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									                                                                            Private Sector/Industry Resume Samples
     ANISH PRAKASH                                                                                                                           MORGAN ELIZABETH NEILSON
     Local Address                                                                     Permanent Address      Current address:                                                        Address after August 15, 2008:
     123 Turner St. N.E. #5                                                            4097 Back Creek Rd.    5634 University City Blvd., Apt. 56B                                                2107 Calvin Street
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                            Bishopville, MD 21813    Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                             Manassas, VA 22221
                                                                                                              (540) 961-6666                                                                         (703) 555-8304
     (540) 961-2469                                                                         (410) 512-3167

     OBJECTIVE        o obtain a position in the design field, with emphasis on continuing development of 
                    T                                                                                         OBJECTIVE          I
                                                                                                                                  ndustrial engineer; interests in manufacturing, cost analysis, and 
                    technical and computer skills.                                                                               occupational safety

     EDUCATION      Bachelor of Architecture, May 2010                                                        EDUCATION          B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, August 2010
                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, Virginia                      Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
                    GPA: 3.3/4.0    Dean’s List: Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2008                                             GPA: In-major: 3.1/4.0  Overall: 2.68/4.0
                                                                                                                                 Dean’s List: Fall 2007, Spring 2008
                    Washington/Alexandria Architecture Consortium, Alexandria, Virginia, Spring 2009
                                                                                                                                 Earned and financed 70% of college and living expenses
                    •  Extensive studies of architecture within the urban environment.
                    •  Construction site visits to embassies and Washington historic restoration projects.
                                                                                                              SKILLS             Knowledge gained through ISE project work includes:
                    European Study Abroad Program, Fall 2008                                                                             Cost Analysis         Human Factors        Inventory Control
                    •  Traveled through 10 European countries exploring a wide variety of cultures.                                      Materials Handling    Plant Layout         Statistics
                    •  Studied architecture through photography, painting, and sketching.
     COMPUTER       HTML                  AutoCAD              Pagemaker                 Microsoft Word                          Computer Skills:
     SKILLS         Dreamweaver           Photoshop            Adobe Illustrator,        PowerPoint                                      AutoCAD                              Crystal Ball          Opt Quest 
                                                                                                                                         Ampl                                 FORTRAN               SAS 
     DESIGN         Photography and darkroom procedures              Modeling                                                            Arena/ProModel Simulation            MS Excel              ServiceModel 
     SKILLS         Photographic manipulation                        Wood and metal shop experience                                      BlocPlan                             MS Word               Storm 
                    Sketching, graphic printmaking                   Pottery                                                             C++                                  MS Project            Visual BASIC
     EXPERIENCE     PGAL Architects, Alexandria, VA, Summer 2009
                    •  Worked on design development for Ramp Control Tower, Philadelphia Int’l. Airport.      COURSE             Project Manager for Senior Design Team, Omega Window Co., Inc., Salem, VA
                    •  Drafted site plans, floor plans, sections, and elevations.                             PROJECT            Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
                    •  Created site and building models for presentations.                                                           Analysis and evaluation of current layout of the window fabrication facility.
                                                                                                                                     Collection and interpretation of materials handling and flow data.
                    Brown Residence Renovation, Chantilly, VA, Summer 2008                                                       n
                                                                                                                                     Developing alternative facility layouts to reduce materials handling.
                    •  Worked with owner to create new design for house renovation project.
                    •  Created a model of the new design for owner.                                           EXPERIENCE         Summer Engineering Intern, Perkins Company, Inc., Cleveland, OH, Summer 2009
                                                                                                                                   Application of CAD skills to both office layout and curtain wall analysis.
                    Davis, Bowen, and Friedel, Inc., Salisbury, MD, Summer 2007, January 2008                                    n
                                                                                                                                   Compiled ANSI structural leading programs using computer knowledge.
                    •  Produced drawings and colored renderings for a wide variety of projects.                                  n
                                                                                                                                   Assisted applications engineers in preparing stamped structural calculations.
                    •  Responsible for altering red-lined construction drawings, as well as creating  
                      new construction drawings from on site measurements.                                                       Maintenance Administration, Cuyahoga Foods, Inc., Bridgewater, VA, Summer 2008
                    •  Created a proposal which won a major new commission for the firm.                                         n
                                                                                                                                   Maintained and updated computer cataloguing of machine parts room.
                    Paul Kratzer and Co., Salisbury, MD, Summer 2006                                                               Ordered, received, and distributed valuable machine parts and supplies.
                    •  Assisted in the creation of advertising campaigns.                                                          Prepared purchase orders for cost accounting.
                    •  Produced layouts and graphics for printed advertisements.
                                                                                                                                 Engineering Technician, Naval Air Systems Command, Arlington, VA, Summer 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     ACTIVITIES &   American Institute of Architecture Students                                                                  n
                                                                                                                                    Developed Close Air Support Effectiveness math model using FORTRAN.
     AWARDS         Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
                    Indian Students Association                                                               AWARDS &           Perdue Farms Inc., National Scholarship 
                    Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society                                                     ACTIVITIES         Society of Manufacturing Engineers 
                    Winner of Virginia Tech Tyssowski Scholarship                                                                Marching Virginians & Metro Pep Band
                    Winner of 2007/08 American Institute of Architects Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Virginia Tech

                                                                                                              Features of this resume:
     Features of this resume:                                                                                    Skills not limited to computer skills.
     •  Design skills related to career field.                                                                   Course project experience detailed just like other work or internship 
     •  Table for formatting. Set borders not to appear: Format>Borders & Shading>                               experience.
        Borders=None.                                                                                            Table used to format only – borders are set to be invisible on the print
     •  Font=Arial 10                                                                                            document.
     •  Margins: .8                                                                                              Font = Arial 11; margins at least .5 all sides.

                                                                                                                                         Elizabeth McWellen 
         Features of this resume:
             Table used to format; SET BORDERS TO BE INVISIBLE ON ACTUAL RESUME: Format >                                                College address:                                                                             Permanent address:
             Borders and Shading > Borders = “None.”                                                                                     442 E. Roanoke St., Apt J                                                                    5683 Alice Drive
             Skills format: skills from work, fraternity, course projects, semester at sea, and activities are grouped                   Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                         Richmond, VA 23060
             and listed to support objective.                                                                                            (540) 961-3395                                                                               (804) 364-3395
             Margins = .7   Font = Arial 10 (Okay to fit in essential information, but don’t go smaller.)
                                                                                                                                         Objective         Laboratory position utilizing scientific research and laboratory skills 

                                                                                                                                         Education         Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 2010
     Taylor A. Kelly                                                                                 E-mail:
                                                                                                                                                           Minor in Chemistry, emphases in Microbiology and Entomology
                                                                                                                                                           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, Virginia
     College address: 600 Jackson St., Apt. C, Blacksburg, VA 24060                                  (540) 555-2121                                        GPA: 2.9/4.0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Virginia Tech

     Home address: 4156 Hawthorne Circle, Reston, VA 12345                                           (703) 654-3210
                                                                                                                                         Coursework        •    Biological Statistics                          •    Immunology
                                                                                                                                                           •    Microbial Genetics                             •    Insect Biology
     OBJECTIVE           Sales management trainee position; goal to lead and train a sales staff                                                           •    Food Microbiology                              •    Medical and Veterinarian Entomology
                                                                                                                                                           •    Pathogenic Bacteriology                        •    Insect Pest Management
     EDUCATION           B.A., Communication Studies, Public Relations, Marketing Minor, December 2009
                         Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA                                                                                   Lab Skills        •    Gram Stain Procedure                           •    Techniques for Bacterial Identification
                         Semester at Sea, Spring 2007                                                                                                      •    Cultured Bacterial and Fungal Colonies         •    Tests for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
                         GPA:  In-major: 3.3./4.0    Overall: 2.6/4.0                                                                                      •    Media Preparation                              •    Dilutions
                         Earned 50% of educational expenses                                                                                                •    pH Calibration                                 •    Aseptic Technique
                                                                                                                                                           •    Potentiometric Calibration                     •    Methods for Nematode Staining
                                                                                                                                                           •    Calorimetry                                    •    Maintenance of Laboratory Notebooks
     SKILLS              Marketing/Sales/Promotion
                         •  Grossed $15,000 in three months with summer painting business.                                               Computer          •    Windows 2000, NT                               •    Microsoft Excel
                         •  Raised $600 in advertising space for fraternity folder project.                                              Skills            •    Mathmatica                                     •    Microsoft Word
                         •  Raised $400 for fraternity sponsored car show.
                         •  Cold canvassed community for potential clients.                                                                 Research       Lab Support Technician
                         •  Created informational brochure for apartment leasing company.                                                   Experience     International Research and Development, Virginia Tech                      June 2009 – present
                         •  Developed advertising campaign for class project.                                                                              •    Conduct research on spores of Metarhizium anisopliae for the control of locusts in 
                                                                                                                              Features of this                  Sub-Saharan Africa.
                         Management/Training/Organizational Ability                                                           resume:                      •    Evaluate production processes utilizing hemacytometer and CFU counts.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                         •    anaged daily activities of own painting business including renting/purchasing                      L           
                                                                                                                              •    ab Skills –             •    Work on methods to decrease water activity as to enhance germination at lower 
                            equipment and supplies, hiring assistants, budgeting, payroll.                                       relevant to objective.         humidities.
                         •  Arranged client contracts for painting business.                                                     U           
                                                                                                                              •    pper level courses      •    Assist in bioassays to determine the insects’ mortality and virulence of the insect 
                         •  Assisted in organizing talent show and benefit auction for Semester at Sea.                          (DON’T list basic              pathogen.
                         •    oordinated sales presentation strategy for fraternity car show and trained others in sales 
                            C                                                                                                    courses obviously 
                                                                                                                                 taken because of your     Laboratory Assistant
                                                                                                                                 major).                   Entomology Department, Virginia Tech                                     May – August 2008
                         •  Trained new restaurant employees.                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                              •    se table (shown         •   Researched the development and fecundity of Steinernema carpocapsae 
                         •  Aided in refurbishing and renovating a restaurant.                                                                                 nematodes when exposed to the bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophilus using in vitro 
                                                                                                                                 here) only for  
                         •  Performed restaurant duties ranging from busboy to night manager.                                                                  techniques.
                                                                                                                                 formatting. On your            
                                                                                                                                 resume, set Format >      •   Assisted in an experiment to determine the response of plant pathogenic 
                         Communications/Language/Creative Projects                                                               Borders and Shading           nematodes to X. nematophilus.
                         •    reated multimedia presentation using slides, music, and narration to brief incoming Virginia       > Borders  = None.        •   Applied predatory nematodes for the control of the Tomato Root Knot nematode.
                            Tech students during orientation.                                                                   F            
                                                                                                                              •    ont = Arial 10          •   Aided in a pesticide trial for the control of Japanese beetle grubs.
                         •    eveloped sales presentations and assisted with advertising campaigns including radio               M
                                                                                                                              •    argins = .7
                            spots, newspaper ads, billboards, posters, brochures.                                                                          Undergraduate Research
                         •  Designed and distributed flyers for painting business.                                                                         Entomology Department, Virginia Tech                                    January – May 2008
                         •    raveled around the world with Semester at Sea and used conversational Spanish skills.                                        •   Worked to develop a biopesticide for the control of a plant pathogenic nematode 
                                                                                                                                                               using the bacteria Xenorhabdus bovienii.
                                                                                                                                                           •   Responsible for the general set-up and management of experiments as well as the 
     WORK                Self-Employed, (Partnership) Sunrise Painters, Reston, VA Summer 2008
                                                                                                                                                               collection and analysis of data.
     EXPERIENCE          Wait Staff, Leonard’s of Washington, Washington, DC Summers 2005, 2006, 2007
                                                                                                                                         Leadership        Alpha Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, 2005-present
     ACTIVITIES          Pi Sigma Epsilon, National professional fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling                   Experience        •    Senior Class Representative to the Chapter Relations and Standards Board
                         Summer Orientation Leader, 2008                                                                                                   Virginia Tech Tae Kwon Do Club 
                         Theater Arts, Virginia Tech
                         •    everal roles in: “The Bride,” “The Monster and Steven,” “If Men Played Cards as Women.”
                                                      Simone Whitman                                                                                          Pat E. Walsh
             Current Address:                                                        Permanent Address:      Current address:                                                                      Permanent address:
             409 Hunt Club Rd. 36I                                                   8502 Landmark Dr.       279 Progress Street                                                                   428 Logan Circle
             Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                    Buchanan, VA 24066      Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                  Annapolis, MD 20000
             (540) 951-6570                                                          (540) 555-4578          (540) 961-9876                                                                        (301) 444-5555

                                                                                                             Objective                      Position utilizing writing and computer skills; special interests in
             OBJECTIVE              Position as an athletic trainer in a college or university setting
                                                                                                                                            technical writing and developing training materials for computer use
             EDUCATION              Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, Foods and
                                    Exercise, August 2010                                                    Education                      B.S., English with Spanish Minor, May 2010
                                    Exercise and Health Promotion Option                                                                    15 hours in Computer Science
                                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)                                     Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
                                    Blacksburg, Virginia                                                                                    Major GPA: 3.6/4.0 Overall GPA: 2.8/4.0
                                    GPA: 3.29
                                                                                                             Related Courses                Computer Science:                                English / Communication:
             EXPERIENCE             Strength and Facilities Intern, August – December 2009
                                    New Town Fitness, Blacksburg, Virginia                                                                  Computers for Business                           Business Writing
                                    n                                                                                                       Operating System Tools                           Technical Writing
                                      Conducted orientation of facility and services for new clients.
                                      Designed and implemented weight training programs for beginners.                                      Introduction to Programming in C                 Journalistic Writing
                                      Assisted with organization of health promotion fair.                                                  Object-Oriented Software Design                  Reporting
     Features of this
                                                                                                                                            Human Computer Interaction                       Literary Criticism
                                    Cardio-Pulmonary Intern, Summer 2009
     resume:                        Montgomery Regional Hospital, Blacksburg, Virginia
     •		 ertifications	pertinent	
       C                            n                                                                        Computer Skills                Languages: C++, JAVA, HTML
                                      Assisted with exercise stress tests.
       to the student’s field.      n                                                                                                       Software: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Dreamweaver
                                      Monitored patients in the cardiac rehab program.
     •		 erdana	10	point	font.
       V                            n
                                      Served as Electrocardiogram (EKG) technician.
     •		 able	used	to	format—
       T                            n
                                      Assisted with one-hour electroencephalogram (EEG) tests.               Language Skills                Fluent in Spanish
       borders set to be                                                                                                                    Traveled in Europe; used conversational French
       invisible on final           Cardiac Rehabilitation Staff Member, Summer 2008
       document:                    Cardiac Therapy & Intervention Center, Virginia Tech,
       Format > Borders                                                                                      Technical                      Student Computer Assistant, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
                                    Blacksburg, Virginia
       and Shading >                n                                                                        Experience                     September 2008 – present (10 hours/week)
                                       Assessed blood pressure, heart rate, and body fat.
       Borders = None.              n                                                                        	                                 A
                                                                                                                                            •	 	 ssist	students	with	computer	problems;	by	phone	and	in	
                                       Monitored and assisted clients during rehabilitation program.
                                    n                                                                                                          residence halls.
                                       Assisted with and evaluated Graded Exercise Tests.
                                                                                                             	                              •	 Trouble	shoot	hardware	and	software	problems.
                                    Volunteer Coach, 2007-2008                                               	                              •	 Make	recommendations	for	hardware	upgrades.
                                    Virginia Tech Junior Varsity Cheerleading                                	                              •	 Minor	installation	and	repair.
                                    Student Athletic Trainer, 2006-2007
                                                                                                             Writing                        Writer / Editor, Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech Student Newspaper, 2006-2009
             CERTIFICATIONS         American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Strength Trainer            Experience 	                   •	 Editor	of	Events	Page,	2009	–	present.
                                    American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Specialist           	                              •	 Wrote	articles	on	campus	topics	weekly.
                                    Certification                                                            	                              •	 Wrote	book	reviews.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                                    CPR Certified through American Red Cross                                 	                                  S
                                                                                                                                            •	 	 cheduled	interviews	with	visiting	personalities,	campus	leaders	
                                                                                                                                                and members of the university administration; arranged
             OTHER                  Sales Associate, January 2008 - present, part-time during college                                           photo shoots.
             EXPERIENCE &           Footlocker, Christiansburg, Virginia
                                    •	 Demonstrate	product	knowledge	and	excellent	customer	service.
                                                                                                             Activities & Awards            New River Valley Cycling Club, 2007-present
                                    Vice President for Professional guests Speaker Series, 2008-2009                                        Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, 2008-present
                                    Exercise Science Student Organization                                                                   Special Olympics Volunteer, 2007, 2008, 2009
                                    •	 	 ocate	and	invite	professionals	to	speak	at	organization	meetings	                                  Dean’s List, last 4 completed semesters: Fall 2007 - Spring 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Virginia Tech

                                       regarding career opportunities and professionalism.

             COMPUTER               Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver
                                                                                                                 Features of this resume:
                                                                                                                 •	 Coursework	outside	the	major	shows	how	this	student	is	qualified	for	the	career	objective.
                                                                                                                 •	 Experience	can	be	a	student	activity—related	to	and	supports	the	objective	in	this	example.
                                                                                                                 •	 6	key	items	bolded	(in	addition	to	headings)—select	those	that	best	support	objective.
                                                                                                                 •	 Font	=	Century	Gothic	11			Margins	=	.7
                                                                                                                 •	 	 able	used	to	simplify	formatting	only;	not	to	print.	Set borders to be invisible on print document:
                                                                                                                    Format > Borders and Shading > Borders = None.

     Thomas Vandeveer                                                                                                                                       J. MICHAEL SORVINO
                                                                                    1105 New Lott Drive                                                
                                                                                   Blacksburg, VA 24060        Local Address                                                                               Permanent Address
                                                                                           540-555-4321        901 Ardvark Dr., Apt. 8                                                                     98765 Late Settlers Rd.
                                                                                                               Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                        Richmond, VA 23235
     OBJECTIVE   Business financial analyst position specializing in economics                                 cell: (540) 111-2222                                                                        (804) 320-0000

            •    hree years’ experience in economic & financial  
               T                                                                         Feature of this
                                                                                                               OBJECTIVE             Chemical Engineer; interest in research and product/process development
               management analysis                                                       resume:
                                                                                         •	 	 ummary of 
                                                                                            S                                        and/or manufacturing
            •  Web-based coordination of business & e-commerce strategy
            •  Statistical, spatial, and econometric modeling and analysis                  qualifications 
            •  Database management                                                          —can be used       EDUCATION             B.S., Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude, May 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Virginia Tech

                                                                                            when you have                            Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA
     EDUCATION  M.S. Applied Economics, May 2010   GPA: 3.8/4.0                             professional                             Overall GPA: 3.45/4.0
               hesis: “Framework for Economic Impact Assessment of IPM-CRSP:                experience.
             a GIS application”                                                             J
                                                                                         •    ob title and 
             B.A. Economics, Minor: Chemistry, July 2006  GPA: 3.0/4.0                                         RELEVANT              Co-op, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Richmond, VA
                                                                                            employer empha-
             Specialization: Macroeconomics & Finance                                       sized with bold    EXPERIENCE            January - December 2007, May - August 2008, August - December 2009
               rginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech),  
             V                                                                              font               	                        W
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 orked	on	two	major	new	product	developments	for	the	Tyvek business.
             Blacksburg, VA                                                                                    	                        P
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 lanned	and	executed	several	scouting	trials	to	establish	final	product	definitions.
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 ollaborated	with	outside	vendors	to	establish	product	supply	chains.
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 eveloped	the	manufacturing	process	for	each	new	product.
            Platforms: Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000
              oftware: GIS (ArcView, ArcIMS, ARC/INFO, BusinessMAP Pro, ATLAS GIS, ACT 1.25),                  	                        H
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 elped	to	plan	and	oversee	product	performance	testing.
            Lotus 1-2-3, MS Office Pro 97/2000, WordPerfect 2000, MINITAB, Mathematica, STATA,                 	                        P
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 articipated	in	the	writing	of	two	product	patents.
            SAS, SAS JMP, DREAM, Adobe PageMaker, PhotoShop, and Acrobat.                                      	                        P
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 repared	and	presented	numerous	technical	reviews	using	PowerPoint.
            Programming: Pascal, Flash, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, and XHTML                                     	                        R
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 eceived	Excellence in Action Award for Tyvek	FlexWrap development.
             Freelance Web Consultant, Blacksburg, VA, May 2008 – present                                      SKILLS                Research/Technical/Communication Skills
             AGECON.COM | AFRICOMP.COM | IFAF.NET | GUAYLA.COM                                                 	                        N
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 etworking	with	both	manufacturing	and	research	personnel.
             •  Generate business leads and design complete web solutions for clients.                         	                        W
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 orking	in	conjunction	with	outside	companies	to	develop	a	product.
             •  Formulate e-strategic guidance and conceptual consulting.                                      	                     •	 	 isually	presenting	and	verbally	communicating	research	findings.
                                                                                                                                        V                                                                                   Features of this
             •  Provide interface design; content research, development, and synthesis.                        	                     •	 	 ollecting,	organizing,	and	analyzing	data.
                                                                                                                                        C                                                                                   resume:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

             •    erform the evaluation, planning, development, deployment and ongoing use of                                                                                                                                  “
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •    Relevant”  
                web-based mechanisms and information.                                                                                                                                                                          and “other” 
             •  Build and maintain economic and spatial database.                                                                    Computer Skills
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 SPEN	Plus	           C
                                                                                                                                                            •	 	 ontrol	Station                                                separated (no 
                Research Assistant, Blacksburg, VA, January 2007 – July 2008                                   	                        M
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 ATLAB	               M
                                                                                                                                                            •	 	 athematica                                                    detail needed 
                  ffice of Institutional Research and Development, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State      	                     •	 	 utoCAD	
                                                                                                                                        A                      M
                                                                                                                                                            •	 	 icrosoft	Windows	Operating	Systems                            on last position  
                University                                                                                                                                                                                                     listed; use page 
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 ORTRAN	              M
                                                                                                                                                            •	 	 icrosoft	Office	9x/2000	Professional
                •    esigned a framework for assessing economic impact of USAID-funded  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               space to tell 
                    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.
                                                                                                                                     Laboratory Assistant, Computer-Based Instruction Laboratory of the                        about more 
                •    erformed economic (Benefit-Cost Analysis) and statistical analysis of IPM programs        OTHER
                    using database-based computer program called DREAM.                                        EXPERIENCE            Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, Summers 2005 & 2006
                •    raveled to both sites and collected primary and secondary data and information.
                    T                                                                                                                                                                                                          experience).
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 ided	medical	students	with	their	general	computing	needs                             S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •    kills don’t have 
                •    xamined the transferability of IPM technologies and their adoption beyond the             	                        H
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 elped	to	manage	the	front	information	desk
                    primary sites using spatial modeling within a framework of geographic information                                                                                                                          to be limited to 
                    system (GIS) technology.                                                                   	                        P
                                                                                                                                     •	 	 repared	classroom	instructional	materials                                            computer skills
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •    argins: .6 top 
                Researcher, Blacksburg, VA, December 2006 – August 2007                                                              Landscape Technician, Landmark Landscape Management                                       and bottom; .7 
                Agricultural & Applied Economics Department, Virginia Polytechnic                                                    Ashland, VA, May - June 2004                                                              sides
                Institute & State University                                                                                                                                                                                   F
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •    ont is Times 
                •    xamined the effects of communication and transport infrastructures on  
                   E                                                                                                                                                                                                           New Roman 10 
                                                                                                               HONORS &              Tau	Beta	Pi	National	Engineering	Honor	Society                                            (smaller than 
                   economic development; reviewed literature and collected relevant data  
                   and information.                                                                            ACTIVITIES		          Dean’s	List	With	Distinction:	Spring	2009,	Fall	2008,	Fall	2007                           Arial 10).
                •  Performed empirical examination using econometric methods on SAS JM.                                              Dean’s List: Spring 2008, Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Fall 2006
                                                                                                               	                     Marshall	T.	Hahn	Engineering	Merit	Scholarship,	2006
     AWARDS AND ACTIVITIES                                                                                                           Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America, 2005
             Outstanding Leadership & Service Award, African Students Association, February 2008
                                                                                                                                     Second Place, Virginia Junior Academy of Science, 2004 & 2005
             Certificate of Achievement, U.S. Committee for UNICEF, fall 2008
             President 2009-10, Secretary 2008-2009, Virginia Tech African Students Association                                      Boy Scouts of America, Summer 1999 - Summer 2005
             Captain and Manager 2007-2008, San George Intramural Soccer Team 
             Lydia Arnez
                                                                                                    5606 Harding Road     Lydia Arnez                                                                                         Page 2
                                                                                                 Blacksburg, VA 24060
                                                                                                       (540) 555-7816                     Writing Intern, May 2003– May 2005
                                                                                                         arnez1@vt .edu                   V Magazine, Roanoke, Virginia
                                                                                                                                          • Wrote articles focusing on regional artists, musicians, businesses and events .
             OBJECTIVE     Secondary English teacher or Language Arts/Social Studies middle school                                        • Assisted during monthly production with editing, layout, and design .
                           teacher . Interested in advising school yearbook, newspaper staff or literary magazine .
                                                                                                                          ADDITIONAL       Fraud Prevention Specialist, May 2006 - August 2007
             EDUCATION     M .A .Ed, Teaching and Instruction, May 2009                                                   EXPERIENCE       Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina
                           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, Virginia                       • Managed integration of fraud systems project during conversion with First Fidelity
                           GPA 3 .9                                                                                                           Bank .
                                                                                                                                           • Developed training module for new hires and temporary employees .
                           B .A ., English, May 2006                                                                                       • Performed as senior leader during development of checkcard fraud team .
                           James Madison University (JMU), Harrisonburg, Virginia                                                          • Served as editor for department newsletter .
                           GPA 3 .75                                                                                                       • Monitored credit accounts for fraudulent activity and analyzed trends in fraud abuse .
                           Earned and financed 80% of college and living expenses
                                                                                                                                           Part-time Bank Teller, August 2005 – August 2006
             LICENSURE     English Education 6-12              Endorsement: Middle School                                                  Bank America, Harrisonburg, Virginia
                                                                                                                                           • Transacted consumer and commercial account business .
             TEACHING      Student Teacher, January – May 2009
             EXPERIENCE    James Madison Middle School, Roanoke City Schools, Roanoke, Virginia                           PROFESSIONAL     1st Vice President, Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA), 2007 - present
                           • Responsible for teaching 8th grade Language Arts during which students were                  AFFILIATIONS     • Work closely with Executive Board to develop and implement annual plans .
                              presented with poetry, drama and young adult novel units .                                                   • Conduct business meetings .
                           • Co-taught and extensively observed 8th grade American Studies classes .                                       • Schedule guest speakers and professional development programs .
     For a work            • Modify assignments for students at different ability levels .                                                 National Council of Teachers of English
     experience            • School population is diverse .                                                                                Virginia Association of Teachers of English
     taking place          • Conduct teacher research on improving grammar and mechanical skills through the                               James Madison University Alumni Association
     at present, or           process model of writing .                                                                                   The Sorority of Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumni Association
     scheduled for the
                           Teacher’s Aide, September – November 2008                                                      HONORS           Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education
     future: Use                                                                                                                           Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
                           Glenvar High School, Roanoke County Schools, Roanoke, Virginia
     present or future                                                                                                                     Golden Key Honor Society
                           • Observed a variety of teaching styles at the middle and high school levels .
     tense verbs to        • Organized and executed lesson plans for a 9th grade English novel unit .
     describe cur-                                                                                                        PORTFOLIO        http://www .arnez .com or available upon request
                           • Aided in advising the yearbook staff on interviewing, design and editing .
     rent or expected      • Fulfilled such tasks as grading, research, and reading inventories .
     work activities.
     Update verb           Field Experience, January – April 2008
     tense when            Fallon Park Elementary School, Roanoke City Schools, Roanoke, Virginia
     appropriate.          • Explored issues of literacy development with academically-challenged 4th graders
                           • Developed creative reading and writing strategies to increase students’ academic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                              confidence and interest .
                           • Aided in administering standardized testing .
                                                                                                                          Features of this resume:
             OTHER         Volunteer, June 2007 – present                                                                    T
                                                                                                                          •    wo pages are acceptable for teaching candidates and for professional positions in  
             RELEVANT      Big Brothers/Big Sisters of New Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, Virginia                                 higher education.
             EXPERIENCE    • Develop weekly educational, social, and cultural activities for 4th grade Little Sister .       P
                                                                                                                          •    lace your second page heading in the Header section (View > Header and Footer). 
                           • Act as a role model and mentor .                                                                DON’T simply insert it in your text. For someone else viewing your resume on-screen, 
                                                                                                                             the page break may not fall in the place you intend.
                           Assistant Editor, September 2005 – April 2006
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Virginia Tech

                           The Bluestone Yearbook, JMU, Harrisonburg, Virginia
                                                                                                                          •    hen providing a URL for online information (portfolio, etc.), make sure all your web 
                           • Selected and supervised staff .                                                                 site contents are strictly professional.
                           • Developed yearbook layout . Wrote and edited text .                                             S
                                                                                                                          •    ee Listing your personal web site URL on your resume at
                           • Worked closely with photographers and sales representatives .                                   SEARC/Resumes/web site.htm.
                                                                                                                          •    argins are .5 inch on all sides.
                                                                                                                          •  Font = Arial 10

           Knowledge, Skill, and Ability (KSA) Statement                                                                    Federal vs. Private Industry Resume
     A Knowledge, Skills and Abilities statement, also known as a KSA, is a series of narrative state-         Federal resumes are different from private resumes for a number of
     ments that accompanies most Federal resumes and applications when applying to federal job                 reasons . Here is a quick list of differences to keep in mind when you are
     openings . KSAs are typically a determining factor in the federal hiring process, and are usually
     rated using a point system from 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest) . Written in the first person,         converting your private industry resume into a federal resume .
     KSAs feature a series of 3 to 10 questions that aim at showcasing in details how your profile fits
     the requirements of the job opening .
         Knowledge: An organized body of information, usually of a factual or procedural nature,
         which, if applied, makes adequate performance on the job possible
         Skills: The proficient manual, verbal, or mental manipulation of data, people, or things .                          Private Industry                                Federal Resume
         Observable, quantifiable, measurable .
         Abilities: The power to perform an activity at the present time . Implied is a lack of discernible     Focused on the missions of the business         Focused on the mission of the agency,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Virginia Tech

         barriers, either physical or mental, to performing the activity .                                                                                      programs, and services

     One approach that is often used to answer KSA statements is the Context-Challenge-Action-                  Profit motivated                                Grant and budget motivated
     Results formula (CCAR) . This is a method to help keep your answers concise and on target . You
     can write about your personal experiences in paid employment, volunteer assignments, class                 Customer service for customers who buy          Customer service for the American public as
     projects, internships, or any other life experience . Be sure to include:                                  products                                        well as internal customers
         Context: The context should be the role you played in this example . Include the factors that
         contributed to the challenge .                                                                         Provides a product or service                   Provides a program or service . Implements
         Challenge: What was the specific problem that you faced that needed resolution? Describe                                                               Congressional legislation and laws
         the challenge of the situation .
         Action: What did you do that made a difference? What steps did you take?                               Markets business to select customer base        Markets, introduces, and informs the
         Result: What difference did it make? What was the outcome? Quantify your results whenever                                                              American public (similar to the private
         possible .                                                                                                                                             industry)
                                                                                                                One or two pages
                                                                                                                                                                Two to five pages is acceptable
     10 Tips for Writing a Great KSA                                                                            No social security number, supervisors, or
     1 .  Give at least one example per KSA .                                                                   salaries                                        Includes SSN, supervisors’ names, salaries
     2 .  Use a different example in each KSA statement .
     3 .  Use a consistent length and format . The typical length is  .5 to  .6 of one page .                   Fewer details in work descriptions
                                                                                                                                                                                                              2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     4 .  Pack in the information . Edit and tighten up the language so that you can give two examples                                                          More details for work descriptions so that
          in a short amount of time .                                                                                                                           keywords demonstrate your qualifications
     5 . Spell out all acronyms .                                                                                                                               for a job
     6 . Write in the first person, e .g ., “I serve as a point-of-contact for all inquiries that come to or    Creative, graphic, functional formats are
          office .”                                                                                             okay                                            Chronological, traditional format
     7 . Qualify your results and accomplishments .
     8 . Draw material for your KSAs from all points of your life .                                             Extracurriculars/Accomplishments are great
     9 . Use the proposal style set up for the first page of your KSA package .                                                                                 Extracurriculars/Accomplishments are great
     10 . Proofread your KSAs again and again . Career Services is a great place for review .                   Keywords are desirable
                                                                                                                                                                Keywords are needed
     Sample:                                                                                                    More succinct writing style
     Question: How have you displayed your ability to manage group budgets?                                                                                     Concise, yet informative content
     Response: (Context) As the Treasurer for the Student Government Association, (Challenge) I                 Honors, awards, and certifications are
                am responsible for managing a $20,000 annual budget with five major events for                  important                                       Honors, awards, and certifications are more
                a school of 8,000 students . Additionally, I am responsible for receiving fundraising                                                           important
                income, and preparing budget reports for executive board meetings . (Actions) To                High School information not needed past
                uphold these responsibilities, I have planned and carried out many fundraising activi-          your sophomore year of college                  High School information is often encouraged
                ties such as a school carnival and silent auction . I also conducted monthly board                                                              (especially name of HS)
                meetings in which members and students had the opportunity to voice their opinions .
                (Result) The Student Government Association has successfully increased the annual
                budget by $10,000 through fundraising efforts since 2008 .

     Cited from,

                                                                                                               Adapted from Jobseeker’s Guide . 2nd edition. Kathryn K. Troutman.
                                                                                        Federal Resume

                                          Anna S. Ward                                                                                                         Anna S. Ward SS# 222-33-4444 Pg 2
                                         1700 Foxrun Road
                                        Blacksburg VA 24060                                          Salary:	$8/hour;	20	hours	per	week	
                                           (555) 948-1404                                            Veterinary Assistant:	Work	directly	with	veterinarian	to	diagnose	and	treat	a	variety	of	
                                                                             domestic animal diseases and conditions. Assist with routine examinations and treatments.
                                                                                                     Maintain	facility,	lab	and	equipment.	
     SSN: 222-33-4444
     Citizenship: United States                                                                      TRI-CITIES	ANIMAL	HOSPITAL	January	2007	to	June	2008	
     Veterans Status: N/A                                                                            1100	Volunteer	Parkway,	Johnson	City,	Tennessee	37601	
     Federal Civilian Status: N/A                                                                    Supervisor: Andrea Santos (718) 444-2222
     Clearance: N/A                                                                                  Salary:	$7/hour;	8	hours	per	week	
     Languages: Spanish (Conversational, Moderate Speaking)                                          Animal Care Assistant: Worked	weekends	while	in	a	freshman	in	college.	Cared	for	domestic	
                                                                                                     animals,	cleaned	kennel	facilities,	and	provided	routine	hygiene.	Coordinated	animal	drop-offs	
     OBJECTIVE: CBP VETERINARY SPECIALIST Intern Position; Job Announcement                          and pick-ups.
     number MHC-05-156984-SJN
                                                                                                     HO	CLINIC	Summer	2007	
     SUMMARY OF RELEVANT LABORATORY SKILLS:                                                          Ho,	Ghana,	West	Africa	
     •	 P
        	 repared	specimens	for	laboratory	analysis	and	testing.	Prepared	and	stained	slides	for		   Supervisor: Ariana Logan; contact via Volunteers, Inc., NY, NY 800-222-3333
        microscopic	testing	for	specific	disease	pathogens.	                                         Salary:	Volunteer;	55	hours	per	week	
     •	 Skilled	in	the	use	of	laboratory	equipment	and	instrumentation.	                             Medical Assistant: Three-month	international	volunteer	assignment	in	a	third-world	African	
     •	 	 bserved	veterinary	surgical	and	autopsy	procedures	on	both	domestic	and	farm	animals.	
        O                                                                                            nation.	Lived	in	African	compound	and	worked	at	local	veterinary	hospital	that	cared	for	both	
        Provided	minor	assistance	as	requested.	                                                     animals	and	people	because	of	their	relatively	modern	laboratory	facilities.	Acquired	
     •	 B
        	 asic	skills	in	collecting	blood,	urine	and	feces	from	animals,	and	blood	specimens	from	   outstanding	hands-on	experience	in	phlebotomy,	hematology,	routine	and	emergency	surgical	
        humans.	Performed	red	and	white	blood	cell	counts.	                                          procedures,	field	autopsies	and	general	animal	health	care.	

     EDUCATION:                                                                                      ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE:
     Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA (expected May 2011)                                                FOOD	LION,	INC.	Summer	2006	
     Beginning	Junior	Year	toward	Bachelor	of	Science	in	Biology	                                    5500	Lee	Highway,	Bristol,	Virginia	24201	
     Department	of	Biology;	3.5	GPA	                                                                 Supervisor:	Mitch	Keys	(540)	555-1212	
     Relevant courses:                                                                               Salary:	$6.75/hour;	25	hours	per	week	
     Intro	to	Biology/Lab	                                                                           Cashier: Fast-paced	customer	service	position	in	a	high-volume	retail	grocery	store.	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Human	Biology	and	Disease	
     Anatomy	and	Physiology	and	Lab	                                                                 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:
     Intro to Animal Behavior and Lab                                                                •	 	 ember,	Southwest	Chapter	4-H	Club,	2007	to	present.	Won	Honorable	Mention	at	
                                                                                                        Virginia	State	Fair	for	wood	carving,	2008.	
     Thomas Jefferson High School, Bristol, Virginia; 2003 to 2007                                   •	 B
                                                                                                        	 reed	and	raise	Yellow	Labrador	puppies	for	resale.	Raise	and	care	for	pups	until	they	are	
     3.25	GPA	                                                                                          ready	to	go	to	individual	homes.	Interview	owners	to	place	pups	in	a	happy	and	healthy	
     Relevant	courses:	Biology,	Botany,	Chemistry	and	Physics	plus	laboratories	                        home. 2005 to present
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Virginia Tech

     RELATED EXPERIENCE (Paid and Unpaid):                                                               Key points:
     VALLEY	VIEW	ANIMAL	HOSPITAL	Summer	2008	                                                               U
                                                                                                         •    ndergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. students can apply for federal jobs and 
     2100 Main Street, Abingdon, Virginia 24210                                                             internships ( is a great place to look)
                                                                                                         •   f you have publications/presentations this is indeed a place for you to highlight!
     Supervisor:	Dr.	Henry	Johnson	(555)	898-1212
                                                                                                         •   t can be two-four pages long and includes some information not listed on a  
                                                                                                            private sector resume, such as: your social security number, veteran’s  
                                                                                                            preference, country of citizenship, and previous salaries
                                                                                                         •     more detailed, paragraph format is suggested over bulleted items in the  
                                                                                                            employment history category

                        Virginia Tech   2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Curriculum Vitae

                                                        2009-2010 Career Planning Guide       Virginia Tech

Job Search
Correspondence Principles
for Hard Copy and E-mail
1. For All Business Correspondence,
   Keep in Mind the Following
  • Individualize . While there are specific components to
    types of letters, each letter should be individually
    tailored and targeted to the recipient . There is no such
    thing as an effective “form letter” in a job search . (You
    know when you get a form letter in the mail; a prospec-
    tive employer knows too .)
  • Edit . Grammar, spelling and punctuation should be
    error-free; wording should be clear, concise and business-
    like; avoid gimmicky language and slang terms .
  • Be yourself . Be your formal, business-like self, but
    express yourself in a manner which is natural to you .
    Avoid too much “borrowing” of language from sample
    letters and friends’ letters . Use good examples as
    inspiration, but don’t copy .
  • Paper . Use 81/2 x 11 inch, good quality paper;               3. Cover Letters:                   Written communication
    preferably the same paper as used for your resume .              Letters of                       serves many purposes
    (Particularly for your resume, make sure you choose              Application and                  in a job search . In a
    paper which produces clean photocopies . Some                    Inquiry                          thorough job search, you
    papers with flecks make hazy copies .)                        Cover letters generally fall        will write many types of
  • Print quality for hard copies . Produce laser-quality         into one of two categories:         letters—hard copy and
    print; choose a proportionally spaced font (like this),          1 . Letter of application:       e-mail . Guidelines and
    rather than an evenly spaced font (like this) . You                  applying for a specific,     samples follow . Cover
    may choose either serif type (like this) or sans serif               advertised opening; (See     letters, which accom-
    type (like this) .                                                   samples 3 .1, 3 .2, 3 .3,    pany and introduce your
  • E-mail issues . E-mail is written correspondence . Apply             and 3 .4) and                resume, are perhaps
                                                                     2 . Letter of inquiry:           the most commonly
    the same rules as in hard copy correspondence: use
                                                                         expressing interest in an    discussed, but are not
    correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and                                                   the only letters you
                                                                         organization, but you are
    correctly use upper and lower case . See more about                                               will need . Letters also
                                                                         not certain if there are
    e-mail on the following pages .                                                                   precede, follow-up and
                                                                         current openings . (See
  • Record-keeping . Retain a copy of every letter and                   sample 3 .5)                 confirm verbal conver-
    e-mail you send and receive; mark your calendar for                                               sations, so they serve
    any appropriate follow-up .                                   Purpose:                            as a record and reminder
                                                                    • Explains why you are            of interactions, as well
2. Personalizing Your Correspondence                                  sending a resume . Don’t        as evidence of your
In addition to the items listed previously, there are                 send a resume without a         communication skills .
generally accepted guidelines for types of business                   cover letter; it’s discour-
letters . Guidelines and samples of specific types follow .           teous and naïve to do so .
In determining exactly how to word your own letter, think             Don’t make the reader guess what you are asking for;
about the purpose of your letter and details of your                  be specific: Do you want a summer internship oppor-
individual circumstances . For example, if you make a                 tunity, or a permanent position at graduation; are you
telephone call to an employer prior to sending a cover letter,        inquiring about future employment possibilities?
it makes sense for your letter to refer to the telephone call .     • Tells specifically how you learned about the
                                                                      position or the organization—a flyer posted in your
If you must respond to an employer’s letter to you, read the
                                                                      department, a web site, a family friend who works
letter carefully to draft an appropriate response.

                         Virginia Tech     2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

           at the organization . It is appropriate to mention the         • You visit a contact at their work site and
           name of someone who suggested that you write . The             • Any other contact for which you want to express
           employer wants to know how and where you learned                 thanks and develop a good relationship . (See
           about the company and the job .                                  samples 5 .1, 5 .2, 5 .3, 5 .4, and 5 .5)
       •   Convinces the reader to look at your resume . The cover
           letter will be seen first; therefore, it must be very well   6. Acknowledging a Job Offer
           written and targeted to that employer and the job .          Courtesy dictates that you acknowledge a written job offer,
           Pay attention to the qualifications listed in the job        even if you are not ready to accept or decline it . Take note
           descriptions . Market yourself accordingly!                  of the details of the offer and respond appropriately . Items
       •   Calls attention to elements of your background               to remember:
           (education, leadership, experience) that are relevant           • Thank the employer for the opportunity presented .
           to a position you are seeking . Be as specific as               • Indicate that you understand the terms of the offer, or
           possible, using examples .                                        if you don’t, ask for clarification .
       •   Reflects your attitude, personality, motivation,                • A smart employer will know that you need to consider
           enthusiasm, and communication skills .                            various employment options in order to make a
       •   Provides or refers to any information which is
                                                                             wise decision; you may need to compare the offer to
           specifically requested in a job advertisement which
                                                                             another pending offer .
           might not be covered in your resume (such as availability
                                                                           • However, you may need to make a decision before you
           date, or reference to an attached writing sample) .
                                                                             know whether or not you will receive another offer .
       •   Indicates what you will do to follow up .
                                                                           • Consult a Career Services advisor if you need
       •   In a letter of application (applying for an advertised
                                                                             assistance handling offers or making a decision . (See
           opening), applicants often say something like “I look
                                                                             sample 6 .1)
           forward to hearing from you .” However, it is advisable
           to take the initiative to follow up, saying something
           like, “I will contact you in the next two weeks to see if    7. Requesting an Extension of Deadline
           you require any additional information regarding my             to Respond to a Job Offer
           qualifications .”                                            In some cases you may need more time than the employer
       •   In a letter of inquiry (asking about the possibility of an   has allowed to make a decision:
           opening) don’t assume the employer will contact you .           • You may ask for an extension; the employer does not
           You should say something like, “I will contact you in             have to grant it .
           two weeks to learn more about upcoming employment               • Make sure you have a good reason for asking for
           opportunities with (name of organization) .” Then mark            an extension . Are you waiting to hear from another
           your calendar to make the call .                                  employer about an offer, or are you just hoping to get
                                                                             more interviews?
     4. Information-Seeking Letters                                        • Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for an extension;
     To draft an effective cover letter, you need to indicate that           this looks like you don’t think ahead and may indicate
     you know something about the employing organization .                   that you might behave the same way on the job .
     Sometimes, even with research efforts, you don’t have
                                                                           • Be tactful and diplomatic in your wording . (See
     enough information to do this . In such a case it is appropriate
                                                                             sample 7 .1)
     to write requesting information . (See sample 4 .1)

     After you receive the desired information you can then
                                                                        8. Declining a Job Offer
                                                                          • If you choose to decline a job offer, do so
     draft a follow-up letter which:
                                                                            courteously, in writing, after making a phone call .
       • thanks the sender for the information;
                                                                          • Never say anything negative in writing about the
       • explains why you would be a good job candidate for
                                                                            employer, even if you had a negative experience .
          that organization based on the information; and
       • explains why you are sending your resume . (See                  • If you had a very negative experience, discuss it with
          sample 5 .2)                                                      an advisor in Career Services .
                                                                          • A decision to decline an offer is usually based on the
     5. Thank-You / Follow-up Letters                                       fact that another offer is a better fit for your interests
       A thank-you letter should be written after:                          and goals . It is fine to state this, without giving details
       • An interview                                                       about why the declined offer is not a fit .
       • A contact is helpful to you in a telephone                       • It is not necessary to state whose offer you accepted,
          conversation                                                      but you may do so if you wish .
       • Someone mails/e-mails information to you at your                 • Remember that this employer may be a contact for
          request                                                           you in the future . Maintain professional, courteous
       • A contact was helpful to you at a career fair                      relations . (See sample 8 .1)

                                                        2009-2010 Career Planning Guide      Virginia Tech

9. Accepting an Offer and Withdrawing                               • DON’T start off, “Hi, my name is… .” Just as in a
   From Search for Other Jobs                                         business letter, your name is at the conclusion of
Accepting a job offer ethically obligates you to cease job            the letter . DO start, just as in a business letter, by
search efforts and to notify other prospective employers              explaining why you are writing . Be brief and clear, and
that you must withdraw your name from their consideration .           cordial .
(See samples 9 .1 and 9 .2)                                         • DO use a business-like writing style, just as with
                                                                      hard copy correspondence . With friends, for social
10. E-mail or Hard Copy?                                              purposes, you can treat e-mail like verbal conversation .
For most business correspondence, you can use hard copy               Business e-mails should be more formal than verbal
or e-mail . When you’re unsure which to use, consider the             conversation .
following:                                                          • DO include a clear signature block at the close of
   • Hard copy is more formal than e-mail . If the employer           your e-mail content . It should include your name,
     does not have a web site that invites e-mail, or you             mailing address, phone and return e-mail address .
     haven’t been otherwise invited to correspond to
                                                                      After your name you could include your major and year
     the employer via e-mail, you may wish to begin with
                                                                      in school, as in “Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering,
     hard copy correspondence . If the employer replies
                                                                      Virginia Tech .”
     to you by e-mail, you can use e-mail for subsequent
     contacts .                                                     • DON’T include a URL for a web site that is not
   • When a job ad invites you to apply online, do it, and            strictly professional in content or relevant to your
     follow instructions precisely . E-mail and employers’            career interests . Employers are busy and are not inter-
     web sites often make the process easier for both you             ested in spending time looking at pictures of
     and the employer .                                               students’ pets; or worse, their friends wearing
   • If you’ve found access to use e-mail (job ad or web              lampshades . And if they do see this, they’re likely
     site invites this), but there are no instructions on how         to decide you lack the judgment and maturity to be
     to submit your resume, do this:                                  considered as a job candidate .
           - Write your e-mail as a cover letter .
           - Also include your resume text in the e-mail (see     You make a better impression by including a cover
             E-mailing Resumes on page 36) .                      letter . The cover letter will introduce your resume to the
           - In addition, state in your e-mail that you are       employer and, if well written, will prompt the employer to
             attaching your cover letter and your resume as       read the resume for more details .
             MS Word® documents (and do so) .
           - You’ve thus given the employer the option to
                                                                  Even if you just spoke to an employer on the phone, at
             view your documents as s/he chooses .
                                                                  a career fair, or otherwise, and put your resume in the
   • When you have the opportunity, as in meeting an
     employer at a job fair, ASK the employer’s prefer-           mail that same day, a cover letter is essential for several
     ence for e-mail or hard copy . When you’re given the         reasons:
     employer’s business card, or she tells you to visit the        • Don’t assume you are the only person to whom the
     company web site and follow up, you can say, “Would               employer has spoken . Busy people need a reminder
     it be appropriate for me to e-mail you (or whomever               of why your resume is arriving in the mail .
     she’s told you to contact)?”                                   • Don’t assume the person you spoke to is the one who
   • When speed is necessary, use e-mail .                             will open your envelope . A cover letter explains why
                                                                       your resume is showing up in the mail .
E-mail guidelines                                                    • A cover letter is a basic professional courtesy . You
All the principles of written correspondence apply to both             are trying to present yourself as a person who is
hard copy and e-mail, with some additional guidelines for              ready to enter the professional world . You will be
e-mail:                                                                evaluated on every detail of your behavior, conduct,
   • DO use a subject line that would be logical to the
                                                                       presentation, and communication skills . A cover
      recipient, like “Application for business analyst posi-
                                                                       letter exhibits your communication skills and reflects
      tion .” Meaningless subject lines include “Can you
                                                                       your judgment and maturity .
      help me?,” or “Read this .” If you leave the subject line
      blank and the recipient does not recognize your e-mail        • A cover letter is an opportunity to call attention to
      address, s/he may simply delete your e-mail without              your strengths, interests and qualifications in a
      reading it .                                                     different manner than you do in your resume .
   • DON’T use an inappropriate e-mail address or nick-             • A cover letter is personalized to the individual to whom
      name . Sending e-mail from partyman@xxx .com is a                you are writing, while your resume is not .
      good way to have your e-mail deleted without being            • NEVER mail a resume without a cover letter . (See job
      read .                                                           search correspondence for more details .)

         Virginia Tech      2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                                 Cover Letter Format Guidelines

     Your Street Address
                                                                        Page layout choices:
     City, State Zip Code                                               Hard copy letters can be:
     Telephone Number                                                   •  Block style, with all text flush with 
     E-mail Address                                                        the left margin 
                                                                        •  Indented, with your address block, 
     Month Day, Year                                                       the date and your signature block 
                                                                           indented to center, and paragraphs 
                                                                           undented to 5 spaces.
     Mr ./Ms ./Dr . Name
     Name of Organization
     Street or P . O . Box Address
     City, State Zip Code

     Dear Mr ./Ms ./Dr .:

     Opening paragraph: State why you are writing; how you learned of the organization or position,
     and basic information about yourself .

     Body: Tell why you are interested in the employer or type of work the employer does (Simply
     stating that you are interested does not tell why, and can sound like a form letter) . Demonstrate
     that you know enough about the employer or position to relate your background to the employer or
     position . Mention specific qualifications that make you a good fit for the employer’s needs . This
     is an opportunity to explain in more detail relevant items in your resume . Refer to the fact that your
     resume is enclosed . Mention other enclosures if such are required to apply for a position .

     Closing: Indicate that you would like the opportunity to interview for a position or to talk with the
     employer to learn more about their opportunities or hiring plans . State what you will do to follow
     up, such as telephone the employer within two weeks . If you will be in the employer’s location and
     could offer to schedule a visit, indicate when . State that you would be glad to provide the employer
     with any additional information needed . Thank the employer for her/his consideration .


     (Your handwritten signature)

     Your name typed

     Enclosure(s) (refers to resume, etc .)

     (Note: the contents of your letter might best be arranged into four paragraphs. Consider what you
     need to say and use good writing style. See the following examples for variations in organization
     and layout.)

                      Sample 3.1: Letter of Application                                                      Sample 3.2: Letter of Application Sent via E-mail

     E-2 Apartment Heights Dr .                                                                             April 14, 2010
     Blacksburg, VA 24060
     (540) 555-0101
     abcd@vt .edu
                                                                                                            Mr. William Jackson
                                                                                                            Employment Manager
     February 22, 2010                                                                                      Acme Pharmaceutical Corporation
     Dr . Michael Rhodes, Jr .
     Principal, Wolftrap Elementary School                                                                  Dear Mr. Jackson:
     1205 Beulah Road
     Vienna, VA 22182                                                                                       I am writing to apply for your sales representative position (number  
     Dear Dr . Rhodes:
                                                                                                            sdr-324-782) for the Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina areas; I found 
                                                                                                            the position posted on Hokies4Hire. I am very interested in a position with 
     I enjoyed our conversation on February 19th at the Family and Child Development seminar on             Acme Pharmaceuticals because I know your reputation through a former 
     teaching young children and appreciated your personal input about helping children attend              classmate, Joan Abrams, who now works in your Northeast region. I 
     school for the first time . This letter is to follow-up on the Fourth Grade Teacher position as        believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for 
     discussed at the seminar . I will be completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Child      the position.
     Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Education at Virginia Tech in May of 2010,
     and will be available for employment at that time .                                                    While working toward my master’s degree, I was employed as a sales  
     The teacher preparation program at Virginia Tech includes a full academic year of student teaching .
                                                                                                            representative with a small dairy foods firm. I increased my sales volume 
     Last semester I taught second grade and this semester, fourth grade . These valuable experiences       and profit margin appreciably while at Farmer’s Foods, and hope to couple 
     have afforded me the opportunity to:                                                                   that success with the challenges and rewards of the pharmaceutical  
                                                                                                            industry. I have a strong academic background in biology and marketing, 
       • develop lesson plans on a wide range of topics and varying levels of academic ability,             and think that I could apply that knowledge and my experience to the 
       • work with emotionally and physically challenged students in a total inclusion program,             health industry.
       • observe and participate in effective classroom management approaches,
       • assist with parent-teacher conferences, and                                                        My resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position, is 
       • complete In-Service sessions on diversity, math and reading skills, and community relations .
                                                                                                            attached and below.
     Through my early childhood education courses, I have had the opportunity to work in a private day
     care facility, Rainbow Riders Childcare Center, and in Virginia Tech’s Child Development               I look forward to talking with you, and will call you within the next week to 
     Laboratory . Both centers were NAEYC accredited . At both locations, my responsibilities included      answer any questions you may have.
     leading small and large group activities, helping with lunches and snacks, and implementing
     appropriate activities . My work in the Child Development Laboratory provided me with extensive        Thank you for your consideration.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     knowledge of developmentally appropriate activities and materials .
     I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice in the public school system .
     Next week I will be in Vienna, and I plan to call you then to answer any questions that you may have
                                                                                                            Lynn A. Johnson
     at that time . I can be reached before then at (540) 555-7670 . Thank you for your consideration .     5542 Hunt Club Lane, #1
                                                                                                            Blacksburg, VA 24060                              In e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                               •    here’s obviously no need 
     Sincerely,                                                                                             540-555-8888                                          to leave space for your 
                                                                                                                                        handwritten signature; not  
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Virginia Tech

                                                                                                                                                                  applicable in e-mail.
                                                                                                            Attachment: Resume included below and                Y
                                                                                                                                                              •    our address block follows 
     Donna Harrington                                                                                       attached MS Word document                            your name, at the end of  
                                                                                                                                                                 the text.

                                                                                                                                    Sample 3.4: Letter of Inquiry
                         Sample 3.3: Letter of Application                                                                         About Employment Possibilities

     250 Prices Fork Road                                                                                       123 Ascot Lane
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                                       Blacksburg, VA 24060
     (540) 555-1234                                                                                             (540) 555-2556
     ghijkl@vt .edu                                                                                              abcd@vt .edu

     March 14, 2010                                                                                             December 22, 2009

     Ms . Charlene Prince                                                                                       Mr . Robert Burns
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Virginia Tech

     Director of Personnel                                                                                      President, Template Division
     Large National Bank Corporation                                                                            MEGATEK Corporation
     Roanoke, VA 24040                                                                                          9845 Technical Way
                                                                                                                Arlington, VA 22207
     Dear Ms . Prince:
                                                                                                                Dear Mr . Burns:
     As I indicated in our telephone conversation yesterday, I would like to apply for the marketing research
     position you advertised in the March 12th edition of the Roanoke Times and World News. With my             I learned of your company through the Career Search Database at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
     undergraduate research background, my training in psychology and sociology, and my work                    State University’s Career Services Office, and I visited your web site to learn more about your
     experience, I believe I could make a valuable contribution to Large National Bank Corporation in           business and projects . In May 2010 I will graduate with a Master’s degree in Mechanical
     this position .                                                                                            Engineering and would be interested in a software engineering position with MEGATEK .

     In May I will receive a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Virginia          As a graduate student, I am one of six members on a software development team where we are
     Polytechnic Institute and State University . As part of the requirements for this degree, I am involved    writing a computer aided aircraft design program for NASA . My responsibilities include designing,
     in a senior marketing research project that provides experience interviewing and surveying research        coding, and testing of a graphical portion of the program which requires the use of GIARO for graphics
     subjects and assisting with the analysis of the data collected . I also have completed a course in         input and output . I have a strong background in computer aided design, software development,
     statistics and research methods .                                                                          and engineering, and believe that these skills would benefit the designing and manufacturing
                                                                                                                aspects of Template software . Enclosed is my resume which further outlines my qualifications .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     In addition to academic work, my experience also includes working part-time as a bookkeeper in a
     small independent bookstore with an annual budget of approximately $150,000 .00 . Because of the           I am very interested in working for MEGATEK, and would like the opportunity to discuss a position
     small size of this business, I have been exposed to and participated in most aspects of managing a         with you . I will contact you in a week or ten days to answer any questions you may have and to see if
     business, including advertising and marketing . As the bookkeeper, I produced monthly sales reports        you need any other information from me . Thank you for your consideration .
     that allow the owner/buyer to project seasonal inventory needs . I also assisted with the
     development of ideas for special promotional events and calculated book sales proceeds after               Sincerely,
     each event in order to evaluate its success .

     I believe that the combination of my business experience and social science research training is
     well-suited to the marketing research position you described . I have enclosed a copy of my resume
                                                                                                                William Stevens
     with additional information about my qualifications . Thank you for your consideration . I look forward
     to receiving your reply .

     Jessica Lawrence

                         Sample 3.5: Letter of Inquiry
                         About Internship Possibilities                                                         Sample 4.1: Information-Seeking Letter

     2343 Blankinship Road                                                                             23 Roanoke Street
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                              Blacksburg, VA 24060
     (540) 555-2233                                                                                    (540) 555-1123
     slgim@vt .edu
                                                                                                       e-mail: xyzpdg@aol .com
     February 12, 2010
                                                                                                       October 23, 2009
     Ms . Sylvia Range
     Special Programs Assistant                                                                        Mr . James G . Webb
     Marion County Family Court Wilderness Challenge                                                   Delon Hampton & Associates
     303 Center Street                                                                                 800 K Street, N .W ., Suite 720
     Marion, VA 24560                                                                                  Washington, DC 20001-8000
     Dear Ms . Range:
                                                                                                       Dear Mr . Webb:
     I am completing my junior year at Virginia Tech, and am seeking an internship working with
     high-school age youth in an outdoor setting . I am double-majoring in Sociology and Family and    I will be graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
     Child Development and have a strong interest and experience in outdoor activities . I learned     in May 2010, and am researching employment opportunities in the Washington
     about your Wilderness Challenge program for troubled juveniles through Internet research,         area . I obtained your name through Career Services’ VT CareerLink alumni
     and am writing to inquire about possible internship or summer job possibilities .                 database, and very much appreciate your volunteering to help students learn more
                                                                                                       about career opportunities in your field . I am interested in learning more about
     My background and coursework have supplied me with an understanding of dealing with
                                                                                                       Delon Hampton & Associates, particularly the types of clients your firm serves,
     the adolescent community and with many skills that are a good match for your program . For
     example:                                                                                          and the manner in which the architects in your firm began their careers .

     • I worked as a hotline assistant for a local intervention center . I counseled teenagers about   I will call you next week to see if it would be possible to arrange a telephone
       personal concerns and referred them, when necessary, to appropriate professional                appointment, or perhaps arrange to visit your office if that would be convenient .
       services for additional help .                                                                  I will be in the Washington area during the week of November 19 . Thank you for
                                                                                                       your consideration of my request, and I look forward to talking with you .
     • I have been active at the university as a resident hall assistant, which requires me to
       establish rapport with fifty residents and advise them on personal matters, as well as
       university policies . In addition, I develop social and educational programs and activities
       each semester for up to 200 participants .

     • I have extensive camping, hiking and canoeing experience .
                                                                                                                                                                                            2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                                                                                                       Michael Huang
     My enclosed resume provides additional details about my background .

     I will be in the Marion area during my Spring break, March 1 - March 8, and plan to contact
     you at that time to inquire about an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your program .

     Thank you for your consideration .
                                                                                                                                                                                            Virginia Tech


     Stacy Lee Gimble

     Encl .

                                                                                                                        Sample 5.2: Follow-up Letter to
              Sample 5.1: Follow-up to Telephone Call                                                                    Information-Seeking Meeting
                                                                                                      23 Roanoke Street
     30 Academy Road                                                                                  Blacksburg, VA 24060
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                             (540) 555-1123
     (540) 555-3333                                                                                   e-mail: 12345@vt .edu
     mnop@vt .edu
                                                                                                      November 30, 2009
     February 10, 2010
                                                                                                      Mr . James G . Webb
     Ms . Jane Roden                                                                                  Delon Hampton & Associates
                                                                                                                                                                                              Virginia Tech

     United Way                                                                                       800 K Street, N .W ., Suite 720
     2300 E . Broad Street                                                                            Washington, DC 20001-8001
     Richmond, VA 23219
                                                                                                      Dear Mr . Webb:
     Dear Ms . Roden:
                                                                                                      Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me last
     Thank you for talking with me on Wednesday in response to my inquiry about                       Tuesday . It was very helpful to me to learn so much about the current projects of
     summer internship possibilities in social services in the Richmond area . After                  Delon Hampton & Associates and the career paths of several of your staff . I
     speaking with you and another Virginia Tech alumnus whose name I obtained                        appreciate your reviewing my portfolio and encouraging my career plans . I also
     through VT CareerLink at Career Services, I think I am much better prepared to                   enjoyed meeting Beth Ormond, and am glad to have her suggestions on how I can
     pursue internship opportunities .                                                                make the most productive use of my last semester in college .

     On your advice, I have updated my resume, emphasizing my recent hotline volunteer                Based on what I learned from my visit to your firm and other research I have done,
     activities . A copy is enclosed for you . I also plan to contact Deborah Warren as you           I am very interested in being considered for employment with your firm in the
     suggested, and appreciate your giving me her name .                                              future . I will be available to begin work after I graduate in May 2010 . As you saw
                                                                                                      from my portfolio, I have developed strong skills in the area of historical docu-
                                                                                                                                                                                              2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Thank you for inviting me to visit your office . I will be in Richmond during spring break, so   mentation and this is a good match for the types of projects in which your firm
     I will call your office two weeks prior to see if it would be convenient to schedule a visit .   specializes . I have enclosed a copy of my resume to serve as a reminder of my
                                                                                                      background, some of which I discussed with you when we met .
     Again, thank you so much for your help and advice . I look forward to meeting with you in
     March .                                                                                          During the next few months I will stay in contact with you in hopes that there may be
                                                                                                      an opportunity to join your firm . Thank you again for your generous help .

     Melinda Worley

                                                                                                      Michael Huang
           Sample 5.3: Follow-up to Personal Contact                                                  Sample 5.4: Thank-You for Initial Interview
     909 Prices Fork Road                                                                      400C Hunter Ridge
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                      Blacksburg, VA 24060
     (540) 555-1111                                                                            (540) 555-1111
     abcde@vt .edu                                                                             boles@vt .edu

                                                                                               October 18, 2009
     December 1, 2009
                                                                                               Mr . Glenn Wright
     Ms . Marcia H . Meeks                                                                     Human Resources Manager
     30 Locke Lane                                                                             Fashion Department Store
     Richmond, VA 23219                                                                        2000 Line Drive
                                                                                               Fairfax, VA 22030
     Dear Ms . Meeks:
                                                                                               Dear Mr . Wright:
     Thank you so much for your time and advice during my visit to your office last
                                                                                               I enjoyed interviewing with you during your recruiting visit to Virginia Tech on October 5 .
     week . I very much appreciate your inviting me to visit since this was my first           The management trainee program you outlined sounds both challenging and rewarding
     experience seeing the hands-on work which takes place in a design department .            and I look forward to your decision concerning an on-site visit .
     I learned a great deal, and hope to share what I learned with members of our
     student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers .                           As mentioned during the interview, I will be graduating in December with a Bachelor’s
                                                                                               degree in Fashion Merchandising . Through my education and experience I’ve gained
     After January, I will be in contact with you again to explore the possibility of          many skills, as well as an understanding of retailing concepts and dealing with the
     arranging a summer internship with your firm . As I mentioned to you when we              general public . I have worked seven years in the retail industry in various positions
     met, I had an opportunity to work on an intense, four-day interdisciplinary project       from Salesclerk to Assistant Department Manager . I think my education and work
                                                                                               experience would compliment Fashion’s management trainee program .
     judged by faculty in which my team received top honors . I gained valuable
     teamwork, problem-solving and presentation skills and learned to work effectively         I have enclosed a copy of my college transcript and a list of references that you
     with students studying to enter different professions . I believe my skills would         requested .
     make me an asset to an organization like yours which often must produce excellent
     work under tight time constraints .                                                       Thank you again for the opportunity to interview with Fashion Department Store . I am
                                                                                               very interested in becoming a part of your management team . I can be reached at
     Thank you again for all your help, and I look forward to talking with you in the coming   (540) 555-1111 should you need additional information .
     months .
                                                                                                                                                                                              2009-2010 Career Planning Guide


                                                                                               Marianne Boles

                                                                                               Enclosures: transcript, references
                                                                                                                                                                                              Virginia Tech

     José Via

                           Virginia Tech       2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                                         Sample 5.5: Thank-You for On-Site Interview
                                          170 Roanoke Street
                                          Blacksburg, VA 24060
                                          (540) 555-6241
                                          E-mail: xyz@vt .edu

                                          March 3, 2010

                                          Ms . Patricia Smith
                                          Personnel Manager
                                          Sheldon Computers and Electronics
                                          1212 Lark Lane
                                          Richmond, VA 23230

                                          Dear Ms . Smith:
                                          Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and see your facilities last
                                          Wednesday . Both the interview and the tour made for an exciting and complete
                                          day .
                                          I was particularly impressed with your warehousing procedures . Mr . Allen was so
                                          thorough in explaining your process to me, and I will be corresponding directly
                                          with him to express my appreciation . Incidentally, the process you use is quite
                                          similar to one I have been researching through an independent study this term .
                                          Perhaps I can share my final report with you and Mr . Allen .
                                          The expense report you requested is enclosed .
                                          Again, thank you for your hospitality . I am quite interested in Sheldon Computers
                                          and Electronics, and look forward to your decision .


                                          Jim Richardson


      Sample 6.1: Acknowledging a Job Offer                                             Sample 7.1: Request for Extension of
                       (neither accepting nor declining)                               Deadline for Accepting or Rejecting a Job
                                                                                              Offer, via E-mail for Speed
     444 University Road
     Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                               March 1, 2010
     (540) 555-9876
     xyzabc@vt .edu                                                                     Dr . Thomas G . Jones
                                                                                        Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
     July 1, 2010                                                                       tgjones@xxxyyyzzz .gov

     Grand Hotel Inc .                                                                  Dear Dr . Jones:
     8899 Jefferson Street
     Roanoke, VA 24022                                                                  Thank you for your telephone call and letter of last week offering
                                                                                        me the position of Wildlife Biologist with the Oregon Department
     Dear “insert name of contact”:                                                     of Fish and Wildlife . I am excited about the opportunity this
                                                                                        position offers both in terms of job duties and location .
     I am acknowledging your letter offering me the catering and sales
     representative position with Grand Hotel, Incorporated . Thank you                 You asked that I make a decision by March 20 . This is an
     very much for offering me this exciting opportunity . The terms of                 important decision and I do not have all the information I need
     your offer are clear, and I am certain I will be able to give you a                in order to make this decision by that date . Would it be possible
     response by your requested deadline of July 16 . I appreciate your                 for me to supply you with my decision by March 27? I would very
     allowing me ample time to consider your offer so that I can be sure                much appreciate such an extension, and assure you that I will be
     my decision will be in the best interest of both my career goals                   able to make a firm decision by that date .
     and the needs of your corporation .
                                                                                        Thank you very much for your consideration of my request .
     In the meantime, should I have any questions, I will call you .
     Please do not hesitate to call me if I can provide you with any                    Sincerely,
     needed information .                                                               Suzanne George
                                                                                        343 Jefferson Street
     Yours truly,                                                                       Blacksburg, VA 24060
                                                                                        sgeo@vt .edu
     Paula Morgan
     Paula Morgan

                                                                   2009-2010 Career Planning Guide                         Virginia Tech

                                               Sample 8.1: Declining a Job Offer
                                       900 Town Road
                                       Blacksburg, VA 24060
                                       (540) 555-9009
                                       myname@vt .edu

                                       April 20, 2010

                                       Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs
                                       343 Third Street, NW
                                       Washington, DC 20201-0343

                                       Dear “insert name of contact”:

                                       Thank you very much for your telephone call and letter offering me the
                                       position of Assistant Project Coordinator with the Citizens Network for
                                       Foreign Affairs . While I believe firmly in the mission of your organization and
                                       appreciate the challenging opportunity you offer, I have had another offer
                                       which I believe more closely matches my current career goals and interests .
                                       Therefore, although it was a difficult decision, I must decline your offer . I do
                                       appreciate all the courtesy and hospitality extended to me by your office, and
                                       I wish you well in your endeavors .

                                       In the position I have accepted with Public Policy Watch, I will occasionally
                                       be on Capitol Hill to attend hearings and monitor legislation, so I hope we
                                       can get together again and talk about common interests .

                                       Best regards,

                                       Martin Chang
                                       Martin Chang

                                                                                  Sample 9.2: Withdrawing From Job Search,
  Sample 9.1: Acceptance of a Job Offer                                              via E-mail; Follow-up to Phone Call
1234 College Road                                                                  March 1, 2010
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 555-0000                                                                     Ms . Vera L . Clark
e-mail : myname@vt .edu                                                            Green Magazine
                                                                                   1515 New York Ave ., N .W .
March 1, 2010                                                                      Washington, DC 20006
                                                                                   vclark@greenmag .com
Mr . Johnathon P . Summers
Summers Fruit Company                                                              Dear Ms . Clark:
1678 Plantation Road
Atlanta, GA 46201                                                                  I want to express my sincerest appreciation to you for including me
                                                                                   in the interview process as you seek candidates for your magazine’s
Dear Mr . Summers:                                                                 Editorial Assistant position . I have enjoyed meeting with the
                                                                                   members of your staff and think you have an outstanding operation .
Thank you for your offer of employment as a grower at your Fruit-
ville, Florida site . I am delighted to accept your offer and look                 However, to confirm our telephone conversation of this morning, I
forward to beginning work with Summers Fruit Company .                             respectfully withdraw from consideration for your position . I have
                                                                                   just accepted another employment offer which I believe very closely
You indicated that I will be receiving a salary of $______ per year,               matches my current skills and career goals .
and will have initial duties reporting to Andrea Caruso . As your offer
stated, I will begin work on August 1st . In mid-July, after                       I wish you and the staff of Green Magazine the best of success . I
relocating to the area, I will call you to see what information or                 hope we will have the chance to visit at the upcoming Magazine
materials I may need before August 1st . In the meantime, please                   Writers’ Conference . Thank you again for the opportunity to explore
let me know if I can provide you with any information .                            career possibilities with your office .

Again, thank you for offering me this exciting opportunity .                       Sincerely,

Sincerely,                                                                         Amanda Vonn
                                                                                   1234 College Road
                                                                                   Blacksburg, VA 24060
                                                                                   (540) 555-0000
Rebecca Atkinson                                                                   avonn@vt .edu

                        Virginia Tech     2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Technology Use
     as an Essential Component in Your Job Search
     Guidelines for
     Making Telephone Calls
     • DO be courteous to
       everyone with whom you speak . Never treat support
       personnel in a disrespectful manner; the person you are
       trying to impress will hear about it, and no one wants to
       hire people who behave rudely to anyone .
     • DO identify yourself and be clear about the purpose
       of your call . Make reference to any previous contact to
       remind the person why you are calling .
     • DO speak clearly and state your full name so it can be
       understood .
     • DO ask the person if this is a convenient time to talk . If
       you want to talk to someone at length—e .g ., to
       conduct an informational interview, etc .—you should                 Sure, Facebook Can Be
       ask to schedule a mutually convenient time for a phone
       appointment . Then you make the call at the agreed-upon              Risky—But It Can Be
       time and stay within the limits of the time set .                    Rewarding, Too!
     • When leaving messages, SLOW DOWN when you state
       your phone number . DON’T make your listener have to                 By now you should have heard
       re-play the message three times in order to write down               enough warnings about the
       your number .
     • In asking for information, wherever possible, DO use
                                                                            potential dangers associated with
       open-ended questions rather than questions which are                 social networking web sites like
       likely to be answered with “yes” or “no .” For example,              Facebook and MySpace . So, rather
       instead of, “Will you have any openings in June?” say,               than repeating what you already
       “I’m interested in learning about your hiring plans for              know, here’s something you may
       management trainees this summer .” Your goal is to
                                                                            not have explored . . .you can use
       start a conversation in which you gain information that
       will help in your job search.                                        such web sites to your ADVANTAGE!
                                                                            For example:

     When Employers Don’t Return Your                                       • Use the “About Me” section
     Calls/Follow-up                                                          of the Facebook profile to
     • If you are initiating a contact with an employer, don’t                boast about your skills and
       assume or expect that the employer will return your                    qualifications .
       call . You may need to leave a message, and call again
       a week later . If your third attempt to reach an employer
                                                                            • In your “Photo Album” place
       is unsuccessful and the employer does not call you,
       this may be a sign that you should direct your job search              pictures that show you in leader-
       efforts elsewhere .                                                    ship positions, accepting awards,
     • If someone you have had contact with does not return                   presenting professionally, and
       your call, try again in a week . Keep in mind that most                participating in community
       working people are not constantly available to take calls              activities .
       and do have other work to take care of . Don’t always
       expect an instant return of your call . Indicate best times
       to reach you if it is important that you speak directly with
                                                                            • Use your “Wall or Comments”
       someone . However, don’t assume that the best times                    section as a reference list . Have
       for you are the best times for the employer . Even people              people write positive comments
       who put in long work hours have lives away from work .                 on your abilities and successes .
       If your calls are never returned, try someone else in the
       company . If no one returns you calls over an extended               *P .S . Career Services has a
       time, this is telling you something about the company .
                                                                            Facebook Account—
                                                                            HOKIE JOE . Add him today!!
                                                      2009-2010 Career Planning Guide        Virginia Tech

Receiving Calls From Employers                                    • If an employer calls you at an inconvenient time—
Once your job search begins, your telephone becomes a               you’re headed out the door for an exam, etc .—it is
business tool . Be prepared:                                        perfectly appropriate to explain . “I’m so sorry but I am
                                                                    on a tight schedule to catch the bus for an exam . Could
• Clean up your voice mail or answering machine                     I please call you back at a time convenient to you?”
  message . Make it clear, brief and to the point so the            And typically, an employer calling you will perform the
  employer knows she is reaching the correct number and             basic courtesy of asking you if this is a convenient time
  person . Employers are usually calling long distance and          to talk (and you should do the same when you make
  don’t need to listen to a lengthy message . No clever-            calls) .
  ness, jokes or music with messages .
                                                                  Cell Phone Issues
• Clean out your messages if you have the type of                 A telephone conversation is a private conversation
  answering machine that beeps once for each message              between the parties to the phone call . Unfortunately,
  that has been left . Employers don’t need to listen to 14       cell phone use has led many people to conduct phone
  beeps before they can leave their messages .                    conversations as a form of public performance . This is
                                                                  annoying and discourteous to others and to the person to
• Roommate / housemate issues: Remind your roommates              whom you are ostensibly speaking by phone .
  that you may get calls from employers . Some employers
  call students prior to 8:00 a .m . to increase the likeli-      Some issues related to your job search:
  hood of reaching you at home . If you are unavailable to
  take calls, your roommates should not say anything about        • Should you list a cell phone number for employers?
  you that you would not want repeated in an interview . If         Maybe, if it’s a reliable place to receive messages . But
  your roommates aren’t prepared to speak in a cordial              DON’T answer it if you are not in an environment
  manner or take an accurate message at particular times,           appropriate to receive business calls (noisy surroundings,
  ask them not to answer the phone . A message from                 competing conversations from others, etc .) .
  “someone from some company” won’t help you much .
                                                                  • Under no circumstances should you interrupt a
• Never interrupt a phone conversation with an employer             conversation with an employer—interview or other—to
  because you have another call on call waiting . It is             receive a cell phone call . This is one of the worst
  incredibly rude to put a prospective employer on hold .           etiquette breaches you can commit .

                                            More on Business
                                      Etiquette and Communication
                           • See Career Services’ web site at www .career .vt .edu > A-Z index >
                             business etiquette, e-mail, correspondence, and other topics .

                           • If you are a newcomer to the world of business communication and
                             etiquette, invest in a good business etiquette book that will help you
                             both in your job search and in your career long term .

                         Virginia Tech      2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     1. Face-to-Face Interview
     Because each interviewer is different, there are many types
     of interviews . Some interviewers are skilled at interviewing;
     others are not . Some are talkative; others let you do most of
     the talking . Most interviews, however, will range from open-
     ended, in which the interviewer asks questions and lets you
     do most of the talking, to the highly structured, in which the
     interviewer asks many specific questions following a
     pre-planned format . Many interviews will fall between these
     extremes; you should be prepared for any style . The sample
     interview that follows is typical in that it has four stages .

     A . Introductory Stage
     The interviewer will establish rapport and create a relaxed,
     though businesslike, atmosphere . This is where the
     interviewer gets the very important first impression of you .

     B . Review of Your Background and Interests
     This usually takes the form of “what,” “why,” “where,”
     and “when” types of questions . Interviewers might ask a
     question like “tell me about yourself” or something similar
     to that . Focus on what you are like, and what you have             Dressing for Success
     accomplished, your academic and work background, and
     your goals . One objective here is to see if your qualifications
                                                                           • Clean, manicured fingernails
     match your declared work interests . Give concise, but
                                                                           • Neat hair
     thorough, responses to questions .
                                                                           • Polished shoes
                                                                           • Natural-looking make-up
     C . Matching Begins
                                                                           • Long-sleeved shirts if wearing a suit
     Assuming you have the necessary qualifications, the
     interviewer will begin the process of determining whether             • Clean and neatly pressed clothes that fit properly
     the employer has job openings that match your interests
     and qualifications . If there seems to be a match, the              Unprofessional
     interviewer will probably explain job details to see how              • Baggy stockings, saggy socks, no stockings or socks
     interested you are in the position .                                  • Perfumes or colognes
                                                                           • Boots
     D . Conclusion                                                        • Costume jewelry
     In this stage, the interviewer should explain what the                • Hair jewelry (if functional, it’s okay)
     next steps are in the application process . Be sure you               • For men, gold medallions, charms; for women, low
     understand them . Promptly provide any additional                       necklines, high hemlines .
     information requested . There should be ample opportunity
     for you at this point to ask any questions you have .
                                                                        your credentials, you may want to consider investing in an
     To assist you in preparing for an interview, you might
                                                                        “interviewing outfit .” For both men and women, one suit
     participate in the Mock Interview Program .
                                                                        should be sufficient . Men may want to have a shirt and
                                                                        tie change, and women a blouse change, to create two
     2. Your Appearance                                                 different appearances . Career Services staff members will
     In preparing for your interview, do not underestimate
                                                                        be happy to discuss this topic with you . Additional informa-
     the importance of your personal appearance . Obviously,
                                                                        tion on dressing for the interview can be found in the Career
     personal neatness and cleanliness are important; but your
                                                                        Resource Center and at www .career .vt .edu .
     clothing should not be overlooked . Although it is not critical
     to dress in the latest fashion, employer surveys consistently
     demonstrate that clothing is an important factor in the            3. Questions Asked by Employers
     total picture of the candidate . In the same way that you          You will be asked many questions during a job interview .
     have invested in your education and the preparation of             The following is a list of questions that may help you

                                                         2009-2010 Career Planning Guide       Virginia Tech

prepare for your interview . Practice answering these                • What do you expect to be doing five years from now?
questions and you will be more at ease during your interview .         Ten years from now?
                                                                       The interviewer is looking for evidence of career
  •   What are your long-range goals and objectives?                   goals and ambitions rather than minutely specific
  •   What are your short-range goals and objectives?                  descriptions.
  •   How do you plan to achieve your career goals?                  • Why should I hire you?
  •   What are the most important rewards you expect in                Stress what you have to offer the employer, not how
      your career?                                                     nice it would be to work there.
  •   Why did you choose the major/career for which you              • What are your ideas about salary?
      are preparing?                                                   Research the field so that you know the current
  •   What are your strengths, weaknesses, and interests?              salary range for the type of position you are seeking.
  •   How do you think a friend or professor who knows you             (See page 69 for more information on salary
      well would describe you?                                         negotiation.)
  •   What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?          • What do you know about Company X?
  •   In what ways have your college experiences prepared              Research the organization, attempt to find out about
      you for a career?                                                the organization’s products, location of their plant(s),
  •   How do you determine or evaluate success?                        previous growth record, and responsibilities. (See
  •   In what ways do you think you can make a                         Researching Employers on page 25.)
      contribution to our organization?
  •   What qualities should a successful manager possess?          5. Behavioral Interviewing
  •   What two or three accomplishments have given you             Behavioral interviewing is a technique used by employers
      the most satisfaction? Why?                                  in which the questions asked assist the employer in
  •   Describe your most rewarding college experience .            making predictions about a potential employee’s future
  •   What interests you about our product or service?             success based on past behaviors . In behavior-based inter-
  •   Why did you select your college or university?               views, candidates are asked to give specific examples of
  •   What led you to choose your major or field of study?         when they demonstrated particular behaviors or skills .
  •   What college subjects did you like best? Why?                The candidate must describe in detail a particular event,
  •   What college subjects did you like least? Why?               project, or experience and how he/she dealt with the
  •   If you could do so, how would you plan your academic         situation, and what the outcome was .
      studies differently?
                                                                   “Tell me about a time when you were on a team, and
  •   Do you think your grades are a good indication of your
                                                                   one of the members wasn’t carrying his or her weight .” If
      academic achievement?
                                                                   this is one of the leading questions in your job interview,
  •   What have you learned from participation in                  you could be in for a behavioral interview . Based on the
      extracurricular activities?                                  premise that the best way to predict future behavior is to
  •   In what kind of work environment are you most                determine past behavior, this style of interviewing is
      comfortable?                                                 widely used among recruiters .
  •   How do you work under pressure?
  •   In what part-time, co-op, or summer jobs have you            Today, more than ever, every hiring decision is critical .
      been most interested? Why?                                   Behavioral interviewing is designed to minimize personal
  •   How would you describe the ideal job for you following       impressions that can affect the hiring decision . By focusing
      graduation?                                                  on the applicant’s actions and behaviors, rather than
  •   Why did you decide to seek a position with this              subjective impressions that can sometimes be misleading,
      organization?                                                interviewers can make more accurate hiring decisions .
  •   What two or three things would be most important
      to you in your job?                                          A manager of staff planning and college relations for a major
                                                                   chemical company says, “Although we have not conducted
  •   What criteria are you using to evaluate the
                                                                   any formal studies to determine whether retention or
      organization for which you hope to work?
                                                                   success on the job here has been affected, I feel our move
  •   Will you relocate? Does relocation bother you?               to behavioral interviewing has been successful . It helps
  •   Are you willing to travel?                                   concentrate recruiters’ questions on areas important to
  •   Are you willing to spend at least six months as a trainee?   our candidates’ success within [our company] .”

4. Challenging Interview Questions You                             Behavioral vs . Hypothetical Interviewing
   May Encounter                                                   If you have training or experience with traditional
  • Tell me about yourself .                                       interviewing techniques, you may find the behavioral
    Remember, this is a job interview, not a psychological         interview quite different in several ways:
    or personal interview. The interviewer is interested in            • Instead of asking how you would behave in a
    the information about you that relates to the situation,             particular situation, the interviewer will ask you to
    such as education and work experiences.                              describe how you did behave .

                        Virginia Tech      2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

        • Expect the interviewer to question and probe (think of        A possible response for the question, “Tell me about
           “peeling the layers from an onion”) .                        a time when you were on a team and a member wasn’t
        • The interviewer will ask you to provide details, and will     pulling his or her weight” might go as follows: “I had been
           not allow you to theorize or generalize about                assigned to a team to build a canoe out of concrete . One of
           several events .                                             our team members wasn’t showing up for our lab sessions
        • The interview will be a more structured process that          or doing his assignments . I finally met with him in private,
           will concentrate on areas that are important to the          explained the frustration of the rest of the team, and asked
           interviewer, rather than allowing you to concentrate on      if there was anything I could do to help . He told me he was
           areas that you may feel are important .                      preoccupied with another class that he wasn’t passing,
        • You may not get a chance to deliver any prepared stories .    so I found someone to help him with the other course . He
        • Most interviewers will be taking copious notes                not only was able to spend more time on our project, but
           throughout the interview .                                   he was also grateful to me for helping him out . We finished
     The behavioral interviewer has been trained to objectively         our project on time, and got a ‘B’ on it .”
     collect and evaluate information, and works from a profile
     of desired behaviors that are needed for success on the
     job . Because the behaviors a candidate has demonstrated
     in previous similar positions are likely to be repeated, you         Effective Formula for Answering
     will be asked to share situations in which you may or may
     not have exhibited these behaviors . Your answers will be                 Behavioral Interviews
     tested for accuracy and consistency .
                                                                         S .   Describe the Situation you were in or
     If you are an entry-level candidate with no previously              T .   the Task you needed to accomplish;
     related experience, the interviewer will look for behaviors in      A .   describe the Action you took and
     situations similar to those of the target position:
                                                                         R .   the Results of your experience .
          “Describe a major problem you have faced and how you
          dealt with it.”
          “Give an example of when you had to work with your
          hands to accomplish a task or project.”
          “What class did you like the most? What did you like          The interviewer might then probe: “How did you feel when
          about it?”                                                    you confronted this person?” “Exactly what was the nature
                                                                        of the project?” “What was his responsibility as a team
     Follow-up questions will test for consistency and determine        member?” “What was your role?” “At what point did you
     if you exhibited the desired behavior in that situation:           take it upon yourself to confront him?” You can see it is
          “Can you give me an example?”                                 important that you not make up or “shade” information,
          “What did you do?”                                            and why you should have a clear memory of the entire
          “What did you say?”                                           incident .
          “What were you thinking?”
          “How did you feel?”                                           Don’t Forget the Basics
          “What was your role?”                                         Instead of feeling anxious or threatened by the prospect
          “What was the result?”                                        of a behavioral interview, remember the essential differ-
                                                                        ence between the hypothetical interview and the behavioral
     You will notice an absence of such questions as, “Tell me          interview question: The hypothetical interviewer may allow
     about your strengths and weaknesses .”                             you to project what you might or should do in a given situa-
                                                                        tion, whereas the behavioral interviewer is looking for past
     How to Prepare for a Behavioral Interview                          actions only . It will always be important to put your best foot
       • Recall recent situations that show favorable behaviors         forward and make a good impression on the interviewer with
         or actions, especially involving coursework, work              appropriate attire, good grooming, a firm handshake and
         experience, leadership, teamwork, initiative,                  direct eye contact . There is no substitute for promptness,
         planning and customer service .                                courtesy, preparation, enthusiasm and a positive attitude .
       • Prepare short descriptions of each situation; be ready
         to give details if asked .                                     Telephone Interviews
       • Be sure each story has a beginning, a middle and an            • Some employers use phone calls to pre-screen
         end, i .e ., be ready to describe the situation .                candidates before offering in-person interviews . Some
       • Be sure the outcome or result reflects positively on             employers also conduct interviews by telephone—they
         you (even if the result itself was not favorable) .              usually tell you this and formally schedule the telephone
                                                                          interview in advance . However, some may informally do
       • Be honest . Do not embellish or omit any part of the
                                                                          this without warning .
         story . The interviewer will find out if your story is built
         on a weak foundation .                                         • If the employer catches you at a bad time and you can’t
       • Be specific . Do not generalize about several events;            speak, don’t hesitate to politely explain this and offer to
         give a detailed accounting of one event .                        call back at a time convenient to the employer .

                                                              2009-2010 Career Planning Guide        Virginia Tech

                                                                           you sound cordial or aloof, articulate or fumbling, interested
          Sample Behavior-Based                                            or gloomy? Practice how you speak on the phone . Seek
                                                                           advising through Career Services if you want coaching or
           Interview Questions                                             assistance or have questions on this topic .
  These are often difficult questions to answer on the
                                                                        • Give short answers and take your time—it’s perfectly accept-
  fly . Use these examples to jot down stories in your
                                                                          able to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts .
  past that you would use to answer these questions .
  Careful preparation is the key to an effective behav-
  ioral interview .                                                     6. Questions to Ask Employers
     • Describe a situation in which you were able to use               The employer will usually provide an opportunity for you to
         persuasion to successfully convince someone to                 ask questions . Always be prepared to ask questions .
         see things your way .                                          Prepare questions, recognizing that some of them will be
     • Describe an instance when you had to think on                    answered in the interview . In the on-campus interview, do not
         your feet to extricate yourself from a difficult               ask questions that are answered in the literature provided
         situation .                                                    by the employer . If you are having trouble developing
     • Give me a specific example of a time when you                    questions, you may want to consider the following:
         used good judgement and logic in solving a problem .             • What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses
     • By providing examples, convince me that you can                       compared to its competition?
         adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and                • How important does upper management consider the
         environments .                                                      function of this department/position?
     • Describe a time on any job that you held in which                  • What is the organization’s plan for the next five years,
         you were faced with problems or stresses that                       and how does this department fit in?
         tested your coping skills .                                      • Could you explain your organizational structure?
     • Give an example of a time in which you had to be                   • How will my leadership responsibilities and
         relatively quick in coming to a decision .                          performance be measured? By whom?
     • Tell me about a time in which you had to use your                  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
         written communication skills in order to get a point             • Could you describe your company’s management
         across .                                                            style and the type of employee who fits well with it?
     • Give me a specific occasion in which you                           • What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for
         conformed to a policy with which you did not agree .                someone to succeed in this job?
                                                                          • What is the company’s policy on providing seminars,
     • Give me an example of an important goal which
         you had set in the past and tell me about your                      workshops, and training so employees can keep up
         success in reaching it .                                            their skills or acquire new ones?
                                                                          • What particular computer equipment and software do
     • Describe the most significant or creative
         presentation which you have had to complete .                       you use?
                                                                          • What kind of work can I expect to be doing the first year?
     • Tell me about a time when you had to go above and
                                                                          • What percentage of routine, detailed work will I encounter?
        beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done .
                                                                          • How much opportunity is there to see the end result of
     • Give me an example of a time when you were able                       my efforts?
         to successfully communicate with another person
                                                                          • Who will review my performance? How often?
         even when that individual may not have personally
                                                                          • How much guidance or assistance is made available
         liked you (or vice versa) .
                                                                             to individuals in developing career goals?
  Taken from the Union College Career Development Center Handouts         • How much opportunity will I have for decision-making
  (9-21-99)                                                                  in my first assignment?
                                                                          • Can you describe an ideal employee?
                                                                          • What is your organization’s policy on transfers to
• Bottom line is that you are always being evaluated on                      other cities?
  your telephone conduct .
                                                                        7. After Your Interview
Sound hireable on the phone:                                            Typically, the interviewer will inform you of the organization’s
• Remember that tone of voice carries a lot of weight in a              follow-up procedures . If the interviewer does not indicate the
  telephone conversation .                                              organization’s policy or tell you what will occur next, be sure
                                                                        to ask before leaving the interview . Most interviewers will also
• You don’t have facial expressions, body language, and other           mention when you will hear from them or someone in their orga-
  non-verbal elements coming through in a phone conversa-               nization . If more than a week has passed beyond this date, you
  tion . However, silly as it may seem, smiling while you speak
                                                                        should write or call the employer to determine your status .
  on the phone can make you sound more pleasant .
• Ask friends (who will tell you the truth) how you sound on            Upon completion of your interview, it is advisable to send
  the phone . They know you, but an employer doesn’t . Do               the employer a thank-you letter . The purpose of this letter

                        Virginia Tech      2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     is to reiterate your interest in the position and in the orga-
     nization . For an example of a thank-you letter refer to page        Interview Do’s
     59 or visit www .career .vt .edu .                                     • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview
                                                                              appointment .
     The following are some factors involved in an employer’s               • Dress appropriately and conservatively .
     evaluation of prospective employees . These are in no                  • Know the exact time and location of your interview;
     particular order .                                                       some employers may schedule interviews at other
       • Major                      • Communication skills                    locations .
       • GPA                        • Problem-solving skills                • Know the name and pronunciation of your
       • Dependability              • Interpersonal skills                    interviewer’s name .
       • Enthusiasm                 • Your work ethic                       • Address the interviewer by his/her title—Mr ., Ms .,
       • Appearance                 • Knowledge of employers                  Mrs ., Dr . Listen closely to the introduction so you will
       • Defined goals and          • Academic performance/                   know his/her title .
         ambitions                    major                                 • Offer a firm handshake at the beginning and
       • Work experience            • Interests                               conclusion of the interview .
       • Maturity                   • Attitude                              • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer .
       • Motivation                 • Special aptitudes and skills          • Sit still in your seat . Avoid slouching, twisting, and
       • Extracurricular activities • Geographical                            fidgeting .
       • Personality                  preferences/restrictions              • Have questions prepared to ask the interviewer .
                                                                              Research the organization prior to the interview in the
     8. Expenses                                                              Career Services and Newman Libraries or online .
                                                                            • Be concise with your answers, yet be complete .
       • Be sure it is clear before you take an interview trip              • If you are given an application form, complete it
         whether you or the organization will be responsible for              factually and neatly .
         your expenses . If you have any doubts, ask your contact           • At the conclusion of the interview, inform the
         in the organization . If the organization is paying for your         interviewer that you will be pleased to supply addi-
         trip, keep an accurate account of all expenses, such                 tional information if needed .
         as meals, tips, cab fare, or private auto expenses .               • Express your appreciation to the interviewer for
         Receipts should be kept for all major expenses, such as              taking the time to talk to you .
         transportation and hotel or motel accommodation .                  • Show enthusiasm and initiative .
       • Unless it is indicated in the invitaetion, you may
                                                                            • Portray self-confidence .
         normally select the most convenient means of public
         transportation . Travel by private automobile should be
         cleared with the organization .                                  Interview Don’ts
       • This is a business trip and your expenses should be                • Do not make negative comments about previous
         incurred accordingly . Excessive expenditures might                  employers or professors .
         reduce an employment opportunity .                                 • Do not falsify your application or answers to any inter-
                                                                              view questions .
                                                                            • Do not imply that you will consider only one
     Refund of Expenses                                                       specific job with that particular organization .
     The student usually pays all expenses and receives                     • Do not give the impression that you are interested in
     reimbursement following the trip . Generally, a written                  the organization because of its geographical location .
     record of expenses including receipts must be sent to                  • Do not give the impression that you are just
     the employer before reimbursement will be made . Some                    surveying the employment possibilities .
     employers may furnish forms for you to fill out when you               • If you choose to use cologne, use it sparingly .
     return to the campus; otherwise, you should itemize
     expenses on a daily basis . If you follow these procedures,
     expense refunds are usually received without undue delay .
                                                                          • Expect to be nervous at first—this is normal .
                                                                          • Give concise, but thorough, responses to questions .
     Interviewing Recap                                                   • It is a business appointment, so dress accordingly .
       • Practice . Schedule a Mock Interview with Career                 • Dwell on the positive, and express yourself confidently .
         Services (submit your resume and schedule                        • Make notes of your interview after it’s over .
         an appointment online at www .career .vt .edu/                   • Above all, be enthusiastic .
         JOBSEARC/interview/MockInterview .htm) .
       • Be prepared . Know yourself and
         the employer .                         Mock Interview Program
       • Be yourself and be honest in your
         discussion .                           It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts;
       • Remember it is a two-way               it’s what you put into the practice! Knowing yourself, and more importantly,
         exchange of information and a          knowing how to communicate that information to interviewers is essential to
         large amount of information must       landing a summer job, co-op, internship, permanent employment, and/or grad-
         be exchanged in a very short           uate school admittance . Career Services provides scheduled, one-hour Mock
         time . Both you and the recruiter      Interview appointments where undergraduate and graduate students can expe-
         are making evaluations, so ask         rience a one-on-one simulated interview . To register visit www .career .vt .edu .
         good questions .

                                                           2009-2010 Career Planning Guide         Virginia Tech

Salary Information:
What Are You Worth?
                                                                        • You may choose to suggest a range to the employer .
                                                                        • If you think you must, or you wish to state a range,
                                                                           do your research first!
                                                                        • Career Services has several sources of information you
                                                                           should consider, and an advisor will be glad to help you .
                                                                        • If you state a request, tell the employer the sources
                                                                           of information on which you based your request (i .e .,
                                                                           National Association of Colleges and Employers Salary
                                                                           Survey, and cost of living index for the employment
                                                                           location) .
                                                                     If you ask for a salary well above average, justify your
                                                                     request . State what in your background and experience
                                                                     qualifies you . Can you be just as productive as other
                                                                     employees earning that salary?

                                                                     3. Responding to a Salary Offer:
                                                                        Is It Negotiable?
                                                                     If an employer makes you a salary offer, and you are
                                                                     interested in the position, but believe you may have a
                                                                     “case” to request a higher salary, do the following:

1. Researching Starting Salary Figures                               1 . Base your “case” on facts . Consider:
Most people want some idea of what their starting salary                • Another higher salary offer you’ve received
should be . Amounts can vary considerably by curriculum and             • Comparison of the salaries relative to cost of living (See
by type of employer . The exact offer made may depend upon                 the Salary Relocation Calculator, available through
your prior professional experiences, degree level, GPA,                    Career Services’ web site under “Job Search” at
leadership activities, and the employer’s internal salary                  www .career .vt .edu . This enables you to compare
schedule . You can research starting salaries using the following          salaries in different geographic locations .)
resources:                                                              • Research on the salary ranges and averages for your
                                                                           field (See salary information in Career Services, such
  • Post Graduation Report of Virginia Tech Graduates (www .               as the National Association of Colleges and Employers
    career .vt .edu and click on Post Graduation Report)                   Salary Survey . An advisor can help you locate the
  • National Salary Survey of the National Association of                  information you need .)
    Colleges and Employers (NACE); copies available in                  • Your own background and qualifications . If you are
    Career Services                                                        asking for an above average salary, are you above
  • The Jobs Rated Almanac                                                 average in your credentials?
  • American Salaries and Wages Survey
  • www .career .vt .edu and click on Job Search                     2 . If you have a strong “case” to ask for a higher salary than
  • salary .com or payscale .com                                         was offered, you may do the following:
  • jobstar .org                                                        • Ask the employer, in a tactful and diplomatic way,
                                                                            if their salary offer is open to negotiation . Make sure you
                                                                            convey to the employer that you are truly interested in the
2. Dealing With an Employer’s Request                                       job you have been offered . Don’t sound as though you
   for a Salary Requirement                                                 are just shopping for the best salary .
Occasionally, an employer may ask you to give a salary                  • If the employer says no, accept the answer gracefully .
preference . This question is appropriate for (and more likely              You can weigh the options you have .
to be asked of) experienced people with a salary history . For          • If the employer indicates the salary offer might be open
a student being hired directly out of college or a graduate                 to negotiation, or asks you why you are asking, you can
program, the question can be awkward .                                      present your “case .”
                                                                        • Be prepared for the possibility that the employer still may
There are a number of ways to approach the problem of what                  not change the salary offer .
salary to request:                                                   Be sure to present your case tactfully, so that if the employer
  • It is perfectly acceptable to say “negotiable” on                does not change the salary offer, you can still accept the
     applications or cover letters .                                 original salary offer if you so choose .

                            Virginia Tech    2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

              Get the Inside Scoop on                                    2 . Do you need additional information about the
                                                                             offer (or anything) in order to make a decision?
               Evaluating Your Offer                                     It is not unusual to discover, as you’re weighing different
                                                                         factors about the offer that you have additional questions, lack
                                                                         some factual data, or simply need a better sense of what the
                                                                         job and organization are like . If this is the case, STOP! Don’t
                                                                         go any further in your deliberations until you address these
                                                                         issues . You may need to call one of your interviewers and
                                                                         ask additional questions, or contact an alum who works for
                                                                         the organization . If you need a better understanding of what
                                                                         it would be like during a day on the job, call the employer
                                                                         (if they are local) and ask to spend an afternoon observing
                                                                         an entry-level employee in the job you’re considering . Most
                                                                         employers will be willing to accommodate you . If you have
                                                                         other questions or concerns that impact your decision, you
                                                                         should discuss them with a Career Advisor from our office .

                                                                                  Factors for Consideration
                                                                           Job Related
                                                                             •   Nature of work
     Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed
                                                                             •   Level of responsibility
     your follow-up interviews and have been offered
                                                                             •   Organizational culture
     a job! Perhaps you’ve even received offers from                         •   Work hours
     more than one employer . Whether it’s one offer                         •   Level of authority
     or more, your euphoria is sometimes quickly                             •   Benefits
     replaced by anxiety about the decisions that                            •   Travel
     lie ahead . You may be wondering, “Is this the                          •   Variety of work
     ‘right’ job for me?” or “Am I going to be happy                         •   Salary
     in this job?” Careful evaluation of your job offer                      •   Stability of industry
     and some serious thought as to how well the                             •   Mentoring
     position and the organization meet your needs                           •   Advancement opportunities
     can enable you to make the best choice for your-                        •   Lifestyles of employees
     self . One of our staff members can help you sort                       •   Training and development
     out your options .                                                      •   Stability of organization
                                                                             •   Opportunities to learn to grow in job/company
                                                                             •   Quality of management
                                                                             •   Transferability of skills/experience from job
         In evaluating your job offer, there are                             •   Support of continuing education
         three critical questions you should                                 •   Prestige of job or organization
         address:                                                            •   Company reputation Supervisor/colleagues

         1 . How closely does the offer match your career                  Other
             goal?                                                           •   Cost of living
         Think back to when you started your job search . What was           •   Community environment
         important to you? What factors regarding a job, organization
                                                                             •   Cultural opportunities
         and work environment were on your “wish list?” Have they
         changed? How well does this position fit these factors? Below       •   Geographic location
         are some factors you may want to consider in evaluating your        •   Educational opportunities
         offer . Some of these may not be important to you, and there        •   Entertainment
         may be factors not listed which are extremely important to          •   Outlets
         your decision .

                                                        2009-2010 Career Planning Guide       Virginia Tech

3 . Are there issues you may want to negotiate,                   from the organization making the offer . When you accept
    which would bring the offer closer to your goal?              an offer, you should immediately stop interviewing,
Perhaps the issues that concern you about the offer can be        cancel any further interviews, and notify all other
changed . If the job seems ideal except for location, then you    employers who are still considering you .
might want to raise the issue with the employer . Some other
areas you may be able to negotiate include signing bonus,         Managing Multiple Job Offers
moving expenses or start date . Some start dates are              Have more than one job offer? How do you choose which
non-negotiable because training classes must begin                job is right for you? First start by developing a “pro-and-
together . In some instances, however, the start date can
                                                                  cons” list for each job . Make sure the list is all-inclusive .
be adjusted . You may find it necessary to negotiate salary .
                                                                  Think about the features of each, such as salary, benefits,
Talking salary can be a sensitive topic .
                                                                  corporate culture, commuting time, flexible work arrange-
                                                                  ments, tuition reimbursement, on-the-job learning
More on Salary Offers                                             opportunities .
You may need assistance in making salary decisions . Most
positions have a fixed salary or salary range . An employer’s     Then determine what is really important to you . For the
tendency is to hire you at the lower end of the range .           most recent graduates, educational assistance is important
Conversely, of course, you want to begin as high in that          because many plan to seek higher educational degrees .
range as possible . Although it is not always possible, you       Don’t go for one offer because it has better pay and
should attempt to get the recruiter to state the salary range     benefits . Go for one where you feel comfortable working in
before you mention your salary requirements . If a range is       their environment . Money will not be enough a year from
offered, you can more readily key into the top of the range .
                                                                  now if you hate the environment . If you are weighing offers
Make sure that the low end is a salary that is acceptable
                                                                  and they are pretty equal down the line, this is where your
to you .
                                                                  gut feeling really comes into play . Look at your priorities
Local and national salary surveys are available at Career         and ask yourself what truly is important to you .
Services and local libraries so you can compare your offer
with others in your field . To look at cost of living figures     Never Burn Your Bridges
based on salary and geographic location refer to the Salary       Keep in mind the importance of diplomacy when rejecting
Relocation Calculator under “Job Search” on our web site:         an offer, because in today’s fast-paced world, you never
www .career .vt .edu .                                            know when your work environment may shift or when your
                                                                  job may be eliminated . Paul Siker, principal of The Guild
Once you make a decision to accept or decline an offer            Corporation in McLean, Virginia, offers this example for
you should respond in writing within the time limit given to
                                                                  diplomatically declining an offer: “I really appreciate
you when the offer was made . The offer from an employer
                                                                  the offer, and although I feel another position I’ve been
should be in writing; if you receive an oral offer, ask for
confirmation in writing (See Job Search Correspondence            offered is a better fit for my goals, I really want to say how
Principles on page 51 for sample letters .)                       impressed I am with your company and how much I’ve
                                                                  enjoyed everyone I’ve had the opportunity to meet .
If circumstances arise that prevent you from making a             Perhaps in the future, there will be something that’s a
decision by a specified date, you may request an extension        better fit for both of us .”

“There are many things you can negotiate besides salary. For example,
  benefits can add thousands of dollars to the compensation package.
      Benefits can range from paid personal leave to discounts on the
  company’s products and services. They constitute more than just the
             icing on the cake; they may be better than the cake itself.”
                                                                                  — Lily Maestas
                                                                                    Counseling and Career Services
                                                                                    University of California, Santa Barbara

         Virginia Tech   2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Post-Graduation Report

2009-2010 Career Planning Guide   Virginia Tech

     Virginia Tech   2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

                                                          2009-2010 Career Planning Guide       Virginia Tech

Backpack to Briefcase
           “Tips for a Successful Transition From College to the ‘Real’ World”

You need to recognize that your first year on the job is a
separate and unique career stage . You will be in a
transition phase during this time . You’re not a college
student anymore, but you haven’t earned all the rights and
privileges of a professional either . The most important
thing you will need to do is lose your college student
attitudes and behaviors and begin to think and act like a
professional .

You will quickly learn that the world of work is quite different
from the college environment . When you show up for work
on the first day, there will not be a syllabus waiting for you         The transition from college life to your
to explain what to do and how to do it . You have lost some
of the freedom you enjoyed over your daily schedule as
                                                                       professional career is one of the most difficult
a college student . You will be viewed as “the new kid on              challenges you may face . This is a tough
the block,” and the quality of your work will become very              adjustment period, particularly if you have never
important . Your performance will be a direct reflection on            spent any time working in an environment like
your boss or supervisor . If you can’t get the job done right,         the one in which you will be spending 40 or
someone else surely can .
                                                                       more hours a week .
Five Main Differences Between
College and Work
1 . In college you are used to frequent feedback, evaluation        4 . College tends to focus on effort and growth . The real
    and direction . Ask for too much of this on the job and             world cares only about results .
    you will appear insecure and lacking in self-confidence .
                                                                    5 . Students are encouraged to put forth an individual effort
2 . As a student you have enjoyed frequent breaks and                   and think independently . Once you begin working, you
    vacations from school usually totaling approximately                will see that you will be required to work a lot with teams
    27 weeks spent in school . During your first year on the            and in collaborating efforts .
    job you may have to work six months or more before you
    earn any time off . You will work on average more than 50       Now that you have had a chance to see what some of the
    weeks that first year, maybe without a break at all .           main differences are between college and work, you should
3 . In college you can choose your own performance level            take some time to consider how to make that transition as
    (A, B, C) by attending class, turning in assignments,           smooth as possible . Please take a look at some sugges-
    and studying for exams . In your career, A-level work is        tions for your first year on the job .
    required at all times .

                                       10 Steps to First-Year Success
    1 Set goals that include gaining acceptance, respect             7 . Find your “niche” with the organization . Work on
       and credibility . Learn to be a professional .                    building relationships and fitting into the company
   2 . Take advantage of mentor and coaching                             culture .
       relationships .                                               8 . Absorb information and spend your first year
   3 . Own up to your mistakes and learn from them .                     learning as much as possible . Master the tasks
                                                                         of your job and improve your knowledge, skills and
   4 . Admit what you don’t know; sometimes that is
                                                                         abilities . LEARN, LEARN, LEARN!
       more important than showing off what you do know .
                                                                     9 . Have a positive attitude . You will make a
   5 . Build a good track record . You may have to go
                                                                         better impression being positive and likable . Leave
       above and beyond the call of duty during your first               your complaining at college!
       year to make a lasting positive impression .                 10 . Recognize that office politics exist . Learn the poli-
   6 . Be prepared to pay your dues . You have to earn                   tics of your office, but don’t get involved . Watch
       your “pin stripes” before you can shed them . Be                  out for complainers; they tend to gravitaete to new
       prepared to work long, hard hours .                               hires in hopes of bringing you to their “side .”             75
                         Virginia Tech     2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

     Considering Graduate or
     Professional School?
     A Little About Graduate School
     In graduate school, you have the opportunity to obtain              Graduate school…
     specialized knowledge in a discipline, develop skills in            have you thought about it?
     reading critically, writing clearly, and arguing persuasively .
     You will also participate actively in research while working        • Do you enjoy problem solving, discovering
     closely with professors in your area . Graduate school is
                                                                           facts, and exploring new ideas?
     challenging and will mean working hard for long hours .
     The standards demanded of you will be high as a graduate            • Do you want to improve your ability to
     student, but although it is hard work, it is rewarding and            advance in your career?
     exciting!                                                           • Do you want to have the flexibility to
                                                                           change careers?
     Master’s or Doctoral Degree?
     Many graduate students work toward a master’s degree .
     Common degrees are the Master of Arts (M .A .) and the              If you answered “yes” to any of these
     Master of Science (M .S .) . Doctoral degrees are the               questions, then graduate school may
     highest degrees attainable . Common degrees are the                 be for you!
     Doctor of Philosophy (Ph .D .), Doctor of Education
     (Ed . D .), Medical Doctor (M .D .), and for law school
     graduates, the Juris Doctor (J .D .) .                              Read further to learn more .

     To decide on a program, ask yourself the following:
         • What are my abilities, interests, and chances of            Additional information as well as links to online guides
           success?                                                    and resources can be found on our web site at www .
         • What are my career goals?                                   career .vt .edu and click on Plan for Graduate School .
         • Do I want a master’s or doctorate?
         • Am I interested enough in the subject to stay with          You may also find helpful information from Virginia Tech
           it for one year or more?                                    alumni through the use of VT CareerLink . VT CareerLink is
         • Do I have the energy and commitment to work                 a searchable database of alumni who have volunteered
           hard for as long as it takes?                               to help students with their career exploration and job
         • Can I find the money to pay for tuition, books, and         search plans: www .career .vt .edu/VTCL . Your advisor
           living expenses?                                            and professors may be an additional resource for helpful
         • Can I compete to secure a scholarship, tuition              information . Ask them if they know of reputable graduate
           waiver, and/or graduate assistantship?                      programs for the field in which you are interested . In
                                                                       addition, take a look at “Where VT undergraduates
     To answer some of these questions, visit the resource center      attend graduate/professional school upon graduation”
     at Career Services and refer to the books and guides              (Post Grad Report: www .career .vt .edu and click on Post
     with information on graduate schools and programs .               Graduation Report) .

                                                                       Contact the institution’s graduate school and make an
     To decide on where to apply, find out the                         appointment to visit . These visits can be very valuable
     following:                                                        and will give you an idea of whether you will like the insti-
        • The institution’s admission requirements,                    tution, how well you will fit in, and if the program meets
          including required entrance examinations                     your expectations . Try to meet with the faculty and students
        • The employment success of graduates                          in the program . Prepare yourself with a list of questions
                                                                       and topics to talk about . To make a good impression, avoid
        • The length of the degree program
                                                                       asking questions about information that is readily available
        • Opportunities to receive financial aid from the              to you . Also, visit the library, laboratories, and other facili-
          institution                                                  ties that you are likely to use . Take time to see the area
        • Reputation of the faculty                                    around campus, especially where you might be living . Get a
        • Accreditation and ranking of the program                     copy of the student and local newspapers to get a feel for
        • Availability and adequacy of resources available             the campus community and to look at housing ads .
          to help me during my studies, such as the library
          and computers
                                                         2009-2010 Career Planning Guide      Virginia Tech

So, You Decided to Go to Graduate
School… Here Are Some Tips to                                        Planning for Graduate School
Help You Out                                                         Timeline
Start the application process early . You will need time to
                                                                     Freshman Year (Self-Discovery)
prepare for and take entrance exams, and to collect
                                                                        • Explore your interests and abilities . Talk to and
and prepare the required materials . Keep copies of all
                                                                          visit your academic advisor .
correspondence, including the application materials .                   • Develop/enhance your study habits and skills .
Many programs require:                                                  • Attend tutorials .
  • a statement of purpose (write a general statement and               • Establish a good GPA (3 .0 or better) .
    then tailor it to each program to which you apply)
  • letters of recommendation (references from                       Sophomore Year (Assess Options)
    professors and employers in a related field are best)               • Define and establish your personal, life, and
  • official transcripts of all college work                              career goals .
  • scores from graduate examinations such as the                       • Begin to make contacts in your chosen career
    Graduate Record Examination (GRE), subject exam,                      area .
    Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for a                     • Identify potential mentoring relationships with
    degree in business administration, the Medical                        professors or graduate students .
    College Admission Test (MCAT), and the Law School                   • Conduct independent research with a professor
    Admissions Test (LSAT) . Information on these exams                   of your choice .
    may be found at Career Services and the Cook                        • Attend graduate and professional school fairs .
    Counseling Center .                                                 • Begin Internet searches on summer research
                                                                          internships and co-ops at various universities .
Paying for the Degree                                                     Career Services is a great resource .
To pay for your graduate or professional education, first
figure out what your expenses might be:                              Junior Year (Set your Goals)
                                                                        • Examine and confirm your career choice .
  • tuition, fees, books, school supplies
                                                                        • Strengthen your mentoring relationships .
  • rent, utilities, food, clothing
                                                                          Discuss your interest with faculty and advisors .
  • parking and travel expenses
                                                                        • Research appropriate graduate programs . Write
  • health insurance, auto insurance
                                                                          for catalogues and publications .
  • computer equipment
  • entertainment                                                       • Attend graduate and professional school fairs .
                                                                        • It is important to participate in a summer
If you need some help with these expenses, contact the                    research internship .
program, department or college, and the Financial Aid
office . Types of aid may include the following:                     Senior Year (Make a Choice)
                                                                        • Apply early! Inquire about application deadlines
Fellowships and scholarships: cash awards given for                       based on the semester and year you want to
academic excellence, and sometimes on the basis of need                   enroll .
Assistantships: usually require that you teach, assist in               • Develop your personal statement .
research, or perform administrative work (some institutions             • Complete the application process .
also waive tuition for those with assistantships)                       • Contact the schools to ensure that your
Work-study and other funding: assistance for those who                    application is complete .
can show financial need                                                 • Research application fees and waiver options .
On- or off-campus job: a job related to your area that will             • Register to take entrance exams .
give you experience toward your future career                           • Apply early for federal funding fellowships .
Student Loans: If at all possible, avoid taking out loans .
However, if you need additional money for living expenses,
it is better to take out a student loan than to use your           you the freedom to write on a topic of your choice, while
credit card . Contact the institution’s Financial Aid office for   others prefer to give you specific instructions on a selected
more information on types and availability of loans .              topic . In addition, most statement essays range from
                                                                   500 to 1,000 words which equates to a two to four page
Graduate School Admissions Personal                                length . Regardless of the topic, length, or type of graduate
Statement Essay                                                    program you are applying to, there are general guidelines
Most graduate schools require an essay regarding a                 that can ensure a successful essay .
statement of purpose, intent, or personality . While the
statement is a sample of your writing ability, it is also a          • Be structured in delivery of your essay . Make sure to
chance for you to introduce yourself to the admissions                 have an introductory paragraph, the supporting body
committee and department . Some universities will give                 paragraphs, and conclusion .

                        Virginia Tech     2009-2010 Career Planning Guide

       •   nswer questions fully. When writing your essay,               • Proofread your personal statement aloud or record it
         make sure to analyze and completely answer each                   and play it back to hear possible mistakes .
         question to your best ability . Be thorough and consis-         • Modify your essay at least three times before allowing
         tent in supporting your topic .                                   another individual to correct your essay .
       • Give examples . Back up your writing with specific              • Be concise . Write clearly so that your audience can
         examples to support your thesis statement .                       understand the topic .
       • Be interesting . Avoid using clichés and being too              • Most importantly, be sincere!
         simplistic in your essay . Try to portray your intellect
         and creativity through your writing .                         The Don’ts of writing an effective Personal Statement:
       • Be comfortable writing in first person . Although you           • Don’t include information that does not support your
         are taught to avoid using I, me, we, etc ., it is accept-         thesis .
         able to use these words in your statement essay .               • Don’t fabricate the information . Be honest .
       • Be Passionate . Express WHY that graduate program               • Don’t use clichés  . Be original .
         and field of study is so important to you .                     • Don’t be repetitive with information in your essay .
                                                                         • Don’t make excuses for poor academic performance,
     Do’s and Don’ts for Personal Statement Writing
                                                                           low test scores, or low GPA .
     The Do’s of writing an effective Personal Statement:                • Don’t begin your essay with phrases such as, “I was
       • Prior to writing, organize the topics that you would like         born in” or “Coming from a poor family .”
         to discuss . Make a list, eliminate the unnecessary             • Don’t use statements such as: “I have always wanted to
         ideas, and list the key topics in order of importance for         be”; “This is appealing to me”; “You should choose me
         your essay .                                                      because”; “I have overcome”; or similar like statements .
       • Give your essay a thesis . It is imperative to have a           • Don’t be afraid to start an essay over if you are having
         central idea that you want to communicate .                       a hard time with writing . It often takes many different
       • Differentiate yourself from other applicants by using             drafts of a personal statement to get an individual
         authentic life experiences to support your thesis                 where they feel their writing should be .
         statement .                                                     • Don’t wait until the last minute to write . Plan ahead
       • Be original and capture the interest of your audience             and be thorough in writing your essay .
         quickly . You may begin your essay with an anecdote,
         questions, meaningful passage, or depiction of a              Referenced from: and
         scene .                                             

                            Graduate School Information on the Internet
         Deciding whether or not to go to graduate school              Minority Online Information Service
         www .wm .edu/career/undergrad/GradSchoolBasics .cfm           www .finaid .org/otheraid/minority .phtml

         Peterson’s Graduate and Professional School information       International Education Financial Aid–an international
         http://petersons .com                                         student scholarship search
                                                                       www .iefa .org
         Council of Graduate Schools
         www .cgsnet .org/ResourcesForStudents/index .htm              College-Scholarships .com: links to scholarship searches
                                                                       and other information on financial aid
         Educational Testing Service Network: information on           www .college-scholarships .com
         graduate entrance exams
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                                                                       www .collegeboard .com/pay
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Army Evaluation Center,                                                                                     National Institute of Allergy and
  U .S . Army Test & Evaluation Command  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 1                                               Infectious Disease  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Inside Front Cover
Blackboard  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4            NETE  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 81
CareersAndColleges .com  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 80                               Novozymes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Inside Back Cover
CGI  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                                                                            PotashCorp .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 81
Clarabridge  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
                                                                                                            Peace Corps  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 79
Earth Share .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 84
                                                                                                            SAIC .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 1
Fairchild Semiconductor  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                                                                            Stanford Graduate School of Business .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 79
Gibbs & Cox, Inc .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
GraduatingEngineer .com  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 82                               Tate & Tryon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17

International Paper Company  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16                                    U .S . Marine Corps  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 83

Jefferson Lab  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16                 Warwick Plumbing & Heating Corporation  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
Moog Inc ., Components Group Division  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 81                                               Westinghouse Electric Company  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 83

                                      College Recruitment Media and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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      Transform summer                                                                                                                             Peace Corps
      into success.                                                                                                                                   at VT
                                                                                                                                                          Find out how you can
                                                                                                                                                            gain personal and
                                                                                                                                                       professional experience as
                                                                                                               Peace Corps.                             a Peace Corps Volunteer.
                                                                                                                                                       Volunteers work in over
                                                                                                                                                        70 countries in health,
      Stanford’s Summer Institute for General                                                                                                            business, education,
      Management, designed for non-business majors,                                                                                                  agriculture and environment
      offers you the opportunity to gain critical business
                                                                                                             Life is calling.                                  projects.
                                                                                                           How far will you go?
      insights from the Stanford MBA faculty and to                                                                                                       They also learn a new
      learn the skills required to jumpstart your career.                                                                                               language, develop career
                                                                                                                                                        and leadership skills and
                                                                                                                                                          contribute to socities
      Program Dates: June 20 – July 17, 2010                                                                                                                     in need.
      Application Deadline: March 8, 2010
                                                                                                                                                            For more information,
                                                                                                                                                                contact your
                                                                                                                              local recruiting office at
                                                                                                                                                              202-692-1040 or
We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

NETE is a full service management consulting and technology solutions provider. NETE provides value-focused consulting in the areas of information resource
management, enterprise architecture, web design and systems integration. NETE recruits the best talent wherever we do business, offers competitive compensation, provides
a dynamic work environment and allows employees to chart their growth through systematic career planning. Based in the Washington DC metro area, NETE is currently
looking for talented individuals who thrive in an entrepreneurial and challenging environment and possess the skills and experience required for our clients success.

                                               Washington DC

  N                                   Web                                            Contact us with your resume in ASCII at:
                                               (703) 995-4721 Fax                                

one essential

one essential element.

We employ more than 1,000 people from
Engineers to Heavy Equipment Operators
to Maintenance Craftsmen to Chemical
Plant Operators. Think about it.

PotashCorp is essential.

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