Steel Doors and Frames

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					BEST BUY STORE B-### - CITY, ST                  (MASTER –Winter 2008)                               PROJECT NO. ####

SECTION 08110 - STEEL DOORS AND FRAMES                          K.    UL 10C: Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.

                 PART 1 - GENERAL                               L.    ADAAG - Americans with Disabilities Act
                                                                      Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and
1.1    SECTION INCLUDES                                               Facilities.

 A.    Provide Fire-rated and Non-rated steel doors and        M.     FM – Doors and Frames shall comply with Factory
       frames.                                                        Mutual Requirements.

 B.    Interior window frames.                                 1.4    NATIONAL ACCOUNTS PROGRAM

 C.    Glazing stops.                                            A. See Section 00207 for Best Buy’s National
                                                                    Accounts Vendor for this product is Twin City
1.2    RELATED WORK                                                 Hardware Company, 723 Hadley Avenue, North,
                                                                    Oakdale, Minnesota, 55128, (651).731-2200, FAX
 A.    Section 00205 – Materials Schedule.                          (651).735-1800.

 B.    Section 04200 - Unit Masonry System: Masonry              B.   Refer to Section’s 00205, 00209, and 01600 for
       mortar fill of steel frames.                                   purchasing and installation responsibilities.

 C.    Section 08710 - Hardware: Hardware for doors              C. NO OTHER VENDORS ARE ALLOWED.
       and frames.
                                                               1.5    QUALITY ASSURANCE
 D.    Section 08800 - Glazing: Glass and glazing for
       doors and frames.                                        A.    Provide doors and frames complying with Steel
                                                                      Door Institute "Recommended Specifications
 E.    Section 09900 - Painting: Field painting of doors              Standard Steel Doors and Frames" ANSI/SDI-100
       and frames.                                                    and as herein specified.

1.3    REFERENCES                                               B.    Fire rated door and frame construction to conform
                                                                      to ASTM E152.
 A.    ANSI A224.1 - Test Procedure and Acceptance
       Procedure for Prime Painted Steel Surfaces.              C.    Installed frame and door assembly to conform to
                                                                      NFPA 80 for fire rated class indicated in Schedule.
 B.    ASTM A366 - Steel Carbon, Cold-Rolled Sheet,
       Commercial Quality.                                     1.6    REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS

 C.    ASTM A653-96, "Spec for Steel Sheet,                     A.    Conform to applicable code for fire rated frames
       Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-                   and doors. Provide completed installation to
       Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot-Dip Process."                 maintain required fire rating of opening.

 D.    ASTM E152 - Methods of Fire Tests of Door                B.    Fire-Rated Door Assemblies: Construct fire rated
       Assemblies.                                                    doors and frames according to requirements of UL
                                                                      10B. Each fire rated door and frame shall bear the
 E.    DHI (Door Hardware Institute) - The Installation of            appropriate UL labels.
       Commercial Steel Doors and Steel Frames,
       Insulated Steel Doors in Wood Frames and                 C.    Fire-Rated Door Assemblies: Comply with positive
       Builder's Hardware.                                            pressure requirements of UL 10C and UBC 7-2.
                                                                      Door assemblies shall bear the UL Label and
 F.    NFPA 80 - Fire Doors and Windows.                              supplemental “S” positive pressure fire label.

 G.    NFPA 252 - Fire Tests for Door Assemblies.               D.    Comply with Dade County Protocols PA-201, PA-
                                                                      202 and PA-203 for hurricane impact resistance,
 H.    SDI-100 - Standard Steel Doors and Frames.                     static wind, water infiltration, air infiltration and
                                                                      cyclic wind load.
  I.   SDI-105 - Recommended Erection Instructions for
       Steel Frames.

 J.    UL 10B - Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.

STEEL DOORS AND FRAMES                                                                                           08110 - 1
BEST BUY STORE B-### - CITY, ST                    (MASTER –Winter 2008)                              PROJECT NO. ####

1.7   SUBMITTALS                                                  D.   Interior Fire-Rated Doors: SDI-100 Grade II,
                                                                       Model 4; minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel sheet
 A.   Material and Equipment Submittals: Submit the                    complying with ASTM A366; seamless, composite
      following under provisions of Section 01300.                     construction; mineral fibercore.
      1. Shop Drawings:                                                1. Provide interior fire-rated doors with UL label
          a. Provide schedule of doors and frames using                    as indicated on Opening Schedule.
             same opening numbers referenced on the
             drawings.                                           2.3   STEEL FRAMES
          b. Indicate frame gauge and configuration, fire
             label, anchor types and spacing, location of         A.   Exterior Frames: MAXIMUM DUTY
             cutouts for hardware, and reinforcement.                  DETENTION GRADE. Minimum 12 gauge
          c. Indicate door elevations, hardware group,                 galvanized steel complying with ASTM A525,
             core material, internal reinforcement,                    A60. Provide integrated conduit for security
             closure method, and cut outs for glazing                  wiring and reinforced hardware plates.
             and louvers.
                                                                  B.   Existing Exterior Frames: Consult with Twin City
1.8   DELIVERY, STORAGE AND PROTECTION                                 Hardware for specific requirements. Extended
                                                                       lead time of ten weeks may be required for special
 A.   Protect products under provisions of Section                     hinge requirement.
      1. Protect doors and frames with resilient                  C.   Interior Frames: Minimum 16 gauge cold rolled
         packaging sealed with heat shrunk plastic.                    steel complying with ASTM A366 at all other
      2. Break seal on-site to permit ventilation.                     locations.

                                                                 2.4   ACCESSORIES
            PART 2 - PRODUCTS
                      2                                           A.   Glazing Stops: Provide for glazed lites as indicated
2.1   GENERAL                                                          on Drawings complying with SDI vision panel
                                                                       designations V, N and G. Construct glazing stops
 A.   It is the intention of the designers that this system            of not less than 18 gauge steel. Fit and install stops
      meets the requirements of ADAAG.                                 in the factory. Form neat hairline joints.
                                                                       1. Provide in tumescent glazing system for fire
 B.   Contact Twin City Hardware for requirements for                      rated doors to comply with requirements of UL
      non-prototype opening conditions, such as,                           10C and UBC 7-2.
      openings to public mall corridors, openings to fire              2. Acceptable Manufacturers and Products:
      pump rooms, fire stairwells, and any other                           a. Zero: Intumet Glazing Tape FS1001.
      condition that needs special consideration.                          b. Zero: Intumet Glazing Strips FS3003.
                                                                           c. Comparable products from other
2.2   STEEL DOORS                                                              manufacturers.

 A.   Exterior Doors: MAXIMUM DUTY                                B.   Rubber Silencers: Resilient rubber.
      DETENTION SDI-100 Grade III, Model 4;
      minimum 14 gauge zinc coated galvanized steel              2.5   FABRICATION
      sheet faces complying with ASTM A525, A60;
      seamless, composite construction; Fiberglass                A.   Fabricate exterior and double door frames fully
      batting insulation, 18 gauge vertical stiffeners, full           welded with corners and stops fully mitred. Grind
      length hinge reinforcement. Exterior doors shall                 exposed surfaces smooth with no joints anywhere
      have a minimum "U" value of 0.24                                 on the frame.

 B.   Interior Non-Fire-Rated Doors: SDI-100 Grade II,            B.   Fabricate interior frames knocked-down with
      Model 4; minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel sheet                mitered corners.
      complying with ASTM A366; seamless, composite
      construction; honeycomb core laminated to the               C.   Provide frames of required throat depth for wall
      inside of both face sheets.                                      thickness.

 C.   Interior Full-Glazed Door: SDI-100 Grade II,                D.   Fabricate frames and doors with hardware
      Model 4; minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel sheet                reinforcement plates welded in place. Hinge
      complying with ASTM A366; seamless, composite                    reinforcement shall be not less than 7 gauge plated
      construction; fully welded stile and rails.                      steel. Other reinforcements shall be minimum of
                                                                       12 gauge steel. Comply with SDI-100 for

STEEL DOORS AND FRAMES                                                                                             08110 - 2
BEST BUY STORE B-### - CITY, ST                     (MASTER –Winter 2008)                              PROJECT NO. ####

       minimum hardware reinforcing requirements.                  B.   Install doors in accordance with DHI "The
       Provide mortar guard boxes.                                      Installation of Commercial Steel Doors and Steel
                                                                        Frames, Insulated Steel Doors in Wood Frames,
 E.    Fabricate doors without seams on faces or vertical               and Builders Hardware".
       edges of door. Door cores shall have 18 gauge
       vertical stiffeners spaced no more than 6” o.c.             C.   Install fire rated doors and frames in accordance
       extending full width of door, spot welded to face                with NFPA 80.
       sheets at 5” o.c. Continuously weld vertical edge
       seams, and grind smooth.                                    D.   Coordinate with masonry and wallboard wall
                                                                        construction for anchor placement.
 F.    Reinforce frames wider than 48" with roll formed                 1. Masonry Construction: Install frames up to 60"
       steel channels fitted tightly into frame head, flush                high in masonry construction with minimum 2
       with top.                                                           jamb anchors each jamb; add an additional
                                                                           anchor for every 30" or fraction thereof.
 G.    Provide ¾” galvanized steel flex conduit with in                 2. Wallboard Construction: Install frames up to
       exterior door frames for electrified hardware wiring                60" high in wallboard construction with
       to top control box above head of frame.                             minimum 3 jamb anchors each jamb; add an
                                                                           additional anchor for every 24" or fraction
 H.    Prepare frame for silencers. Provide three single                   thereof.
       rubber silencers on strike jamb for single doors,
       and two single silencers on frame head at double           E.    Coordinate installation of glass and glazing.
                                                                  3.2   TOLERANCES
  I.   Attach fire rated label to each frame and door unit,
       where required.                                             A.   Maximum Diagonal Distortion: 1/16" measured
                                                                        with straight edge, corner to corner.
 J.    Reinforce top and bottom edges with a minimum
       16 gauge channel welded to face sheets.                    3.3   ADJUSTING AND CLEANING

 K.    Reinforce top hinge with “high frequency hinge”             A.   Adjust hardware for smooth and balanced door
       reinforcing straps.                                              movement.

 L.    Close top edge of exterior door flush with inverted
       16 gauge steel channel closure. Seal joints                                   END OF SECTION

M.     Provide fixed glazing stops on outside of exterior
       doors and on secure side of interior doors.

 N.    Provide floor clips for frames. Provide jamb
       anchors spaced not over 30" on center for frames.
       Furnish temporary spreader bars and bracing.

 O.    Thoroughly clean, phosphate treat, and apply one
       coat of rust inhibitive primer containing at least
       50% rust inhibitive pigments. Prime frames under
       removable glazing stops and prime back side of
       removable stops.

 P.    Provide full length 7’ latch guard welded or thru-
       bolted to exterior doors.

                PART 3 - EXECUTION


 A.    Install frames in accordance with SDI-105.

STEEL DOORS AND FRAMES                                                                                             08110 - 3
BEST BUY STORE B-### - CITY, ST    (MASTER –Winter 2008)   PROJECT NO. ####

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STEEL DOORS AND FRAMES                                             08110 - 4

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