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					                                     Gateway to Graduation
                                       Departmental Grant
                              Guidelines and Application 2007-2008

The Gateway Group was founded by administrators, faculty, and students who attended the American
Association of Higher Education Summer Academy in 2000. It was designed to be a coordinating body
that fostered the retention of first-time, first year students at IUPUI. This group facilitated communication
among those involved in Gateway courses and disseminated information on best practices for promoting
learning in Gateway courses. During the fall of 2006, the Gateway Group underwent a transformation to
include additional Gateway courses and intentionally added other initiatives so that the group became
known as the “Gateway to Graduation” initiative at IUPUI.

The purpose of the Departmental Grant is to provide support and financial resources to departments in an
effort to improve DFW rates and retention. Funded proposals may address Gateway topics such as
departmental advising, innovative pedagogies, revised curriculum, Gateway faculty development, student
diversity issues and departmental development of co-curricular activities. This list is not all inclusive of the
possible methods for improving the student experience on campus and in courses; proposals addressing
other Gateway topics will be considered as long as they clearly articulate the possibility for improving
retention and graduation rates.

Awards will be made to departments, not to individuals within the department. Any IUPUI academic
department is eligible to apply. Departments will designate a project coordinator for this grant.

Additional Terms
Proposals that demonstrate clearly identified objectives, a reasonable action plan, and a detailed method
for assessment will be given priority status. In addition, departments should consider how the department
can support the successful implementation of the proposed plan (i.e. matching funds or course-release
opportunities for participating faculty). The review and evaluation of Gateway efforts at other universities
is encouraged.

Conceptual, Technical, and Pedagogical Support/Guidance: The department will have access to the full
resources of the Office for Professional Development, including the Center for Teaching and Learning,
the Center on Integrating Learning, the Center on Service and Learning, and the Center on Research and

The project period is July 1, 2007 through June 1, 2008.

Funding for these grants is available for up to $10,000 per grant. Allowable expenditures include faculty
time replacement; technology; and graduate student assistance. Hospitality is not an allowable
expense. All other justified expenses will be considered.

A letter of support from the Chair of the Department is required.

Upload proposal and letter of support to no later than 5pm on
May 1, 2007. Departments will be notified of the funding decisions on or before May 15, 2007.

Post Award
Awardees will submit a final report thirty days after the project completion. Departments may be asked to
present their findings at university sponsored events.

                                        Gateway to Graduation
                                         Departmental Grant



(attach letter of support from the Chair)

Project Coordinator:
(name, phone, email)

Department Information for 2006-2007 Gateway Courses
   Number of tenure/tenure track faculty that taught Gateway courses:
   Number of lecturers that taught Gateway courses:
   Course titles, number of sections, total enrollment:
   Course titles, number of sections, total enrollment estimates for 2007-2008:

Names and rank of faculty working directly on this project:

Brief summary of current efforts related to Gateway curriculum and instruction:
(include trend data, preparations for Gen Ed requirements, etc.)

Explain why your department is interested in the project:

Project Plan (2-3 pages)
(include a thorough overview of the department’s objectives, plan for implementation, and comprehensive
plan for assessment)

(List totals of categories in the chart. Requested from Grant cannot exceed $10,000. List any matching/in kind
amounts in the appropriate column.

     Category           Requested from                                  External                Total
                                              IU/IUPUI Match
                            Grant                                       Funding                Project

 12 month faculty      $                     $                      $                     $
 10 month faculty      $                     $                      $                     $
 Clerical              $                     $                      $                     $
 Undergraduate         $                     $                      $                     $
 Graduate              $                     $                      $                     $
 Consultant/Tech       $                     $                      $                     $

  Air, Bus, Rental     $                     $                      $                     $
  Mileage              $                     $                      $                     $
  Ground Trans         $                     $                      $                     $
  Parking              $                     $                      $                     $
  Lodging              $                     $                      $                     $
  Per Diem             $                     $                      $                     $
  Registration         $                     $                      $                     $

Other items
 Supplies              $                     $                      $                     $
 Equipment             $                     $                      $                     $
 Other                 $                     $                      $                     $

TOTALS                 $                     $                      $                     $

*IU Travel Management Services rates should be used (

Budget Explanation
(Provide detail narrative for the amounts listed above. Example: 10 manuals @ $12.50 = $125.00