“Not to plan is to plan to fail” by csgirla


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									           Pre Call Planning & Call objective Setting

 Pre call planning &              Tips            Notes / Feedback
  Objective Setting
What Attention            How can you convey
Grabber will you use?     energy & enthusiasm
                          in the first few
                          seconds of the call?

What opening              Eg Purpose benefit
statement will you        check

What is your agenda       Have you a written
for the call?             agenda – even in
                          your own notebook
                          to ensure you cover
                          all your objectives

What benefit will the     Why should the
customer get from this    customer invest time
call?                     – what will they
                          learn, what can be

What objections do        Identify from
you anticipate you will   previous call notes /
get?                      history / feedback
                          from colleagues/
                          other staff

What bridge will you      Concise management
use to stay on            of objection and how
message?                  to link back to your
                          key messages

What will you close       What do you want to
on?                       get action on? What
                          is your fall back
                          position if you cant
                          achieve your primary

                              “Not to plan is to plan to fail”
                                                          Source: unknown
The Sales Academy 2009

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