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                                                     bodily injury.
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                                             Put a Stop to Your Hypertension
                                                     By Steven A Johnson

  Hypertension means high blood pressure. High blood pressure means that the heart is working
harder to pump the blood the through the vessels, the force of the blood pushing against the blood
vessel walls is what makes the heart pump harder. Anyone can have hypertension for years and never
have a symptom or never even know.

 The amount of blood the heart pumps and the amount of constriction to the blood flow in the arteries is
how blood pressure is determined. If your blood pressure is normal is should read less than 120/80.
Stage one of high blood pressure would read from 140-159/90-99. Stage 2 of high blood pressure
would read 160 greater/100 greater. If your blood pressure is above normal you should consult a
doctor to find ways that work for you to lower your blood pressure.

 Some of things that contribute to high blood pressure are adrenal or thyroid disorders, genetics,
stress, high sodium intake, being overweight, kidney disease, older age, drinking alcohol to frequently,
lack of physical activity, and smoking. High blood pressure usually common among blacks, and if often
develops earlier than white people. Potassium helps to balance the levels of salt in your body. Most
people that have hypertension tend to be sensitive to salt. This means that if they intake sodium
anymore than the minimal bodily need it is too much sodium for them and it increases their blood

 There are types of hypertension, primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Secondary
hypertension is when the direct cause of raised blood pressure is identified. It tends to appear quickly
and can cause blood pressure to become higher than it would with primary hypertension. Kidney
disease is said to be the high cause. Tumors in the adrenal gland and certain heart defects can cause
secondary hypertension. Medications like birth control, cold medications, decongestants, pain
relievers, and illegal drugs can all be a cause as well.

 Primary hypertension is when there is no evidence at all of what is causing the hypertension. It can
gradually develop over many years and about 90 percent of all blood pressure cases are primary.
Getting your blood pressure checked every two years is important to make sure that you have healthy
blood pressure and that it is not gradually rising. If you don’t want to go to the doctor there is other
ways of getting you blood pressure checked. You can buy the blood pressure machine in drugstores
and there are health fairs. Some pharmacies may offer days where there is free blood pressure

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

screening along with blood sugar levels and such.

 There are some things that you can do at home to lower your blood pressure and keep it at a health y
level. Eating healthy foods is one, fruits, veggies, and whole grains are great. Decrease the amount of
salt in your diet, 1,500 mg of salt is enough for one day. Keep your weight at a level that is healthy for
your age and height. Even losing 5 pounds can lower blood pressure. Exercise regularly, about 30
minutes a day. Don’t smoke and limit alcohol limit to one or two days a day. Find some ways to relax
and relieve stress. Deep breathing and getting plenty of sleep can help.

 Some natural alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure would be to take herbal supplements.
Cod-liver oil, calcium, cocoa, and garlic are great for lowering blood pressure. To get the most of these
natural remedies it is best to get them incorporated as foods in your meals but however, taking them as
supplement pills works just as good. Alternative Health Supplements offers a few blood pressure
lowering products that can help to lower your blood pressure and they are all natural and safe. One of
these products is Hyperexol. It protects against plaque build up in arteries, improves proper blood flow
through arteries and vessels, tones the heart, and supports normal healthy blood pressure.

Steven Johnson is interested in maintaining a vital and healthy lifestyle. For more information on
various health products and other life-enhancing nutrients please visit his website

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                                                  Hypertension – A Silent Killer
                                                           By Jason Rickard

 Hypertension in its simplest sense means ‘high blood pressure’. Medical science calls this condition,
‘arterial hypertension’, but hidden beneath the apparent simplicity of the term is the face of a silent
killer. This silent killer can invariably trigger a heart attack, stroke, arterial aneurysm, eye damage, or a
complete renal failure out of the blue, and no one will have any hint or clue that something was boiling
inside for a worst outcome. Hence it is important that hypertension be diagnosed and treated at the
earliest, before things get out of hand.

The important question is how to find out if a person is suffering from arterial hypertension. The biggest
roadblock in diagnosing hypertension is the virtual absence of any solid symptom as it may normally be
called a characteristic of high blood pressure. In other words, a person, even if suffering from
hypertension, may not show any apparent symptoms. Every thing will look normal and the person may
be as cheerful and healthy as a child. It is only when something happens that one might take note of
the developments. In some cases unfortunately, things might have gone to the anvil by then.

Of course that does not mean that all types of hypertension are without any symptoms. Severe cases
of hypertension may be accompanied with headache, sleeplessness, dizziness, and in a worse case,
coma. In such instances, diagnosis will be a lot easier and quick, but again timely treatment is very

On the basis of the causes leading to hypertension, this medical condition can be classified into
primary hypertension - or essential hypertension - and secondary hypertension. The causes for primary
hypertension are mostly unknown. And to make matters even more complex, it is such cases that are
reported the most. On the other hand, secondary hypertension will have some definite underlying
causes, which in most cases may be a medical issue such as alcohol abuse, endocrine tumors,
hormonal problems or kidney disorders. Again, if the exact causes are known, hypertension can be
treated and contained easily, but it will be more of a gamble in the other cases.

Treatments for Hypertension

The treatments for hypertension mostly include a mix of medication and a disciplined lifestyle. Here it
must be noted that none of this will work if taken independently. Someone with hypertension needs to
follow the prescriptions punctually meanwhile adopting a health lifestyle marked by a controlled diet
and regular workout/physical exercise.

Finally, one must also realize that an existing issue of hypertension could be aggravated by activities
like smoking, drinking, and medicines containing steroids. Therefore, take care to avoid such things as
well from one’s daily activities.

After all, remember the age old adage that health is wealth!

Jason Rickard is the owner of http://www.yourfavouriteshop.com - Offering White Noise and Relaxation
CDs - Visit http://www.hapahapa.com for more articles

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