7th Grade Final Exam Review Packet

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					            7th Grade Final Exam Review Packet
Define and give an example of the following literary


  1. Theme

  2. Setting

  3. Characterization

  4. Exposition

  5. Rising Action

  6. Climax

  7. Falling Action

  8. Resolution

  9. Foreshadowing

  10.       Plot

  11.       Symbol

  12.       Protagonist

  13.       Antagonist

  14.       Static Character

  15.       Dynamic Character

  16.       1st person point of view

  17.       3rd person point of view
Define and give an example of the following poetry


   1. Onomatopoeia

   2. Alliteration

   3. Rhyme

   4. Simile

   5. Personification

   6. Stanza

   7. Rhythm

   8. Metaphor

   9. Idiom

   10.   Hyperbole
Define the following terms as they apply to Drama:

  1. Stage Directions

  2. Drama

  3. Plot

  4. Exposition

  5. Climax

  6. Foil

  7. Narrator

  8. Resolution

  9. Teleplay

  10.       Dialogue
                 Among the Hidden
              Margaret Peterson Haddix.

1. Explain in detail how Luke feels about his 1st trip
   to the Sports Family’s house.

2. What were the 3rd children called and Why?

3. Explain some of the problems that arose due to
   the population laws.

4. What were some of the hardships many 3rd
   children had to endure?
5. How does Luke get his fake identification card?

6. Who gets it for him?

7. Why does he need it?

8. What was Luke’s memory from his brother’s 6th
   birthday party? Why was it important?

9. How did Luke and Jen’s friendship begin?

10.  How is Luke’s house different from Jen’s

11.   How does the government in Among the
  Hidden control the citizens?
12.   In the beginning of the novel, what was
  Luke’s view of the outside world?

Surviving the Applewhites

1. What is the major example of symbolism in this

 2. What is color-blind casting?

 3. What is the setting of this novel?

 4. What is E.D.’s major conflict with Mother Nature
    and how does she solve it?

 5. Why did Jake come to The Creative Academy?
“A Christmas Carol”

  1. Describe Scrooge’s character at the beginning of
     the play.

  2. What event most changed Scrooge during the
     visits of the three spirits?

  3. Since Scrooge’s character changes his ways, what
     kind of character is he considered to be? This is a
     literary term.

  4. The funeral procession is symbolic of what?

  5. List some themes found in “A Christmas Carol.”

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