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GM Hybrid Vehicle Press Conference
January 8, 2006

Good evening.

General Motors is on a continuing quest to reinvent the automobile and
to remove our vehicles from the environmental debate.

Central to this is GM's three-prong advanced propulsion technology
strategy... which is focused on reducing tailpipe emissions, ultimately
to zero…while significantly improving fuel economy.

As part of this strategy in the near term we're improving the efficiency of
both our gas and diesel engines... introducing advanced six-speed
transmissions... and aggressively pursuing alternative fuels.

These strides have already helped make GM an industry leader in fuel

In fact, in North America.. when it comes to vehicles that get 7.8 liters
per 100 kilometers... or 30 miles per gallon or better on the highway... no
automaker offers more than GM.

We're also working to expand our world-wide availability of advanced
diesel engines.

Here in the U.S., we're selling every Duramax Diesel engine
we can build.

The Duramax is now available in the Hummer H1 Alpha..
the Savana.. and Express full-size vans.

It also delivers a class-leading 360 horsepower and 650
foot-pounds of torque in the Silverado and Sierra HD pickups.

We're also working to extend our leadership position in ethanol-
compatible vehicles globally.

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For example, in Sweden, the Saab 9-5 BioPower accounts for
80-percent of all Saab 9-5 sales, making it that country's best-selling
environmentally-friendly vehicle.

And just last month in Brazil... where Ethanol is the most available fuel...
78% of vehicles sold by GM do Brasil... were equipped with Flexpower..
that provides capability to run on 100% Ethanol.

Here in North America, GM already has about 1.5 million E85 capable
FlexFuel vehicles on the road… and we plan to build an average of 400
thousand more every year for the foreseeable future.

Beyond conventional gas and diesel engines, 6-speed transmissions..
and alternative fuels... we're here today to talk about GM's major
commitment to hybrid vehicles.. that we made three years ago, right on
this stage.

GM's hybrid strategy is unique... in that we plan to offer several different
hybrid systems... across multiple brands... and vehicle applications.

Our U.S. strategy is all about customer choice.. and delivering fuel
economy tailored to real-world driving.

Over time, our plan will deliver at least 12 hybrid models.. in high volume
car and truck lines.

We launched our hybrid program in 2003.. with a two-mode
hybrid system for transit buses.

Since then, we've delivered more than 380 hybrid systems for transit
buses... operating in 29 cities in the US and Canada… and we started
2006.. with orders for an additional 203 hybrid bus systems.

In addition, we're close to delivering our first hybrid bus system to
Shanghai, China.

In 2003, GM also introduced the world's only full-size hybrid pickup
trucks.. the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra -- which, by the way --
continue to deliver the highest city fuel economy.. of any full-size trucks.

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Next we have developed a new.. more affordable.. GM hybrid system..
for a broad spectrum of powertrain and vehicle applications.

We've mated this hybrid system.. in the Saturn VUE Green Line.. to our
170 horsepower.. all aluminum.. 2.4 liter Ecotec engine and a modified
4T45E transmission.

This system is flexible and cost-effective.. combining sophisticated hybrid
controls.. with a precision electric motor/generator mated to the engine.

It is ideal for high volume global applications.. and is planned for
passenger cars.. both inside and outside of the U.S.

For example, a GM hybrid vehicle is targeted for introduction in China, in

The 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line.. which debuts here in North America
this summer ..
will be the first application of this technology.

Let's take a quick look at how it works…

This hybrid system eliminates all fuel consumption at idle.. by shutting off
the engine when the vehicle is stopped.

The engine then promptly restarts.. when the brake pedal is released..
for the next acceleration.

It provides an electric power assist.. during launch.. as well as during
wide-open throttle maneuvers.. such as passing.. when additional
performance is required.

The system does not use any fuel during decelerations… while also
intelligently charging the battery.. through regenerative braking.

These operations and the transitions between them.. are virtually
transparent to the consumer.

The bottom line?

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We forecast an EPA fuel economy increase.. of 5 mpg in both city and
highway driving.

And third-party tests.. conducted in a real-life, typically American driving
cycle .. validates that customers will see about a 20 percent
improvement in fuel economy -- without sacrificing utility.. and with
enhanced performance.

In fact, the Saturn Vue Green Line's 0-60 time ..is actuallyone second
better.. than the non-hybrid version.

The second hybrid system we're showing today..is the two-mode hybrid..
which we're co-developing with both DaimlerChrysler and
the BMW Group.

This partnership pools the technical expertise of all three companies..
and speeds up development time.. while reducing the development costs
incurred by each OEM partner.

And as I've said before.. we are open to collaborating with other OEMs
on this technology.

Together, we're taking this flexible.. and scalable.. two-mode hybrid
technology .. originally implemented in transit buses... advancing the
technology.. and adapting it for use in a broad variety of cars, trucks and

GM's full-size SUVs, the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon in 2007 will
feature the next iteration of the Two-Mode system. .

The engine will be a generation 4.. aluminum small block V8.. producing
in excess of 300 horsepower.

Here's a brief look at how it works…

The Two-Mode hybrid system is essentially an electrically variable
transmission .. with two hybrid drive modes.. each separately optimized
for city and highway driving.

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In the first mode.. at low speed and light loads.. the vehicle
can operate in three ways electric power only, engine power only or in
any combination of engine and electric power.

The key to reducing fuel consumption in heavy stop and go traffic
is leaving the engine shut off for extended periods of time.. and moving
under electric power only during low speed operation.

The second mode is used primarily at higher speeds…

It combines electric assist and -- through the use of sophisticated
electronic controls -- allows even more efficient engine operation.. by
optimizing fuel-saving technologies such as... Active Fuel Management,
variable valve timing, late-intake valve closure, and a 12:1 compression

To complement the fuel savings achieved by the hybrid system itself
the Tahoe hybrid integrates a number of other design and engineering
features specific to the model…

Including unique aerodynamic treatments front and rear…

Aluminum construction of the hood and liftgate to reduce mass…

And light-weight, aero-efficient aluminum wheels with low rolling
resistance tires to complete the package.

These features work in concert with the Two Mode hybrid system
to deliver a 25 percent composite improvement in fuel economy as
compared with the base Chevy Tahoe… while still providing the comfort
and capability that Tahoe customers demand and deserve.

What's the bottom line on GM's hybrid strategy?

We've been consistent in presenting GM's unique hybrid strategy…

And today, I can say unequivocally that we are delivering on those

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We've already put two-mode systems in transit buses and light hybrids
in extended cab pickups.

And this summer, we're going to continue our steady roll-out of additional
hybrid applications… offering different hybrid systems.. in a range of
popular vehicles to develop the full market potential for hybrid

This all adds up to a portfolio of desirable hybrid-equipped vehicles
that provides customers a choice of fuel economy savings at different
levels of affordability.

In short, GM is in the hybrid game!

And you're about to see how we're raising the stakes.

(Hybrid Reveal)

Good evening.

I'm Mark LaNeve, Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and
Marketing for GM North America…

I'm joined by Saturn General Manager
Jill Lajdziak.


Okay...I know what you're thinking... the oldest marketing trick in the
book... use a bunch of cute kids to make a point.

Well, in reality, they do make a point.

Our hybrid strategy will not be confined to small cars or a limited
number of vehicle architectures.

Rather, we will offer sophisticated hybrid technology in a wide range of
vehicles, and give customers what they've always wanted... choice.

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In addition to the technologies themselves, the ability to haul large
numbers of people in hybrid vehicles is going to be a competitive
advantage for GM as we enter the hybrid segment in earnest.
That's been a central part of our hybrid strategy from the beginning.

We've focused our early efforts on large vehicles -- "people haulers" like
transit buses... and utility vehicles such as the Chevy Tahoe and Saturn

Why? Because that's where the most volume is, that's where the most
fuel is consumed… so that's where our hybrid technologies are able to
do the most good for the greatest number of customers, who... are
represented here today by all these cute kids.

While we may not be first to the hybrid segment, we're in the game…
with two new and distinct technologies, two new hybrid models with
a bunch more on the way… demonstrating GM's commitment to
customer choice.

In short, we're going to cover every major vehicle segment with
compelling hybrid versions of many of our most popular vehicles.

Cars that people love to own.

This Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid is a great example…
it's kinda like compound interest... you get a 25-percent improvement
in composite fuel economy… on top of its already segment-leading fuel

And it can haul a lot of your kids... with a lot of their stuff...
in all kinds of weather... over all kinds of terrain.

It will go on sale next year as a 2008 model, along with the GMC Yukon
Two-Mode Hybrid.

We'll be announcing pricing and production volumes for those vehicles at
a later date.


   Hybrid 3/17/2010 4:49:37 AM

The 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line arrives this summer.

Powered by the new, more affordable GM hybrid system, the VUE Green
Line delivers an estimated 20 percent improvement in fuel economy…
or approximately 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

That's the best HIGHWAY fuel economy of any SUV currently on the
market -- hybrid or otherwise.

And because we believe that you shouldn't have to be rich
to be "green," the GM hybrid system will cost customers less than

This will allow us to offer Saturn VUE Green Line at a starting price
under $23,000 -- some $4,000 less than the nearest hybrid competitor.

It is, by far, the world's most affordable hybrid SUV… some might say the
FIRST affordable hybrid utility... period.

As a final illustration of our intention to offer hybrids across the full
bandwidth of our GM brands… I'm pleased to announce
that we will also be offering a Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, featuring the
Two-Mode Hybrid system.

Between the Saturn Vue Green Line, and hybrid versions of Tahoe,
Yukon and Escalade, across numerous brands and a wide range of price
points, you can clearly see the level of customer choice and potential
fuel-savings made possible by our unique hybrid strategy.

And speaking of Escalade, we're going to remain here for a bit
to entertain your questions… then I hope you'll join us in the Cadillac
display for a drink, some food and live music with DJ A.M. and Travis
Barker...as we celebrate the arrival of the all-new Escalade family.

You have something you want to say…?

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Thank you for your attention.
Now please come on up for a closer look.


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