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Name:________________________________                                                   Ventura
                                                         General Camp

                                                          Information                   College
City:__________________ Zip:____________

Home Phone:__________________________
                                                   *All camps run Monday -
                                                   Thursday                             Softball
Emergency Phone:______________________

Health Ins. Co__________________________
                                                   *All campers receive camp
                                                   T-shirt                              Camps
Policy #_______________________________
                                                   * Campers should bring all gear
                                                   necessary for the game of
Please list medical conditions that we should be   softball (glove, bats, sliding
aware of:
_____________________________________              pants, etc...)
Camp # ____________                                * Campers should bring a
Payment Options:
                                                   snack, water, visor/hat, and
CHECKS OR MONEY ORDER                              sunscreen each day.
Please make checks payable to:                     *Two or more campers from the
Ventura College Women’s Softball
                                                   same family...2nd and 3rd child
Send payments to:                                  will receive 10% off camp costs.
Ventura College Softball
Attention: Susan Johnson
4667 Telegraph Road, Ventura, Ca. 93003

**CALL IN REGISTRATION TO:                                                            AT THE VENTURA COLLEGE
  643-4932 (ask for Susan)
                                                                                           SOFTBALL FIELD
                                                                                        4667 TELEGRAPH ROAD
                                                                                        VENTURA, CALIFORNIA
Softball Camp History                   Ventura College                           Ventura College
Pirate Softball Camps have been
established for over 15 years by
                                        Softball Camps                            Softball Camps
VC Head Coach Susan Johnson           Camp 1 June 15 – 18 1pm – 5pm             Camp 3 July 6 - 9 11am – 1pm
to give the community of Ventura
a place for their children to spend   General Skills Camp - All Ages            Specialty Camp - The Hitting Game
time in the summer learning the       Cost $100                                 All Ages
mechanics and skills needed to                                                  Cost $65
                                      This camp is designed for all ages
play this great game of softball.     (beginners through advanced) as           Hitting
Our VC players, past and present      players will be divided in age/ability
will be assisting as student          groups. Drills and demonstrations on      Hitting, Bunting, and Base running will
coaches. We have two General          the basic mechanics of the game           all be drilled in this camp. We will
Skills Camps and two Specialty        including: throwing, catching, infield    start with the fundamentals of hitting,
                                      and outfield player mechanics, hitting,   the sacrifice bunt, slap, drop bunt,
Camps offered this summer. We         bunting, base running, sliding, diving    squeeze, and then once the ball is in
believe this will serve the           and game strategies will be highlighted   play, the base running fundamentals
interests and needs of the young      in this camp for all age groups. A        will be taught such as leading-off,
athletes within our community.        touch of speed, agility, and quickness    tagging-up, and sliding.
Take a look at our new camp           training will also be added.
offerings and we hope to see you
in many of them this summer.                                                    Camp 4 July 6 - 9 2pm – 4pm
                                      Camp 2 June 22 - 25      9am – 1pm
                                                                                Specialty Camp - The Total Pitcher!
                                      General Skills Camp - All Ages
                                      Cost $100
                                                                                Cost: $65
                                      This camp is designed for all ages
                                      (beginners through advanced) as           Learn a new pitch each day: fastball,
                                      players will be divided in age/ability    drop, rise, curve, screw, & change plus
                                      groups. See Camp 1 above for all the      defensive workout from the mound
                                      details!                                  including bunt coverage.