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                        2008/2009 Team Rules and Understandings

Team Philosophy: Liberty Baseball stands for player development, sportsmanship and fun. Our goals
are to teach players the fundamentals of the sport while helping them build character and have fun on a
winning team. The coaches are dedicated to creating an experience that is positive and motivational at all
times while expecting discipline and respect from every player.

The following rules and understandings are an important part of our team philosophy. Every player and
parent must abide by these guidelines at all times and support the spirit of the team philosophy. Failure to
live by these rules and understandings may lead to the loss of playing privileges and possible ejection
from the team.

Rules and Understandings:

    1. Foul language is unacceptable at any time or for any reason while involved in team activities.

    2. Throwing and/or abusing team or personal equipment is prohibited.

    3. Players must present themselves with a neat appearance at all times. Uniforms must be clean and
       tucked in at all times (from arrival to departure). Baseball caps must be worn during all practices
       and games. Caps must be worn correctly (straight forward) at all times (rally caps acceptable
       when appropriate).

    4. Players will hustle at all times. Walking on or off the field is not acceptable. Players will make
       plays and run the bases at full speed under every circumstance, no matter how inevitable the out
       may appear.

    5. No spectators are allowed in the dugout without specific permission from a team coach.

    6. Players must remain in the dugout during game time. Exceptions must be discussed with the
       coach prior to leaving the dugout.

    7. Player conversations between parents, friends and other non-team members must be minimized to
       avoid game/practice delays and distractions. Players should be concentrating on the game at all

    8. Attendance: Consistent attendance is expected throughout the year at all practices and games.
       Winter (October – February) practices are considered optional. However, it will be expected that
       players will attend whenever possible. Skill development (and therefore positioning and
       playtime) will be important during the winter. Spring practice (March-April) is considered
       mandatory and any absences should be minimized and discussed with the coaching staff in
       advance. Excessive absences will be handled at the coach’s discretion and could impact
       positioning and play time. Exception to this attendance expectation is spring break.

        Games and practices are mandatory. Failure to attend could result in a suspension from an
        upcoming game (at the coach’s discretion). Avoid planning vacations during the game season
        which is April 1 – July 26.

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    9. Playtime is not guaranteed and is not always going to appear fair. We will play our most skilled
       players the majority of the time. Player development is a combination of game and practice time.
       Every attempt will be made to get every player playtime in every game…but this is not
       guaranteed. Kids have fun when they win. Teams attract quality players when they win. Our
       goal will be to win games while developing players and giving them a fun experience. Please
       don’t challenge the coaches on play time. Players will play as much as possible with the goal of
       winning, developing and fun in mind at all times.

    10. Positioning is based on team need and player skill. Coaches will evaluate skill. However, this is
        a very subjective process and parents generally see a greater degree of skill and less errors in their
        own player than the coaches do. This is natural. However, the coaches have the best interest of
        every player in mind. Part of this interest is making sure the best players are in the right
        positions. Coaches will develop at least two players per position to ensure depth. Outfield
        positions are important positions, especially as players get older and hits get deeper into the
        outfield. Playing the outfield is not a punishment. It is a very strategic and valuable role on the

    11. The goal of the coaching staff is to develop each player for the future…not just for today’s game.
        This means we are looking out for their interest in the long run, not just to win games this season.
        We would like to see each one of these boys fulfill their dreams of playing in High School and
        beyond if they desire. Therefore, it will be important to teach them the fundamentals, even if that
        means breaking down something that is working today so that it will work better tomorrow. In
        addition, players need to learn to work through mistakes and adversity. If a player is struggling,
        the coaches may decide to leave them in the game or the situation longer than a parent might
        understand. The goal is to teach them to fight through this and prevail. This is part of character
        building for sports and for life. Your understanding and support in this philosophy will be

    12. If a player does not understand why a decision has been made regarding their play time or
        positioning, they must discuss their concern with the coaches. Please encourage your player to
        talk to a coach before bringing the “complaint” home to you. This will help with their growth
        and development of character. They will learn to address their own concerns in a respectful and
        articulate way. Please do not approach the coaches with your son’s concern if your son has not
        talked to the coach about the concern first. Please do not try to address concerns with the coaches
        prior to or during a game. We need to focus on the event in front of us.

    13. Have Fun. Have Fun. Have Fun. Wins come from practice, hard work and teamwork.

I certify that I have read the team rules and fully understand, accept and agree to be bound by them.

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