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									                          The Healthy Eating Plan


Here are some guidelines for healthier eating!

   •   Always have breakfast
   •   Mid - morning have a snack (see Snacks below)
   •   Lunch have a light meal, try to avoid too many
       carbs (bread, pasta, cereals, potato) 2 portions
       of carbs a day is enough
   •   Mid - afternoon have a snack (see Snacks below)
   •   Dinner don't over fill your plate
   •   Supper have a snack (see Snacks below)

Options for healthy meals


   •   1 slice of cheese on 1 slice of toast
   •                      skimmed
       Cereals with semi-skimmed or low fat milk
   •   Bacon, egg (poached or scrambled), tomatoes and mushrooms
   •   1/2 grapefruit

(You can choose one option per day, but vary them)

Lunch or dinner

   •   Any meat grilled or oven cooked with three vegetables
   •   Chicken & savoury rice
   •   Fish & savoury rice
   •   Jacket potatoes (only 3 per week) with tuna, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, beans
   •                            etables
       Fish or chicken with vegetables or salad
   •        fry’s
       Stir-fry’s (minimal or no oil) with meat or fish and any vegetables.

(Choose one for lunch and one for dinner, yo can mix and match them)

   •   Nuts and seeds unsalted
   •   Fruit (3 pieces per day)
   •   Yogurt (one per day)
   •   Crisp breads
   •   Rice cakes
   •   Ryvita
   •   Cereal bars (one per day)
   •   1 glass of wine, or a short and diet mixer (one per day)

These are food ideas that should satisfy your stomach, relieve boredom, and give you the
nutrition that you need.

We all have cravings for certain foods at certain times of the month, whether it’s chocolate,
crisps, or savoury items. The main thing is not to deprive yourself of these but, at the same
time, not to binge, i.e. eat sensibly. Choose crisps with a low calorie count and have half a bag
a day, saving the other half for the next day. Buy only snack sized chocolate bars and have one
as one of your daily snacks.

This is hard for the first few days but your body will adapt and your cravings will lessen, and you
won’t feel that you are missing out.

Email us or call if you are unsure about anything or have any questions, we will try to
help you.

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