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									                            Tender-cum-Negotiation Sale
                   On behalf of SREI Equipment Finance Pvt Ltd.

              Sale of used
Construction Equipment & Other Vehicles

                  Date of Tender                           Place

               Monday 12th October                         Nagpur

              Wednesday 14th October                       Bilaspur
      10:00am onwards registration.
     12.30 noon – Bid Submission Deadline.
     12:30 PM to 1:00 PM Collation of Bids.
     2.00 PM – Negotiation with highest bidders.
   Sale Confirmation After 4 to 5 working days from the tender date.

Inspection : 10:00AM to 6.00 PM from 9th to till the tender date at stock Yards.

Contact Personnel:
Debasish Samal - 9836210002
Pankaj Gupta -   9923682616
Sachin Mongre - 9158991120
Ernest Thomas - 9836664464

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                         Summary of Important Points
    Tender will be held on 12th October, 2009 at Srei Yard, Nagpur & 14th October,
    2009 at Srei Yard, Bilaspur.

   All Sales are strictly on “As is, Where is basis” and “as it is what it is”, No complaint basis.
   Any RTO Tax liability would be borne by the successful bidder. Bidders are advised to effect
   due diligence on the same before bidding.
   All sales are on Cash Sale / Refinance Sale (Subject to credit approval from SREI)
   Registration & Participation Procedure:
       o   To participate in the Sale you must register your self by paying an. E.M.D.
           (Refundable/Adjustable) of Rs. 25,000/- in the form of DD only. No cash will be
   E.M.D in form of D.D should be favoring “SREI Equipment Finance Pvt Ltd” payable
   at Nagpur or Bilaspur or Kolkata.
   Buyers are required to bring any one of the following identification photocopies to register
   for the Sale Mela:
       o   PAN Card / Electoral Photo Identification Card / Passport / Driving License.
   Seller/s may remove an asset/s from the auction list at any point of time, including after
   auction and receipt of sale amount from the bidder. Discretion lies solely on Seller/s
   regarding this.
   No Lots can be removed without full payment being realized and presentation of original
   Delivery Order obtained from SREI .
   Any Disputes related to the Assets / Documents, Post Sale, would be dealt by SREI only
   and GoIndustry Quippo will not have any say or role in the same.
   Assets which are subject to matter for litigation shall be sold strictly in compliance with the
   direction of court.
Those declared successful, will be required to make the following sale payments:
       Submit a DD favouring “SREI Equipment Finance Pvt.Ltd.”
       Buyers can deposit the payment at any branches of SREI but delivery order will be
       issued from SREI Kolkata only.

                       Any questions regarding this Tender Sale please call
                                  Debasish Samal - 9836210002
                                  Pankaj Gupta -   9923682616
                                  Sachin Mongre - 9158991120
                                  Ernest Thomas - 9836664464
                                           SALE PROCESS
     Subject to our internal guidelines, which are dynamic depending on the market
     This is a Tender sale process.
     YOU are advised to inspect the assets from 9th to till tender date at respective
     BID forms would be made available only in the Inspection yards
     You are expected to submit the Bids latest by 12.30 PM at the venue of Tender.
     ALL Bids would be collected from the bidders and collated.
     The Highest Bidder on each asset would be called for further negotiation.
     Unsuccessful bidders will be informed soon after bid compilation.
     The Bidder who has made the highest bid on each asset will be intimated about
     the approval / rejection within 4 to 5 working days.
     If the bids meet the expectation of SREI, then the assets would be declared Sold,
     The Approvals would be given in 4 to 5 working days.

     All sales are on 100% payment by the buyer or through their financiers and Exclusive of all
     Taxes & levies.

     If you do not win any bids, your E.M.D will be returned immediately.

     If you do win, your E.M.D will be adjusted as token advance and buyer will give one week
     time either to pay the balance if it is a cash sale or one week time to comply our formalities
     and to take delivery if it is a refinance sale. In case customer goes back once the sale is
     finalized he has to forego his Rs. 25,000/- in total and the amount would be Forfeited by
     SREI without recourse.

     PAYMENT DUE DATE: All Bid amounts must be paid within 7 (seven) days after sale
     confirmation compulsorily.

     ASSET REMOVAL DATE: All Assets must be removed by 30th October 2009. No parking
     charges are required to be paid by bidder for assets parked at permanent yard of Srei.
     However, for assets of Sri Krishna Yard, bidders are required to pay applicable parking
     charges directly to the yard (please obtain parking charge rates from yard).

     NOC & Relevant Documents pertaining to the Sale mela Lot’s will be released by SREI in
     their Normal Course, which buyers are advised to take note of.

     Any Disputes related to the Asset / Documents, Post Mela modalities, would be
     dealt by SREI GoIndustry Quippo will not have any say in the same.
     Seller reserve the right to reject any/all the bids without assigning any reasons

****This Catalogue is an invitation to attend the mela, the offers to sell
occurs at the time and location of the mela.
                 List of Assets Parked at India Ware Housing, Nagpur – Tender Date 12th October'09
  Lot       Asset
  No      description              Make           Model         Yom     Asset Qty            Asset Details

   1    Backhoe Loader       JCB                    3DX         2007       1           1267980
        Backhoe Loader
   2                         JCB                    3DX         2007       1           1264075
        Backhoe Loader
   3                         Caterpillar            424         2007       1           IAL0103 F
   4                         Tata Hitachi        Ex200LC        2008       2           2001-9781/2001-9782
         List of Assets parked at Sri Krishna Parking Yard, Nagpur – Tender Date 12th October ‘09
   5    Truck                       Tata           2515         2005       1           CG 07 C 6298
   6    Truck                       Tata           2515         2005       1           CG 04 J 3354
   List of Assets Parked at Singh Stockyard, Bilaspur - Tender Date 14 October 09 at Singh StockYard
   7    Backhoe Loader          TerexVectra       TX760         2005       1             SC12AQ125 / 7600360
   8    Tipper                 AshokLeyland        2516         2006       1                 CG 04 J 7933
   9    Tipper                 AshokLeyland        2516         2006       1                 CG 04 J 7936
   10   Tipper                 AshokLeyland        2516         2006       1                 CG 04 J 7937
   11   Backhoe Loader              Tata          JD315         2008       1                  315V-6126
   12   Backhoe Loader              Tata          JD315         2008       1                  315V-5709
   13   Loader                     Escorts         430Z         2007       1                     1201767
   14   Backhoe Loader              Tata           JD315        2008       1                  315V–6122
   15   Backhoe Loader              JCB             3DX         2008       1                  1269816
                                                                                         396522HTZ219143 /
   16   Tipper                      Tata         LPK2516        2006       2                   219140

Parking Yard Details:
   YARD NAME                    ADDRESS                    LOCATION    CONTAT PERSON          CONTACT NO
    India Ware         Wardhanana, Amrabati Rd,
     Housings         Nagpur (Opp Shahensha Hotel)          Nagpur      Sachin Mongre              9158991120
     Stockyard         Near Tifra Kali Mandir, Bilapur      Bilaspur      Arun Singh               9229237114
    Sri Krishna       Behind SBI Bank, Cantonment
        Yard                   Kamptee                      Nagpur      Sachin Mongre              9158991120

           More assets are being added daily. Please visit the yard to see it yourself.

Note: Yard Charges extra as applicable for the assets which are parked at Sri Krishna yard,
Behind SBI, Cantt Kamptee, Nagpur.

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