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					         Making money with google adsense

Making money with google adsense is viewed by many as one of the easiest ways to create revenue on
your website.

Knowing how to make money with google adsense is one of the most common questions. Once you join
the adsense program you are given a number of options. One of which is the choice of placing ads onto
your website.

This is generally the most popular choice and one which will help you to make the most money with
google adsense.

Regarded as one of the most popular ad unit sizes is the large rectangle (336x280). This generally pulls
the best results when placed at the top of an article or by making the article wrap around the google ad

When placing the google adsense code onto your site it is often best to make it blend in with the look
and feel of your website.

Another technique which is popular when placing the google adsense code onto your website is by using
the leader board (728x90) and placing images above or below each of the adsense ads which are

Making money with adsense is becoming more popular and more website owners are beginning to make
it there sole revenue generating sources for their website.

Since the birth of google adsense more and more features have been added. One of which is the google
ad links.

The google adlinks are basically a set of link which can be displayed in a number of ways on your

Results have shown that blending the adsense adlinks with your sites navigation links have produced
the highest CTR (click through rate).

If you have a website that is getting visitors each day, google adsense is probably one of the better
ways of earning revenue from those visitors.

Depending on what the topic of your site is the money you receive from google per click can vary.

A website on mortgages will earn a lot more per click than a website on cartoons.

The reason behind this is that a mortgage company can afford to pay large sums of money to acquire a
customer as one customer will easy pay for there advertising costs.

Google adsense also allows you to assign channels so that you are able to track your adsense earnings
with ease. Knowing what page/keyword term is making you the most money is very valuable

Another great thing about google adsense is that once you are approved you will be able to place
adsense on as many websites as you wish as long as those websites comply with google's terms and
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