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					                                 CORPORATE OFFICE - HR
                                   INTER OFFICE MEMO
                                                                  Ref.     DP/3/6/62
                                                                  Date     2.8.2005
From:   GM(HR), CO - New Delhi
To :    ED(HR), PL-HO, Noida
        ED(HR), Mktg. HO Mumbai
        GM I/c(HR), Ref-HO, ND
        DGM(HR), R&D Centre, Faridabad

                            Sub: SBI Credit Card for officers

Please refer to our IOM No.DP/3/6/4 dated 11th Feb. 2002 on the above subject. Among
others, it was conveyed that officers interested in acquiring a SBI Card may apply
directly and the Corporation shall reimburse the annual fee for the Credit Card upto a
maximum of Rs.250 plus service tax at the applicable rate.

We had taken up recently with SBI Card to review their earlier offer keeping in view the
prevailing trends in the market. We are pleased to convey that SBI Card has now
proposed to give their Credit Card to IndianOil officers free for life along with two add-
on cards, which will also be free for life. This offer is valid for the existing and new users
of SBI Cards. The current list of locations where SBI Card is operating, is attached for
your information.

SBI Card shall be approaching directly to the existing Cardholders with their exclusive
offer. You may, in the meantime circulate the above for information of all the officers.

                                                                            (Satish Kumar)
Encl: As above
        List of Locations Where SBI Card is Portioning
   Allepey                      Agra                 Ahmedabad

    Angul                    Allahabad               Ankaleshwar

  Bangalore                    Anand                 Aurangabad

Bhubhaneshwar                Chandigarh                  Baroda

   Calicut                   Dehradun                    Baruch

   Chennai                     Delhi                 Bhavnagar

   Cochin                    Faridabad                    Bhillai

 Coimbatore                  Ghaziabad                   Bhopal

  Cuddalore                   Guntur                      Devas

   Cuttack                    Gurgaon                    Dharwad

  Guwahati                     Jaipur                     Durg

   Haldia                    Jallandhar              Gandhinagar

    Hubli                     Jodhpur                      Goa

  Hyderabad                   Kanpur                      Hosur

 Jamshedpur                   Lucknow                    Indore

   Kolkata                   Ludhiana                     Kalol

  Kotayyam                    Mathura                    Mehsana

  Mangalore                    Noida                     Mumbai

  Palakkad                    Panipat                    Nagpur

 Pondicherry                  Panipat                     Nasik

   Trichur                     Patiala                    Pune

   Trichy                      Shimla                    Raipur

 Trivandrum                    Solan                     Rajkot

 Vijayawada                   Varanasi                    Surat

    Vizag                      Vellore                    Thane

    Udupi                     Tanjore