Mrs L enjoys her Surprise by sdfsb346f


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									                           Mrs L enjoys her Surprise

It was 2.30pm in the afternoon and I was dressed in my favourite clothes, some soft
butter leather soft panties and leather bra which, against my skin, felt like heaven and
a knee length leather skirt with a split up the back just enough to show my stocking
tops if looked closely and a black leather shirt that was straining slightly with my
ample bosom. Plus my knee length leather boots, God I looked and felt HOT!!!!.

Elaine and Rona my two best friends were coming round for a couple of drinks, this is
something that we would do on a fairly regular basis as we were all kept women!
The girls arrived bang on time and we settled down with our drinks. Mine was of
course my fav scoop of all time JD and coke Ummmmm and the girls tipple was
white wine. Before we knew it the girls had finished a bottle of wine each and I was
steadily making my way down to the bottom of a large bottle of JD! So we were all
very merry and getting rowdy now.

Elaine, one of the girls who can’t hold her drink very well slurred “Ssso where’s your
Man then L?”
L replied “Oh he’s had to go out of town for the day on business, but will be back
later”. “Ummmm nice for you then “stated Rona the other girl.

More drinks later and us three young ladies were getting very rowdy and rude. “Do
you know what L? My man doesn’t pay me much attention anymore” said Elaine
 “Well you know what you should do then” L stated “you should do as I do and give
him a little of what he wants, within reason of course” and I smiled gulping down a
complete glass of Jack and coke. Wow that hit the spot! Suddenly I was feeling very
relaxed and kind of horny, my nipples were straining under my bra and I could feel
slightly sticky between my legs. Ohhhhh I wish Mr L was here now!.

Rona and Elaine were kind of looking at me strangely. I wasn’t sure why it was
because they couldn’t quite focus on me anymore or if they were confused and didn’t
understand my last statement. Then Elaine said “wha yo mean LLLLLL”in a very
drunk way. I said “What I mean is…………. And at that point I toppled off the sofa.

HAHAHAHAH OMG I feel sooooooooooooooooo drunk! I said unable to focus on
my glass on the table anymore. “ I need anoder rink girlsssssss whers me glas?”
“ Hereeeeeeeeeee it ish L Ill por yo anoder one” Rona said and reached for the bottle.
She missed the glass “ Ooppssee daisy er yo goes see”. At this point I couldn’t see
what she was pouring in but I necked it anyway. “OOOOMMMMGGG I cant get to
the bathroom, me legs hav dropd off hahaha”

It was now 5 oclock and Rona’s husband was pulling onto the drive to take them
home, I sort of managed to swagger and sway to the door, “ ello Mr Masonnn” I
smiled “ They are ready to transport ome” Mr Mason’s face said it all, he just smiled
and walked by me to collect Rona and Elaine, God knows how he managed to get
them in the car, all arms and legs everywhere “ byesee byes girlies sees yo weel
soon” I stated.

So now I was on my Own but not for long as I heard the key in the door and a shout
“Babee I’m home”. Into the lounge walked Mr L and his face was a picture, the smile
said it all. “Been having a small party have you while ive been away?”.
“ Ummm uh huh” was all I could manage to utter and I managed to raise myself off
the couch upright and gave him one of my very drunk smiles. “Well, well you know
what happens to naughty girls who look as hot as you do in all that tight black leather,
who’s extremely drunk and is looking at me with eyes that say “ Come fuck me ?”

“Nopesee” I laughed and he proceeded to walk over to me and grab my hand “ Well
Mrs L I think you and me need to have a chat in the bedroom about your behaviour”
and you promptly picked me up and threw me over your shoulder. You threw me on
the bed and ran your hands all over my leather clad body; I could see the bulge getting
bigger by the minute in your trousers. You said “Do you know what? I have been
thinking about you all day today in your leathers getting tipsy without me around and
it has been hard to concentrate on my workload”
“Ohhhhh now im very excited Babee, Ive been thinking of you too, look feel” and I
moved your hand down to my leather panties and slightly moved them aside to reveal
some wet warm liquid oozing from me. You scooped some up and took your finger to
your mouth “Ummmm now that’s good juice” you said as you started to kiss me hard
and the urgency of your hands told me that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to
get my comeuppance!

True to your word you lay me down and took your trousers off, “You young lady
have been very naughty and you are going to have to take all that is coming your
way” “ Ummmm bring it on BIG BOY” I slurred “ but you must make love to me in
my leathers as I am not taking them off!” and with that you spread my legs, pushed
aside my panties and entered me with force with your hard fully engorged cock.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssss “I screamed as you pumped me hard and
harder “Make me cum Babee!” at that point I felt a big orgasm coming on.
“Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes “I screamed as hot liquid oozed out of me and with
that I heard you say “Immmmm Cumin” and you shot weeks worth of cum into my
swollen pussy.

As we cleaned each other up and lay in each others’ arms, sleepily I said “Ummmm I
will have to do that a little more often if I get surprises like that” and with that you
just smiled and nodded.

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