Calculate it. Well my calculation says- $0.10 a day means $1 in 10 days, $2
in 20 days.......then $1000 in 10000 days, i.e.28 years (approx). Hey my
salary is 25000 per month. I don't want to such work.

OK, wait, the websites also say that if you refer more persons you'll get
commissions from their earnings also. I tried to refer some of my friends. I
sent emails to all of my friends (250 approx). Only 2 of them signed up. I
kept my referral link in community websites also but nobody have time to
see such things...

I feel I can't do those kinds of things. So, now I don't even view any ads.

So did u get the real meaning of scam from above paragraph?
I'm not going to say u to sign up for some Pay to Click (PTC) websites. I
have got enough doses from those sites. But I’m going to say you about a
site that'll give you money but never claims $1000-1500 per month. You'll
get money according to your work. And it's not that easy as Click and not
tough as adding Referrals for the site.

The website that will give you money is- GOOGLE-WORLD'S LARGEST

The Google program i.e. Google Ad sense is a prominent way to make
money. There are few steps that you need to follow in order to really make
money. And here you don't have to click any Ads or refer to ur friends.
Strictly, if you click any ads on your page, then you'll be fired from Google
Ad sense program... SO NO CLICKS ON ADS.

These easy steps are:

1. Create Your own Website.

Now, see, you don't have to write codes for WebPages or you don't have to
buy any domain name. Google, itself has made easy for us to earn. All you
need is to use your Google login to login into a website
 . It's a website that allows you to create a website of ur own by using the
various tools provided by it. You create a website there
2. Validate it with Google Ad sense

 Now, this step is required to get registered with Google Ad sense program.
You need to create an account in Google Ad sense (free signup). Then
Google will check whether your website satisfies its criteria or not. If it's
satisfies, BINGO! Google will place their ads on your websites...

After that, if anyone clicks on those ads (YOU NEVER CLICK ON
THAT...See the Terms and Conditions on Google Ad sense website), money
gets transferred into your account.

Do you even think it's tough? I've seen a lot of scam opportunities and I’ve
believed this system. Sooner or later, it’ll give me what I dreamt of. So, it's
not tough for any body. Any body can earn from Google Ad sense and live
their dreams.