Hardcases! LOST Spinoff by Jonathan DeJesus by daet


									I want to start off by saying that this is only a joke, and I don't know of any plans for any Lost
spinoff. But if there were one, here is an idea.

This is based off Season 6 episode “Recon.” First, I think Sawyer gets cooler and cooler
everytime he is on the show. I'm a guy, but if I was in the Lost universe around Sawyer, I'd bet I'd
be his sidekick, or lackey. I would follow him around saying stuff like "That's cool James!" or "You
really showed them!" or "Way to foil that crime!" Kinda like the small dog following the big dog in
those old kibbles & bits commercials. I'd probably call him "boss" too. He is way cool. He is my

OK, so I loved Sawyer's flashsideways life in "RECON." The whole cop-partner drama was great,
even though it was so cheesy and predictable. Did anyone else get the impression that they
were watching an 80s cop show? So, here's my pitch for a Lost spin-off.

From the producers of Lost.....
James Ford. A southern boy with a whole lotta
attitude, a heart of gold, and a dark secret. Years
ago, a con-man ruined his family. Motivated by his
desire to find that man and avenge his family, Ford
joined the police and worked his way through the
ranks. Now a detective with the LAPD, Ford is closer
than ever to catching him... But will revenge be his
salvation, or his curse?
Miles Straume. Cop, psychic, scientist,... madman?
A child prodigy who earned his masters in forensic
chemistry at the age of twelve. Miles stunned the
world when he left a promising position with MIT and
joined the LAPD. As a detective, Miles uses his
scientific training and ability to communicate with the
dead to bust the bad guys!
Together, these two have the criminals on the run.
They take on only the toughest, most dangereous
cases. No criminal is smarter than them. No scheme
is too complicated for them. No case is too hard for
them to crack.
Coming to ABC in 2011, Tuesdays at 9 p.m...

Starring Josh Holloway as James Ford and Ken
Lueng as Miles Straume. With special appearances
by Michael Emerson as "The Initiative Killer" and Billy
Dee Williams as himself.
See you in another life brother!

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