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               1 February 2009
            Mid-Atlantic Chapter
The Society of Industrial Security Professionals

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                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

SECTION 1         Introduction                          3

SECTION 2         Overview                              10

SECTION 3         Account Manager                       17

SECTION 4         User                                  21

SECTION 5         Additional General Information        46

                         ADDITIONAL REFERENCES

The Electronic Questionnaire For Investigation Processing
Applicant Instruction Guide Carolinas Chapter NCMS
13 July 2005 Revised 1 February 2009

e-QIP Cheat Sheet      1 June 2008

JPAS Cheat Sheet Adding A Person Version 1 14 November 2006

JPAS Cheat Sheet Removing a Person Version 1 14 November 2006

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   The Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) is a DoD system that will use
   the web to connect security personnel with a database managed by DoD Agency
   Central Adjudication Facility (CAF). JPAS provides real-time information
   regarding eligibility, access and investigative status to authorized security

   The term “Security Clearances” will be replaced by:
           Eligibility: Issued by the government. JPAS will automatically record
   “Eligibility” at the highest level commensurate with the level of investigation.
           Access:       Assigned by the Facility Security Officer based upon
   Eligibility, need-to-know , and Facility Security Level.

   The Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) allows the
   applicant to electronically enter, update their personal data over secure Internet
   connection. Requests for initial clearances and periodic reinvestigations are
   submitted using e-QIP. See SECTION 4.6 Page 37

   The DISCO 562 is no longer used. The FSO submits reinstatements, conversions,
   terminations and status changes using JPAS.

   DISCO no longer issues the Letter of Consent (LOC). It has been replaced by the
   JPAS eligibility change notification and the JPAS Person Summary.

   The Validation (Meads) Report has been replaced by the JPAS Personnel Report.

   In effect it is a paperless world, the security records you maintain will be up to
   you and your DSS representative.

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To Access JPAS
   Go To    DSS Web Site
                click on APPLICATIONS JPAS

     On the JPAS Gateway Screen
                   DISS SAR
    1.      TYPE OF USER                DoD Contractor
    2.      TYPE OF REQUEST             Create an Account
    3.      USER IDENTIFICATION Complete for each user
    4.      NOT REQUIRED FOR INDUSTRY Except for ISFD Request
    5.      JCAVS Type of Request Account Manager and User
            Access Requested Industry Select one
                Level 2 SCI Corporate Officer
                      3 SCI Company FSO
                      4 Non SCI Corporate Officer / Manager
                      5 Non SCI Company FSO
                      6 Non SCI Visit Control (read / write access)
                      7 Non SCI Guard entry control (read only)
                      8 SCI Guard entry control (read only)
                      10 Non SCI Visitor Management (read only)
     6.     Not used by industry
               Your CEO/president Yourself for others
     8.      USER’S CERTIFICATION All users maintain on file
     9.      VALIDATING OFFICIAL Leave alone
        The SAR along with the nomination letter (sample included) to
         MAIL      Defense Security Service
                    ATTN: Customer Service
                    2780 Airport Drive Suite 400
                    Columbus, OH 43219-2268
        FAX        614-827-1544

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Insert Request Letter at This Place

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    (except for the ACCESSS or GATEWAY screen). ALWAYS USE THE

    Be SURE THAT YOU ARE IN YOUR SMO. Has a nasty habit of
    changing when you scroll through the record.

    ALWAYS SAVE WHEN IT ASKS YOU TO. After you have saved
    can CANCEL to return to prior screen. The CANCEL is the way to get
    out once you have saved.

    You can not correct the header information, if the person is a DOD

    Keep a record of your open investigations and compare with the
    PERSON SUMMARY. If you feel that there should be an entry and
    there is none , check with DISCO, more about that later.

    Record any individual where eligibility shows “Loss of Jurisdiction”
    follow up constantly.

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  DISCO Help Desk  888-282-7682 0700 to 2100 Eastern Time Mon-Fri
      Option 1 Account Lock Out / Password Reset
                      1 JPAS
                      2 Golden Questions
      Option 2 Personnel Inquiry / Facility Verification
                       1 Personnel
                              1 DoD Contractor
                              2 Military or DoD Civilian
                              3 NISPOM
                              4 All Others
                         2 Facility
                               1 Verify a facility
                               2   Process an inquiry
        Option 3 JPAS/ISFD
                          1 JPAS
                                1. Technical Problem
                                2. System Access Request
                                3   Desk Top Resource Guide
                    JPAS Help Desk
                           2. ISFD
                                 1 ISFD Account
                                 2 Previously Submitted SAR
                                 3 Technical Problem
        Option 4 ENROL
        Option 5 e-QIP
                         1 Applicant Question
                         2 Initiating a request in JPAS
                          3 Technical Problem
                     e-QIP Web Site
         Option 6    General Information
         Option 7    Frequently Asked Questions

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AM          Account Manager
CAF         Central Adjudicating Facility
CAGE        Commercial and Government Entity Code
CC          Chain of Command
CNWDI       Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
DCID        Director Central Intelligence Directive
DEERS       Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DepSecDef   Deputy Secretary of Defense
DISCO       Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DoD         Department of Defense
DoE         Department of Energy
EPSQ        Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire
e-QIP       Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing
FSO         Facility Security Officer
ISL         Industrial Security Letter
JACVS       Joint Central Adjudication and Verification System
JPAS        Joint Personnel Adjudication System
KMP         Key Management Personnel
LOC         Letter of Consent
MFT         Multiple Facility Transfer
NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NdA         Non-disclosure Agreement (Non-SCI/DoD) SF312
NdS         Non-disclosure Statement (SCI)
NRO         National Reconnaissance Office
PASCODE     Personnel Accounting System CODE
PCS         Permanent Change of Station
PR          Periodic Reinvestigations
PSN Net     Personnel Security Management Network
RRU         Request for Research/Recertify/Upgrade Eligibility
RUC         Reporting Unit Code
SAP         Special Access Program
SCI         Sensitive Compartmented Information
SII         Special Investigative Inquiry
SIOP        Single Integrated Operating Plan
SMO         Security Management Office
SPA         Special Purpose Access
SOR         Statement of Reason
SSN         Social Security Number
TDY         Temporary Duty
TPR         Test Program Report
UIC         Unit Identification Code
VAL         Visit Authorization Letter

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                     INVESTIGATION TYPES

Code cronym             Investigation Type
 $    ANCI    Access National Agency Check plus Written Inquires & Credit Chk
 AN   ANCI   Access National Agency Check plus Written Inquires & Credit Chk
 27    BGI    Upgrade Background Investigation (13-36 months after LBI)
 29    BGI    Upgrade Background Investigation (37-60 months after LBI)
 37    BGI    Upgrade Background Investigation (1-12 months after LBI)
 4     BI     Background Investigation
 P    BIPN    Background Investigation plus Current National Agency Check
 G    BIPR    Periodic Reinvestigation of Background Investigation
 T    BIR     Background Investigation Requested
 F    BITN    Background Investigation (10 Year Scope)
  I    CI     Character Investigation
 CN   CNAC    National Agency Check plus Credit Check
 CC   CNCI   Child Care National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and
              Credit Check
 1    ENAC    Entrance National Agency Check
 8    ENAL   Entrance National Agency Check plus Special Investigative Inquiry
 9    IBI     Interview Oriented Background Investigation
 K     LBI   Limited Background Investigation
 R     LBIP  Limited Background Investigation plus Current National Agency
 Y     LBIX  Limited Background Investigation-Expanded
 W     LRC   Local Records Check
 B     LRCN  Local Records Check plus Investigation Requested
 L    MBI    Minimum Background Investigation
 Q     MBIP  Minimum Background Investigation plus Current National Agency
 X     MBIX  Minimum Background Check-Expanded
 2     NAC   National Agency Check
 D     NACB National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check plus
             Background Investigation
 3     NACI  National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check
 7     NACL National Agency Check plus Special Investigative Inquiry
 6     NACP  National Agency Check plus 10 Years Service
 E     NACS  National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check plus
             Single Scope Background Investigation
 C     NACW National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check
 Z     NACZ National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check plus
             Special Investigative Inquiry
 48     NAFI Non-Appropriated Fund Suitability Determination
  *     NLC  National Agency Check, Local Agency Check & Credit
 XX    NLC   National Agency Check, Local Agency Check & Credit
 N      NNAC National Agency Check plus Written Inquires and Credit Check plus
             Current National Agency Check

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Code Acronym Investigation Type
 H         NPSB   National Agency Check plus Partial Special Background
  46       NSI   NSI-NACI/Suitability Determination
 U         Other Information Furnished by Sources Other than a Listed Investigation
 11        PRI   Periodic Reinvestigation
 #         PRS   Periodic Reinvestigation – Secret
 PR        PRSC Periodic Reinvestigation – Secret/Confidential
 43        RSI   Reimbursable Suitability / Security Investigation
 92        SAC   Single Agency Check/Special Agreement Check
 S         SBBI Special Background Investigation plus Current Background
 5         SBI   Special Background Investigation
 M         SBIP  Special Background Investigation/Single Scope Background
                 Investigation plus Current National Agency Check
 V         SBIR  Single Scope Background Investigation Requested
 J         SBPR Periodic Reinvestigation of Special Background Investigation/
                 Single Scope Background Investigation
 O         SII   Special Investigative Inquiry
 0         SSBI  Single Scope Background Investigation
 A         XNAC Expanded National Agency Check/Entrance National Agency Check

                                   JPAS Levels
Level 2        Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Security Personnel\
               Provides Read and Write Access
Level 3        SCI Security Personnel Subordinate to Level 2
               Provides Read and Write Access
Level 4        Non-SCI Security Personnel, Corporate FSO
               Provides Read and Write Access
Level 5        Non-SCI Security Personnel Subordinate to Level 4
               Provides Read and Write Access
Level 6        Unit Security Managers, Visit Control Personnel
               Provides Read and Write Access
Level 7        Non-SCI Entry Control Personnel Read Only
Level 8        SCI Entry Control Personnel         Read Only
Level 10       Visitor Management

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   1. References:
     a. The Desktop Reference for the Joint Clearance and Access
         Verification System (JCAVS) December 2007
        (available form JCAS Gateway or DSS Academy)

     b. How to JPAS Mid Atlantic Chapter NCMS 1 February 2009
     c. Don’t Panic The Unofficial JPAS Guide Version 5.0 Jan 2006

   2. Establishing the PSM-NET
      Ref a. Section 4
      Ref b. Section 4.1 Page 21
      Ref c. Section 11

      a. Populating the Net
         Ref a. Section 4
         Ref b. Section 4.1.a Page 21
         Ref c. Section 11

      b. Print the PSM-NET
         Ref a. Not Described
         Ref b. Section 4.1.b Page 22
         Ref c. Not Described

      c. Compare the PSM-NET with your roster
         There will be some people that you no longer have and some you do not
         even know about.
         There will be some of your people who are not listed in the PSM-NET
         Ref a. Not Described
         Ref b. Section 4.1.c Page 22
         Ref c. Not Described

      d. Remove the people you no longer have
         Ref a. Section 10, 11 May have to debrief Section 9
         Ref b. Section 4.1.d Page 23
         Ref c. Sections 19, 21, 22
         It is important that you determine and enter the separation date.

                                 PAGE      54
e. Add personnel not listed
   Ref a. Sections 5, 6, 7
   Ref b. Section 4.1.e Page 24
   Ref c. Sections 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
   To indoctrinate you must own the individual., the individual must have
   eligibility, the SF312 Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed
   and accepted.

f. When you have finished the above, the PSM-Net and your roster
   must agree.

g. Request to Research/Upgrade Eligibility (RRU)
   Ref a. Section 14
   Ref b. Section 4.1.f Page 26
   Ref c. Section 26

h. Validate the individual records
   Ref a. Not described
   Ref b. Section 4.1.g Pages 27
   Ref c. Not Described
   The most important step
   Compare the Person Summary with LOC and other information
      (1) Header Information
           Is it correct? You can not change DoD Persons. Must be done in
     (2) Eligibility and Investigation Dates
          Are they what you have?
          Eligibility Date may be different, Investigation closed Date should
          If any discrepancies submit RRU.
    (3) Check Open Investigation Date
    (4) Check NDA signed and US ACCESS
          Indoctrinate if required

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3.   Daily Operations

     a. Check Notifications
       Ref a. Section 15
       Ref b. Section 4.2.a Page 31
       Ref c. Section 27

     b. Initial Clearance
        Ref a. Section 5, 6, 7, 8
        Ref b. Section 4.2.b Page 31        Section 4.6 Page 37
        Ref c. Sections 12,, 14, 15, 16 Note e-QIP not updated
        The individual must be in JPAS to use e-QIP

     c. Periodic Reinvestigation submission
        Ref a. Section 13
        Ref b. Section 4.2.c Page 27 Section 4.6 Page 37
        Ref c. Not described
         5 Years from Last Investigation Closed Date for Top Secret
         10 Years from Last Investigation Closed Date for Secret
              In Reports Periodic Reivest Section 4.4.a.(2)

     d. Reinstatements / Conversions
       Ref a. Sections 5, 6, 7, 8
       Ref b. Section 4.2.d Page 31
       Ref c. Sections 12, 14, 15, 16
       Similar to adding a new person, header info will be there
       Must indoctrinate in your SMO
       Check / verify eligibility / 2 year wavier

     e. Terminations
       Ref a. Sections 9, 10, 11
       Ref b. Section 4.2.e Page 32
       Ref c. Sections 19, 21,22
       Removal from your PSM-Net

     f. e-QIP
       Ref a. Section 13
       Ref b Section 4.6 Page 37
       Ref c. Procedure not described

                             PAGE      54
4. Recurring Operations

  a. Checking Investigation Status
     Ref a. Not described
    Ref b. Section 4.3 Page 33
    Ref c. Not Described

 b. Reports
   Ref a. Section 16
   Ref b.  Section 4.4.a Page 34
   Ref c. Section 28

 c. Request to Research/Upgrade Eligibility (RRU)
   Ref a.   Section 14
   Ref b.   Section 4.1f   Page 26
   Ref c.   Section 26

 d. Visit Requests
   Ref a.   Section 9
   Ref b.   Section 4.4 b Page 34
   Ref c.   Section 24

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5. JPAS Functions
     Select Person Add a user/delete a user
                   Reset User Password
                   Lock / unlock account
                   Log-Off User
                   Initiate PSI / Review PSQ

    Maintain SMO           Search Correct Info
                           Add SMO
                           Can Find any SMO

    Home                   Back to Home Screen

    Chg Password           Change your password

    Chg Category          Change SMO or Level

   Tutorial                Access Tutorial

   Logout                  The proper and only way to exit program

b. User Level
   The majority of the JPAS operations are conducted while in the user level.

   Select Person
          Display Person Summary
                          Look at Record
                          Print for Record
                          Debrief / indoctrinate
                          In/Out Process
                          Prepare RRU
                          Initiate an investigation Request in e-QIP
         Display abbreviated with Visit Info
                          Header information with Visit Summary
        Display /Add/Modify Non DoD Person
                          Add a record
                          Delete a record
        Display SII
                          Special Investigative Inquiry Info

                             PAGE     54
     View SMO              View any SMO
                           Must be in account manager to change your SMO

    Mass Personnel         Accommodates mass personnel transfer actions

    Create/Modify Visit    Add Visit
                          Modify Visit
                          Serves as Visit Out Log

        **     Access Suspension Requires Immediate Action
               Action by a Servicing Office Someone has done
                                               something to your personnel
               Aging Interim
       **      CAF Request for additional information Requires Action
      **       Eligibility Change Most Important Notification
              Incident Report Update If any incident Reports
     **      Invest Rqst Status     e-QIP request Status
                                   Initiated PSI Applicant auth to e-QIP
                                   Revised PSQ Returned to applicant for change
                                   Ready for Review PSQ Applicant has transmitted,
                                                            FSO review required
                                   Ready for DISCO Review and Approval
                                                      FSO forwarded PSQ to DISCO
                                  Approved PSQ DISCO has approved & forwarded
                                                      to OPM
                                  Released PSI Same as above (next day)
                                  Terminated PSI Applicant did not complete in
                                                      allowed time
  ** Message from CAF
                                      Provides listing of discrepancies with PSQ
                                      OPM rejected / stopped PSQ
         Overdue Suspense You can set up
         Projected Losses
** Reactivate Rqst Status When you reactivate an archived person
** RRU Response                  When you submit an RRU
        SOR                      Statement of Reason
** Visit                         Incoming Visit
                                 Serves as a Visit In Log
** It is important that you check NOTIFICATIONS these require immediate
   In case of personnel action, by clicking on SSN you get Person Summary

                                    PAGE     54
            Act PC-Access/No PSM-Net Personnel in Access not in
                                     your PSM-NET, Must eliminate the entry
           Inv Rqst by Duty Position
           Non-SCI Totals Report by eligibility types
           Periodic Reinvestigation Listing of PR’s due and in near future
           Personnel Similar to old Meads report Roster of personnel
           PSM –Net Personnel
           SMO-NO PSM-Net
           SMO-PC-No Access
           Suspense A listing of suspense items you created

PSM-Net         Must be populated before you can establish ownership
                Can be used to establish ownership, etc

Home Back to Home screen

Manage Invest Rqsts Investigations Requests
         Create Invest Rqsts       Takes you to Select Person Screen to enter SSN
                                   Same as Select Person
        Invest Rqst Status        Takes you the Investigation Request Status Screen
                                   Same as Notification Invest Rqst Status

Chg Password      Change your password

Chg Category/Level Change SMO / Level

Tutorial         Access to Tutorial

News             JPAS and other info

Logoff          The only and proper way to exit program

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 This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Insert Large Spread Sheet at this point

             PAGE      54

         This function is used to add additional account Manager and/or
         Each SMO should have at least two account managers of equal
         If a new person is added, a SAR should be prepared and retained.


         Select Person
         In Select Person screen
         Enter SSN (No dashes or spaces)

         Verify individual and SMO

         Select LEVEL should be same as other person

         Click on SELECT SMO
         Enter SMO CODE (Cage code with *)
         Click on SMO Code

         Click on Add/Upgrade Level
         The Level and the SMO will appear in the Authorized User Level

         Click on Account Manager button
         Click on Initiate PSI and Revise PSQ
         Insure that the ADD button is on

         The screen will display
                Used ID at Top Right
                Temporary Password

         New user logs on and establishes permanent password

                        PAGE      54
     Modify function is used when a JPAS User level needs to be


     Select Person
     Enter SSN (no dashes or spaces)

     Make the change
     Insure that the MODIFY button is turned on

     This function is used when a JPAS User no longer requires access.


     Select Person
     Enter SSN (No dashes or spaces)

     Insure that the REMOVE button is turned on
     The User’s ID will be removed

     This function is used when a JPAS User has forgotten his


     Select Person
     Enter SSN (No dashes or spaces)

     Click on Reset User Password
     New User Temporary Password will be displayed
     Click OK
     Log on and establish official password

                     PAGE     54
     Function is used to create a subordinate SMO


     Maintain SMO

     Add new CAGE CODE without *
     Add SMO Name
     Add SMO Address
     Select DoD Contractor Company
     Add Level
     Add State
     Add Phone and Fax
     Add e-mail address

     Scroll down
     Click on Add/Maintain Parent Relationship

     MAINTENANCE screen
     Click on Search for a New Parent

     Enter Parent Cage Code
     Click on Cage code

     MAINTENANCE screen
     Add current date

     Establish the New PSM-Net
     Add new Accesses (Must be in new PSM-Net)

                    PAGE      54
     Function is used to Lock an account or to unlock a JPAS User Account that
     has been locked

     Select Person
     Enter SSN (No Dashes or Spaces)

     If LOCKED, Check Reason for Locking
     If reasonable
     Insure “Unlock Account” button is on
     Click on Lock/Unlock Account

     Function is used when a JPAS User end the session without using the Logout
     Link or System error terminates the session. When attempting to Log Back on
     will get a message that system is in use

     Select Person
     Enter SSN of user who has logged off incorrectly (No Dashes or Spaces)

     Scroll all the way down
     Click on “Log Off User”
     The other individual can now log on

     Function is used to allow another account manager or user to Initiate a PSI
     and Review PQS using e-QIP
     One Account Manager performs the function for another Account Manager

     Select Person
     Enter SSN of the other Account Manager
     Be sure that you are in the correct category for the other individual
     Scroll Down
     Turn on Initiate PSI / Review PSQ
     MODIFY and SAVE

                                 PAGE      54
SECTION 4                   JPAS USER
         The most important step in JPAS also the most time consuming.
         Until you establish the PSM-Net and assume ownership of your people you
         are not in JPAS

         Consists of:                                          Desktop Reference
         a.   Populating your PSM-Net                           Section 4
         b.   Printing the PSM-Net
         c.   Comparing the listing with a current roster
         d.   Removing the personnel you no longer have         Section 9, 10 11
         e.   Adding the personnel who are not listed           Section 5,6,7,8
         f.   Validating the individual records, indoctrination

      a. Population Your PSM-Net
         Log in as user for the SMO you wish to establish
         Click in “PSM-Net” Red Area
         Check that you are in the correct SMO
         In “JCAVS Maintain PSM-Net” Screen
         There should not be any personnel listed
         Click on the radio button “Persons Category by Organization”
         Click on “Add” button
         Now in “PSM-Net Add Organization Person Categories” Screen
         Click on the “Select” button
         Now in “Organization Search” screen
         In Search Section
                    Pull down “DoD Contractor Companies”
                    Add your Cage Code with *
         Click on Search
         Your organization will be displayed
         Click on the Cage Code
         Click on the “Ok” button
         Now in “PSM-Net Add Organization Person Categories” Screen
         Your organization should be displayed
         Click on Search
         Will begin to populate the PSM-Net
         Click on “Add All”

                                     PAGE     54
b. Printing the PSM-Net
   NOTE: This is not covered in the Desktop and is the procedure that you will
   use for the majority of the printing you will do.

   Each page of the PSM-Net consists of three sheet and contains 50 names.
   Bring Page 1 into the work area
   In the Top Tool Bar Select FILE (upper left) WATCH OUT FOR THE
   In the pull down menu select “Print Preview”
   Mouse click somewhere on the page
   Pull down menu “Print Selected Item” the second option
   Only the selected page will show
   Each page may contain up to 3 sheets (a total of 50 people) In that case select
   “Print Pages Individually “ the third option
   Print following print routine for your system

   Repeat this procedure for subsequent pages

   This procedure is the one that you will use to print most windows. Person
   Summary, Visit Requests, Notifications, RRU , RRU Responses , etc

   If you do not get the selected page , but get the red shield
   Pull down menu “Print Pages Individually” and discard unwanted pages

   The reports listed under the Reports selection have their own print procedure.

c. Compare the PSM-Net with your roster

   Determine which of your personnel are not included in the PSM-Net, they
   must be added

   Determine which personnel in the PSM-Net are no longer with your

   At this point you can either add or delete, I recommend deletion first

                               PAGE      54
d. Deleting Personnel
   This is the procedure you will follow to correct your PSM-Net and also for
   daily activities once you are using JPAS. The only difference being in
   Debriefing, At this time the personnel have not been indoctrinated, therefore
   there may be no Debrief requirement

   Determine the separation date:
             a. From the Security Personnel Files
             b. epsq 562 files     Action f.
             c. Human Resources files
             d. If unable to determine go to “If All Else Fails”

   Click on “Select Person”
   Enter SSN
   Click on “Display/Add/Modify Non DoD Person”
   Click on “Display”
   Be sure Person Category reflects your Cage Code
       In not pull down until it does
   Enter Separation Date ( use calendar or YYYY MM DD) and Type
   SAVE       (remember always to save)
   Scroll down checking that Person Category still reflects your Cage Code and
   your organization is displayed at the bottom.
   Click on “Person Summary”
   Now in “Person Summary”
   Be sure that you are in your organization. Scroll until you are
   If “Debrief” is highlighted Click on, Enter Date and Reason, SAVE, Cancel
   will return you to “Person Summary”
   Click on In/Out Process”
   Go to the “Out” field below the bar and use the calendar to enter the current
   date. SAVE, then Cancel to return to “Person Summary”
   Check that “US ACCESS” is blank for your SMO and that the Separation
   Date has been entered
   At this point the individual in the PSM-Net has been marked for deletion
   Print the “Person Summary” as a record of termination. This replaces the
   DISCO 562

   Repeat for additional persons until all have been removed

   IF ALL ELSE FAILS: You can delete a person by going to the PSM-Net and
   turn on the “Delete” button (far right) and go to the bottom of the page and
   SAVE. It is not the recommended way, because you have not entered the
   separation date. etc; however there are times when it is necessary to do it via
   this method

                              PAGE      54
e.      Adding Personnel
       This is the procedure that you will follow to add persons to your PSM-Net at
       the time of establishing the Net , and during Daily Operations in the case of
       new hires, initial clearances, reinstatements or conversions.
       Using e-QIP the person must be in your PSM-Net before your can
       initiate an Investigation Request.

       Have the personnel folder or other personnel information available

      Click on “Select Person”
      Enter SSN
      Click on “Display Add/.Modify Non DoD Person”
      Click on “Display”

       a. Will get a screen with all header information fields blank. Either a person
          without prior clearance or you have entered an incorrect SSN, Verify that
          SSN was entered correctly. If SSN is correct , it is a new person and fill in
          the fields.
       b. There is information in the fields, person had a prior clearance with
          another company or the military. Do not worry about header information
          at this time
       c. Archived person or some other remark, follow the instructions

 If a. or b.
  Scroll down to “Available Category Type” drop down to industry “Industry”
  Click on “Add Category”
  DO NOT be concerned if Available Category Type reverts to “Congressional
  Person Category should now reflect Industry ()
  Select the appropriate Category Classification normally Contractor
  In drop down menu select “DoD Contractor Companies”
  Click on “Modify Organization”
  In drop down menu select “DoD Contractor Companies”
  Enter your Cage Code followed by an *

     Your organization will be displayed
     Click on Cage Code and when the screen refreshes Click on “OK”

     Will return to the “Add/Modify” screen
      Scroll down, Check that “Person Category” is still Industry () and that your
     organization is displayed at the bottom
     If organization is NA, repeat “Modify Organization”, your organization must be
     there before you SAVE

                                   PAGE      54
 The screen will refresh
Scroll down again, “Person Category” should be your organization and your
organization should be displayed at the bottom
 Click on “Person Summary”
 In “Person Summary” screen, will probably get a note concerning ownership
 Click “OK”
 NOTE: Be Sure that your organization is in “Person Category”

Establishing Ownership
Click on “In/Out Process”
Click on calendar to enter current date in “In Box”
Click on “Owning”
Cancel to return to “Person Summary” screen

To Indoctrinate must have three things
       Correct eligibility (can not exceed facility clearance) If incorrect need
       Signed SF312 or Nda Date already entered
       Need to Know at level of eligibility or lower
Click on “Indoctrinate”
Enter date of SF312 signature if not already there
Enter Eligibility at level of access from LOC/ date of action /date gave access
Cancel to return to “Person Summary”
NOTE: If there is a prior indoctrination must “Debrief” before you can
“Person Summary” should now reflect “Nda Signed” Yes and “US ACCESS”
at Current Level.

Would print the “Person Summary” for the record

SF312 You can accept, except for yourself, for the Government
      Anyone can witness, be sure that the witness is fully identified and the
      applicant signature date and the witness date are the same
      Send the SF312 to:
             DSS Operations Center-Columbus
             2780 Airport Drive Suite 400
             Columbus, OH 43219-2268
       I maintain a copy in the individual’s file annotated with the date I sent
       to original to DSS

                               PAGE      54
f. Request to Research/Upgrade Eligibility (RRU)
   If there is an eligibility problem LOC or Personnel Record do not agree with

   NOTE: Must Have Ownership
   Click on “Request to Research/ Upgrade Eligibility”
   In justification box, enter details “ have an LOC dated showing person has (level)
   JPAS shows “         add your name /cage/ phone number and date

   Select to Appropriate button
   Select DISCO
   I print for the record at this time

   Cancel or go to side tool bar to get out

   The request goes immediately to DISCO and is shown in the “Adjudication
   Section” of the “Person Summary”

   Seems like a long procedure but is fairly rapid

   On to the next until you have add and deleted all that are necessary

   At this time I would print the PSM-Net and do a second comparison with your
   roster. They should agree.

                                     PAGE     54
     The most important part, but a straight forward operation. The “Person
     Summary” is being used to verify visit request and to grant access. It is
     important that it be correct.

     Be Sure that you are in your SMO

     Click on “Select Person”
     Enter SSN
     Click on “Display Person Summary”
     Click on “Display”

     Compare “Person Summary” with Letter of Consent and other information

     (1)    Header Information
            Correct Spelling of Name, Date of Birth, State of Birth, Country of Birth,
            NOTE: For DoD persons you can not correct, For Non DoD Persons you
            can correct.

     (2)    Eligibility: On current form now in Adjudication Summary
            Should be that shown on LOC or higher, Date may or not agree
            Worse case is “Lack of Jurisdiction” and you have an LOC
            If the eligibility displayed is not correct need to submit a RUU, see
            Section 14 of Desktop or prior page.

      (3)   Investigation: On current form now in Investigation Summary
            Should be exactly as shown on LOC
            Submit a RRU if it is different
            Look at this date for an overdue PR or a upcoming PR

                                    PAGE      54
(4)   Current Investigation:
      If the individual has a pending investigation i.e. interim clearance or a
       Periodic Reinvestigation, there should be an open investigation shown.
       If it is still open it will show the date and type
       If the investigation has been completed and is in adjudication, the date
closed (investigation completed) will be displayed in the Investigation and
Adjudication Summary. It will also reflect DISCO or DOHA
      Check for cancellation.
      If it is not shown:
      The request has been lost, misplaced or cancelled
      In any event I would call DISCO and attempt to determine why the
      investigation has not be started and follow up periodically until it is
(5)   Nda Signed and US Access
      In most cases you will find that one or both are NA/ blank or incorrect
       Nda   If there is a date leave alone
             If no date enter the date that the person signed the Non-Disclosure
             Agreement SF312.
       US Access
             Should reflect current access with your company, the date that you
             gave him access. If date or level are incorrect you must Debrief
             and then Indoctrinate.
       Enter Proper Dates
       Cancel to return to “Person Summary”
       REMEMBER: The individual must have the correct eligibility. Need-to-
       know and you must have the SF312 date to Indoctrinate.

                                 PAGE       54
(6)    You have completed validation of the record
       Be sure that you are in your SMO
       (a.)   Print the Person Summary
       (b.)   Highlight any errors that you can not correct or incorrect
               information for which you have submitted a RRU
       (c.)   Also highlight open information or adjudications for future follow-

On to the next record
       Now and then, you may encounter something out of the ordinary
       (a.)   No category assigned
              So to Display Add/Modify and follow Add procedure
       (b.)   Person Archived
              Follow instructions, eventually the person will be back in the
              system, you will receive a Notification

       If you encounter anything, that you do not understand, give me a call, I
       may or may not have experienced it, will get an answer and give it to the
       field. We learn this way together.

       You should also pass the problem up to the Help Desk 888-282-7682
       Option 2 – 1 –1 .

                               PAGE      54
                    VALIDATION CHECKLIST
                                  NON-SCI ACCESS
      FIELDS              SOURCE             UPDATEABLE                COMMENT
                        DOCUMENT                 FIELD
Eligibility         Adjudication &        No - Use RRU
                    Investigation         function if incorrect
                    (JPAS or NG
Investigation       LOC                   No - Use RRU
                                          function if incorrect
NDA Signed          Non Disclosure        Yes                       If a date is in place
                    Agreement or DOD                                do nothing. This Is
                    Initial Brief Date                              the SF312 that
                                                                    DISCO has on file.
                                                                    Only contract
                                                                    required at this
                                                                    time. It Is a good
                                                                    idea for those that
                                                                    have TS to
Attestation Date    Briefing                Yes - Only if no date   Only to create your
                    Certification           has been entered.       FSC is not present.
                                                                    A history file is
                                                                    needed if you
                                                                    replace a FSC the
                                                                    history is lost.
Industry            LOC                     Yes - Use RRU
(Contractor) Code                           function if necessary
Non-SCI Access      LOC (Clearance          Yes                     Date that you gave
(US)                level and Date                                  the access to the
                    Issued)                                         person LOC,
                                                                    Security file,
                                                                    Passport ed. Don't
                                                                    always believe a
                                                                    LOC, your records
                                                                    may be accurate.
Date of Birth       LOC                     Yes                     Same as above
Place of Birth      LOC                     Yes                     Same as above
Citizenship         LOC                     Yes

                                   SCI ACCESS
      FIELDS             SOURCE             UPDATEABLE                 COMMENT
                       DOCUMENT                 FIELD
Investigation       Special programs     No - Use RRU
                    (SCI investigation)  function if incorrect.

                                     PAGE      54
    (a). Check Notifications:
         Click of Notification, If you have any action there will be a blue dot anyway
         Click on Eligibility Change this will provide any eligibility changes,
         Click on SSN and it will take you to the Person Summary
              If it is an initial entry, you will need to signed SF312 before you can
             If it is an upgrade or completed PR,
             Debrief, date and reason “Prior Indoctrination”
             Indoctrinate enter date according to form
             Print for Record

         Click on RRU Responses, to get responses for submitted RRU’s
         Click on Visits
         Click on Invest Rqst Status      Status of requests submitted in e-QIP
         Click on any other items highlighted

  (b)    Initial Clearance
         Must Add Person to JPAS (add procedure SECTION 4.1e Page 24 own
         but can not indoctrinate)
         On Person Summary click on Investigation Request or
         In Left Tool Bar click on Manage Invest Rqst
                    Click on Create Invest Rqst
                    Enter SSN

         Go to 6. e-QIP Procedure

  (c.)   PR Submission
         On Person Summary click on Investigation Request
         Request must follow 6. e-QIP Procedures

                                   PAGE      54
(d.)   Reinstatement / Conversions (Old DISCO 562 actions)
       NOTE: Recommend that you contact prior employer to verify
       Select Person
       Enter SSN
       Click on Display Add/Modify
       Click on Display
       Follow Add Procedure Section 4.1e Page 24
       In/Out Process
       Can Indoctrinate

       If you are reinstating an individual you had previously terminated
       In/Out Process to establish ownership
       Click on Display Add/Modify
       Click on Display
       In the Termination Date Backspace to erase, In Reason highlight blank space

(e.)   Termination                       (Old DISCO 562 action)
       Select Person
       Enter SSN
       Click on Display Add/Modify
       Click on Display
       Scroll down to Termination Date enter DATE, enter REASON for
       Click on PERSON SUMMARY
       In Person Summary
       If Permanent In/ Out Process
       Enter current date in out box below the Red Bar (use calendar)
       Cancel to return to PERSON SUMMARY
       Print for the record

                                 PAGE     54
      JPAS provides a means of checking the status of investigations
      Open investigations, Investigation Summary, Adjudication Summary
      You should have a list of your: Pending Clearances (No Interim), Interim
      Clearances and Periodic Reinvestments.
      If there is an on-going investigation the opening date will be shown

      If there is nothing in Open investigations one of two things
           (1) The investigation has been closed, Go to Investigation Summary and
           get closed date, then to Adjudication Summary to see which agency
           (2) There is no open investigation, the file is lost, awaiting something, an
                OPM reject, Recommendation call DISCO

      Another concern is “Loss of Jurisdiction”
      It is usually the result of misrouted paperwork, where a termination and a
      reinstatement or conversion get misrouted and an investigation is suspended.
      In most cases you have a LOC, however you can not Indoctrinate, therefore
     ACCESS US is Blank
     There should be a remark in the Adjudication Summary showing the DISCO
     Submit a RRU and follow-up on it.
     The LOC is valid however someone referring to JPAS may raise the question.
     Want to correct as soon as possible.

                                  PAGE      54
       (a) Reports:
        There are at least two reports of value, (you can review the others)
        (1) Personnel Report             A listing of your personnel in alpha order (Old
                                        Meads Report)
             Reports Personnel
             Populate 4 Pull Down windows with “ALL”
             Run Report
             On the bottom left of the screen you will see two icons. The icon on the
             left is for the report in .PDF (Adobe Format). The icon on the
            right is for Excel format.
            I normally chose Excel, you can the put it into landscape and print or save
            to disc. The layout is longer than 11 “ but if you save to disc you can
            adjust column widths and get to one sheet wide
      NOTE; This is one place where you use the “X” to get back to JPAS, but
               Not the UPPER RIGHT X

       (2)   PERIODIC REINVEST A listing of periodic reinvestments
             The procedure is similar to above

             Need to have CAGE/SMO and assurance that the receiver can receive

                    Create/Modify Visit
                    Add A Visit
                    Fill in header information

                    Select SMO
                           Add Cage Code plus *
                    Click on SMO

                    Add Visit
                    SAVE before adding visitor(s)
                    ADD VISITOR
                    Enter SSN

                    Highlight and Turn on Add at Far Right
                    Add and Cancel
                    Add any others
                    Click on GRAY CANCEL to Exit and Transmit
             Will appear in Notification /Visits at recipient
             You will also have a record in Create/Modify Visit

                                    PAGE         54
5.   Former DISCO 562 Actions
            I am including a listing of the DISCO 562 actions. Some can be done
     under JPAS. And hopefully we will receive instructions concerning the others.

           (a) Multiple Facility Transfer
               Can now be done using Mass Personnel option in tool bar

           (b) Downgrade
               Indoctrinate at new level

           (c) Assigned Overseas
               No Longer a NISPOM Requirement

           (d) Request for duplicate Letter of Consent
               Would no longer be an option, would use Person Summary

           (e) Administrative Termination
               Debrief, but do not terminate or In /Out Process

           (f) Employment Termination

               Terminate, Debrief, In / Out Process

           (g) Date and Place of Birth Correction
               Can be done for non DoD Persons in Display Add/Modify

           (h) Citizenship Change
               Probable as an LAA, need direction for this

           (i) Change of Name
               Can be done for non DoD Persons in Display Add/Modify

            (j) Return from Overseas
                No Longer a NISPOM requirement

           (k) Social Security Number Correction
               Use RRU

           (l) Marital Status Change
               Now Part of Header Information
               Display Add Modify
               Modify Relationship if foreign relatives result

                                   PAGE      54
(m) Status Change
    Normally would be employee to Consultant or KMP or vice versa
    In Display Add / Modify Category Classification make change
    Any other need to discuss with DSS

   Display Add / Modify to your organization
   In / Out Process
   Indoctrinate (correct level depending on eligibility and facility)
   Recommendation: Contract losing SMO to verify status

(n) Concurrent
    Display Add / Modify to your organization
    In / Out Process
    Indoctrinate (correct level depending on eligibility and facility)
    Recommendation: Contract current SMO to verify status

(o) Conversion
    Display Add / Modify to your organization
    In / Out Process
    Indoctrinate (correct level depending on eligibility and facility)
    Recommendation: Contract losing SMO to verify status

(p) Upgrade
    Individual must have correct eligibility, need to know , and facility
    level must allow

   Person Summary, Debrief, Indoctrinate

(q) Other
    Not available in JPAS
    RRU option is basically for eligibility
    Send a message to JPAS

                         PAGE      54
6.   e-QIP

     a. On/about 7 July 2005 e-QIP replaced epsq as the program for submitting
     requests for initial clearances, periodic reinvestigations and upgrades. The
     Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing System (e-QIP) allows
     applicants to electronically enter. Update, and transmit their personnel
     investigative data over a secure Internet connection for review and approval of the
     personnel security investigation request.

     b. JPAS Release changed the flow for submitting a request for clearance
           (1) The request was transmitted to the requesting FSO for review and
               forwarding to DISCO.
           (2) The FSO had the ability to print the Archival Copy and the signature
           (3) Upon receipt of the “Approved PSQ” notification the FSO
               forwarded the fingerprint card to OPM Boyers, PA.
               NOTE: Fingerprint cards are not required for most Periodic
               Reinvestigation. If the prior investigation was a NAC, ENAC, NACI
               a fingerprint card is required.

     c. JPAS Release changed the procedure for any PSI, initiated after 4
        Mar 2007.
           (1) As in the past, the applicant forwarded the signed signature pages to
               the FSO and released and transmitted the PSQ to the FSO.
           (2) The FSO reviews the PSQ and the signature pages.
           (3) Under the revised procedure the FSO either:
               (a) Faxes the Signature pages to DISCO 866-804-0686
               (b) Scans and uploads the signature pages.
           (4) When receipt of the signatures pages is recorded the FSO transmits
               the PSQ to DISCO.
           (5) It is no longer necessary to forward the signature pages to OPM
           (6) Upon receipt of the “Approved PSQ” notification the FSO
               forwarded the fingerprint card (if required) to OPM Boyers, PA.
               If the prior investigation was a NAC, ENAC, NACI
               a fingerprint card is required for a periodic reinvestigation

     The Process:
        (1) The FSO must be authorized to Initiate Request and Review PSQ
            Another Account Manager / Help Desk may Grant Authorization
              In Account Manager
             Select Person Enter their SSN Verify name and cage
             Turn On Initiate PSI and Review PSQ

                                    PAGE      54

Refer to the Spread Sheet E-QIP Procedures with
   STEP 1 The FSO Initiates Investigation Request
      In USER
      Select Person
      Enter SSN
      Display Person Summary Display
      Scroll Down
      Click on Investigation Request

       In Determine Investigation Scope Screen
           (The required fields are marked with an *)
       Select Eligibility
       Enter Government Customer & Contract Number
               All Caps and dashes ie Service-Prime Contract Number
               If SCI or SAP Service-(SCI or SAP) –Prime Contract
               Further information Section 5 Page 47
       Click on Determine Investigation Type

      In Initiate Scope Screen
       Except for the following make no entries
       Investigation Requirements
              HIGHLIGHT Initial or Reinvestigation
       Scroll to the bottom
       Click on OK

           (Some fields will be populated, leave alone)
       Local Agency Check Date           Current Date
       Access Code                       Requested Level
       SON                               346W
       Applicant Affiliation              Contractor
           Use 7 If Periodic Reinvestigation and FPC Not Required
           REMEMBER: If prior investigation was a ENAC, NAC,
                            or NACI, a fingerprint card is required
           Use J In a Initial or Required for PR (above)
           Highlight Selection and Click on >> BUTTON
       Fill in Requesting Official Information
       Security Folder / Official Folder
           Leave as is or provide location if different than shown
       Click on Initiate PSI

                         PAGE     54
    Will get Add / Modify Investigation Request Screen
    Recommend that you print this screen for the record
    In Notifications / Investigation Request Status
               Will get an entry Initiate PSI (date)
   Also in Person Summary in Investigation Summary there is a

Step 1A Provide the applicant with instructions
       Guide prepared by Carolina Chapter NCMS is excellent.

Step 2 The applicant logs on and enters data:
    Configures the computer as specified TLS 1.0 is necessary
    Access the web site      HYPERLINK ""
    Click on e-QIP Applicant site
    The computer settings will be checked
    Click on Continue
    Enter SSN
    If the Applicant has been authorized (step (2)) above and the computer
    is properly configured he will get the following golden questions (order
    may vary).
          What is Your Last Name
          Year of Birth (4 digits)
          City of Birth    enter “unknown” you would be surprised at the
number of people who try something else.
     If all goes well , The applicant will be required to develop new Golden
Questions ,at this time the questions and responses may be changed and
become the new log-on.
It is recommended that they not be time sensitive , will they be
remembered / current 5 or 10 years later.
    NOTE: If they fail to log-on they should call you
    Will be instructed to enter data
    When completed ,validated and certified, the applicant should
            A, Print the Archival Copy
            B. Print and sign the three Signature Pages
            C. Release and transmit
       (1) Does not ask for Social Security Number
             Probable cause: TLS1.0 not installed
       (2) Does Not receive proper Golden Questions
             Probable Cause: FSO did not Initiate PSI or Access has been
                               terminated did not start within 30 days.
       (3) After answering Golden Questions fails
             Probable Cause Did not enter “unknown” for city of birth
                              Last Name not identical to JPAS
                              YEAR of birth incorrect in JPAS

                        PAGE      54
    STEP 2A     Releases / Transmits PSQ to FSO electronically

    STEP 2 B Sends the Archival copy, Signed Signature Pages, and
             Fingerprint card (if required) to FSO .

STEP 3   FSO Reviews PSQ and Signature Pages
         The FSO will receive a Notification in Investigation Request Status
             “Ready for Review PSQ”

         Click on “Ready For Review-PSQ” hyperlink
          Will put you in an Add / Modify Investigation Request Screen
          Must have ADOBE 7 and Pop Up Button Turned Off or H0ld
          Control button (on keyboard) down as you click on View PSQ.
          Click On View PSQ
          Will get Archival Copy in ADOBE Format
          Can Print or use Hard Copy provided by Applicant
          Recommend that View Blank Signature Pages and Print in the case
          the applicant did not or did not properly complete them

 STEP 4 Check the PSQ for correctness and completeness
        Specific Areas
        Section 1-10
        Section 11 Where You Have Lived
            7 Years or Secret , 10 Years for TS No Gaps
            Do not use relatives as references
            Complete address not PO Box
         Section 12 Where You Went to School
            7 Years for Secret, 10 Years for TS
            Complete Information
            Follow instruction as to what is required
         Section 13 Your Employment Activities
            7 Years for Secret, 10 Years for TS No Gaps
            Your Organization Must Be Current Employer & Federal
            Job Location and Home Address from Section 11 must be within
            Commuting Distance otherwise a remark
            Complete addresses and phone numbers
            If unemployed, so state Family Member / Spouse can verify
            If employed in Canada, need a Canadian Release to OPM

             SECTION 14 Selective Service Record
               Required if born after 31 Dec 1959
            Selective Service Number not SSN
            888-655-1825 or

                              PAGE     54
SECTION 15 Your Military Record
 15d 10 years for SSBI

SECTION 16 People Who Know You Well
Do not use Relatives
Each should cover 7 years
Try not to use persons used elsewhere
Complete Address No PO Box
Phone Numbers

SECTION 17 Marital Status
Place of Birth / Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Other Names used (dates)
Maiden Name nee (x)
If Divorced Current Address or Unknown
Include all

SECTION 18 Relatives
 Look at listing as who is required
Must be included even if deceased
For Country of Birth use United States NOT USA
Include all including current-in-laws
Look at definition of Associates
If foreign born provide Naturalization Information
If born Overseas of US Citizens
        Mother / Father / Hospital
        Date of State Department Form 240 Info

SECTION 19 Foreign Contacts
Details where required

SECTION 20 Foreign Activities
Details when required
If Canada, Need Canadian Release to OPM

SECTION 21 Your Medical Record
If YES Details , If NO Nothing More

SECTION 22 Your Police Record
Complete Details Date/ Location/ Court / Address /Verdict / etc

SECTION 23 & 24 Drugs and Alcohol
Details if YES

                PAGE     54
     SECTION 25 Your Investigation Record
       Verify Information with JPAS Summary
       If additional leave in

     SECTION 26 Financial Record
       Here is where we get the most rejections
       Complete Details
       Amount / Date Incurred / Date Satisfied (if satisfied)
       Name and Complete Address
               Must have some record / bills / letters
       Include a REMARK as to STATUS

     SECTIONS 27, 28, 29
       Section 27 7 Years for Secret , 10 Years for TS
       Details if YES

Step 4.1 Review Release Pages
      Full name block must agree with Section 1 of PSQ
      No Middle Initial full Middle Name NMN if used in Section 1
      Sr. or Jr. If used in 1
      Other name (if used() must agree with Section 6
      If incomplete send back to applicant for correction.

STEP 4A Return to Applicant for Correction
      If Revision Required or Signature Pages Incorrect
      Click on Revise PSQ
      Select reason
      Notification will change to Initiate PSI (Date)
      Provide Applicant with a listing of corrections required

STEP 4B Attach Signature Pages to PSQ
     If PSQ is Correct and Complete and Signature pages Correct
     Have an option :
     Step 5F Fax to DISCO
     Step 5U Scan and Upload
     The Scan/Upload procedure is the recommended option.

STEP 5F Fax Option
     Just FAX the Signature Pages to DISCO 866-804-0686
        The Certification Page
        The Information Release Page
        The Medical Release Page (not required if Question 31 has

                       PAGE      54
                 been answered NO), but recommend that it be sent
       Do not use a cover page / transmittal sheet
       Do not make any notations on the Signature Pages

 STEP F1 DISCO receives and records Signature Pages
      DISCO will review the signature pages
      If not correct will reject
     If Correct will
          Store in digital file
          Record the receipt in Document History
    Document History can be viewed by going to the Add/Modify
    Investigation Request Screen and clicking on DOCUMENTS
    If you use the FAX OPTION check frequently for
    acknowledgement of receipt. In some case you will not get an
    acknowledgement of all two or three. In that case refax the next day
    until an acknowledgement is received.
    When they have been successfully received you will get the “Submit
    To Disco” link on the Add/Modify Investigation Request Screen

STEP 5U Scan and Upload Option
      EACH PAGE WITH “THIS IS A PR” before scanning
      Scan each page individually to a .PDF file
      NOTE file must be less than 1 meg in size
STEP U1A Store Files on Your Computer
      Receive files on your computer OPEN
      Give each file a distinct name identity and type
      I use the initials and –86, -info, -med
      Save in a location I use My Documents
STEP U2A Upload Documents
     In Add/Modify Investigation Request screen click on Documents
     Will take you to
     Select Document Type SF86, Info, Med
     Browse to locate where you have stored that particular document
      OPEN & SAVE
      Each time you save, it will be recorded in Document History
      You can Save and Return for the last upload or Save and
      You will return to the Add/Modify Investigation Request screen
      The Submit to DISCO link will be displayed

STEP F3 or U4 Submit to Disco
      Click on the Submit to DISCO / SAVE

                       PAGE     54
          The Investigation Request Status will become Ready for Disco
          Review and Approval

 STEP F4 or U5 DISCO Review
       DISCO will review the PSQ for correctness and: completeness

STEP F4A 0r U5A DISCO Rejection
        The Investigation Request Status will change to Initiate PSI
        The necessary corrections will be in Message from CAF
        Forward to applicant, to log-on, make the corrections, It is now a
        new Request Number. Need new Archival Copy, Signature Pages
        and FSO Review

STEP F5A or U5B DISCO Approval and Forward to OPM
        The Investigation Request Status will become Approved PSQ
        If it is an initial submission there will be a Notification in
        Eligibility Chance either an Interim Eligibility or Interim
        Declination (still goes to OPM for investigation)
        If it is a PR, you will be notified of the submission to OPM
        If Eligibility is reflected in JPAS, but the individual had not had
        an active clearance in the past two years (for reinstatement or
        conversion) it should be considered as an interim submission.
        However the DSS review may consider it as a PR and not issue an
        interim or declination. In that case call the Help Desk and explain
        the situation; in the past will have you fax a copy of the Archival
        Copy and will then make an eligibility determination (usually
        within 10 days)

STEP F6 or U6 Fingerprint Cards to OPM
        After Notification of DISCO Approval Approved PSQ
        Send the Fingerprint Card , if required, to OPM
        Canadian Release if Applicant worked in or traveled to Canada
        Address for OPM
        MAIL: E-QIP Rapid Response Team
                   PO Box 618
                   Boyers, PA 16020

          FedEx    E-QIP Rapid Response Team
          UPS      OPM-FIPC
                   1137 Branchton Road
                   Boyers, PA 16020
                   Phone: 724-794-5612

                          PAGE      54
   NOTE 1. It is important that you get the Fingerprint Card to OPM ASAP
          2, If it is a PR and you use the Scan/Upload Option state that it is a
             PR, Will get it started faster and prevent the phone calls

        A hyperlink will appear in Person Summary in the Investigation Summary
        when the investigation is requested. This allows access to the Add / Modify
        Investigation Request Screen
        In Left Tool Bar
            Eligibility Change (Interim or Denial of initial request)
            Invst Reqst ]Status
                    Initiate PSI when you initiate / return for revision/ DISCO
                    Ready for Review PSQ Applicant has transmitted, ready for
                                              your Review
                    Ready for DISCO           You have submitted to DISCO
                    Review and Approval
                    Approved PSQ              DISCO has Approved and Forwarded to
                                              Send FPC to OPM
            Message From CAF DISCO has not approved and returned for

        OPM normally opens an investigation within 2/3 weeks of DISCO approval
        HOWEVER the investigation will not be opened until they receive the
        fingerprint card (if required)
        Check Open Investigation, if N/A after a month look at External
        Interfaces Perform SII Search for possible “unacceptable” If so call the help
        desk. Consider Possible Re-initiation.

PSQ Sent Date
        The PSQ Sent Date is below the Open Investigation Date. It provides a record
       of when the PSQ was transmitted to OPM.
       If the investigation is a PR , It also removes the individual from the Periodic
       Reinvestigation Report.
       Click on PSQ Sent, Enter Dates, Investigation Type, Investigative Agency

                                   PAGE      54
This page Intentionally Left Blank

           PAGE     54
         SECTION 5 Additional General Information:
1. HELP DESK: 888-282-7682
    The Help Desk is manned 0700 to 2100 Eastern Time Mon thru Fri
    See Page 6 for Options
   DISCO FAX: 614-827-1544

2. e-QIP will be used for initial clearance submission, those cases where the
   individual has not held a clearance over the past two years and for PR’s.

3. You must own an individual in JPAS before you can .operate on his record. The
   first step is to establish your PSM-Net

 5.. The person must be in JPAS and in your SMO before you can initiate an
     Investigation Request.

6. A person can be owned by multiple SMO’s. “Servicing” is for multi-facility
   organizations. If the organizations have no relationship the individual must be
   owned by both.

7,   When you initially set up your PSM-Net, you should attempt to determine the
     termination date for those individuals who are no longer with your organization.
     Turning on the extreme right radio button removes then from your PSM-Net but
     according to the record they are still shown (no termination date) as being in your
     organization. You need the termination date. Look in your old files, , epsq,
     DISCO 562 files, check with the human resources personnel.

 8. If you are using JPAS to do a reinstatement or a conversion and the eligibility
    date and/ or the investigation date are old. I would check with the current or past
    employer or DISCO before going ahead. I have people where JPAS shows
    Eligibility, however I have a letter from DISCO that denied an interim clearance.
    Also I received a call from another company requesting paperwork on an
    individual where DISCO had withdrawn the clearance, JPAS still showed

9    If you have resident visitors or you facility or have contract guards or cleaning
     personnel, it is a good idea to take a Servicing Relationship. You will then be
     advised of any changes in eligibility of their personnel

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     How to Identify the Government Customer When Requesting an
        Investigation for a Personnel Security Clearance (PCL)

    The Correct format is One Word Government Identifier (From Table) –
    Prime Contract Number

       1. When writing the contract number include the full contract number in all
          capital letters and include all dashes.
       2. If the contract number is classified, list the contracting agency then the type of
          If the agency is also classified just list CLASSIFIED..
       3. If the individual works on multiple contracts list the primary contracting
          agency and contract number.
       4. When requesting an investigation for SCI or SAP access include “SCI” or
          “SAP” between the name of the Government Customer and the contract
        5. Investigations for Key Management Personnel of a cleared company should
           reflect the contractor’s primary classified contract and associated government
         6.For a company in process for a facility clearance, the Key Management
           Personnel clearances should reflect the government customer sponsoring the
           company’s facility clearance and the associated contract.

One Word Government Identifier for the Government contracting agencies (GCAs)


Identifier to                 Agency Name                           Includes all of the
 be used in                                                             following
JPAS Input

                                    DOD Components

AF              United States Air Force                        All Subordinate Agencies
                                                               and Activities
ARMY            United States Army
USMC            United States Marine Corps
NAVY            Unites States Navy
DARPA           Defense Advanced Research Projects
DCAA            Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCMA            Defense Contract Management Agency
DIA             Defense Intelligence Agency
DISA            Defense Information Systems Agency

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DLA        Defense Logistics Agency
DSCA       Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSS        Defense Security Service
DTRA       Defense Threat Reduction Agency
MDA        Missile Defense Agency
NATO       North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NGA        National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
NSA        National Security Agency
OSD        Office of the Secretary of Defense
OTHERDOD   Other DoD                                 Any other DoD classified
                                                     contract requiring personnel
                                                     to have a clearance

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                       NON-DOD COMPONENTS
                       (NISPON paragraph 1-103b)

USDA        Dept of Agriculture                    All Subordinate Agencies
                                                   and Activities
DOC         Dept of Commerce
ED          Dept of Education
HHS         Dept of Health and Human Services
DHS         Dept of Homeland Security              Includes FEMA, TSA.
                                                   Coast Guard
INTERIOR    Dept of Interior
JUSTICE     Dept of Justice                        Includes FBI, DEA, ATF
LABOR       Dept of Labor
STATE       Dept of State
DOT         Dept of Transportation
TREAS       Dept of Treasury
EPS         Environmental Protection Agency
FCC         Federal Communications Commission
FRS         Federal Reserve System
GAO         Government Accounting Office
GSA         General Services Administration
NASA        National Aviation and Space
NRC         Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NSF         National Science Foundation
            Small Business Administration
USAID       U.A. Agency for International
USITC       U.S. International Trade Commission
USTR        U.S. Trade Representative
FGOV        Foreign Government                     All foreign government
                                                   classified contract requiring
                                                   personnel to have a
                                                   clearance/security assurance
OTHERNOND Other Non-DoD                            All other Non-DoD classified
OD                                                 contract requiring personnel to
                                                   have a clearance where there
                                                   is DoD/DSS NISP oversight
                                                   IAW NISPOM 1-103b

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