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					           SAMPLE           eSubmission Timeline at Duke University School of Nursing                              SAMPLE
What do I do?

Step 1: Download FOA (PA/RFA) and READ specific instructions
Step 2: Check eRA Commons User name - Validate information in Personal Profile
Step 3: Notify Jane Halpin to initiate budget and SPS proposal
Step 4: Log on to Grants.Duke and attach PDFs
Step 5: Secure approvals of SPS Administrative and Budget sections from Department and DUMC ORA
Step 6: Execute check in Grants.Duke and correct errors and warnings
Step 7: Finalize science sections
Step 8: Release science for transmission
Step 9: Validate receipt with eRA Commons and view proposal for completeness
Step10: >> If errors, correct and resubmit<< If no errors, celebrate!

Where and when do I do it?
 SPS Grants.Duke
 (Jane) (PI and/or Jane) Item                 PDF Document                                                  Notes                                 Deadline
                                                                                                                                                16 weeks prior to
                                 SUBMIT Intent to Submit form to ORA                       Form located on Research Affairs website             agency deadline
                                                                                                                                                10-14 weeks prior
                                 SUBMIT Draft proposal to the Associate                    submit to Diane Holditch-Davis via email                 to agency
                                 Dean for Research                                       or deliver to ORA, Room 1005 Clipp Building                 deadline

                                 CONFIRM eRA Commons registration                                                                               8 weeks prior to
                                 (                       MUST have active account to apply                 agency deadline

                                                                                                                                                6-8 weeks prior to
                                 PEER MOCK REVIEW                                   Leslie Fife, 684-5376, will assist with scheduling           agency deadline
                                 WORK with ORA to complete SPS
                                 requirements (abstract, budget, budget
                                 justification, resources and environment, sub                                                                  4-8 wks prior to
                                 contract agreements)                                             Jane Halpin, 684-0348                         agency deadline

                                                                                                                                                                                         PI working closely with Jane Halpin in ORA
   X                             Abstract                                      Draft required in SPS, PI may update once proposal is

                                                                                                                                                    2 weeks prior to Agency Deadline
                                                                               PCA status: limited to 30 lines
                                 Full Budget and Budget Justification              Required -- SPS only
   X                             Resources - Facilities/Equipment                  Draft required in SPS, PI may update once proposal is in
                                 Description                                       PCA status
   X             X                                                                 Consortium agreements must be in hand. Cost included
                                 Sub Contract Agreements (including                in SPS budget - xdf file produced by PureEdge must be
                                 budget and budget justification)                  attached for e-submission
   X                             Consortium Justification                          if subcontract(s) included
   X                             Biosketches for Key Personnel                     Draft required in SPS, PI may update once proposal is in
                                                                                   PCA status
   X                             Variance in Modules                               if modular and modules vary
                                 Other Support                                     Only if required by FOA
                 X               Project Narrative                                 2 to 3 sentences explaining the relevance of research to

                                                                                                                                                                                         PI primarily independent with ORA's assistance
                                                                                   the public health
                 X               Bibliography                                      previously Literature cited
                                                                                                                                                    1-2 weeks prior to Agency Deadline

                 X           1   Introduction to Application                       For competing renewals only
                 X           2   Specific Aims                                     For R01s, all four sections limited to a total of 25 pages
                 X           3   Background Significance                           of text. When assembled, sections may span 28 pages
                 X           4   Preliminary Studies/Progress Report               with white space
                 X           5   Research Design & Methods
                 X           6   Inclusion Enrollment Report                       For competing renewals only
                 X           7   Progress Report Publication List                  For competing renewals only
                 X           8   Protection of Human Subjects                      Required for human subjects
                 X           9   Inclusion of Women and Minorities                 Required for human subjects
                 X          10   Targeted/Planned Enrollment Table                 Required for human subjects
                 X          11   Inclusion of Children                             Required for human subjects
                 X          12   Vertebrate Animals                                Required for animal models
                 X          13   Select Agents Research                            Required for CDC select agent work
                 X          14   Multiple PI Leadership Plan                       Required for Multiple PIs
                 X          15   Consortium Contractual Arrangements               Required for subcontractor -- scientific justification for
                                                                                   collaborator selection
   X             X          16   Letters of Support                                Consultant support letters must include rate of pay
                 X          17   Resource Sharing Plan(s)                          Data Sharing Plan required
                 X               Cover Letter                                      Required only to identify study section preference and/or
                                                                                   if LATE due to upload issues
                 X               Appendices                                        Optional. See new NIH policy.
                 X               Other Attachments                                 Optional

    Office of Research Affairs, Stacy Johnson 684-0348

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