Freudian Finery by LoveofToys


									Freudian Finery

Freudian Finery uses the slogan of "Dress, don't repress!" though I think that Freud would
have claimed that this was yet another case of projection, safely mutilating a doll in an
unnatural way in order to attack his ideas that penetrate so deeply to the core of your
animalistic being.

And what would he have said about that vibrant Roman headpiece? Surely men aren't
capitalizing on the mating rituals of the red jaybird (disclosure: not a real bird), nor is the
bling around his neck just another way of stealing the mines' "beauty" to attract members
of the female persuasion, or wearing a cow's skin on his pale little arms. Nay, Freud would
have said none of these things but rather urged you to buy him to keep him under your
fresh little eye for at any moment you may burst out in rage. He's here to help.

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