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									Responses from Officiating Advisory Group to questions from London / South East and
North West following circulation of the first draft of Newsletter (December 2009)

Question 1::
AENA Preliminary and Intermediate umpire status
We understand and support the changes, but are concerned that the timing (12 days' notice, over
Christmas and the New Year) will not allow Counties and Regions to implement them appropriately
and would request a deferral to the start of next season, 1 September 2010.
Understand and support the changes re
1. does not allow leagues to review and, if appropriate, implement any necessary changes to their
Rules to reflect the changes
2. makes it very difficult to communicate the changes to umpires, clubs and leagues effectively
and in a timely manner
3. does not allow the scheduling of C Award tests for Preliminary umpires who wish to continue
umpiring, but where league Rules require a C Award umpire

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 1
This is now fully covered in the Newsletter and a date of 31st August 2010 has been given for the
implementation process to be completed

Question 2:
One further concern about this particular item is the automatic award of C status to any current
Intermediate umpire who is still actively umpiring. A number of years ago, in line with the current
thinking from EN at that time, all Intermediate umpires in our region were contacted and the
information passed on. Concern is that the umpires who did not respond are now automatically
being given an award that others applied to take. Some gained their B award; others were given
the C award based on their performance at the upgrade. Their fitness, rather than their knowledge,
is the big problem. This particular item needs to be discussed again as some of us feel that it is not
appropriate to automatically give them the C award without some form of assessment.

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 2 :
We agree that this is a very valid point but we have to move on from what went out over 3- 4 years
ago. It would also be very difficult for England Netball to ascertain who is given a C award and
who is not. Counties however are more in a position to do this. So our decision remains that
Intermediates may be re graded to a C Award. Regions and Counties can operate their own
system of assessment to ensure that their Umpires are meeting the competencies as laid down by
the C award. It will be the Region / Counties responsibility to inform England Netball who should
receive a Card so that records can be updated (if a county chooses to undergo assessments and
others don‟t then this is entirely their decision)

Counties need to be assisting their leagues to ensure that they are using umpires who are fit and
competent to undertake their role.

Question 3:
If a Preliminary/Intermediate umpire does not wish to continue actively umpiring, does s/he lose
their current qualification and therefore not hold any umpiring award?

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 3:
Firstly not too sure why an inactive umpire needs to hold a qualification as it does not enhance any
records (apart from if they are a tutor or tester). The answer is that the award would become
„inactive‟ and not show up on any records held at England Netball. Please note that our
Achievement records are broken down into categories of Umpire, Tutor, Tester etc so even if the
Umpire status show „inactive‟ the other categories will been shown as „active‟

Please note that the England Netball Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) recognises England
Netball Beginner Umpire Award and the Netball Europe Umpire Awards. It does not recognise the
AENA Intermediate or Preliminary Awards

OAG reply to questions Jan 2010
Question 4:
Does an active Intermediate umpire need to attend a B Award course and be assessed before
applying to take the B Award test?

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 4:
Yes. Please see response given newsletter. They would be classed as a C award umpire who
would be expected to undergo a course etc.

Question 5:
Does an active Preliminary umpire need to attend a C Award course before applying to take the C
Award Test?

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 5:
Yes as they will be classed as a trainee umpire and insurance will be included and valid for two

Question 6:
If an Intermediate umpire is currently qualified as a tester/tutor, does s/he retain this status if not
currently actively umpiring?

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 6:
Yes. Current Umpire Testers and Umpire Tutors, who hold the Intermediate Umpiring Award who
will in January 2010 become C award umpires, will be informed of the following:
If an Intermediate umpire holds a current tester‟s certificate valid until 2011 they will still be able to
test at the level specified on their certificate as long as they continue to attend the appropriate
national / regional accreditation workshops.
The same will apply to any current Intermediate Umpire Tutors waiting to undergo regional
accreditation and if successful would be eligible to tutor at Beginner and Youth Award (having
undertaken Orientation workshop). There is also no issue re insurance cover

Question 7:
Concern re the lowering of the status of an Intermediate Umpire who holds the Tutor award to only
being able to tutor at Beginner or Youth Officials Award. It is considered far more appropriate that
the Intermediate Tutor carries on tutoring as before, as long as she/he has passed the assessment
for Tutor status, than to give the Intermediate an active umpiring award. It does not make sense.

For whatever reason umpires stops actively umpiring does not automatically exclude them from
being capable of delivering an umpiring course. This particular item is of high importance from our

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 7:
This was partially answered in the newsletter with the following: ”Any current Umpire Tutor who
holds an Intermediate (now C) umpiring award (may continue to tutor at a Beginner and Youth
(Young) Officials Award level provided they have attended a 2009/ 2010 Regional Accreditation
course and successfully passed their assessment. Their current active umpiring status however
would only be as a C award umpire”.

In additional we have agreed that if during the current accreditation process the Intermediaqte
(now C award umpire) Tutor exceeds the assessment criteria then they will be identified and would
be able to co tutor at the C award level

Question 8:
London & South East: Umpire Assessments: B Award assessment-is there any flexibility for this to
be conducted inside county/any requirement for liaison between the county of registration and the
county where the assessment is to be held. there is concern at to the practicality of insisting on all
assessments and tests to be out of county. This question has been precised and was also raised

OAG reply to questions Jan 2010
by another Region For B tests we have the choice of three venues in three counties and then have
to pair up the testers for these matches. The travelling in our region is enormous. London creates a
problem that other regions do not have!! Circumnavigating London via the M25 is costly and time
consuming!! We appreciate having guidelines but will find a rigid structure difficult to cope with.
Initial discussions have shown a need for guidelines for the B candidate with a structured
mentoring regime and assessment which should mean that the candidate has passed the minimal
criteria for taking the award. Having “an assessment” as stated on the application form means
different things to different people and it is that particular part of the B award which needs
strengthening not where the final assessment and test takes place.

North West: As you know the Cheshire Elite League runs over the season and has teams playing
from NW Wales, Merseyside, and Cheshire all competing. We use this for the testing of B
assessments and Tests. We have even assessed Manchester candidates previously as the teams
all agree to this as part of entry.
Are we ok to continue to do this as we also assess Cheshire umpires in this league but look for
teams not involved in this county?

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 8:
At this moment in time there is no flexibility as B award umpires need to show a commitment to
travelling. Therefore they need to experience different styles from players / teams. The region
currently undergoes the arrangements for the test and therefore should be able to link with their
counties to set up assessments as well i.e. the umpire travels to the testers keeping the travel
expenses for the tester to the minimum (there is no fee for assessments). However if the region
has central venues for matches then the region should appoint the assessor and ensure,
using commonsense, that matches involve teams from outside the umpires own County.

Question 9:
CRB checks – could you confirm that if a tutor has a CRB check for netball activities other than
tutoring that this check will cover her/him. There is some confusion as to how many CRB checks
we have to undergo for the different netball activities that we take part in

EN Officiating Advisory Group response to question 9:
If the CRB check has been undertaken formally through England Netball then the Tutor will be
covered for all netball activities – if not then another CRB check would have to be undertaken.
Information re CRB for tutors will be coming out to those tutors who have recently gained

OAG reply to questions Jan 2010

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