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WI VFW News March 08

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Highlights from 2008 Mid-Winter

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KHI Partnership With VFW

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a Different Kind of Mission

Vol. 25 no. 5


march 20, 2008

Vfw Makes The Case On Capitol Hill, washington DC
Legislative/Community Service Conference Informative, Effective
The 2008 Legislative and Community Service Conference held March 1 through 5 in Washington, DC, was an impressive demonstration of the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary at their best. In addition to recognizing Voice of Democracy winners from all 54 Departments, and presenting the National Patriot’s Pen winner, the conference also heard from the National Winners of Teacher of the Year in each of the 3 Categories: Elementary, Middle School and High School. All three gave excellent presentations on what made them winners when they spoke at the National Youth, Education & Community Service Committee meeting. Among other committee meetings were Membership, National Security, Homeless Veterans/Employment & Training, Veterans Care, Military Assistance, By-Laws Review, Military Affairs and POW/MIA. The VFW National Council also met during the session. The range of information available at all these sessions was both impressive and useful. Top leadership of the VA, Pentagon and various military branches, including the Army Surgeon General, came to the conference’s opening session and presented detailed reports on a broad range of key issues important to veterans, particularly combat veterans. But the big day for legislative action was Tuesday, March 4. On that morning, accompanied by hundreds of VFW and Auxiliary members, National Commander-In-Chief George Lisicki presented a remarkably detailed and substantive testimony before a joint session of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees. In a Senate Hearing Room of the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, packed to overflowing, the Chief made his presentation authoritatively, and also fielded questions and comments from nearly all the members of the two committees. Committee members made frequent references to the VFW’s carefully crafted Independent Budget, which was credited with restoring millions of dollars to last year’s VA budget and securing a wide range of services for veterans that otherwise would See Capitol Hill, page 7

a crowded gallery listens as VfW spokespersons and senate/house committee members exchange comments and ideas.

Membership Is More Than A ‘Numbers Game’

VFW Can Provide Needed Support
Soldier To VFW: Your Support Is Needed Here At Home
Simple Things Are Big Concerns To A Soldier Half A World Away From Home We can attend seminars, read pamphlets, and hear that we have a mission to serve veterans. But sometimes, we need to listen carefully to what our active-duty troops are telling us. Just such an opportunity presented itself recently at the 9th District Mid-Winter in Altoona. Command Sergeant Major Ralph Rosemore of the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Battalion, 128 Infantry, spoke about the future deployment of 3,400 Army National Guardsmen in 2009. These soldiers come from 36 communities across Wisconsin. Virtually every VFW District is touched by this deployment. Such communities as Abbottsford, Arcadia, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Neillsville, New Richmond, Onalaska, Rice Lake, and River Falls and more will see soldiers off to Iraq. CSM Rosemore made the point that soldiers overseas have most of their needs taken care of. The deployed soldier is well taken care of by his command unit. Troop support is most important at the family level. Half a world away, a soldier feels frustration and concern about simple things that he or she can’t address directly. Things that we, at home, might take for granted. Oftentimes, a soldier’s family struggles to buy food or pay necessary utilities or has other issues such as car and home See Support, page 7

the state recruiters of District 9 in their new ball caps. state commander bill hustad received his honorary distinctive blue cap as well. the team, starting from the left in the back row: merlin Kozmowski, District commander John frederickson, state commander bill hustad, Keith gramme, John helgeson, John mortenson, gordon berg, Dave Winkler, Peter, James fosse. Ask Peter Breed or any of our trained VFW Recruiters, and they’ll tell you that Membership is the true engine that makes our VFW so effective at fighting for Veterans’ Rights in the State Legislature and in the halls of Congress in Washington. But they’ll also tell you that in order to have true “strength in numbers” the VFW must always keep up the spirit of camaraderie and activity at the Post and District Level. “This is a great organization,” says Pete, a retired Air Force NCO. “I think we too often miss the chance to help members feel good about what they do here, and believe me: They do a LOT!” Breed is serious about a couple of things. One is driving up recruitment in his home District 9, as well as throughout the Department. The other is focusing the energies of this great organization on interacting positively with deploying, deployed and returning troops and their families. In District 9, Peter whipped up some real enthusiasm among his corps of District Recruiters by arranging for them to buy their own VFW Recruiter ball caps and See MeMberSHip, page 7

official Publication: Wisconsin Veterans of foreign Wars
Phone: (608) 255-6655 • Fax: (608) 255-0652 Website: •

VFW Department Headquarters

Editor: William Knudson

Phone: (715) 384-2500 E-mail:

Mar/aPr, 008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

state officers
I want to remind everyone that all reports are due for Community Service, Citizen“twiggy” ship Eduction, Youth Activities and Hospital. Our reporting year runs from May 1, Johnson 2007 through April 30, 2008. You should State Jr. Vice already have at least two reports filed, and Commander your final report is coming due. Don’t wait until the end! 920-766-1491 Every member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars does community work in some way – such as yard work, snow shoveling, taking senior citizens to the doctor, to a store and church. You visit members or friends in the hospitals, nursing homes or at senior care facilities. Report these simple activities through your post so that your community volunteer actions and hours count. To be at, or taking part in, Memorial Day or Veterans Day programs in your community is another worthy activity. I feel very strongly that every member does community service, but if it doesn’t get reported, you’re missing an important element of our community value. Let’s report what you do and let your community know what you do. The more your community knows of what you do, the more successful your post will be. The more the community reads and hears what you and your post do, the more your community will do for your post! The best tool the Veterans of Foreign Wars has is you and only you, by doing charity work, so let’s report what you do. Let the VFW know what you do, so we can help make sure your community knows, too. Report all your community activities to your Post Commander. We, as the VFW Department, appreciate what everyone does for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Thank you so very much. And for the posts, reporting has never been easier. Report forms are on-line and are easy to fill in and send. No muss, no fuss! Just great results! Wilfred “Twiggy” Johnson, State Jr. Vice Commander Comrades and Sisters, Here it is March, and time for another steve lawrence article. I wanted to tell you that I have State Adjutant received my Election Report Forms and Quartermaster National Convention Registration Forms. If I received mine, then all Quartermasters 608-255-6655 should have received their packet. March is the month for nomination of your incoming Post Officers. April should be your month for elections. Please make sure you are complying with the National By-Laws concerning these matters. Section 211 of the National By-Laws requires a properly completed Election Report must be submitted to the National Organization by June 1. Failure to comply with this By-Law provides the Commander-in-Chief the authority to suspend a Post Charter for up to 90 days, which may also lead to revocation of the Post Charter. Please forward a completed copy of the Election Report to Department Headquarters. I want to remind each Post Quartermaster that you are required to register at least one delegate to the Department Convention and to the National Convention. Let’s send the check for $10.00 and submit the National Registration Form. Do it now so you don’t forget. ANNUAL ELECTRONIC FILING REQUIREMENT FOR SMALL EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS – E-POSTCARD (Form 990-N). Don’t throw away your tax-exempt status. Beginning in 2008, small tax-exempt organizations will have a new filing requirement. It’s short, easy and electronic – it’s the new e-Postcard. If you are a tax-exempt organization that normally has annual gross receipts of $25,000 or less and does not have to file Form 990 or 990-EZ, you must file the E-Postcard. The e-Postcard is due by the 15th day of the fifth month after the close of your tax year. So if your organization operates on a calendar year, the e-Postcard is due by May 15 of the following year. What happens if you don’t file? You risk losing your tax-exempt status! If you think this new filing requirement may apply to your organization, go to www.irs. gov/eo for complete details, and while you’re there, sign up for Exempt Organization’s free e-mail newsletter, EO Update, to receive up-to-date information posted on the charity pages of If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me. Comrades and Sisters, thank you for the good work you do each day for veterans and their families. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail, sdlvfw@, or by phone, (608) 835-7494 evenings, or by mail, Steve Lawrence, P.O. Box 23, Oregon, WI 53575-0023. Steve Lawrence, State Adjutant Quartermaster

Comrades, Sisters, Men’s Auxiliary, and Junior Girls, William hustad Thanks to the Convention Committee for putting on a great Midwinter Conference. State Commander The facilities were excellent and every608-527-2942 thing was well organized. I am sure that the attendees learned much from the many program reports and the special seminar on the website. We need to get most, hopefully all, of the Posts in the State of Wisconsin participating on our new website, it is free to set up a website for your own Post, so sign up now. Contact Bill Knudson for more details. Midwinter is a special conference because we honor our Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen awardees. What great young people we have who do a great job. We got to see all of the state winners at the National Washington DC Conference. We have some great leaders developing. The National Teacher awards were presented, also. The main purpose of the Washington Conference is to see our legislators. We were able to make appointments to see all of our senators and congressional representatives or their aides. The main topics were: • VA Health Care budget • Backlog of VA Compensation claims • Modernization of the GI Bill • Supporting our troops with the equipment they need • And taking care of our military families. A part of your dues go to help educate our elected officials on the needs of our military people and our veterans. The range of veterans’ benefits that we enjoy were fought for and continue to be fought for by your VFW. You should be proud of the job that the VFW is doing for veterans. VFW National is working with other countries’ veterans organizations to assist them in setting up ways to petition their governments to get similar benefits. We are the envy of their groups. We are getting those nations to help us with our POW/MIA issues in their countries as a trade-off for our assistance. We reviewed our financial situation at Midwinter. Our raffle was very successful and we are on track to a balanced budget. That is good news. We also discussed our building and our options. We are still working on a solution. The bad news is that we are behind last year’s pace in Membership. We all need to help with this situation. The 100% goal is reachable, but will require that we collect dues from most of the members who have not yet paid their dues. Our veterans need a strongVFW to do the job in Washington DC and in Madison, Wisconsin. We need to work the many lists that National has provided us with. We have MIPS lists (free membership given but now the dues are due), State At-Large lists, Post Unpaid Members lists and a list of people who have moved to Wisconsin whom we need to transfer into our Posts and then collect their dues. Contact your District Commander if you want to work any of those lists. If we collected the dues from every unpaid member, we would be at 100%. It is that simple. The VFW of the future will look different from the VFW of the present and the past. We must change to attract and keep the younger members. We must focus on staying true to our basic ideals while creatively adapting to changing needs of our newest veterans and the changing world as well. Let’s all resolve to sign up one new member before June 1, 2008. That would be payback for the many things that the VFW has done for veterans over the last 100 years. Bill Hustad, VFW State Commander Comrades and Sisters, gary PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DATE CHANGE: erickson Due to National reestablishing the Flying State Sr. Vice Squadron meeting, which will take place on Commander July 19, 2008 in Chicago, we had to change the C. of A. and O.T.I. dates. 608-723-7373 The committees will meet on Thursday, July 24, 2008. The Council of Administration (C of A) will hold their meeting on Friday, July 25. The Officer Training Institute (O.T.I.) will be held on Saturday, July 26. As in the past, the meetings will be at the Mead Inn in Wisconsin Rapids. As in the past, the O.T.I. meeting will be a requirement for all Post and District Commanders, and Quartermasters to be considered for the All State Team. Sign-up forms for O.T.I. and the C of A will all be on our VFW Website ( under the VFW Forms Section. Sunday, July 27, 2008 will be the King Day picnic. King is only 45 miles from Wisconsin Rapids, so I hope we can have a good turnout for our veterans who live at the King Home. We are working on the raffle for next year. We do not have all the details ironed out as of now, but will be meeting with the auxiliary after the Washington DC trip. And finally, please be sure to submit your Election Report Forms promptly. The earlier you get these in, the better. We need that information to create our State Directory and to organize mailing lists. Plus, you must have your Election Report filed as part of your post’s requirements for voting at State Convention. The forms have been mailed by National to all Quartermasters. Best wishes and safe travels, Gary Erickson, Sr. Vice Commander

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The State of Wisconsin VFW News received 2nd Place at this year’s National Publication Contest?

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state officers
I recently attended our State Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay and was given a letter addressed to ‘To whom it may michael borg concern,’ through our State Jr. Vice Commander Wilfred “Twiggy” Johnson, from Judge Advocate a concerned comrade in regard to VFW 920-739-5730 Training of Quartermasters and our newly approved National Bylaws. State Adj/Qm Steve Lawrence and I reviewed his concerns and thought they could be addressed through the VFW newspaper. Due to space limitations, I will adress additional concerns in future columns. 1. Assistant Q.M.: Previous National Bylaws stated a QM (also ADJ) could appoint an assistant, but the current issue does not. Is the assistant required to be bonded? Can the assistant QM sign checks? One source states checks require the signature of a second person, but not whom. The term of office is not specified. Yes, the current Bylaws don’t address the positions of Assistant QM and ADJ as in the past issue of our National Bylaws. But those positions can still be addressed by the authority of the Commanders’ appointments. Section 218 – Officers: Duties and Obligations, (a) Officers, (1) Commander, paragraph e – which states in part – He can appoint officers, committee chairmen and committees not otherwise provided for. He may remove such appointed officers, committee chairmen and committees at his pleasure. As far as the issues of bonding, signatures and term office – that is found in the duties of the Quartermaster and Commander. New Section 218 – Officers: Duties and Obligations, (a) Officers, (5) Quartermaster, paragraph c – which states – Disburse funds as properly authorized by the Post using accepted banking practices. Unless otherwise provided for in Post Bylaws, all disbursements of Post funds shall bear the signature of the Quartermaster or other person(s) authorized by the Quartermaster. Such other authorized person(s) shall be bonded with an indemnity company as surety in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which he may be accountable in accordance with Section 703. In the past, the second signature was always the Post Commander, but now that has changed to anyone authorized by the Post Quartermaster or otherwise provided for in the Post’s Bylaws. The term of office of an assistant would be at the pleasure of either the Commander or Quartermaster – whoever made the appointment. 2. Vouchers: The ADJ should prepare and assign check numbers for the QM. Are the procedures to use vouchers practical, and are the Posts using them? No sample of a regular or travel voucher is supplied to the QM. What is required on the voucher? The duties of the Post Quartermaster were revised by National’s Bylaws Committee at the recent National Convention in Kansas City. Old Section 218 Officers: Duties and Obligations, (a) Officers, (5) Duty of Quartermaster. paragraph b, which stated – Pay out or expend monies only after the Post has authorized payment by motion made and passed at a meeting of the Post. All checks for the expenditures of Post funds shall be numbered in sequence, the number of each check to correspond with the voucher authorizing the same, and in addition to the signature of the Quartermaster shall be countersigned by the Post commander. This paragraph was removed completely which addressed the voucher procedures. Therefore, the vouchers at the Post level are no longer a requirement of the QM and ADJ duties. The new Section 218 Officers, Duties and Obligations, (a) Officers, (5) Duty of Quartermaster, paragraph c from above was inserted instead of old paragraph (b) representing the normal practices of disbursement of funds. This change only applies to the Posts and not the District or Department Quartermasters Duties. There, paragraph (b) of Section 218 still applies. The District and Department Quartermasters should be able to supply copies of their vouchers. P.S. I was only able to address the first two of this comrade’s issues, Please forward your name and address to my e-mail,, so we can address all your issues. Your cover page I will forward to the OTI Program Chairman Sue Samson after your identification. Michael Borg, Judge Advocate

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Mar/aPr, 008

ADVANCED CITIZENSHIP It’s started! I watched the Wisconsin primary, listening to the different candiState Chaplain dates making promises, wondering whether they would be able to live up to them even 262-882-6022 if they want to. As I thought about this, I chaplain@wi.vfw realized we have a responsibility to be good citizens. In the movie American President, President Andrew Shepard says, “America isn’t easy. America is ADVANCED citizenship. You’ve got to want it bad, ’cause it’s going to put up a fight.” We fought and served because we believed in this country, and that service and fight is still required NOW on this front. We need to carefully listen and research the position of our candidates to make the best choice for our president and other officials in November. This won’t be easy, to weed through the rhetoric, because they each are trying to put their best foot forward and only allow the good things about themselves out. We need to be diligent and ferret out their past record and see what their politics are in the trenches to determine who they really are and what they’ll most likely DO if elected. This same care and tenacity is also required from us in June. We will be called on to vote for those who will lead our organization. Now is the time for us to determine who the best candidate is. “VFW isn’t easy. VFW is ADVANCED citizen(member)ship. You’ve got to want it bad, ’cause it’s going to put up a fight.” We need to listen carefully and research their past performance in the position(s) they held. Were they in it for themselves or for the betterment of the organization? There again, this is not necessarily going to be easy. As with our national leaders, they will be looking for our vote, so they will be showing their best side. We need to be focused and ask the tough questions. What have you done in your current and/or past leadership positions? Did you benefit the organization or just yourself? How or why? Where does YOUR post stand with regard to membership, and what have YOU done to help them make 100%? Have your actions helped or harmed your post? What is your objective/vision for the position you wish to hold? Why do you want to be _________? These are just a sampling of the hard questions that our candidates need to answer for us. I’m sure there are others that you can find to ask as well. The point is, we need to be asking them and not just going with someone because they are from our district or post, they throw the best party, or they didn’t win last year, etc. None of these are a valid reason to put them leading our organization. We need to be looking for the candidate that will do the best job for us and all the veterans we are here to help! We should have the opportunity to ask our organizational candidates questions in person over the next few months. However, as for our national candidates, we will need to discern their true positions and motives from a variety of sources; news media, debates, congressional record, internet, etc. In checking out newspapers or the internet, you need to discern the position and agenda of the organization, disseminating the information as well, because that will indicate which side (positive or negative) of the candidate in question they’ll focus on. We need to look at all sides and positions to have enough of the pieces to be able to attempt to put this puzzle together. Then, perhaps we’ll have an indication as to who the candidate really is and what their position truly is on the issues of the day. This is going to be an interesting year. I challenge you to get in the fight and make your EDUCATED voice heard by your vote. We NEED you to get an A+ in “Advanced Citizenship”! America and the VFW are depending on it. You know what it is to fight for what you believe in so “GET ‘ER DONE!!!!” Charlene Cobb, State Chaplain

charlene cobb

‘Proud to Be a Woman and an American Veteran’
Annual Event at Milwaukee VA Will Pay Tribute to Women Vets
Event organizers have announced the honored group of veterans for the seventh annual Reclaiming Our Heritage event at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee: our nation’s women veterans and those in active duty. The 2008 event will take place on May 31 and June 1 with the annual Civil War School Day on May 30. Betty Mosely Brown, associate director of the Center for Women Veterans, will be among the guest speakers that weekend. Women veterans will be featured in the Positively Patriotic Parade on Saturday, May 31. They will also receive a handcrafted ornament with the phrase “Proud to Be a Woman and an American Veteran.” Reclaiming Our Heritage provides veteran benefit information for all veterans, but this year a special area will be devoted to women’s health information and support services. Special exhibits will follow “Women Veterans Through History.” Other weekend activities will include: • New! Timeline of American Fire Power, a multi-era demonstration, all day Saturday • New! Multi-Era Dance on Saturday evening • New! Civil War Battle of Belmont on Sunday—the first time the Navy will come into action at Reclaiming Our Heritage • Popular Cemetery-by-Lantern Tours of Wood National Cemetery • VA Chaplain’s Field Mass (10:30 a.m.) and Reenactor Worship Service (9:00 a.m.) Sunday • Tours of historic district and select historic buildings A free-admission, family-friendly patriotic celebration, Reclaiming Our Heritage is hosted by the staff of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center at 5000 W. National Ave., Milwaukee, and sponsored by the Soldiers Home Foundation. For schedules, event news and driving directions, visit or call (414) 902-5599.

attention Post commanDers anD Quartermasters
Do not submit an election rePort Prior to aPril 1, 2008. national is rejecting because of sec 217 of the bylaws. the latest your election report can be submitted is June 1, 2008. From the Chief... The annual Mid-Winter Conference sue samson was once again a great success. We were State honored to have both the National ComChief-of-Staff mander-in-Chief, George Lisicki, and Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, Tommy T. 262-285-7618 Tradewell, at our conference. Both are truly chiefofstaff@wi dynamic individuals in providing leadership and service for our great organization. It was extremely hard to return to Wisconsin last week after the VFW Washington, DC Legislative and Community Service Conference. The weather and scenery was absolutely beautiful in DC! VFW Commander-in-Chief George Lisicki presented the VFW’s legislative priorities on Tuesday, March 4 before a joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees. C.I.C. Lisicki called on the members to provide full funding for VA healthcare and benefits for veterans of all generations, and to fully support current legislation that would create a 21st Century GI Bill. Wipe off the dust on your 2007-08 Programs and Membership Guide and start preparing your All-State packets. Get your requirements completed now; and don’t forget to fill out the “All-State Worksheet,” which is located in the guide, and submit it along with your packet to the Department Headquarters by Friday, May 9. Remember, your membership needs to be 100% plus 3 new/reinstated members from your PRIOR year total. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your District Commander or myself. Mark your calendars for the 2008 Officer Training Institute (O.T.I.). It will now be Saturday, July 26 at the Mead Hotel in Wisconsin Rapids. More detailed information on this training will be forthcoming. The O.T.I. will be in conjunction with the Department Council of Administration meeting and the VFW King Day (July 27). All of our Districts will soon kick off their Spring meetings in April and May. Meeting schedules will be posted elsewhere in this newspaper and on the WebCOM. It is important for every Post to attend their District meetings. Post participation is vital to this organization. Please, support your Districts! Time is running out; please renew your annual membership today!

Wisconsin VFW News
Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News is published six times per year by the Department of Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, 214 N. Hamilton Street, Madison, WI 53703. Periodical Postage Paid at Madison, WI. Subscription rates $6.00 per year for non-members, $.60 per year membership dues is for the official publication Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News. Postmaster: send address changes to: V.f.W. circulation Department, 406 West 34th street, Kansas city, mo 64111. I.S.S.N. #1061-4591 U.S.P.S. #007787 Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars committee: Robert Bolz - Post 1691, News Chairman Arlene Banks, Post 10549 Charlene Cobb, Post 10173 Bernie Olson, Post 10510 “Twiggy” Johnson, Jr.Vice Cmdr., Post 10544 Rita Garcia Rindahl, Aux. 8514, Ladies Aux. Liaison eDitor: William Knudson 505 S. Apple Ave., Marshfield, WI 54449 Phone: 715-384-2500 DeaDline first of the month of Publication

Mar/aPr, 008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

chaplains day dinner

Working With your doctor 46th National Chaplains Day
I am writing today about how to get the most out of your doctor. As a physician, I know more about most diseases than almost all of my patients, but I also know that once my patients go home, what really matters is Jeff Whittle, what they do. Thus, I mD, mPh view my relationship clement J. with my patients as a Zablocki Va partnership. That is, medical center we both need the other person to get to our goal – a patient who is as healthy and happy as possible. Sometimes I disagree with my patients – they may not want to take medicines that I think would make them live longer. Or they may not do the exercises I recommend. Then I should remember that my patient and I are partners. If my partner/patient doesn’t agree with the plan, it is not going to happen. Often, I realize this before the patient leaves my office. Sometimes I only find this out when they come back six months later and tell me that they didn’t do the things I suggested!!! This is bad – my patient and I both wasted our time!! You can do some things to make sure you don’t waste your doctor visits. I suggest three simple steps. First, make sure you know what your medications are. That is, you should make a list of every medicine, vitamin or supplement you are taking – whether it is prescription or over the counter – and why you are taking them. Then bring this list to every doctor’s visit you have. When you go to the doctor, you need to make sure you agree on the list. Usually the doctor’s nurse will go over your list with you first, so that you and the doctor can concentrate on the disagreements. Second, bring a list of the things you want to talk about to the appointment. Try to keep the number low. Show your doctor the list when he asks how you are doing, and decide with him what things you can work on at that visit. You may not be able to get to them all, so be sure you have thought about which ones are most important for you. Together, you can decide if you need to come back to talk about the things you don’t get to this visit. Third, before you leave the doctor’s office, write down what the doctor suggested for you to do. This might include changing your medicine list. This is such an important step that I would suggest you do it in the waiting room before you leave the office. If you are not someone who likes to write, bring along your wife or a friend and tell them what the doctor said. If you can’t write it down or explain it then you need to ask the nurse to explain it. If you can’t do this until you are at home, then call the very next day if you are not clear. I will mention some other things you can do to help your doctor help you next time, but give these three a try.

Dinner Slated For May 24
He graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. in May 1980 and spent over 20 years as a pastor in Virginia. He retired from active ministry in September 2002. Darling joined the VFW in 2000 at VFW Post 6364 in Richmond, Va. He is currently a Life Member of VFW Post 9474 in Custer, Wash., and serves as the VFW Washington state chaplain as well. He is a member of the American Legion and the Vietnam Veterans of America. Rev. Darling and his wife of more than 30 years, Thelma, reside in Bellingham, WA. The banquet in honor of National Chaplain Darling will be held at the post home on the 24th of May, 2008. The dinner is part of a three day visit to the post by the National Chaplain. Each year for the last 46 years, Post 1865 has hosted the event that includes visits to veterans in area nursing homes and a ceremony at a local cemetery to honor our fallen comrades. The banquet will begin with a cocktail party at 5:30 p.m. with a dinner buffet to follow at 6:30 p.m. Harry Adamson, House Committee Chairman and Past Commander of the post said that all VFW members and their spouses are welcome and that the National Chaplain’s Banquet is one of the most important and enjoyable events of the year at Post 1865. This year, the Master of Ceremonies is Past State Commander Ed Mortensen. Tickets for the banquet are $18.00. Those wishing tickets should contact Harry Adamson at 262-697-1859 or Don Stein at 262-694-3740.

national VfW chaplain, rev. thomas e. Darling Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1865 will host their 46th annual National Chaplain’s Banquet in honor of National Chaplain The Rev. Thomas Darling. Thomas E. Darling was elected National Chaplain at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 108th National Convention in Kansas City, Mo., on August 23, 2007. Darling served in the U.S. Navy from 1957-78, including two tours in Vietnam; one with MSTS as a naval investigator and one on board the USS Saratoga. He retired from the Navy as a chief legalman. His awards include the Combat Action Ribbon, the Navy Good Conduct Medal with four stars, the Vietnam Service Medal with one star, and the National Defense Service Medal, among others.

flag day to honor ladies auxiliaries to Veterans organizations
There are many Veterans Organizations. To name a few – The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, The Military Order of the Cootie, The American Legion, the AMVETS, The Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Disabled American Veterans. It is often said that behind every successful man there is a woman who loves and supports him in all that he does. Whether at Post, District, or State levels, the Ladies Auxiliaries to Veterans Organizations play an integral and extremely important part. Ask any veteran who is a member of a Veterans Organization and he will tell you that their organization would not be the same without their wonderful ladies. They do so much to make us better than we think we can be and do more than we ever thought we could. They are loyal and steadfast in supporting all we do. We would not be the organizations we are and could not do what we do as effectively without them. For all they do to make us what we are and bolster us with their hard work and dedication, we want to honor all LADIES AUXILIARIES OF VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS. If you are a member of veteran ladies auxiliary, we want to be with you on Sunday, June 8, 2008 in Waubeka, Wisconsin, birthplace of National Flag Day. Food, drink, and reserved seating will be provided. If you are in attendance, a personalized plaque will also be here for you. The program in your honor starts at 12.00 p.m. followed by the parade at 1:30 p.m. Send your name, address, and phone number (rank and branch of service if a veteran) to: National Flag Day Foundation P.O. Box 55 Waubeka, WI 53021 The 2008 observance is also dedicated to the memory of John J. Hames, founder of the National Flag Day Foundation.

spring District meetings scheDule
DiStriCt loCation Date tiMe 8 Post 2113 - DePere 4/13/08 11:30 a.m. (Sports Corner Bar) 9 Post 2204 - Rice Lake 4/19/08 9:00 a.m. 7 Post 2723 - Shawano 4/20/08 12:00 noon (Comfort Inn) 3 Post 10393 - Boscobel 4/27/08 9:00 a.m. 11 Post 7694 - Sauk Prairie 5/3/08 9:00 a.m. 2 Post 7591 - Madison 5/4/08 9:00 a.m. 5 Post 6498 - Milwaukee Hart Park 5/4/08 1:00 p.m. 6 Post 7037 - Waubeka 5/4/08 10:30 a.m. (Americanism Center) 4 Post 2903 - Milwaukee 5/10/08 9:00 a.m. 10 Post 5780 - Wyerhaueser 5/17&18/08 *See below 1 Post 1865 - Kenosha 5/18/08 10:00 a.m. District 10: Saturday afternoon – Cooties & Roundtable at 2:00 p.m. Sunday: District meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. rep Hustad Lawrence Samson Johnson Hustad Lawrence Erickson Samson Johnson Johnson Hustad

General Visits His Home Post VFW Post 8895 Presents 65-Year Award While On Leave In Shawano

at a recent meeting of the Veterans of foreign Wars, rothschild, schofield, Weston, Memorial Post 8895, the comrades of Danial H. Markstrum presented him with a commendation recognizing his sixty-five years of service to the VfW. he is a past commander of that post. Pictured (l-r) are Post Quartermaster Joseph Kelbley, 92-year-old Danial, and Post chaplain bill markstrum, presenting the commendation to his brother, Dan.

major general robert cone visits with sally raddant, auxiliary President of herbert e. mclaughlin VfW Post 2723, shawano. general cone, a member of the Post, was home on leave from the combined security transition command forces in afghanistan. on the tree are pictures of the recipients of overseas (care) packages sent from the Post and auxiliary.

Joyce’s Jingles
With Mid-Winter behind us, I hope everyone Joyce hoffman came away with a lot of valuable information. Department Congratulations to those who received citations and awards! President The chairmen gave wonderful information, 715-223-3844 and thanks for all you have done so far for this organization. Thank you to all the District Presidents, as the baskets for the Silent Auction had many useful items in them. The auxiliaries that helped fill them get a big thank-you, too! Special thanks, too, to the auxiliaries I have visited. I’ve met so many wonderful sisters in my travels. As the end of the year grows closer, we need to keep working on our membership. At Mid-Winter we were 93-percent, and I know we can do better. Our Department Membership Chairman, Linda Moran, has been working overtime to jump-start our membership. Let’s help her! Most recently, I have attended the National Community Service/Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. What an honor it was to escort our State VOD winner, Michael Dalber, down the aisle to be recognized with all his peers from 54 departments around the world. Michael was sponsored by Post and Auxiliary 2267 of District 3. All who heard his speech were overwhelmed. While he didn’t take the top prize at National, he did come away from his experience with many new friends and wonderful memories that included meeting President Bush at the White House. February 20 was the 2008 Wisconsin Veterans Salute to the Legislature at Monona Terrace in Madison. This year’s co-hosts were the American Legion, AMVETS and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Wisconsin. The leadership of all three organizations, as well as Governor Doyle, WDVA Secretary John Scocos and Legislative Leaders from both parties came together to promote veterans’ issues. As in Washington, this, too, was a great opportunity to lobby for our veterans and their families. Sisters, we need to help our VFW members keep the pressure on our legislative and government leaders to do the right thing for veterans. More and more veterans need our help. Remember: “As Wisconsin Auxiliaries are Serving Veterans,” “Through a Tradition of Caring.” Now is a great time to make sure your quotas are met so you can fill out your Achievement Awards form. This will give your Auxiliary a boost, and in your Membership Group, many awards at the Department convention in June. If the weather cooperates, I’ll be visiting more Auxiliaries. Keep up the good work! Love and friendship, Joyce Hoffman, Department President

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Mar/aPr, 008

Draping of tHe CHarter
District Person’s Name City 1 Marna Ross* Kenosha 1 Jane White Kenosha 2 Amanda Leaver Waukesha 2 Eleanor Volk* Fort Atkinson 2 Marcella Warner Mukwanago 2 Therese M Indra* Madison Day 2 Joyce Lainberger Poynette 3 Geneva Hammond DeSoto 4 Dixie Just* South Milwaukee 4 Romayne Krueger Wind Lake 4 Delores Richter Wind Lake 4 Barbara Buchholz* Milwaukee 5 Audrey J Streng* Milwaukee 5 Gertrude Scherr* Milwaukee 6 Alice M Vink Belgium 7 Sedonia Greunke Clintonville 7 Kathryn Felice Wisconsin Rapids 7 Eileen Seis Antigo 7 Madeline Appolline Adams 7 Eleanor Dvorachek Adams 7 Mary Plutta* Plover 8 Margaret Polakowski* Appleton 8 Nancy Peters Freedom 9 Lucille Golisch* Eau Claire 9 Frances Kannel* Cochrane Johanna Bethke* Spooner 10 10 Anita Nelson* Waupaca 10 Delores Brannan Superior 10 Sally DeKing Superior 10 Ruth Moriarity Superior 10 Phyllis A Keyes Rhinelander 10 Helen J Ecklund* Medford 10 Beatrice Frindt Hayward 10 Anne Steiner Hayward 10 Leona Wittwer Hayward 10 Joanne Ploszay Amery 10 Goldie Newman Amery 10 Alice Chantelois* Iron River 11 Marie Oldenburg La Crosse 11 Doris Feckett Sparta * Life Member ** Past National President or Past Department President Auxiliary 1865 1865 721 1879 7221 7591 10266 8123 3742 8343 8343 9469 2787 2923 5373 664 2534 2653 6279 6279 10262 2778 7692 305 10406 1028 1037 1091 1091 1091 3143 5729 7233 7233 7233 7929 7929 10197 1530 2112

WI Dept. vfW AuxIlIAry legIslAtIve/pAC
carolyn Olkives, chairman
VFW-PAC Endorsements – How They Are Made, and How You Can Influence Them The VFW Political Action Committee in Washington D.C. is responsible to alert us as to who the political candidates are who are supportive of veterans issues. Endorsements are open to all candidates for federal offices. Candidates must complete a questionnaire and then their voting record and the questionnaire are compared and evaluated to determine who will receive the endorsements. The 2008 questionnaire is not out yet, but once it is, make sure your candidates know about it. It will be available on the VFW website, under “Department Resources.” If you have information, positive or negative, that could affect their decision, gently discuss this with your Dept. Commander, William Hustad. Don’t wait until the endorsements are set to bring up issues. But remember, it is their decision. So even if you disagree with their ultimate decision, you must respect it. Look for the questionnaire asp?category id=366 The recommendations are mailed to the VFW Dept Officers. You may contact your VFW PAC Chairman, Mike Furgal or Dept. Adjutant, Steve Lawrence later in the season. Steve is also a member of the National Legislative Committee. Remember, our politicians will not be involved in our issues unless we are! In the Tradition of Caring we are Wisconsin Auxiliaries Serving Veterans. Carolyn Olkives, WI Dept. VFW Auxiliary Legislative/PAC Chairman

CORRECTION: Irene Kresse from Mountain was reported as deceased in error in the last draping. “The New Year is here and I have a new life with our Lord.”

lADIes AuxIlIAry CAnCer AID AnD reseArCh
shirley sabatke, chairman
Comrades and Sisters, Thank you once again for supporting our Cancer Aid and Research Program at our Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay. The silent auction went very well. We did great on our raffles. Coins for Cancer brought a nice sum of donations. I don’t have the reports as of right now, but I’m sure we made well over $1,500.00. Just a few facts why we fight so hard to try and find a cure for cancer: Each year we raise money for this program. Nationally, for 16 consecutive years, we have raised over $3,000,000.00. We would like to do the same this year. We have made progress in cancer research. Figures show that there will be 1,444,920 new cancer cases this year. So you see why this program is so important. Please have your check-ups. Early detection can save a life. I’m asked many times, “How much more money does it take to fight this dreaded disease?” I don’t have an answer. All I can say is there are over 100 different kinds of cancer. Pancreatic Cancer: Who’s at risk? No one knows the exact causes of pancreatic cancer. Doctors can seldom explain why one person gets pancreatic cancer and another does not. Research has shown that people with certain risk factors are more likely than others to develop pancreatic cancer. Studies have found the following risk factors: • Age - Usually strikes people over 60 • Smoker - are more likely than nonsmokers to develop • Diabetes - Pancreatic Cancer occurs more often in people with diabetes • Men - more often are diagnosed with cancer than women. • African Americans - are more likely than Asians, Hispanics, or Caucasians to get pancreatic cancer. • Family History - The risk for developing pancreatic cancer triples if a person’s mother, father, sister, or brother had the disease. Also, a family history of colon or ovarian cancer increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. • Chronic pancreatitis - Chronic pancreatitis is a painful condition of the pancreas. Some evidence suggests that chronic pancreatitis may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Symptoms: Pancreatic cancer is sometimes called a “SILENT DISEASE” because early pancreatic cancer often does not cause symptoms. But, as the cancer grows, symptoms may include: Pain in the upper abdomen or upper back; Yellow skin and eyes, and dark urine from jaundice; Weakness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting; And weight loss. These symptoms are not a sure sign of pancreatic cancer. An infection can also cause these symptoms. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of a person’s symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor so that the doctor can treat any problem as early as possible. This is just one of the many facts about cancer, I could write many articles on this dread disease. So please have your checkups. TRADITION OF CARING, WISCONSIN AUXILIARIES SERVING VETERANS Shirley Sabatke, Department Cancer Aid & Research Chairman

linda moran, chairman
Sisters, Membership is vital to our organization. Please don’t let those continuous members, who haven’t paid as yet, get away. Make a call or pay them a visit to see what is the problem, – they could be ill or in financial trouble. Offer to help them out this year – that’s what our relief fund is for. Our veterans and our communities need us now more than ever to show a solid support for all those who cannot be home because they are protecting our freedoms around the globe. Sisters, please get out there and get those delinquent dues. We have a great organization and we should be proud. Congratulations to those who received awards at the Mid-Winter Conference. Thank you to the VFW comrades who helped by recruiting new members. Working together, we can accomplish great things. Let’s continue to work together and make President Joyce proud by becoming 100% this year. GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS, HOME AND ABROAD. Linda Moran, WI Membership Chairman, 2007-2008


Need To Get The Word Out?
If you have a business, if you are running for a political office, or whatever the need may be, you can place an ad in our Wisconsin VFW News Phone: 715-384-2500 E-mail:

Mar/aPr, 008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

WdVa update
Women Veterans Coordinating Committee collects clothing and items for Wounded Troops: The Women Veterans Coordinating Committee, coordinated by Gundel Metz, collected women’s undergarments, other items of clothing including women’s and men’s loose sweatshirts and sweatpants, as well as some electronic games, for distribution to wounded service members in Iraq. The clothing, which was mailed to Iraq in early February, is being used to accommodate the wounded service members’ dressings or casts. Community groups and Wisconsin residents contributed the items or money donations for clothing purchases. Wisconsin Veterans Museum Exhibit: “An Instinct for Light: The Photography of Robert J. Ellison,” opened on February 5, 2008 at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, 23-year-old photojournalist Robert Ellison was killed in March 1968 at Khe Sanh when NVA small arms fire shot down the C-123 transport he was aboard. In his short life, Ellison became one of the premier photojournalists in the United States, taking striking photographs of the Selma March, the 1965 uprising in the Dominican Republic, and the war in Vietnam. The exhibition will remain on display through June 2008. See: www. Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Partners with the FVTC Regional Center in Waupaca: “The Fox Valley Technical College has been a great partner for the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King in developing our career ladder program providing training for certified nursing assistants and education for LPN students under our LPN stipend partnership,” says King Home Commandant Bill Crowley. The King Home has partnered with the school to provide clinical experience and internship opportunities for nursing students, including providing up to $25,000 annually for operating costs of the center. The center will include a health lab for classroom training in health care fields and other specialized training needs of the Home. The Home employs more than 800 employees, including nursing staff and other technical positions, including cooks and foodservice staff, groundskeepers, tradesmen, laboratory and x-ray technicians, therapy assistants, security staff, and others. See: www.WisVets. com/homes. Employment Outreach Event Draws Hundreds of Veterans: Over 350 area veterans met with 25 Wausau-area employers, filled out job applications, and learned more about veterans’ benefits and services at a Veterans Job Fair held in Wausau on Feb 7, 2008 at VFW Post 388. The event included staff from the event’s hosts, including WDVA, the DWD Marathon County Job center, and the Marathon and neighboring CVSO offices, who were on hand to assist veterans with eligibility for federal and state benefits, loans, healthcare, and education programs. For more information about employment assistance opportunities and programs, veterans’ employment opportunities with federal and state government and apprenticeships, see: On-Campus Veterans’ Benefits Open Houses: Starting in February at UWPlatteville and the Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WDVA began holding On-Campus Veterans’ Benefits Open Houses for recently separated student-veterans regarding benefits and services who are newly returning to Wisconsin and civilian life. The events are being held in coordinating and participation by each school’s veterans officials, VA health care staff, DWD, the Department of Military Affairs, and CVSOs. Forward VETERANS. The Winter 2008 issue of the WDVA quarterly newsletter, with information about current department initiatives and activities is now available on the WDVA website, at www.wisvets. com/PublicAffairs. To learn more about Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs programs, see:, or call toll-free at 1800-WIS-VETS (1-800-947-8387).

Buddy Poppy Display Winners Announced
Winners of the Department Mid-Winter Buddy Poppy Display Contest have been announced by Doris Kringle, Ladies Auxiliary Chairman. There was a total of eighteen displays. Thank you to everyone who participated!

wdva news briefs
John a. scocos
secretary of the Wi Dept. of Veterans affairs

first place winner in the buddy Poppy Display contest was auxiliary 659, District 8. the display was a heart behind a wounded soldier and a girl sitting on a bench.

second place winner in the buddy Poppy Display contest was auxiliary 10544, District 8. the display was a table decoration.

third place winner in the buddy Poppy Display contest was auxiliary 7591, District 2, with a valentine display. each valentine contained programs of the ladies auxiliary.

for tHe greateSt generation

Message from WDVA Secretary, John A. Scocos: “On behalf of WDVA, I was honored to recently join the American Legion and VFW at their state Mid-Winter Conferences in January and to discuss information about recent and upcoming changes in federal and state veterans programs. We look forward to participating in other veterans service organization conferences and conventions being held later this year, with WDVA information booths at each one. The 2008 Stakeholders’ Conference and Salute to the Legislature, hosted this year by the American Legion, was held on February 20, 2008, which are always great events for Wisconsin veterans to come together and to participate in shaping of Wisconsin’s state level veterans programs with state government officials including the Governor, many members of the Legislature and WDVA. This year, we look forward to further enhancing our outreach programs and continuing to work together with the state’s veterans service organizations and CVSOs, working together and speaking with one voice to help ensure our veterans are appropriately and effectively assisted. The following is an update from the Department: Recent Enhancements in Veterans’ Eligibility for Health Care Benefits The Federal VA has implemented provisions of Public Law 110-181 that extended health benefits for recently discharged veterans who served in the theater of combat operations from two years to five years following discharge. The VA has also implemented provisions extending the time frame for certain veterans for applying for the provisions of a one-time course of dental benefits. In addition, the Federal VA announced that effective February 1, 2008 the amount paid for beneficiary mileage reimbursement for travel to VA medical facilities had increased from 11 cents per mile to 28.5 cents per mile. More information is available in VA fact sheets available at www.WisVets. com/FactSheets. Marcia Anderson and Daniel Naylor appointed to the Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs: On January 28, 2008, Gov. Jim Doyle announced the appointments of Marcia Anderson and Daniel Naylor to the Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs. Anderson replaces board member Mack Hughes for a term to expire May 1, 2013 and Naylor will replace Walter Stenavich for a term to expire May 1, 2013. Anderson, as Clerk of Courts for the

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District in Madison. She has served in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1979 to present, including as a Brigade Commander from 2005-06. Naylor, who replaces outgoing Board member Walter Stenavich, is a Vietnam era veteran who served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer and Correctional Specialist in the 256th Military Police Company. He assisted in the establishment of Vets House, a service center for Vietnam era veterans in Madison. He is currently the owner of White Pine Consulting Service, where he assists public and private organizations to expand community-based resources for children with multiple needs and their families. Anderson resides in Verona; Naylor lives in Waupaca. Read more about the Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs at www. Hot Topics: The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs website includes a section called “Hot Topics,” to present current information on subjects of immediate interest to veterans. Included is information and resources on VA Outpatient Clinics, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mental health issues, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Gulf War illnesses, the Veterans Trust Fund Tax Form Donation, and Taxes and Members of the Military, with new topics added regularly. Click on the orange colored “Hot Topics” icon on the home page of the WDVA website at New Montgomery GI Bill search engine unveiled: The WDVA webpage has created and made available online a new searchable database that includes postsecondary, private and public, in-state schools and programs approved for the use of the federal Montgomery GI Bill. The database, maintained by WDVA’s State Approving Agency (SAA), can be searched by program name, school or Wisconsin city. The SAA webpage also provides helpful links and information such as campus veteran’s coordinators, even before moving back to the state or choosing a school. See: https://services. WDVA Veterans Home Loans: The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) offers low, 5.65%, 30-year fixed rate home loans, with only 5% down payment required and no private mortgage insurance. There are no income limits for eligible Wisconsin veterans. The department also offers home improvement loans and personal loan. For additional information see:

Christmas Dinner Served by Post 7692

The Tour Of A Lifetime
Sixty-four years after his WW-II service, South Dakotan Dr. Brooks Ranney still loves to revisit the battlefields of Europe. Ranney and his wife, Vi, still have a few seats left on their May 14 tour, which covers the complete Sicily/Italy campaign, as well as on the July 8 tour of the Normandy Invasion and Battle of the Bulge battlefields. There has never been a better opportunity to revisit these historic places. To join Brooks and Vi Ranney, call their home today: (605) 665-3596. The Ranneys have dedicated their retired lives to hosting veterans of all wars, family and friends back to these areas.

the 34th annual golden agers christmas dinner, prepared by Post 7692 on December 6, 2007, was served to 79 freedom residents by the following auxiliary sisters, (l-r) front row: Kathy forbeck, cathy Vander logt, and blanche Vandenberg; back row: annamae huss, Jeanne forbeck, lorraine uitenbroek, evie hug, annamae De coster, Judy smits, helen schommer and barb Van Wychen.

neWs from the state Vso
neWs froM the stAte vso Lee Guerrero, VFW State Service Officer
AGENT OrANGE CLAIMS Recently, we have had an influx of claims for certain types of cancers and other disorders due to exposure to Agent Orange. Here is the real scoop on such claims. WHAT IS AGENT ORANGE? Agent Orange was one of the weed-killing chemicals used by the U.S. military in the Vietnam War. It was sprayed to remove leaves from trees that enemy troops hid behind. Agent Orange and similar chemicals were known as “herbicides.” Agent Orange was applied by airplanes, helicopters, trucks and backpack sprayers. lee guerrero In the 1970s, some veterans became concerned that exposure to Agent Orange might cause delayed health effects. One of the chemicals in Agent Orange contained small amounts of dioxin (also known as “TCDD”), which had been found to cause a variety of illnesses in laboratory animals. More recent studies have suggested that dioxin may be related to several types of cancer and other disorders. DISEASES ASSOCIATED WITH EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE These are the diseases which VA currently presumes resulted from exposure to herbicides like Agent Orange. The law requires that some of these diseases be at least 10% disabling under VA’s rating regulations within a deadline that began to run the day you left Vietnam. Deadlines are listed after the disease. • Chloracne or other acneform disease consistent with chloracne (Must occur within one year of exposure to Agent Orange). • Chronic Lymphocyctic Leukemia • Diabetes Mellitus, Type II • Hodgkin’s disease • Multiple myeloma • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma • Acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy (Means temporary peripheral neuropathy that appears within weeks or months of exposure to a herbicide agent and resolves within two years of the date of onset). • Porphyria cutanea tarda (Must occur within one year of exposure to Agent Orange). • Prostate Cancer • Respiratory cancers (cancer of the lungs, bronchus, larynx, or trachea). • Soft tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, or mesothelioma). The VA updates this list regularly based on reports from the National Academy of Sciences, an independent research and education institution. They have concluded in their research that disorders/diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. are not associated with Agent Orange. If the veteran believes that he has a disease caused by herbicide exposure, he must provide competent medical evidence of a nexus (casual relationship) between the herbicide exposure and the current disability. Please, if anyone is unsure or needs more information, contact the State Service Office at 414-902-5748. Lee Guerrero, VFW State Service Officer

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Page 7
Mar/aPr, 008

capitol hill
ContinueD froM page 1 have been reduced or eliminated. The Independent Budget, which is crafted by experts within our own Legislative Services Office in Washington, is highly respected by both sides of the aisle for its grasp of the issues and meticulous preparation. In essence, this document creates a kind of ‘blueprint’ for veterans’ spending by the government. Following the Joint Committee Meeting, members from all 54 Departments paid visits to their respective congressional delegations. Wisconsin VFW members visited individually with representatives of all congressional and senate delegates. The visits underscored key points in Commander-In-Chief Lisicki’s testimony, as well as covering issues specific to Wisconsin. The information appeared to be well received, and VFW delegates came away with better insight into getting things done for veterans in Washington. A complete copy of Commander-InChief Lisicki’s remarks can be found on line at on our Legislative Page. You will also find links to videos of the C-I-C’s testimony. Various topic areas are featured in individual videos.

VfW commander-in-chief george lisicki gestures as he makes a point during his testimony before the joint session of house and senate Veterans affairs committees. Key members of our VFW Legislative office in Washington assisted the chief during the question and answer period following his testimony.

ContinueD froM page 1 maintenance problems to deal with. Military Family Support Groups can help support the family when one parent has been activated. VFW members at the meeting suggested that they be represented at Family Support Group meetings so Posts and Auxiliaries can better learn what assistance might be necessary. CSM Rosemore endorsed such a concept and urged all VFW Posts to work closely with

military family support groups to help ease the burden on families, and by extension, the deployed soldier. This coming August, the 1-128th will spend several weeks in pre-deployment training at Fort McCoy. The 9th District is spearheading a drive to provide 2 days of relaxation and camaraderie for troops when they come out of the field August 19 and 20, putting on an extended Old-fashioned Cookout with brats, burgers, and more. The event plans to feed approximately 2200 troops. About 50 or more volunteers are needed to help put this 2-day event together. All posts are invited to participate. This will be a terrific way to show these soldiers that the VFW cares and is there for them. Contact event organizer Peter Breed (715) 237-2470, or 9th District Commander John Frederickson (715) 2348050, if your post has volunteers ready to help, have questions, or can help round up food and supplies for the event.

ContinueD froM page 1 gold name badges, and making sure each one of them received a certificate marking their qualification as VFW Recruiters. This reporter covered the 9th District Mid-Winter recently and got caught up in Peter’s recruiting enthusiasm. Speaking on behalf of Russ Iwen, 7th District Commander, I accepted Pete’s challenge to the 7th: Whichever District Commander finishes on top at Convention get’s a Steak Dinner on the other. Being the generous sorts that we are, we quickly expanded that to include ourselves and the wives!

symbols of teamwork: new caps and badges await presentation at the 9th District mid-Winter.

csm ralph rosemore addresses a large gathering of District 9 members at the recent District mid-Winter roundtable in altoona. csm rosemore is a life member of altoona VfW Post 10405.

Phillips VFW Member Visits USS Arizona Memorial on December 7
Milt Neuhauser, a life member of the Frank and Michael Baran VFW Post #5778, Phillips, returned to Hawaii for the fourth time in December, 2007 to commemorate the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Milt spent a week at Bellows Field, the airbase where he was stationed on that historic day, and visited several military installations including Kaneohe Marine Air Base, Wheeler Field, Hickam Field, Barbers Point Naval Base, Ford Island and Pearl Harbor.

representing Veterans in Northeastern Wisconsin for over 50 years
Social Security Disability (Including PTSD) Workers Compensation ∙ Personal Injury ∙ Family Bankruptcy ∙ Wills/Trusts/Estates Contact: William B. Kulkoski, Esq. Lawrence G. Vesely, Esq. Walter N. Neta, Esq., CPT (Retired)

Pearl harbor survivor milt neuhauser gave a memorial salute on the uss arizona memorial on December 7, 2007, to honor the memory of the thousands who are entombed in the sunken battleship. ‘may their souls rest in peace.’ – Photo by tom neuhauser

Pearl harbor survivor milt neuhauser, of Phillips, is shown autographing a commemorative newspaper on the uss arizona memorial for a visitor on December 7, 2007. During his visit at the memorial and at the arizona museum, he autographed numerous memorabilia items for visitors.

416 S. Monroe Ave. Green Bay, WI 54305 Office: 920-437-5405 Fax: 920-437-5917

Page 8
Mar/aPr, 008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

father presents flag Father Presents Son With 48-star Flag

Peplin VFW Post Announces Scholarship Winners

VfW Post 8380 commander herb Westlund, left; andrea stelter, counselor at Northland Lutheran High School; Christopher Manteufel; first place winner mai Pa Yang, northland lutheran high school; ryan rohloff; sandy bell, ladies auxiliary; Jim bell, veteran; and staff sgt. mark mugavero, veteran and army national guard recruiter. Members of the Peplin VFW Post and Ladies Auxiliary 8280 held their annual Voice of Democracy scholarship contest in November, 2007. Local high school students from Wisconsin Valley Lutheran and Northland Lutheran high schools participated in this year’s theme, “My Role in Honoring America’s Veterans.” To be eligible, students had to submit a written essay along with an audio recording. The students then were judged by a panel of veterans and Ladies Auxiliary members. The panel selected Mai Pa Yang from Northland Lutheran as its first-place winner. First place at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran went to Joseph Rawlings and second place to Tyler Wendt. The first place winners of the two high schools were sent on to the 7th District judging panel. Those winners then will compete at the state and national level for a potential top prize of a $30,000 scholarship and an allexpense paid trip to Washington, D.C., in March 2008. Peplin VFW and Ladies Auxiliary 8280 would like to thank Wisconsin Valley Lutheran teacher Karen Holman and Northland Lutheran counselor Andrea Stelter for their help in making the project a success.

Walter Riel Sr. (left) presented a 48-star American flag to his son, in honor of his son’s service. The flag was flown by Walter Riel Sr.’s parents at their home while he was serving three years in the army-aircorps during WWii. Wally riel Jr., a Vietnam army veteran, was honored to have been given that flag which had been stored in a cedar chest all these years. ‘if i didn’t do it now, it probably would never happen,’ said riel sr. both are members of Waupun’s bentley-hull VfW Post 6709. Walter sr. and his wife, catherine, recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary in January. (Photo/story by larry Q. Duer, VfW Post 6709)

Marshfield Auto Dealer Supports VFW State VSO
When Marshfield Post 1866 Commander Butch Duerr was approached by Wheeler’s of Marshfield, a successful Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac and GM dealer at the south end of town, to participate in a Salute to Veterans promotion last summer, he jumped at the chance. Taking a cue from General Motors, Wheeler’s did a month-long promotion soliciting notes of thanks for deployed troops and earmarking money from each vehicle sold toward a worthy veterans’ cause. Butch and his wife, Mary Lou, manned a brat stand at the dealership for two days in support of the promotion. In December, Mary Jo Wheeler, General Manger of the dealership, presented Butch with a check for the VFW as their share of the promotion. Butch then presented the check to a delighted State Commander Bill Hustad at the 7th District Mid-Winter meeting and, in return, came home and presented a “Thank You” certificate to the Wheelers for their support of veterans. The $2,500 check was earmarked for our State Veterans Service Office, hence the big smile on Commander Hustad’s face, below, as Post Commander Duerr presented the windfall and District Commander Russ Iwen looked on.

Silly Yak Sacks for Iraq
Not just a few people are allergic to gluten, the principal wheat protein. Even some of our toughest soldiers in Iraq need gluten-free diets. While scanning internet sites, a U.S. soldier in Iraq came across the website for the Silly Yak Bakery and Bread Barn in Madison. He placed an electronic order and received an order of wheatless cookies. Holly Beach, proprietress of the Silly Yak, packed the order with special care, thinking about how she could help other servicepersons in such need. Switch to a dog run park near Middleton and find Holly’s husband, Mike Marshall, talking about his wife’s idea – to find a way to help the troops. By coincidence, his conversation was with a fellow dog-lover who had a son in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This lady knew where and how to distribute such baked goods. Almost immediately, Holly and her employees put out a piggy bank and sign that announced the intent: To collect change from bakery purchases to send baked goods to the troops. The project is titled, “COOKIES FOR SOLDIERS.” The first order went out in mid-March. Silly Yak customer reaction and response is good. Holly and her crew are looking forward to comments from the troops. If you are on Madison’s Mineral Point Road near the beltline, check out the Silly Yak on the north side of the road, a block or so toward town from Highway 14. The bakery items are delicious – buy some! And just leave the change.

Marshfield Post 1866 Commander Butch Duerr (center)presents a check in the amount of $2,500 to state commander bill hustad (left) as District commander russ iwen (right) looks on.

shown here, from left, are employees Doug Willoughby and Justin ahrens, and silly Yak owner, holly beach. holly is dropping some money into the piggy bank set up to collect funds to cover expenses for cookies for soldiers. customers are also invited to sign a gift card that will be included in a shipment.

Post 1866 Commander Butch Duerr presents a Certificate of Appreciation to mary Jo Wheeler, her brother, Dan Wheeler, and mom, mary ann Wheeler, at the showroom in Marshfield.

lifelong naVy career

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Mar/aPr, 008

navy Vet expounds on lifelong career
By Joy Waterbury of the Berlin Journal Newspapers Jack Meyers is a retired Navy veteran, whose career spanned 32 years as a deepsea diver, demolitions expert and parachutist experiencing some of the century’s most significant events. Meyers enlisted at age 20, in 1959, at the height of the Cold War. He served on the mine-sweeper USS Notable MSO-460 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs patrolling for Cuban boats. Meyers was involved in the recovery of Allen Shepherd’s first manned space capsule flight May 5, 1961. “When an astronaut goes up in the event of a malfunction, the smaller ships, which ours was, were closest ships to the recovery,” Meyers explained. Navy life agreed with Meyers and, acting on the advice of one of his Underwater Swimmer’s School instructors, he re-enlisted for six more years joining the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT). The group was known as Navy Frogmen and later would become the Navy Seals. In 1964, Meyers attended the Navy’s Deep Sea Diving School where for six months he trained in underwater welding and burning metal, pneumatic tools and the operation of a Submarine Rescue Bell, a device that attaches to the hatch of a sunken submarine to rescue survivors. After graduating Deep Sea Diving School, Meyers was assigned to the USS Current ARS 22, a salvage and recovery vessel with the uninspiring task of towing slow barges to Vietnam. “The most boring thing ever in my life,” Meyers said. While on the USS Current, he met an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) diver in Guam. His work appealed to Jack, so he put in for EOD school and, in July of 1966, he checked in to Key West for the training. In Key West the daily seven mile training run became somewhat of a tourist attraction. When the men got to Sloppy Joe’s Bar, the owner would throw open the “hurricane doors” while Meyers and the other trainees would run through the bar to entertain the tourists. Out on DuVall Street, the instructor would stop the men and have them do push-ups amidst the flash of cameras from the city bus. Other training at Key West included underwater compass night swims. Meyers trained in the use of helium and oxygen scuba equipment, which allowed the men to go deeper and stay under longer. In addition, there were no bubbles or acoustic noise that would attract attention to their covert operations. In addition, Meyers trained with non-magnetic equipment that would not trigger a mine. After graduating from Key West, it was on to Anniston, Alabama to the U.S. Army Chemical School, where Meyers spent two weeks learning how to disarm bombs containing chemical agents such as nerve agents and mustard gas. Next it was Explosive Ordnance (Weapons) Disposal school at Indian Head, Maryland with eight months of conventional and nuclear ordnance disposal training to become a part of the Navy’s “Bomb Squad.” The Navy-managed school was responsible for training all four branches of the military and civilian agencies such as the CIA, FBI and ATF, as well as a number of foreign agencies. Meyers’ training included disarming live Civil War cannon balls which were still plenteous at the time. By the time Meyers finished, he was trained in the disarming of 50,000 different types of explosives and unknown ordnances, including nuclear weapons. Meyers spent “two boring years” at Clarksville, Tennessee’s Defense Atomic Support Agency Base, where the only significant thing that happened was an earthquake. Meyers found that all his friends were doing things in Vietnam, so in 1969 a 300-foot-long Japanese fish processing ship entered the harbor on fire. The crew anchored and abandoned ship, leaving the Navy to fight the fire and prevent the ship from sinking and blocking the harbor. Meyers and two fellow EOD technicians, wearing self-contained breathing devices (SCBA), set to work looking for survivors and battling the blaze. Then several large ammonia cylinders on board began to explode forcing everyone to clear the area. While passing through the bridge of the ship, Meyers saw a small black cast iron teapot out of the corner of his eye sitting on a ledge near the wheel. He grabbed the teapot, made his way to the side of the ship, jumping off onto the deck of a waiting tugboat. The team then rigged explosives to blow the anchor chain of the ship and a tugboat then removed it from the harbor to the open ocean where it could burn and disintegrate without incident. Meyer’s gave the two teapots to his aunt, Mrs. Nyla Knight of Kingston, to add to her vast teapot collection. In 1973, Meyers’ EOD detachment was back on the mainland in Long Beach, California where he was dispatched to investigate a mysterious package under a Ford Mustang in the lot of the base. The EODs the package to smithereens with a high volume water blast from a 50 caliber dearmer designed to disrupt any explosive’s firing mechanism eliminating the threat. The package turned out to be a sailor’s birthday cake, placed under the car when the person delivering it found the vehicle locked and was unable to put it inside. “From that point on we always said, ‘Go to Long Beach for duty, it’s a piece of cake,’” Meyers quipped. The following year Meyers’ detachment moved to a Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California where he worked on aircraft carriers with live ordnance during pre-deployment training and work-up periods. Meyers worked on an EOD diving team making 3,000 dives to recover 2,400 training mines. While on the carriers, he trained flight deck crash crews in nuclear weapons and fire fighting on the USS Enterprise, USS Hancock, USS Kitty Hawk and USS Ranger. Meyers participated in the first ever 10,000 ft. free fall parachute jump and experienced the first ever total parachute malfunction. “I pulled the rip cord and nothing happened, had to use reserve. I was falling at terminal velocity. The chute opened at 120 m.p.h. and blew out two panels of the chute,” Meyers said. Meyers advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer E-8 and was selected for commissioned Chief Warrant Officer CW02. He transferred back to Indian Head, Maryland and was assigned as a helium oxygen deepsea diving officer. There he moved up to assistant training officer, responsible for all EOD curriculum to train students of all branches of service. He then became a US Naval Master Training Specialist and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University through military extension programs. In May of 1981, Meyers retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer E-9 after 22 years. Two years later, the Navy experienced a shortage of Master Chiefs and, in 1983, Meyers was called back to active duty. He had to retake boot camp, which was awkward for the boot camp leaders to have a superior officer among their troops. Meyers continued to advance to Command Master Chief, advisor to the commanding officer, COMEODGRUTWO and later become a Commodore on all EOD enlisted matters from EOD detachments from the Mississippi River to Sigonella, Sicily. In 1989, he transferred to the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division at Indian Head, Maryland where he worked as a Product Improvement Engineer for the Mark 16 EOD underwater diving apparatus. He was later designated the Command Environmental Coordinator and Manager and Command Safety Officer. In 1991, Meyers retired for good after 32 years of combined Naval service. Nine days later the Navy civilianized Meyers’ job and he again returned to perform the same duties of Environmental Coordinator, Manager and Command Safety Officer at Indian Head, Maryland as a civilian. Meyers retired in 2003 after 45 years of combined civilian and military service after earning 15 medals and awards. “I wouldn’t exchange the life I experienced for any other. I’ve had the rare privilege to work with the best of the best and there’s no substitute for that,” Meyers said. Meyers finished his presentation by quoting a portion of a speech by John F. Kennedy made at a college in 1963. “Any man who may be asked in the century what he did to make his life worthwhile can respond with a good deal of satisfaction, ‘I served in the U.S. Navy,’” Meyers stated.

meyers is pictured with a replica of the diving helmet he used in deepsea diving operations during his 32year career in the u.s. navy. he terminated his shore duty and requested a west coast command in Hawaii where he served aboard the USS Virgo AE-15, an Auxiliary Ammunitions Explosive vessel responsible for supplying all the Navy ships with explosives and ammunitions. Meyers was part of the ordnance safety team involved in the handling of weapons. In June, 1970, Meyers took part in what the Navy refers to as “Dirty Water Diving,” performing diving operations with no visibility in the river basins of Vietnam. There he accompanied Riverine Forces, swift boats and Republic of South Vietnamese Marines out on search and destroy missions. “It was Americans and North Vietnam troops slogging around a swamp. There were fire fights,” he said. Meyers said while in Bentui, Vietnam the group came across a Viet Cong village where they engaged the enemy and took prisoners. While searching a hut, Meyers came upon a teapot and confiscated it along with a vegetable can bearing a Del Monte label in Vietnamese. Meyers showed the audience the items. “During the length of the Vietnam war we only lost three or four of our EOD guys. In Iraq, already over 10 guys doing the same job have lost their lives. It’s more dangerous for our guys in Iraq than it was for me in Vietnam. There’s a lot of new technology used in the improvised explosive device, like cell phones,” Meyers explained. In 1971, Meyers went from the sea to the air and was chosen for training at the U.S. Naval Parachute School in Lakehurst, New Jersey. “We were the first class of a newly instituted parachute program for Navy EOD,” Meyers said. Meyers participated in basic parachuting and then Jump Master training where he would learn to be in charge of parachute operations. After that, it was back to Hawaii where Meyers initiated and developed a “water insertion” parachute program with the help of the local U.S. Air Force pararescue team, who taught the group how to complete water insertion parachuting with scuba gear and equipment. “We would parachute in with 250 lbs. of gear. There was full scuba gear on, a set of tanks, wet suit, fins, main parachute, reserve chute, tool bag with equipment and a one-man life raft,” he said. Afterward, Meyers was deployed to the brand new parachute EOD detachment at Adak, Alaska where Meyers recalled one parachute jump into the ocean among schools of killer whales. The water temperature would drop to as low as 28 degrees. The salt water wouldn’t freeze, but became slush. Missions included disarming a six-footlong Russian marine flare on the Island of Shemya. While stationed in the Aleutian Islands,

USS PrINCETON CV, CVA. CVS-37, LPH-5 1946-1970, Ship’s Company, Marines, Squadrons. Also WW-II USS Princeton CVL-23 When: June 9 thru 12 at Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Green Bay. Contact: Al Christopherson, 214 S Chestnut Ave., Oconto Falls, WI 54154; 920-846-3542; e-mail: USS FOrrEST B. rOYAL DD872 When: June 19 thru 22 in Lombard, IL Contact: Ron Larsen, Reunion Coordinator: 1240 Franklin St., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494-2807; 715-423-8905 e-mail: KOrEAN WAr VET rEUNION: 999th AFA BN (Armored Field Artillery Battalion) “Never Die” Army, Korea, 1950-1954. 23rd Annual Reunion. When: August 29 thru 31 at 4-Points by Sheraton, New Orleans Airport, Metairie, LA. Contact: Diane Cureaux, c/o Sheila CureauxMcGhee, 502 Fiarway Dr., La Place, LA 70068-2004; 985-651-0703 e-mail: THIrD INFANTrY DIVISION 89th rEUNION When: September 18 through 21 4-Points by Sheraton, Columbus, GA Contact: Dick Gallmeyer at 800-523-4715, or e-mail: or Linda Irvine at 360-663-2521, e-mail:

cold War, Vietnam and beyond – navy Veteran Jack meyers has survived some hazardous situations doing one of the navy’s most dangerous jobs. meyers holds a navy bulletin in which he’s pictured (on the right) gearing up a fellow eoD technician as part of an elite squad of navy divers who parachute into the water with 250 lbs. of equipment ready to disarm explosives.

Page 10
Mar/aPr, 008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

mid-Winter 2008
Saturday was the day the Council of Administration was in session. Key committees reported to the Council and discussions ranged over a whole gamut of policies and proposals. One key area open for discussion was the ongoing concern over disposition of our state headquarters building in Madison. (See related article) The Council voted to list the building for sale with a new real estate firm, aiming for a higher sale price than has been offered to date. The final item considered was a presentation of an electronic sweepstakes game that is a potentially strong money-maker for posts with active canteens and would also generate a share of income for the state organization. The council opted to investigate the program more fully to validate the legal issues, but viewed the opportunity as a favorable one for participating posts. Several states have already signed on and are doing very well with the program. Once approved, it has shown to be a much stronger earner for posts without the questionable legal overtones of conventional poker machines. The conference ended on Sunday, and the great 2008 Ice and Snow storm set in, making travel difficult, at best, and very unsafe. (Our national representatives were fortunate to make departing flights, but as we later learned, spent a lot of time on the ground and rerouted due to weather, but arrived home safe and sound nonetheless.) So, a good number of attendees extended their stay an extra night and made the best of the situation. It was generally agreed that one extra night at the Radisson was cheaper, and better, (and a lot more fun!) than the price of a tow truck or worse on a bad ride home.

Mid-Winter Conference: A Good Time, But Serious Business, Too
Our February Mid-Winter conference in Green Bay was well attended and quite productive. The conference took place at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, a part of the Oneida Casino Resort complex. Attending as our National Representative for the VFW was Commander-in-Chief George Lisicki, and representing the Ladies Auxiliary was National Auxiliary Chaplain, Cortina Barnes. And as a bonus, we were graced by the presence of our own Tommy T. Tradewell, now National Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, whose whirlwind travel plans allowed for him to spend some time here at home. Mid-Winter committee meetings included News, Veterans Services, Conventions and Finance, all held on Friday. The VFW News Committee discussed a proposal to create a full-time commissioned sales position to bring in much-needed revenue to support our Newspaper and Web operations. The Committee gave a green light to Committee Chairman Bob Bolz and Editor Bill Knudson to fine-tune the proposal and present it at the committee’s next meeting in June. Pending clarification of operating details, this position could be up and running by summer. The Veterans Service Committee reviewed operations of our VFW State Veterans Service Office and discussed priorities in bringing the best possible support to our current and returning veterans. Veterans Service Officer Lee Guerrero updated the committee on events and progress to date. The Finance Committee heard a comprehensive report from our outside auditors and reviewed the effects of this year’s stringent budget cuts. Our state organization is still mindful of the need to keep expenses in line, but optimistic that we will finish the

closing out a successful mid-Winter conference, our state and national leadership takes a moment to pose for a picture. from the left, state senior Vice commander gary erickson, national Junior Vice commanderin-chief tommy t. tradewell, state Junior Vice commander Wilfred “twiggy” Johnson, VfW commander-in-chief george lisicki, national council member, District 11, earl banks, Jr., and VfW Department of Wisconsin commander bill hustad. year in reasonable shape. Two big areas of concern were membership, which affects overall financial health of the VFW at all levels, from post to national, and our raffle, which is still the largest fundraiser we have. The state raffle, which was a joint effort between the VFW and the Ladies Auxiliary, fell short of the expected revenue of $100,000 for the department by about $15,000. Any shortfall, however large or small, affects our ability to deliver services at the state level. Other, additional, sources of income are actively being examined by both the Finance Committee and the Council of Administration. Representatives of WebCOM also attended the conference and manned an Internet Orientation room from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. A large number of posts visited this continuously operating session and we had several posts sign up for their free Wisconsin WebCOM sites. The Wisconsin WebCOM continues to grow and evolve, and is close to beginning to earn some much-needed revenue for the department as well as the participating posts. A similar orientation room will be open at the State Convention in Milwaukee in June.

What’s Up With Our Wisconsin VFW Headquarters Building?
When our present headquarters building in Madison was first acquired, the rental market downtown was very different, and the building fit into a general plan under which we would own the building and it would generate revenue from office rental income. For some time, this plan worked. But as newer, bigger and more attractive space was built in downtown Madison, and as various state government agencies consolidated or relocated out of the capitol district, our tenant base eroded and for many years we have been the sole occupant of a building that, while attractive externally, is aging rapidly mechanically and physically. The heating and air conditioning systems that serve the building are aging, and repairs or replacements loom ahead in the not too distant future. For an organization like ours, with limited financial resources, the burden has become worrisome. Over the years, the Long Range Planning Committee has considered this growing problem, and a few years ago a new committee was instituted to focus exclusively on our building and real estate situation. An exhaustive study was conducted. Numerous real estate and investment experts were consulted, and options weighed. For a number of years, we had maintained a rental listing agreement with a realtor which produced no tenants and, in fact, led to several ‘false starts’ with some attempts at remodeling upper floors in anticipation of possible tenants. Last year, after much study, a recommendation came forth that we should seriously examine a sale of the present building. One great fear that cropped up almost immediately when the matter came before the Convention was that we would “sell the building and spend the money on rent” instead of owning. This was never a serious consideration by any of those involved in the study. We all agree that the VFW must have an office within reasonable proximity to the Capitol. We would be best off to own our own building. What we own, however, should be considerably smaller and more efficient in terms of heating and operating expenses. Furthermore, we need to have adequate parking, and definitely be handicapped-accessible. The present building meets none of these criteria, but we have several options available by which we could acquire and renovate, or build new, at any of numerous available sites in and around Madison. Two Madison VFW Posts have already made proposals for the Department to relocate and own a facility that meets all the target criteria. In one option, we would purchase an office condominium in a building to be constructed on the site of a current post. (This same developer made an offer to buy our current building, convert it to condos and let us purchase a condo in the renovated building. But we still would not have solved the parking dilemma which currently makes meeting use so limited.) The proposed site would have ample parking and, presumably, handicapped access that is completely up to current code. Another Madison VFW Post has offered us land on which we could build a modern, 1-floor building of 2500 to 3000 square feet that would be both handicapped-accessible, highway-accessible, and offer plenty of parking space. Additionally, there are several other sites which offer existing buildings that could be renovated to accommodate our specific needs. One offer to sell the building outright has expired. The C of A found the offering price to be unacceptable. The offer to sell the building and buy back a condo in it is still on the table. Additionally, we have listed the building for sale through a new realtor, who believes we can get a higher price than previously offered. The Council has determined that our best course of action is to sell the current building, and purchase or build at a more suitable location. In any event, the Council has taken a strong position that we will come out of any transaction in a stronger financial position and owning an improved building in the Madison area.

current VfW headquarters building at 214 n. hamilton st, madison.

mid-winter 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Page 11
Mar/aPr, 2008

Finance Committee members hash over budget issues and proposed cuts after hearing a detailed interim report from the VFW’s outside auditors.

VFW News Chairman and VOD Chairman Bob Bolz goes over the agenda for the News Committee meeting. Chairman Bolz is actively encouraging the organization to develop new and more reliable sources of revenue, such as professional ad sales for our VFW Publications and Internet.

Saturday’s Council of Administration started officially with presentation of colors by the VFW State Honor Guard.

National Ladies Auxiliary Chaplain, Cortina Barnes, brought words of praise and encouragement for our outstanding Wisconsin Ladies Auxiliary. She stressed the importance of working together with the VFW to ensure all veterans get the respect and support they have earned.

VFW News Editor Bill Knudson presented National Junior Vice Commander Tommy T. Tradewell a framed specially-printed front page of the edition announcing Tommy’s election to Office at the National Convention last summer in Kansas City.

National Commander-in-Chief enjoys a laugh as Banquet Emcee and VFW Chief of Staff Sue Samson gives him a hard time about his NY Giants victory over the Packers on their way to the Superbowl. (What Sue didn’t know is: He’s a Jets fan!)

raffle winners Announced
The 2007-2008 Department of Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxliary Joint Raffle winners were selected as promised on February 16, 2008 at our Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay. This was the first time in the history of the two organizations that this major fundraiser was officially combined. Net proceeds, after production and prize expenses, were divided between the organizations based on the ratio of members in each. The Ladies received approximately $30,000, and the VFW came out with around $90,000. The VFW share goes toward funding our VFW State Veterans Service Office at the VA in Milwaukee. Final numbers were being settled at press time. 1ST PRIZE - $7500 Mary Koback - Milladore 2ND PRIZE - $5000 Arthur A. “Skip” Verick -Muckwonago 3RD PRIZE - $2500 Daniel H. Davis - Wyocena 4TH PRIZE - $2000 Thomas J. Robinson - Menasha 5TH PRIZE - $1000 Robert D. Billig - Oregon 6TH PRIZE - $1000 Vernon E. Freck - Rio 7TH PRIZE - $500 Charles E. Weisbrod - Waupaca 8TH PRIZE - $500 Louis D’Jock - Siren 9TH THROUGH 23RD ($100 Winners) Ralph Jacob - Freemont Joseph T. Pieproka - Berlin Louis Pflughoeft - Hartford Leroy Foss - Stoughton Sheryl Kluever - Marshall Clyde A. Roehrdanz - Wausau Karl A. Schwoch - Fall Creek Sean R. McCurdy - Bay View Cal J. Stuka - Janesville Matthew Kavanaugh - Appleton Robert Micke - Kaukauna Reid Rogers - Portage Robert F. Nickel - Milwaukee Vernon E. Feck - Wausau Marion Filliez - Kewaunee

VFW National Commander-In-Chief George Lisicki stands by after drawing the First Prize winning ticket at Department Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay. Raffle Chairman John Southworth reads the winning name: Mary Koback of Milladore. We kept the CIC hard at work as he drew each and every winning ticket!

Page 12
Mar/aPr, 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

loyAlty dAy 2008 info

New Glarus, Wisconsin April 26, 2008
Sponsored by New Glarus VFW Post 10549 New Glarus, Wisconsin The theme of the Loyalty Day Parade is “Honoring All Veterans.” The April 26, 2008 Loyalty Day Parade will step off at 1:30 p.m. Loyalty Day Chairman Ed Andreas VFW Post 10549 N4169 Pine St. Brodhead, WI 53520 608-897-2469 Bill Hustad W4489 Exeter Crossing Road Monticello, WI 53570 608-527-2942

SponSoring Donor ADvertiSing orDer Form
Business Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________,________Zip_________________ Phone:(______)_____________________________________________________ Contact Name: _____________________________________________________ Ad Size Selected: Full Page [ ½ Page ¼ Page 1/8 Page 1/16 Page ] $150 (Inside) [ [ ] Standard [ ] Standard [ ] Standard [ ] Standard ] $200*(Inside cover) [ [ ] Vertical [ ] Vertical [ ] Vertical [ ] Vertical $80.00 $45.00 $25.00 $15.00 ] $250*(Outside Back)

SATURDAy, APRIL 26, 2008 NEW GLARUS WI LINE-UP: 12:00 NOON STEP-OFF: 1:30 P.M. The VFW, Department of Wisconsin, is pleased to announce that the Village of New Glarus has been chosen to host the 2008 State Loyalty Day Parade and ceremonies. The event takes place on Saturday, April 26, 2008. Your Post and Auxiliary are cordially invited to participate in this grand event. Loyalty Day is set aside by Presidential Proclamation as an opportunity for the American People to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States of America, and as a reminder to every American that loyalty to our nation is vital to the maintenance of our freedoms. The VFW Posts and Ladies Auxiliaries are working together to make this date a special day of celebration of our wonderful nation. If you have additional questions, please call Ed Andreas (608) 897-2469 or Bill Hustad (608) 527-2942. Please complete the registration form below, clip and mail before April 7, 2008 to: Loyalty Day Chairman Ed Andreas N4169 Pine St. Brodhead, WI 53520 Please enter the following unit in the 2008 Loyalty Day Parade in New Glarus, WI on April 26, 2008. Name of Unit/Post /Auxiliary: _______________________________________ Type of Unit (Band, Color Guard, Float, etc):____________________________ Do you want to be judged for competition? (Check One) _____Yes _____No Will your unit perform at the judge’s stand? ______Yes ______No Unit Contact Person: _______________________________________________ Mailing Address: _________________________________________________ Phone Number including area code: ___________________________________ Please print or type all information.

Patron Listing (name only)……………………....$ 5.00 *Note: Cover pages include color. ---Please Note--• Include camera ready artwork with order. • Make checks payable to VFW Post 10549 LOYALTY DAY • Deadline for advertising orders is March 31, 2008 • If you have additional questions you may call Loyalty Day Ad Chairman Ed Andreas at 608-897-2469, email, or Bill Hustad at 608-527-2942 email SATURDAy, APRIL 26 A Day to Declare Our Loyalty to Our Great Nation Each year, by Presidential Proclamation, the last Saturday of April is Loyalty Day. On this day, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States celebrates the remarkable freedoms that make America a beacon of liberty throughout the world. This year, the VFW Department of Wisconsin has chosen New Glarus as the site of this celebration. We will feature a parade starting at 1:30 p.m., where we will then present a special program of celebration, and award trophies to outstanding participants. Refreshments will follow. Your generous support will help defray the costs of this event. One way for you to help is by placing an ad in our commemorative booklet. The order form is above. Please help us make this year’s Loyalty Day a smashing success. Select the ad size that suits your budget, submit it along with any artwork you would like us to use and your contribution payable to VFW Loyalty Day to: VFW Loyalty Day Chairman Ed Andreas VFW Post 10549 N4169 Pine St. Brodhead, WI 53520

NEW GLARuS: Chalet Landhaus 801 Hwy. 69 New Glarus, WI 53574 PH: 800-944-1716 Swiss Aire 1200 Hwy. 69 New Glarus, WI PH: 800-798-4391 Hoch Haus B & B 218 Second St. New Glarus, WI PH: 608-527-4019 MONROE: Gasthaus Motel 685 30th St. Monroe, WI PH: 608-328-8395

Sponsored by VFW Post 10549 New Glarus, Wisconsin

Gross-Yaksh Post 6498
Home Post of National Jr. Vice Commander-in-Chief Tommy T. Tradewell

SupportS the VFW NeWS The Albert H. Groska VFW Post 8320
Past “All-State”

Junker-Ball VFW Post 1865 and Ladies Auxiliary PUBLIC BAR OPENS 9 A.M. 7 DAyS A WEEK Visit us at 6618 39th Avenue Kenosha, WI Check our web site!
• Daily Food Specials • 2 Halls for Rent • Complete Catering

VFW Post 7232 Eau Claire’s “Other Post”
2 Blocks west on Folsom St. off North Clairmont Ave.

Bar Open to the Public Hall Rental Available 4/08

Meetings on the 3rd Wed. of the Month Post is open 4 til 8 p.m., Mon.-Fri. HOME OF THE STATE HONOR GUARD The greatest little post in the state 1/08

Phone: 262-652-2751


The Wisconsin VFW News salutes these local Wisconsin Posts and thanks them for their patronage!

cAlendAr of events
Post 2115 Puts Poppies To Good Use

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

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Mar/aPr, 2008

The Editor’s Corner
What a busy season! February was our Department of Wisconsin VFW and Ladies Auxiliary Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay, followed in short order by the VFW National Community Service & Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Mid-Winter kept me hopping, with my time divided among serving as Conference Aide de Camp to Commander-in-Chief George Lisicki, coordinating our WebCOM hospitality and orientation room, attending the News Committee meeting and trying to keep up with VOD, Patriots Pen, the C of A and Raffle activities. Oh, yes, and there were a couple of banquets thrown in there, for good measure. (It was almost a relief to get snowed-in for an extra day on Sunday as the unexpected downtime was at least restful!) March First found us at our first VFW Legislative Conference in Washington. Personally, this was perhaps one of the best VFW gatherings I’ve been to. How could I not to be impressed with the caliber of talent from across the country at our VOD/Patriots Pen and Teacher of the Year contestants? Add the impressive presentations by military and civilian brass at our general sessions and the array of accomplishments by friends of veterans recognized from many fields, the opportunity to hear the Chief’s excellent testimony before Congress and our own ability to reach our Senators and Representatives with our Wisconsin VFW concerns, and it is easy to see why this Conference was both uplifting and energizing. The Department is quickly heading toward the Program Year’s end: Loyalty Day in New Glarus is just a month away; Spring District Meetings are happening in April and May; The State Bowling Tournament is going on in Eau Claire; Flag Day is coming in June at Waubeka; And before you know it we’ll be holding our Department Convention in Milwaukee. What a whirlwind finish to a great year! Now, if we can just get those membership numbers up! As I finish this issue, I’m starting on our next edition (May/June). But before I sign off, I want to get the word out about two great opportunities: 1 – We are looking for an Assistant Editor to come aboard and learn the ropes of the VFW News. This is one of the best jobs in the Wisconsin VFW, but with my added responsibilities on our WebCOM Network, I find myself in need of a good right-hand person who can step in and help out. Drop me a note, or an e-mail, if you’d like more information about what we have in mind. 2 – Our VFW News Committee approved preliminary plans to create a full-time paid Advertising/Marketing position. Final job description and details are being worked out, and are subject to News Committee approval, but this will be a great career opportunity for one or more individuals interested in learning a valuable trade with a solid commission earnings potential as an independent contractor. Previous ad sales experience is not necessary, and training will be provided. Our ad sales will be networked with other Department newspapers and web operations around the country, so sales opportunities are wide open. Think you want to know more about this? Contact me now!

APRIL 4-6 LAVFW Mid-Year Conference, Palm Springs, CA. 5-6 State Bowling Tourney - Eau Claire. 12-13 State Bowling Tourney - Eau Claire. 13 District 8 Meeting, 11:30 a.m./1:00 p.m. - De Pere, Post 2113. 19 District 9 Meeting, 9:00 a.m. - Rice Lake, Post 2204. 19-20 State Bowling Tourney - Eau Claire. 19-20 Cootie Grand, Kenosha. 20 District 7 Meeting, 12:00/1:30 p.m. - Comfort Inn, Shawano. Hosted by Post 2723. 26 State Loyalty Day, New Glarus. 27 District 3 Meeting, 9:00 a.m. - Boscobel, Post 10393 31 Deadline Quarterly Audit (1/1-3/31). MAY 3 District 11 Meeting, 9:00 a.m. - Sauk Prairie, Post 7694. 3-4 State Bowling Tourney - Eau Claire. 4 District 6 Meeting, 10:00 a.m. Waubeka at the Americanism Center. 4 District 5 Meeting, 1:00 p.m. Milwaukee Hart Park, Post 6498. 7 Waukesha County Council Meeting, Oconomowoc Post 2260, 7:30 p.m. 14 Brown County Council Meeting, Denmark Post 6705, 8:00 p.m. 14 Dane County Council Meeting, Deerfield/Cambridge Post 9424, 7:00 p.m. (Nora’s Rest., Hwy. 12/18). 15 Dodge County Council Meeting, Lowell Post 9392, 7:30 p.m. 17-18 District 10 Meeting, 9:00 a.m., Weyerhauser Post 5780. 18 District 1 Meeting, 10:00 a.m., Kenosha Post 1865. JuNE 1 Tomah Day - VA Hospital, Tomah. 8 Flag Day - Waubeka 25-28 VFW & LAVFW State Convention, Wyndham Milwaukee Airport & Convention Center. 31 QMs Quarterly Audit (4/1-6/30). JuLY 9 Dane County Council Meeting - Mt. Horeb Post 9511, 7:00 p.m. 17 Dodge County Council Meeting Lowell Post 9392, 7:30 p.m. 19 VFW National Flying Squadron Recruitment Campaign, Chicago, IL. 25-26 VFW & VFWA C of A and VFW Officer Training Inst. - Mead Inn, Wisconsin Rapids. 27 King Day - Veterans Home, King. 31 Deadline: Quarterly Audit (4/1-6/30) AuGuST 15-21 VFW & LAVFW National Convention - Orlando, Florida.

Hudson Memorial Post 2115 held a Buddy Poppy drive in the Hudson area during the Veterans Day weekend. Several post members manned donation sites at local businesses or distributed poppies to static displays at other businesses. Post Jr. Vice Commander Mike Schlegel (left) and Buddy Poppy Chairman Bob White (right) are shown manning a table at a local grocery store. The patriotic decorations for the tables was made by Mike’s wife, Jill. The Buddy Poppy drive has funded the following Relief Fund donations so far this year: $750 to the VFW National Home for Children, $750 to the Tomah VA Medical Center and $750 to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center PolyTrauma unit. (Photo by John Helgeson, Post 2115 Adjutant)

VFW Otto Oas Post 659 Donates Flags
VFW Otto Oas Post 659, Manitowoc, donated flags to St. Francis Cabrini School for display. Pictured (L-R) are Harold Kummer, Senior Vice Commander, Post 659; Jim Clark of St. Francis Cabrini School; and Post 659 Commander Richard Rhode.

Como Memorial Post 5811 Lake Geneva....announces

Candidate for

State Junior Vice Commander ’08/’09
“Honored for the endorsement of District #1”
U.S. Army, Vietnam ...........................................................Kontum ’68/’69 All-American District 1 Commander .............................................’06-’07 All-American Post Commander .....................................................’06-’07 All State District #1 Commander ...................................................’06-’07 All State Team ................................................................................. 6 years All State Team Co-Captain ................................................................... ’04 All State Team Captain .......................................................................... ’05 Post 5811 Commander ......................................................... ’99 to Present State youth Dev. Chairman ................................................. ’03 to Present State Scouting Chairman .................................................... ’03 to Present National youth Dev. Committee .......................................... ’03 to Present National Scouting Team ....................................................... ’03 to Present National Security & Foreign Affairs Committee ..........................’06-’07 National Deputy Chief of Staff................................................ ’06-Present • 1st Commander in Wisconsin to receive National “Fred C. Hall Memorial Award” • 1st Wisconsin Commander to make front page of USA Today national newspaper two years in a row, ’04 and ’05 • Department of the Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service ........................ Nov. 21, 2006

The Wisconsin VFW News would like to thank you for continually submitting information and story ideas for your VFW newspaper. If you think it’s worth reading, share it with everyone.
Editor: William Knudson 505 S. Apple Ave., Marshfield, WI 54449 Phone: (715) 384-2500 E-mail:

Support Our Troops

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Mar/aPr, 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Post # 6498	 6498 6498 6498 6498 6498 6498 6498 6498 6705 6707 6707 6707 6707 6707 6707 6709 6711 6858 6858 6905 7131 7152 7233 7233 7233 7233 7233 7233 7240 7240 7240 7345 7534 7629 7629 7629 7694 7753 7817 8090 8123 8123 8123 8171 8339 8514 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8637 8653 8733 8733 8834	 8895	 8895	 8895 8974 8974 8974 9156 9202 9207 9298 9313 9464 9464 9464 9464 9464 9469 9469 9469 9469 9496 9496 9496 9511 9537 9537 9748 9748 10162 10187 10231 10231 10244 10272 10272 10272 10272 10272 10331 10331 10388 10388 10405 10490 10490 10915 15051 15051 15051 Lname Bruss	 Darga Gierlinski Morris Perry Radtke Schmidt Stalewski Wagner Tauber Jr Goodrich Mathes Ruh Vogel Voland Wusterbarth Bille Weiss Blizard Stoneback Katzenmeyer Broom Hafeman Barnasz Hagen Hopp Karibalis Mangiaracina Mayberry Brunhart Howard Rudolph Stepanck Fletcher Basting Heideman Wilgus Oler Holmes Martinson Slinger Sr Egge Gianoli Olson Cinquemani Long Thoma Boettcher Cinko Grabinski Holewinski Hollis Kazda Korth Kusyn Orlikowski Russell Shackelford Pacholski Zoromski Duffin	 Bernarde	 Fredrich	 Machmueller Hermann Koenig Schneider Cernecki Ziemke Fritzke Peterson Anderson Albrecht Crosby Hattamer Mc Intyre Miller Diedrich Prah Ramponi Szyolyk Gilson Newberry Prasser Raisbeck Bergles Dowding Adams Omit Manlick Adamski Coakley Murphy Berken Arnold Loomis Moen Schmelzer Tiffany Calkins Newton Fitch Michel Rehberg Mac Quarrie Moss Ranker Buchanan Mc Cosky Randall Fname Eugene	 James Raymond Bernard Leo Richard James Edward Louis Norman Carlton George Melvin Elroy Wallace Leon George Paul Floyd Ben Roger George Julius Eddie Joseph William Curtis Nicholas Newell Robert John Robert James Donald John Robert Edward Lloyd William Marvin Frank Andrew Eugene Lester Nick Leo Jerome Glenn Charles Frank Leon Stephen William Edward George David Minor Richard Chester Andrew Douglas	 Dean	 William	 Vilas Robert Jerome Sylvester Frank Charles Orville Tom Harold Melvin Guy Clifford William Gerald Robert Leo George Leonard Willard William Walter Clarence Robert James Henry Bert Walter Donald Jeremiah Earl Roy Edward George Lloyd Leo Lafey Norman Derald Kermit Leo Dean Walter Herbert Albert Donald Lester Douglas Mi A	 A City Greenfield Milwaukee Shorewood Vancouver, Wa Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee New Berlin Milwaukee Denmark Hilbert Kiel Kiel Elkhart Lake Kiel Kiel Waupun Mondovi Brodhead Brodhead Evansville Arpin Algoma Hayward Hayward Hayward Hayward Winter Brackettville, Tx Jackson Jackson Jackson Dodgeville Greenleaf Mineral Point Mineral Point Mineral Point Colorado Springs, Co Mishicot Westboro Columbus Prairie Du Chien Prairie Du Chien Lansing, Ia Muskego Waupaca Osseo Eagle River Eagle River Waukegan, Il Rhinelander Eagle River Eagle River Eagle River Eagle River Eagle River Niagara Verona Wausau Athens Hartford Schofield Schofield Weston Cleveland Newton Cleveland Sheboygan Falls Germantown Mequon Montfort Carlsbad, Nm Appleton Cornell Holcombe Cornell Cornell Milwaukee Green Bay St Francis Union Grove Menomonee Falls Menomonee Falls Menomonee Falls Mount Horeb Franklin Milwaukee Iola Iola King Marathon Necedah Necedah Green Bay Oregon Brooklyn Blanchardville Portage Oregon Chetek Chetek Franksville Racine Fall Creek Solon Springs Lake Nabagamon Gleason Oshkosh Eau Claire Beaver Dam

POST # 305 305 305 305 305 305 305 305 305 305 305 388 388 388 388 388 690 690 690 690 721 721 1037 1091 1091 1163 1248 1256	 1318 1318 1393 1530 1530 1530 1530 1580 1621 1621 1621 1621 1621 1621 1621 1621 1621 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904 1916 1916	 1916 1916 1945 2037 2113 2113 2113 2126 2126 2126 2204 2260 2267 2304 2304 2306 2306 2306 2306 2306 2306 2306 2306 2306 2312 2334 2336 2534 2687 2787 3032 3088 3088 3143 3153 3392 3635 3635 3709 3709 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5373 5612 5612 5716 6179 Lname Berg Bluem Bylander Gorton Johnson Juza Mazzone Mikesell O’brien Persons Thompson Camps Sr. Ebbeson Meuret Niewolny Schmieden Dusenbery Hosmer Johnson Mathiowetz Dreyfus Jensen Guthu Darst Olson Hupf Bogard Mansfield	 Capaci Clausius Kuester Filkowski Johnson Melde Michel Garreau Babcock Dornacher Garske Gunderson Maze Mc Nally Mundth Seichter Steinmetz Adams Drehmel Haas Hamberger Prasser Ruckman Drescher Gliffin	 Huff Schmitt Bowar Fink Boehm Mathewson Ringer Grade Samp Steffens Hickok Blaha Sengstock Cavanaugh Gabrielsen Garofolo Goessel Hildebrandt Johnson Murray Neumann Polzin Porter Showers Lovelace Wolfe Mc Knight Iwanski Richwalski Karll Moses Harder Riederer Petersen Halbach Hardee Fredrickson Podnar Beyer Mohr Arendt Brey Clapham Duman Gartrell Goedde Gonwa Hubbell Knop Lampert Provis Schmidt Wolf Kaiser Schmidt Radke Meyer Fname Eilert Marcellus Bruce Lawrence Steven Kenneth Walter Kenneth James James James Donald Dalton Charles Walter Lylas Robert Matthew Raymond Robert Lee Duane Eugene Glenn Donald Ervin Lawrence Leonard	 George Robert Robert Edward Kenneth Norman Bernard Leonard Wesley Jerry Richard Donald Phil Francis Philip Norbert Robert Elmer John Albert Bruce Carl Vl “Bud” Harold Delbert	 Howard Marvin Raphael Allen Lionel Robert Gerald Earl Earl Richard John Robert Edgar James Norman Thomas Edward Harold Harold Earl Paul George Dean Wayne Donald Frank William Adam Edward Joseph John Russell Jerome Clarence Arvin Carl Roy Peter Carl Victor Orville William Robert William Christian Alex Roman Chadwick Ronald George William Ralph Charles Clyde Harold Jerome Harold MI G Z City Eau Claire Eau Claire Eau Claire Fall Creek Chippewa Falls Altoona Eau Claire Eau Claire Eau Claire Eau Claire Merrillan Wausau Tucson, Az Wausau Wausau Wausau Ashland Ashland Ashland Ashland Waukesha Waukesha Waupaca Medford Superior Beaver Dam Manitowoc Webster Madison Middleton West Bend Onalaska La Crosse La Crosse La Crescent, Mn Hurley Edgerton Janesville Janesville Janesville Oglethorp, Ga Janesville Janesville Janesville Janesville Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac N. Fond Du Lac El Cajon, Ca Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac Reedsburg La	Valle Reedsburg Reedsburg Prairie Du Chien Green Bay Green Bay De Pere Green Bay Menasha Neenah Menasha Cameron Okauchee Kaukauna Milwaukee Milwaukee Beloit Beloit Beloit Orfordville Beloit Afton Brodhead Beloit Beloit Beloit Nekoosa Reedsburg St Paul, Mn Tomahawk Nashotah West Salem Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Bay Rhinelander New Holstein Leland, Nc Kingsford, Mi Florence Watertown Watertown Belgium Fredonia Grafton Port Washington Port Washington Port Washington Belgium Saukville Port Washington Port Washington Port Washington Belgium Port Washington Plymouth Plymouth New Berlin Reedsville A E

E E R R J L K C P W G S G B J G B H L	 A B K A J C W F G H L H V F W C A K 	



W J W E W H H P L M R 	 	 L	 E K S J R E A L O N W J J J S G R S A L N J J W M P E A G J D J A N G J A



Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Page 15
Mar/aPr, 2008

Arthur Rost
9/18/1921 1/12/2007
Arthur “Jack” Rost, 85, died January 12, 2007 at the Zilber Family Hospice in Wauwatosa. Jack was born September 18, 1921 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and lived most of his life in Milwaukee. He met his dear wife, Carol (nee Aumann), on December 6, 1941. They married on December 8, 1945; she survives. They had two children, Daniel (Tamara) Rost, of Utah, and Sharon (Edwin) Dowis, of Wausau, who also survive. In December, 1942 he entered the U.S. Army, in Kansas, for basic training where he got the nickname “Dusty,” and served with the 94th Infantry Division in Europe and England. Jack was a lifetime member of VFW Post 2903 in Milwaukee. He was an avid bowler, participating in many VFW Bowling To u r n a ments including April 27, 1996 in Waukesha (bowling a 528) and April 11, 1997 in Marshfield. Other favorite pastimes were woodworking, fishing and playing catch with his grandkids. In July of 1997, Jack suffered a major stroke. Through years of intensive therapy and a very strong Army soldier’s will, he was able to walk, talk and drive again. Bowling onehanded became part of his therapy. Besides his wife and children, Jack is survived by six grandchildren, Karma, Daniel, Damien, Jessica, David and Pamela; and two greatgrandchildren, Julia and Leah. Jack is dearly missed by his family and many relatives and friends. If you knew Jack and can share any VFW event or bowling memories or photos, please email Sharon at

VFW Post 6179 Sends Boxes to Troops
Kellnersville Post 6179 has recently run a very successful project, sending items to our troops in Iraq. At the urging of Sandy Lemberger, an Iraq veteran who made up a list of items most needed by the troops, the post placed boxes in various business places and in two other villages. To date, the post has mailed out about 40 boxes, postage paid by the post. Sandy and the members of the Kellnersville Post 6179 are to be congratulated on this vigorous and successful ongoing project.

Classified Listings

For Sale
J & R MILITARy SURPLUS Thursday thru Monday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed holidays. Hwy. 35, De Soto, WI 54624. Toll free (877) 315-8773; (608) 648-2112. Real U.S. military surplus! (No catalog.) 4/08 FOR SALE: COLLECTION OF 119 MINI ALCOHOL LAMPS with display rack, $200. Call 715-522-0009 for photos. 8/08

Members of VFW Post 6179, Kellnersville, helping to send out boxes of items needed by our troops in Iraq are (L-R) Joe Lensmeyer, Patrick Shimon, Sandy Lemberger and Mel Kasper.

FOR SALE: GREEN BAy PACKER MEMORABILIA: Jackets, figurines and more. Must see. Call 715-547-8409, 5002 Heart Lake Rd., Conover, WI 54519. 12/08 FOR SALE: 1953 M-37 BEAUTIFUL PARADE VEHICLE. Extra tires and wheels, flags and flag holders. VFW 3143, Rhinelander, WI, $7,500.00. Call Ralph, 715-369-1451. 8/08 FOR SALE: USED 24” CAST ALUMINUM VFW EMBLEM.Was mounted on masonry – would work on wood also. First $500 takes it. Call 414466-7304, Post 2923, Milwaukee. 8/08

Horne-Mudlitz Post 6377 Tiddly Winks Tournament and 50/50 Raffle Winners

Wanted to Buy
WAR RELICS WANTED: VFW member will buy your relics for cash – any country, any period. Craig Luther, P.O. Box 63, Oak Creek, WI 53154-0063. (414) 750-6589. 12/08 V I E T NA M V E T E R A N BU y I N G HISTORICAL ITEMS for personal collection (no resales), especially U.S., German WWI, WWII items, helmets. 715-453-8882. Bob Steigerwaldt, N11005 Pickerel Creek Rd., Tomahawk, WI 54487. 8/08

The 32nd Annual Horne-Mudlitz Post 6377, Sussex, Tiddly Winks Tournament was held at Sussex Bowl on February 9-10, 2008. The champion team, receiving their trophies and prize monies was Mag 5. Pictured (LR) are Tiddly Winks Coordinator, District 2 Commander, Post Quartermaster D. J. Schultz, Steve Brahm, Kathleen Tikkuri, Rick Tikkuri, Greg Zyla, and Post Commander Chuck Eberhardt. In front is Dave Herbert

For rent
CABIN ON HEART LAKE, Conover, WI, sleeps 6. $500 per week. (715) 5478409. Boat & motor. 12/08

CLASSIFIED LISTINGS INFORMATION: You get up to 25 words for $25.00 in 3 issues (over 45,000 circulation each) of our newspaper, plus a 3 month listing on our web site We are accepting listings for: • For Sale – Autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles, furniture, etc. • Rentals – Homes, apartments, equipment, storage, commercial, etc. • Service – Repair, cleaning, roofing, heating/cooling, painting, etc. • Notices – Meetings, Professional, Auctions. Travel, etc. • Want to Buy – Merchandise, homes, equipment, etc. • Want to Rent – Apartments, equipment, etc. • Employment – Help wanted, work wanted by job type. Sorry, no personals. Please include a phone number, ad copy, typed or printed and a check for $25.00 per ad and send to: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Dept. of WI Newspaper / classifieds P.O. Box 1623 Madison, WI 53701-1623

At the Horne-Mudlitz Post 6377, Sussex, 32nd Annual Tiddly Winks Tournament, at the conclusion of the 1st 50/50 Raffle presentation, are (L-R) Post Commander Chuck Eberhardt, Post Quartermaster, Tiddly Winks Coordinator, Dist. Commander D. J. Schultz, 50/50 raffle winner Jerry Strait, and behind the trophies is Past Post Commander Tom Lemmer.

Things Are Moving Along At The King Home!
As the Representative of the VFW Department of Wisconsin and a member of the King Recreation Committee, it is my responsibility to keep you informed of the workings of the committee and what is happening at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King. Some of you may be aware that some accusations have been made against some of the staff at the Home. Those accusations are being investigated by the State at this time. With a few small changes, the King Recreation Committee continues to operate and serve the veterans of King. The purpose of the Recreation Committee is to provide recreational opportunities to the veterans of the Home at King that are not provided by the VA. The committee is made up of representatives from all the service organizations and their auxiliaries, plus the Elks and Masons. The committee meets once a month on the second Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. at the Marden Center. Everyone is welcome to attend. The staff at the Home informs us of what they need, and we vote on which projects we would like to donate to. We can always use any donations that you can make. One of the changes that we have had to make is that we now have our own address. Please make checks payable to, and mail them to, The King Recreation Committee, P.O. Box 5, King, WI 54946. If you want the money to go to a certain project, put that in the memo area on the check. A Car Show and Open House is coming up on May 18, 2008. You can tour the grounds and take part in many activities for the whole family. VFW King Day is coming up on July 27, 2008. Come on out and enjoy the day and visit with the members of the Home. Richard K. Morey, VFW Department Rep.

Page 16
Mar/aPr, 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

stAte convention info
Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary Department of Wisconsin 2008 Annual Convention ~ June 25-29, 2008 Wyndham Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI VFW	and	Auxiliary	members	may	register	on	this	one	form.	Please	read	and	fill	in	 the form below, total both columns and make out one check. When registering more than one Post or Auxiliary member please print each name, and title on a separate sheet of paper. Deadline for reservations is June 11, 2008. Ladies Auxiliary Registration $10 in advance $12 at convention Name____________________________ Aux #________Title_________________ Address__________________________ City/State/Zip______________________

Plan Now To Attend State Convention In June
The VFW Department of Wisconsin and Ladies Auxiliary State Convention is coming soon: June 25 through June 29, to be exact. Make your Convention and Hotel Reservations now. The convention will take place at the Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Convention Center, S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee (Across from Mitchell International Airport). All posts are reminded that they are required to register at least one delegate for State Convention. Reservation forms are presented below, and are also on line at VFW Forms. Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Convention Center 4747 S. Howell Avenue • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207 • (414) 615-8000 Veterans of Foreign Wars 2008 State Convention June 25-29, 2008
Last Name______________________________First Name _____________________ Address _____________________________ City _____________________________ State ___________Zip Code ____________ Daytime Phone ( ) _______________ Email Address _________________________@______________________________ Additional Names of Guests Sharing Accommodations Last Name _____________________________ First Name ____________________ Last Name _____________________________ First Name ____________________ Last Name ______________________________First Name ____________________ ROOMS WILL BE ASSIGNED AT CHECK-IN TIME. CHECK-IN TIME: 3PM CHECK-OUT TIME: 12:00 NOON Arrival date ___/___/___ Time _____A.M./P.M. Departure Date ___/___/___ Will you: Drive _____ Fly _____ Flight Arrival Time: _____ am/pm VFW Registration $10 in advance $12 at convention Name __________________________ Post #_______Title________________ Address_________________________ City/State/Zip_____________________

use another sheet of paper to list names if registering more than one person #____Registrations @ $10 = $______ #____Registrations @ $10 = $________ Convention Banquet, Friday, June 27 # ____Tickets @ $25 = $_______
Orange Roughy ___ Stuffed Pork Chop____

Convention Banquet, Friday, June 27 # _______Tickets @ $25 = $________
Orange Roughy ____Stuffed Pork Chop____

Check Type of Room / Number of People Rate: $89.00 /Single/Double/Triple/Quad Rooms: (One to Four people per room) ___ Single: 1-2 Double Beds or (1 King) ___ Double: 2 – 2 Double Beds or (1 King) To reserve accommodations a full deposit for ___ Triple: 1 2 3 – 2 Double Beds first night or a major credit card number (invalid ___ Quad: 1 2 3 4 – 2 Double Beds unless expiration date is included) is required. ___ Smoking ___Non-Smoking ___Accessible Room Deposit : $89 plus 14.6% City and State combined tax. Guaranteed by: Credit Card Check Make check payable to: Wyndham MKE Airport Hotel All requests based on availability. Reservations must be received by cut-off date. CUT-OFF DATE IS: 5/26/08 Reservation requests received after cut-off date are subject to space and rate availability. Send Lodging Reservation Directly To: GROUP RESERVATIONS Wyndham MKE Airport Hotel 4747 S. Howell Avenue Milwaukee,WI 53207 (414) 615-8000 or Toll-Free 1-800-558-3862 or Fax (414) 481-8618

Note: VFW Members on travel orders-Banquet tickets will be deducted from your check. Please indicate choice	of	food	and	mark	T.O.	in	price	field.		






Auxiliary	Department	Officers	Luncheon,		 Thursday, June 26 – Noon Turkey Mignon, yams, baby carrots & green beans, dessert & coffee

#___tickets @ $ 14.00 = $___________ Past Commanders Breakfast Saturday, June 28 #________tickets @ $13= $______ Past District Presidents Dinner Thursday, June 26 — 5 p.m. Roast New York Strip Loin, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable, and dessert #______tickets @ $19.00 = $_________ 25 Year Club Luncheon Friday, June 27— Noon Seared Salmon Filet w/ spring greens, vegetable, dessert, coffee Total $_________________ #____tickets @ $15.00 = $___________ Total $_______________

Type of Card_____________________________ Expiration Date___________________________ Card Number____________________________ Name on Card (Print)______________________ PLEASE DON’T BE A NO SHOW We require 24 hours notice for cancellation **If you must cancel this reservation** Obtain cancellation number from the Reservation Department by calling (414) 481-8000 or 1-800-558-3862

Total Check Enclosed $___________________ Send this form along with your check made payable to VFW 2008 State Convention and mail to: Ed & Carla Stockel, 1019 N. Church St. #104, Elkhorn, WI 531211185. Any questions or concerns please call Ed or Carla at 608-732-1430. VFW Registration times: Wednesday, 11am till 4pm—Thursday, 8am till 2pm—Friday, 11am till 5pm—Saturday, 7am till 8:30 sharp Ladies Auxiliary Registration times: Wednesday, 11am till 4pm—Thursday, 8am till 2pm—Friday, 8am till 9am In case of questions please list a contact person: Name_________________________________Phone_____________________ Address________________________________________Post/Aux#__________

Three Districts Top 95% Membership Mark
Eugene Pfeiffer’s 5th District leads the pack at 96.21%. As of March 16, the last date information was available before our print deadline, three Districts statewide have topped the 95% figure targeted for the end of March. Leading the pack is Fifth District at 96.21%. Close behind and moving fast are 3rd District at 95.97% and Ninth District at 95.37%. March 31 is a key date because National has targeted the 95% mark for all states by then. Our Department total stands at 93.44%. To hit the magic number, Wisconsin needs 678 more members on the books by month’s end. Unpaids to be collected and new or reinstated members signed up by that time would do the trick. “The growth of our organization is allimportant,” says State Commander Bill Hustad. “We are losing World War II vets at an alarming rate, and that membership DISTRICT STANDINGS as of 3/16/08: Dist Total Prior year Percent 5 1420 1476 96.21 3 1645 1714 95.97 9 3998 4192 95.37 7 4973 5236 94.98 11 2930 3086 94.94 6 3414 3621 94.28 4 1776 1887 94.12 10 3684 3914 94.12 8 4004 4291 93.31 2 6751 7275 92.80 1 4640 5412 85.74 At Large 1462 1448 100.97 Total: 40697 43552 93.44

John Ken Frederickson, Amble’s District 9, 3rd rounds out District the top 3 is in Districts 2nd so far. place. needs to be replaced in order to maintain our strong voice in Washington and Madison.” Many posts are actively working to stop the “back door drain,” (losing members who don’t feel valued by the post). Key elements in the more successful efforts at retention are revamping post programs to appeal to newer, younger vets, and demonstrating relevance by being more visible in community activities. The other area many members lose sight of is that the membership year is actually January 1 through December 31. All too often, posts leave dues collection until well past the end of December, which isn’t right. Technically, a continuous member who hasn’t paid by December 31 has no voice at meetings because his or her membership has lapsed. Our recruiting efforts at Fort McCoy have been more difficult this year, with the volume of Wisconsin troops passing through the base lower than before. Still, Woody Woodworth, Frank Capps and Dale Hundt keep at it and continue to bring in new members for posts across the state. It’s important, though, that these new members be welcomed aboard and made to feel a part of what we do. Currently, Wisconsin ranks 8th in the Big-10 Conference, with Indiana leading the pack at 98.9%. We can do better! Membership recruitment and retention is every member’s responsibility. Chances are you talked to a fellow combat veteran within the last seven days: Did you ask that person to join? As they say at Nike – Just Do It!

District 7 Prepares For 2nd Annual Bob Munro Awards
The 2008 Bob Munro SERVICE TO VETERANS AWARDS will be given out at the Seventh District Spring Meeting on April 20, 2008. The Award Ceremony will take place during the combined luncheon preceding the business meetings. The award was created last year as a memorial to the late Robert Munro, who served as Wisconsin State Commander (‘93/’94). He valued all who supported our mission and this award continues that spirit by recognizing those, both within our Organization and from the greater community, who epitomize Service to Veterans, active troops and their families. This year there are 2 categories: Service by a VFW or Auxiliary Member, and also Service by a Non-VFW or Auxiliary Member. The purpose of the dual categories is to encourage nomination of non-members throughout our communities who, even though they are not eligible to belong to either the VFW or our Auxiliaries, still puts out the effort to support our cause. The First Place Winner last year was Todd Boudreau of Wisconsin Rapids, and a member of Bob’s Home Post (2534). Todd was recognized for his tireless efforts not only on behalf of his post and comrades, but also his work in conjunction with the organization ‘Hearts Apart’, through which collected and sent many items in Care Packages to local service people deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. There were eight nominees in all. Nominations are ranked by an independent committee from outside our district in order to keep the judging fair and impartial. Prior nominees may be re-nominated. Submission of a nomination does not require a vote of the post. The nominating process is directly open to any individual member in good standing of a District 7 Post. (Nominations submitted by non-District 7 members or by anyone whose dues are not current, will be disqualified automatically.) Complete instructions are on the Official 2008 Nomination Form, available on line. Visit the District 7 Page and the application available on the left side of the page under “Department Links.” You may complete the application on line, but it must be printed and mailed. It must be received by April 12 in order to qualify for judging. If you don’t have internet access, contact District Commander Russ Iwen at (715) 536-6471 and he will send you one.

nAtionAl news of note

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Page 17
Mar/aPr, 2008

Kevin Harvick Inc. Announces Win A Golf Vacation To Scotland! New Partnership With VFW
VFW National announces 2008 National Golf Tournament. Two teams will be going to Scotland to play St. Andrews Old and New courses as well as Carnoustie. Also, other gifts and prizes will be given to the players of non-winning teams. Each state will hold qualifying tournaments beginning August 15 to determine what teams will play in their state finals, with each state sending their top two teams to play in the national finals November 1718 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They will be playing one round on Golf Digest’s 73rd rated public course and a second round on a sister course. All winning teams will receive a prorated travel allowance to help pay for travel expenses to Myrtle Beach. Based on the number of entries, we hope to pay 50-100% of these travel costs. Also, ocean-front hotel accommodations for three nights for the four players (no guests) and tournament golf fees are included. There will be an awards banquet following the conclusion of play. This is a 4-person team scramble event and there will be two flights-low gross for the scratch golfers and a random draw flight for the occasional players. No handicaps

VFW Racing Team Driver No. 33, Ron Hornaday.

are required. So, regardless of your golfing skills, everyone has a chance to win the Scotland golf trips. All teams will initially be entered in both flights for the state qualifying events. Teams will then be split into flights for remaining rounds of the tournament. Lowest scoring team wins low gross and the team that shoots a randomly drawn score (between 66-78) will win the random draw flight. A playoff will be used to determine winner if two or more teams shoot the same score. Entry fee is $50 per player. Entry deadline is April 30. We will pay $10005000 (based on sponsor level) to anyone that helps secure a corporate sponsor for this event. Sponsorship info can be found at Click on “corporate sponsor program” found on the left side of page. VISIT www.golftournamentoutfitters. com/vfwgolf FOR RULES AND REGISTRATION FORMS. CLICK ON “TOURNAMENT RULES/ENTRY BLANKS” FOUND ON THE LEFT SIDE OF PAGE. OR YOU MAY CONTACT THE MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENT TO RECEIVE A REGISTRATION FORM.

GWOT Purple Heart Veterans: Win a Free Trip to Daytona
Win a Free Trip to the Daytona International Speedway Pepsi 400 through VFW’s Kahle Fund Trip for Iraq and Afghanistan Purple Heart recipients. If you received a Purple Heart for wounds sustained in Iraq or Afghanistan, you could be one of 8 veterans to win VFW’s trip to the Daytona International Speedway Pepsi 400 on July 5, 2008. Airfare, luxurious hotel accommodations and a ticket to the race for each winner are included. Don’t miss this chance. Only one completed entry per veteran will be accepted, and must be received prior to the drawing on April 15, 2008. Winners will be notified by mail or e-mail in April. To fully qualify for the trip, winners must send a copy of their Purple Heart documentation to VFW National Headquarters by May 15, 2008. Note: Previous Kahle Fund trip-winners are ineligible. Entry forms will be found on line at Click on VFW Forms, then Special Event Forms.

VFW Racing Team Driver No. 77, Cale Gale. Kevin Harvick Inc. (KHI) has entered into a new partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) for the 2008 season. VFW Racing will be a partner in every NASCAR® Craftsman Truck Series and Nationwide Series race this season, both on and off the track. Reigning Craftsman Truck Series Champ Ron Hornaday’s No. 33 truck will feature the new VFW Racing paint scheme and logo in several races this year. He, along with Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year contender Cale Gale, will also drive VFW’s No. 77 car in the Nationwide Series. The No. 33 VFW Racing truck will debut on March 29, 2008 at the Martinsville (Va.) Speedway. The VFW logo will also appear in an associate position on the No. 33 Camping World/RoadLoans. com Chevrolet Silverado and the No. 77 VFW Chevrolet Monte Carlo throughout the 2008 racing season. “Everyone at KHI is excited to be working with the VFW on their first NASCAR effort,” said Kevin Harvick, co-owner of KHI. “VFW is an incredible organization, and we expect this program will help educate the public about the tremendous work they do to support our country’s heroes.” The VFW is the nation’s oldest and most respected veterans service organization. Its mission is to honor the sacrifice and ensure the rights of American war veterans through advocacy, support and community service, while promoting patriotism. “Our racing program is designed to raise awareness of veterans’ issues and increase support for the VFW’s programs,” said VFW’s National Commander George Lisicki. “Most Americans would be surprised at the wide range of support the VFW provides to veterans and their families, from financial assistance for families of deployed troops to dedicated VFW service officers to aid veterans in filing benefits claims. We believe the exposure we’ll get from our partnership with KHI will help us to meet the growing demand for our services.” A fan site,, has also been developed. In addition to checking racing statistics and updates, visitors can learn more about the VFW and celebrate our American heroes. The 2008 VFW Primary Racing schedule will include the following dates: NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series No. 33 Chevrolet Silverado 3/29/08: Martinsville Speedway – Ron Hornaday 7/25/08: O’Reilly Raceway Park – Ron Hornaday 8/9/08: Nashville Superspeedway – Ron Hornaday 10/25/08: Atlanta Motor Speedway – Ron Hornaday NASCAR Nationwide Series No. 77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 5/24/08: Lowe’s Motor Speedway – Cale Gale 7/4/08: Daytona International Speedway – Ron Hornaday 9/27/08: Kansas Speedway – Ron Hornaday 11/1/08: Texas Motor Speedway – Ron Hornaday ABOUT KEVIN HARVICK INC.: Kevin Harvick Inc. (KHI), established in 2001, is a 70,000 sq. ft. facility located in Kernersville, N.C. KHI houses two full-time Truck Series teams: the No. 33 Camping World/Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Chevrolet driven by three-time Truck Series champion Ron Hornaday as well as the No. 2 American Commercial Lines/ Chevrolet driven by three-time Truck Series champion Jack Sprague. KHI is also home to the No. 33 Camping World/RoadLoans. com Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick, Ron Hornaday and Cale Gale and the No. 77 VFW Chevrolet competing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. 2008 marks KHI’s fifth year of full-time competition in NASCAR’s elite divisions. Please visit for more information.

                                                                     

                  

 


               

Page 18
Mar/aPr, 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

vod And pAtriot’s pen AwArds
winners toured the Capitol in fine style, arriving at the White House in time to greet President Bush as he returned. The unexpected arrival produced a unique treat as the President personally greeted all the VOD winners as he entered the White House. That night, the national winners were announced, and although Michael didn’t finish in the top five, he nonetheless came home with an additional scholarship and a lifetime of memories. At the closing banquet, we heard the National Patriot’s Pen Winner, Sarah Y. Polinski, of Sayre, Pennsylvania. She took home the $10,000 top prize. Finally, we heard from the National VOD Winner, Jordan Blake Lord, of Gulfport, MS, who won a $30,000 scholarship.

State Results for Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen
Our state had excellent participation in both the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen contests. Winners were announced at our Mid-Winter Conference in Green Bay in February. Top place winners in both contests received additional prizes at National. Katie Lelonek, a 7th grade student at St. Paul Lutheran School in Tomah, picked up an additional $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond, courtesy of the Golden Valley (MN) VFW Post 7051. Congratulations, Katie! Michael P. Dalberg, a Richland Center High School student also received national recognition. He was one of 54 Department winners from throughout the VFW worldwide who flew to Washington, DC for our Community Service/Legislative Conference, March 1 through 5. The assembled Department

Commander Bill Hustad and Auxiliary President Joyce Hoffman prepare to escort Wisconsin VOD Winner Michael P. Dalberg into the Conference Hall at Washington, DC on Recognition Night. Each Department Winner is individually recognized in this ceremony.

Michael P. Dalberg, of Richland Center, was awarded first place in the Voice of Democracy contest. He was sponsored by Post and Auxiliary 2267. Dalberg is shown with National Auxiliary Chaplain Cortina Barnes and VFW Commander-in-Chief George Lisicki.

Katie Rae Lelonek, of Tomah, sponsored by Post 1382 and Auxiliary, took first place in the Patriot’s Pen contest. She is pictured with National Auxiliary Chaplain Cortina Barnes and VFW Commander-in-Chief George Lisicki.

Rebecca C. Furdek, of Clintonville, sponsored by Post and Auxiliary 664, was awarded second place in the Voice of Democracy contest. Furdek is shown with Commander Bill Hustad, Auxiliary President Joyce Hoffman, and VFW and Auxiliary VOD Chairs, Bob and Karen Bolz.

Danielle C. Seeger, of Waunakee, sponsored by Post 11244, was awarded second place in the Patriot’s Pen contest. She is pictured with State Auxiliary President Joyce Hoffman, Commander Bill Hustad, Patriot’s Pen Chairs Ron Schell and Heather Patterson.

Philip J. Schuldt, of Milwaukee, sponsored by Post and Auxiliary 9156, was awarded third place in the Voice of Democracy contest. Schuldt is pictured with Commander Bill Hustad and Auxiliary President Joyce Hoffman, and VFW and Auxiliary VOD Chairs, Bob and Karen Bolz.

Michael Pounders, of Kenosha, sponsored by Post 2751, won third place in the Patriot’s Pen contest. He is shown with Commander Bill Hustad and Auxiliary President Joyce Hoffman.

student/teAcher AwArds
VFW Post 721 and Ladies Auxiliary Present Patriot’s Pen Awards

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

Page 19
Mar/aPr, 2008

VFW Post 1904 Presents Awards

VFW Post 721 and Ladies Auxiliary, of Waukesha, present awards to the Patriot’s Pen winners. Pictured are (L-R) back row: Cora Tessmann, Ladies Auxiliary President and Past Commander Loren Lenhart; front row: Talia Radthke, Marisa Medd, Lindsey Otto, Connor Sheedy and Abel Richards.

Fond du Lac Post 1904 recently recognized winners in the Voice of Democracy contest and the Patriot’s Pen essay contest. Pictured (L-R) are Post Commander Gordi Schultz; Patriot’s Pen third place winner, Eric Hoff; Voice of Democracy first place local and second place winner in the 6th District, Joe Phillips; Patriot’s Pen second place winner, Taylor Jones; Patriot’s Pen first place winner, Ryan McAndrew; Youth Awards Chairman Jim Klee; Aaron Sadoff, contest co-chairman. Missing from the photo is Miranda Weiss who tied for third place in the Patriot’s Pen contest.

VFW Post 659 and Ladies Auxiliary Present Patriot’s Pen and VOD Awards

Teacher In Education Award Presented

Teacher of the year Award Presented

VFW Otto Oas Post 659, of Manitowoc, and their Ladies Auxiliary present certificates and savings bonds to the Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy contestants at a meeting held on December 12, 2007. Pictured (L-R) are Patriot’s Pen contest winners, all three from Washington Jr. High School, Alyssa Worley – first place, $100 savings bond; Dionne Bruns – second place, $75 savings bond; Emily Ward – third place, $50 savings bond; VOD winners, Rachel Evans, who is home schooled – second place, $75 savings bond; Sarah Moldenhauer, Manitowoc Lutheran High, first place, $100 savings bond; Annette uhlig, State Patriotic Instructor; and Elmer uhlig, Patriotic Instructor, Post 659.

Theresa Vechinski, left, fifth grade teacher at St. Anne’s Elementary School, won the Teacher In Education award sponsored by VFW Post 388. Pictured with Vechinski is Audrey Tessmer, VFW Burns Auxiliary #388 Americanism chairman.

Denmark VFW Post #6705 and the Ladies Auxiliary present the Teacher of the Year Award to Mrs. Diane Fischel, who is an agriculture teacher in both the Denmark middle and high schools. Pictured are Vic Kapinos, (L) Teacher of the Year Chairman; Diane Fischel, and Alan Malewiski, Commander of VFW Post 6705.

Germantown Post Honors Students

District 11 Commander and Chairman Award Winners
On January 26, 2008, District 11 held their meeting at Camp Douglas Post 10911 and presented awards to the first place winners of the Voice of Democracy (VOD) and Patriot’s Pen (P.P.) contests. The winners read their essays at a noon luncheon with invited family members. Pictured in the foreground is an unidentified family member. Pictured (L-R) standing are District 11 Commander and host Post Commander Renee Simpson; District VOD, P.P., Teacher Award Chairman Ronald Schell Sr.; District VOD first place winner Michael S. Husker, sponsored by Post 1916, Reedsburg; District Patriot’s Pen first place winner Katie R. Lelonek, sponsored by Post 1382, Tomah; Post 1916 Chairman Fritz Cunningham (accepting for) District Teacher’s Award K-5 level first place winner Thomas J. Hora, sponsored by Post 1916, Reedsburg; District Teachers Award 6-8 level first place winner Susanne M. Hutchens, sponsored by Post 8584, Cashton; District Teachers Award 9-12 level first place winner David Moon, sponsored by Post 1916, Reedsburg; State Representative, Senior Vice Commander Gary Erickson; and District 11 Ladies Auxiliary President Rita Byers. All winners received a framed certificate and monetary award. As State Commander Bill’s motto is “Commitment,” be committed to your programs, so does the POW-MIA flag in the background say Commitment, “You Are Never Forgotten,” be committed to your community and country.

Germantown Memorial Post 9202 had their awards banquet on March 1, 2008. Voice of Democracy winner Samantha Decker is seen here reciting her speech. She received a steel gray jacket with the VOD emblem on the back and left front, plus a plaque and a $300.00 check from the Post. The Patriots Pen winner, Linden Pohland, was also recognized and he received a certificate, Patriots Pen Baseball Cap, and a $100.00 check. A Representative from the Village of Germantown, the Fire Department, and the 6th District Commander Jim Romnek all attended.

Post 9202 Awards Night included this impressive POW/MIA Table. The missing man table was set up as prescribed and a color guard placed the hats in their proper place.

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Mar/aPr, 2008

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars News

a different kind of mission

A Different Kind Of Mission…
Going into combat is tough enough. Going into combat unarmed, in uniform, but as a non-combatant, takes something special. Meet Navy Commander Peter Muschinske. One of the newer Life Members of Marshfield’s VFW Post 1866, Peter earned his eligibility serving with the Navy Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB-25) headquartered at Fort McCoy, but deployed in 2006 to Kuwait and Iraq. Like any reservist, Peter had a fulltime civilian job: Pastor of a Lutheran Congregation at Faith Lutheran Church in Marshfield, where he was a popular and successful minister. When called to active duty, Peter left a busy pastoral and family life that includes a devoted wife and three young children. (mid-March to mid-September). This was no Keilloresque red Jello church basement potluck. During his unit’s time in Iraq, they lost 3 KIA. A Chaplain’s job is not a simple “desk job” at headquarters. Peter, and those like him, are there to minister and counsel those who face the grim task of combat on a daily basis. There were, of course, regular religious services to conduct, for troops of his own faith and others. A Chaplain’s calling, however, extends beyond members of his (or her) own religious beliefs to accommodate members of all sects and denominations... as well as those of no particular faith at all. “Although I’m a ‘non-combatant,’ I’m there to minister to those who are trained and sometimes called to engage in battle,” says Peter, mindful that this sounds like a paradox. “This really is the front lines of ministry. In the midst of brokenness and death, we are the people who bring the message of hope and life.” His service also supports the command by shoring up morale. As we discussed this in our interview, Peter referred to a remarkable book entitled War and the Soul, by Edward Tick. In this thoughtful book, Tick makes it clear that Post Traumatic Stress is nothing new, but our understanding of it needs to undergo a major transformation. “We talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” says Muschinske, “but we should be discussing Post Traumatic Spirit Disorder. This is a crisis of soul.” Reading Tick’s book makes Peter’s explanation clear. In essence, we grow up in a comfortable, relatively safe and ordered life. We understand how society works and how to act in everyday life. But then comes war, and the rules are radically different. This is the challenge of military training: To enable someone to do (and endure) things in combat that are 180degrees out of phase with “normal.” The stress on body and soul comes not simply from seeing things done to ourselves and those around us, but also to act in ways that are foreign to ordinary life as we once knew it. “As a counselor in the field,” says Peter, “I find myself dealing with normal responses to abnormal circumstances. As a Chaplain, I can’t serve those who most need it by sitting in an office and waiting for them to make an appointment. I must remain visible and accessible on a moment’s notice.” As such, Peter found opportunities in the mess hall, or anywhere in the compound. Sometimes it would be a one-on-one quiet conversation; other times, it might be a small group, all wrestling with these conflicts of spirit. A good pastor is well-suited to this kind of service. Peter ranks among the best.

before heading out on a convoy in iraq, Peter and his comrades share a moment of prayer and contemplation. I asked Peter: What about the basic conflict between your calling as minister of Christ, and your service in war. How is that justified? His answer is at once simple and complex. “There are two Christian positions on the subject. One is pacifism, to overcome evil without violent force. The other is the concept of the ‘Just War’ – engaging in war only when strict criteria are met.” Some tenants of Just War include: We enter only as a last resort; Our cause must be just (deter aggression, safeguard human rights, etc.); The actual goal must be the stated goal; And if war is considered justified, that we enter into the fray with a ‘sense of lament’ and further applying strict codes of conduct. Peter does not express judgment on the wisdom of our current war. “It’s not my call,” he says, “But the reality is that we have God’s people in harm’s way, and they need our care. This is the Chaplain’s call.” That mission, of course, doesn’t end on a battlefield. Upon his return from deployment, Peter helped the Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief make very tough visits to the families of the soldiers lost and those physically wounded. His pastoral experience was invaluable in these difficult visits. Still, they were among the toughest moments of his deployment. He speaks especially passionately of the case of Jaime Jaenke, a single mom who was killed in combat leaving a 9-yearold daughter to be raised by the child’s grandparents. Now a tremendous financial burden came upon a family already hurting emotionally and spiritually. Chaplain Muschinske was one part of the body of Seabee, military and civilian care poured out on behalf of those who have borne the most severe costs of combat. Peter came back to Marshfield and resumed his pastoral role at Faith Lutheran in November of 2006. In February, 2007, he got a call from Headquarters in New Orleans, asking him to consider coming back to active duty as a Chaplain Programs’ Officer. He and his wife talked and prayed over it, and made the decision to return to active duty. His congregation was saddened by his decision, but supported him fully. Now based in St. Louis, Peter visits seminarians of all faiths, as well as experienced ministers, and explains the nature of this compelling ministry. He’s doing the job now of the Chaplain who recruited him almost 20 years ago. His territory covers much of Illinois (except the Chicago metro), Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. He works hand-in-hand with General Officer recruiters as well. How long will he do this work? “While the Navy determines how long (between 2-5 years), I trust the Lord’s future leading. This is my calling now. I’m excited about being a part of bringing in outstanding women and men who will serve God for the sake of those in the Sea Services.” (Navy Chaplains are assigned also to the Coast Guard). Peter and his wife, Katie, who is completing a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, live in suburban St. Louis with their three children: Nicole, 13, Erik, 10 and Lianna, 5. He continues to maintain his Life Membership in Marshfield’s Mueller-Hintz Post, and we’re glad to have him on our rolls.

commander Peter muschinske at home in st louis. Peter grew up in Wisconsin and has deep family roots here. He is a man of deep faith, and also one with a respect and love of country intertwined with that faith. Attending Luther Seminary in nearby St. Paul, MN, Peter encountered a uniformed Chaplain recruiter and discovered there was a way that he could serve God through ministry among members of the military. In 1990, he was commissioned as an ensign and became a Navy Chaplain candidate. He later attended Chaplain School which, while thorough and intense, is preparation for a genuinely non-combatant role in the military. There is no weapons’ training, for example. At the completion of his training, he was qualified as a Chaplain and began a succession of several billets with Marines, before his assignment with the Seabees. As a member of the Reserve Component, Peter was able to extend his work beyond pastoral duties in the church to members of the Armed Forces, their families and others of all faiths. After seminary, Peter answered the call to Dodgeville as an Associate Pastor. Subsequently, he was called to Orange, California, where he became Pastor of a church. His pastoral career was moving along and, likewise, he continued in the Naval Reserves. By 2000, the Muschinskes were ready to return to Wisconsin, and that’s when Peter answered a call to Faith Lutheran, in Marshfield. The young family settled into life in this pleasant central-Wisconsin community. Peter’s Naval Reserve obligation continued, of course, and fit nicely into his life here in Marshfield. The events of 9-11-2001, and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, changed many things for all of us. In Peter’s case, it was looking more and more like activation was coming, and come it did. On New Year’s Eve, 2005, Peter and his reserve unit got the word. By January 6, they began deploying first to Port Hueneme, CA, for pre-deployment training, and by March they were landing in Kuwait. After several days of organization time in Kuwait, it was north to Iraq for six months

exPerienceD clergy & seminarians
If you think a career in Naval Chaplaincy might be for you, contact
Chaplain Muschinske by calling 314-263-6480 Or e-mail:

a chaplain’s mission extends beyond the secure ‘home base.’ here, Peter leads a worship service for a group deployed in the field.

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