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									                                THE SPIRITIST SOCIETY of FLORIDA
                                                     Organized in 1982

                       “Unshakable faith is that, which can stand face to face               with reason, in all
epochs of humanity.”

Newsletter - July 2002

       You are the answer to my prayers, you are my friend, my brother, my sister, my guide. I feel you
close when I need you and, when I talk to you, I feel your energy and your love. You listen to me, you put
your hands over my body when I am sick, you are the light in my life, my confidant, my hope. I can call you
anytime and you are always there for me. With you at my side, I’m not afraid, and never lonely. I hear your
voice, I feel your touch. May God Our Father Bless you always, with enlightenment and progress for your
spirit! I love you, don’t leave…. Hello! Are you there? Thanks to the good spirits who always take care
of me! - Inspirationally written by Marian Bugasto


     Previously, I had written about my dad’s death and now it’s my Mom’s turn. After Dad died, Mom and I
became closer than ever before and shared everything including Spiritism.

      Mom died in 1988 after a long battle with cancer. A the end, she suffered greatly, was aware of her
impending death and more than ready to leave this world.

        Not long after her death, our Group received a communication from her in which she related her
experiences right before and after her death. Everyone who knew her in life recognized her in death. Mom
visited me quite often at first because she was concerned for my welfare, but now comes occasionally as she has
explained, she has work to do that keeps her busy; being of service. Spirits have communicated with us and
related that she has helped them with their transition from the material to the spiritual world.

        Throughout the years she has guided, scolded, and loved me just as she had when she was in the
material world. She gives me progress reports on her comprehension of her role in being of service, attending
lectures, being taught and whatever events are taking place.

         How I handled her death was the complete opposite from how I handled Dad’s. Spiritism gave me the
knowledge and faith I needed in my time of loss. Mom also stated that her knowledge of Spiritism helped her
with her passing and awakening in the spirit world. Whether near or far, I feel her love and concern for me. She
is still my mother and her work is never done. - Written by Jacqueline Benenati

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      The set of circumstances that we were born into is exactly what we need in order to fulfill our spiritual
journey in this material life. In addition, we as Spiritists, knew what we were getting into. We used our freewill
and agreed to it because we knew that, just like terrible tasting medicine will make us physically better, personal
                                    struggle improves our soul and aids in our spiritual progress. No one is
                                    immune from this process.

                                             Now we can either accept our struggles and deal with them with
                                      resignation and patience, or we can go through life complaining, kicking
                                      and screaming on how unfair life is. We can either make the best of our
                                      situation or we can fight at every turn the injustices we feel we don’t
                                      deserve. We can either face our troubles and look for ways to surmount
                                      them, or at least ease them, or we can let them overwhelm us into
                                      depression and despair.

                                             We can either make it easier on ourselves or we can make things
                                       even worse by rebelling. If we do rebel we will not benefit by our set of
circumstances and will have to come and undergo them again, until we do. It does not matter if we cannot
remember why we have the life we have. But one can usually get a good idea though, by examining our
character traits and what kind of trials we are currently enduring.

       If our life’s situations are the perfect setting for our souls’ improvement, God knows about it. He knows
each tear we shed, each heartache …each leaf that falls to the ground. But He has not given us a load we could
not handle, He has provided support for us in the people around us and He has provided opportunities for us to
succeed. Why? Because God is All Love and All Compassion. He also understands that suffering and struggle
are the tonics we need to cleanse our soul of our imperfections and He wants us to progress. It is only through
this progression, that we can improve ourselves and our future lives. It is the only way we can truly come to
know Him.

       So, just do what you feel is your very best and leave the rest of your troubles in the very Capable Hands
of our Creator. Change for the better what you can and what you cannot change learn to accept with resignation.
Fulfill your earthly duties to yourself, to those dependent on you, to your family and friends, and to your
fellowman. Let love and charity be your guide in all your actions. Those times when you know you are doing
your very best, will bring an inner solace to your soul, because you will intuitively know that you are following
the right path on your journey in life. God Bless! - - Inspirationally written by Yvonne Limoges


Our Society sends their prayers to Chico Xavier, who recently passed away at age 92. He wrote hundreds of
books through spirit communication and was a Brazil’s most famous and respected medium. God bless!

                                                                Newsletter Edited by Yvonne Limoges
                                                                           5042 22 Avenue North
                                                                           St. Petersburg, FL 33710

                              The Spiritist Society of Florida

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