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									Physical activity tips
 -   A brisk 30 minute walk everyday. Build this into everyday life
     whether it be when you do the shopping, pick up children from
     school or travelling to work.
 -   Regular exercise alleviates cravings.
 -   Quitting will mean you have more energy for exercise.
And remember…
Reward yourself for all the small goals and targets you reach along the
way. Use some of the money you have saved from quitting to spoil
yourself with a facial, a book or CD, a night at the theatre, hot air balloon
ride, dance classes, swimming or tennis lessons.
Take control if you lapse or come off track. Don’t let one slip up ruin all
the hard work and effort you have put in so far. See it for what it is (a
hiccup) and put it behind you so you can get on with your plan.
For more information about losing weight and healthy eating:

 www.eatwell.gov.uk                                                             Worried about
                                                                                weight gain?

     Wandsworth NHS Stop Smoking Service

         Do you or your staff want to quit smoking?
     We can run a quit group at your place of work.
             Groups are free, informal, and can help you
               kick the habit for good. They can offer:

     •    Weekly meetings with your fellow quitters.
     •    Support from a specialist advisor.
     •    Nicotine patches, gum, etc on prescription.

                Call us on 020 8725 0981
            Or visit www.smokefreewandsworth.nhs.uk
Worried about weight gain?                                                                Healthy eating tips for quitters
Facts                                                                                 -    Record what you eat and drink for a few days (including weekdays and
 - The average weight gain when quitting smoking is around 2 to 3 kg and may               weekends) before you quit. Try to stick to the same eating habits when
    only be temporary.                                                                     you quit. You can keep an eye on your diet by keeping a food diary from
                                                                                           time to time and compare it to your ‘pre-quit’ intake. Has your diet
 -   Research shows that weight gain when quitting smoking can be reduced to               changed? If so, think about ways to make it healthier.
     between 1-2kg with increased physical activity.
                                                                                      -    Eat regularly (every 4-5 hours) to ensure your energy and blood sugar
 -   Smokers are more likely to store fat around the waist and upper torso and             levels are normal. Skipping meals will only make cravings for sweet and
     therefore have a much higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, high         fatty foods and nicotine even stronger.
     blood pressure, gall bladder problems and cancer of the womb and breast. A
     study found that women who stopped smoking stored less fat in their upper        -    Be prepared for cravings by having healthy snacks to hand. Try not to
     body as a result.                                                                     increase the number of snacks you eat but try to time them when
                                                                                           cravings are strongest. Some good examples include:
 -   Women are at greater risk than men for returning to smoking as a way of
     avoiding weight gain.                                                                 o   Fresh sweet fruit e.g. grapes, berries, pineapple chunks

 -   Weight can be lost, lungs cannot be repaired!                                         o   Dried fruit

The reasons for weight gain                                                                o   Raw vegetable sticks and a low fat dip like cream cheese or houmus
                                                                                           o   Mixed seeds
Understanding the reasons why people gain weight and the changes going on in the
body will help you stay on track and beat the habit.                                       o   Sugar free candy and gum

 -   Smoking increases the body's metabolic rate through raising the heart rate and        o   Fat free yoghurt
     producing more body heat.                                                             o   Low fat pretzels
 -   Nicotine may act as an appetite suppressant.
 -   Stopping smoking throws the body into shock initially and may result in an
     increased appetite.
 -   People may use food as a replacement for smoking or to fill breaks and gaps
     in the day.
 -   Food can be used as an emotional comfort.
                                                                                      -    Drink plenty of fluids and make sure you are well hydrated. Dehydration
What can you do?                                                                           can make you feel hungry and irritable, make it difficult to concentrate
                                                                                           and cause headaches: also common side effects from nicotine
Studies suggest that heavy smoking burns an additional 200 calories a day so to
                                                                                           withdrawal. Try herbal teas, sugar free squash or low calorie hot
avoid weight gain, here are some ways you can eat less or exercise more to get rid
                                                                                           chocolates in addition to plenty of water to make it easier to keep well
of the extra 200 calories.
 -   walk briskly for 45 minutes or swim laps for 30 minutes each day                 -    Remove temptation from the house and work. Remove all biscuits,
 -   Eliminate one of the following from your daily diet:                                  chocolate, sweets and cakes from the house and ask colleagues to bring
                                                                                           in fresh fruit instead. This way if you really have a craving for something
     o   1 and a half pints of lager or glass or wine                                      sweet, you have to go to a lot more effort to get it!
     o   a bag of crisps                                                              -    Avoid alcohol as it is often a trigger for smoking and can contribute lots
                                                                                           of extra calories. A glass of wine or a pint of larger contain about the
     o   2 chocolate digestives
                                                                                           same calories as a packet of crisps.
     o   2 tablespoon of butter or oil                                                -    Food cravings are more likely to subside if you can resist them for about
     o   1 small order of McDonalds fries                                                  20-30mins.

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