Putting a Picture Frame on a Photo Activity by malj


									Picture Frame
                                                                            Fundamentals of Web Design
Purpose: To create a frame around the picture in Fireworks

   1. Launch Fireworks 8 and create a new file with a canvas size of 400 x 400.

   2. Save the file in your folder as Picture Frame.png; save frequently.

   3. Use the Internet to locate a picture of the Sesame Street character Big Bird. Save the image
      in your folder.
      Import the image into Fireworks by doing the following:
          a. Click the File menu and then select Import…
          b. Navigate to your folder.
          c. Select your Big Bird image and click Open.
          d. Move the mouse to the upper left corner of the canvas and click.

   4. Put a pre-made frame on the image by doing the following:
         a. Click somewhere on the white canvas area.
         b. On the Properties panel click the “Fit Canvas” button.
         c. Click the Pointer tool.
         d. Select the picture of Big Bird and make it the same size as the canvas.
         e. Click the Commands menu, point to Creative, and then select Add Picture Frame.
         f. Select a pattern from the dropdown list and set a frame size. Enter a value of 25 or
             below in the Frame Size box.

   5. Use the Text tool to add your name to the canvas. Apply font size 12 to your name.

   6. Export the image into a jpg format by doing the following:
        a. Click the file menu and click Image Preview…
        b. In the Format dropdown box, choose JPEG.
        c. Click the Export… button.
        d. Verify that the file is being exported to your folder and contains the name Picture
        e. Click Export.

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