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JOB DESCRIPTION Title Showroom Consultant Organization Murray


									                                               JOB DESCRIPTION

Title: Showroom Consultant                                 Organization: Murray Supply Company

General Hours: 40 hrs/week; 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Reports to: Branch Manager                                 Division: Showrooms


The job of showroom consultant at Murray Supply Company is described as:

Welcoming and guiding customers through the showroom, along with responding to questions and
demonstrating products. Having a positive attitude and offering exceptional customer service. Providing
additional showroom material to customers and scheduling appointments. Determining products, styles, colors,
and other materials and providing price estimates. Reading blueprints and designing kitchen and bath layouts,
then writing bids and quotes for jobs before placing final orders. Communicating with customers to alert them
to job status, changes, and any other information they may need. Maintaining and updating the showroom and
all of its relevant materials and products. Developing showroom network connections by making sales calls,
attending association meetings, and following up with vendor leads. Must have the ability to communicate
effectively both in person and through other means (email, telephone, etc.). Must possess people skills and the
ability to perform mathematical functions with and without calculators or aids. Will require standing and sitting
along with light lifting. If there is no previous experience with plumbing and/or showrooms, then must be able
to learn on-the-job specifics and general skills (such as blueprint reading, etc.).


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Helping Showroom Customers:
    Welcome customers and offer assistance
    Guide customers around the showroom
    Point out different product lines and products in the showroom
    Ask questions and respond appropriately to determine the customers’ showroom needs
    Demonstrate the showroom products at customers’ requests
    Describe the features and benefits of different products
    Provide showroom materials (brochures, builders’ books, etc.) for customer education
    Express any additional knowledge (personal experiences, industry standards, etc.)
    Provide exceptional customer service on a daily basis

Providing Consultations:
    Schedule appointments with customers
    Walk through all aspects of the house/project with the customers
    Help customers determine products, styles, colors, and all rough-in materials
    Suggest additional kitchen and bath accessories
    Estimate prices of the materials with appropriate discount structure
    Attempt to up-sell when appropriate
Designing Kitchens and Baths:
    Read building blueprints
    Design kitchen layouts, using measurements
    Choose the appropriate combination of colors and styles
    Select the right mix of product to achieve the customers’ kitchen and bath goals

Arranging and Placing Orders:
    Collect specific product numbers, styles, colors, and other information regarding the customer’s
    Make a preliminary price calculation for the customer’s potential order
    Write up quotes and bids for showroom orders
    Place orders using the Eclipse system

Communicating with Customers and Others:
   Fax, email, and/or hand deliver job quotes to customers
   Check on the status of current orders
   Alert customers to any changes or problems with their current orders
   Deliver the spec book to the customer (mail, or call for customer pick-up)
   Follow up with customers that had consultations, but left without placing an order
   Coordinate installation and other activities with builders

Maintaining Showroom Appearance:
    Order new showroom products with management approval
    Keep work areas neat and tidy
    Arrange showroom decorations and changes in product display
    Clean and dust showroom fixtures and decorations when needed

Updating Showroom Materials and Tools:
    Keep product materials (brochures, etc.) stocked and ready for customers
    Make necessary changes and updates to price books
    Create and enter codes for products that are not in the computer system

Maintaining and Expanding Showroom Product Knowledge
    Review new product knowledge reference material
    Meet with product representatives

Developing Showroom Connections
    Attend relevant meetings (ASID, Home Builders’ Associations, etc.)
    Initiate and maintain professional contact with builders, contractors, and designers
    Arrange for off-site meetings and visits
    Follow up with vendor leads (potential customers who have contacted the vendors)
    Send information to customers and potential customers: business cards, brochures, etc.
    Emphasize the importance of good customer service and customer satisfaction


    Price books
    Rulers (for scaling)
            o Eclipse
            o Internet
            o Manufacturers’ websites
            o AutoCad
            o Microsoft Word
            o Microsoft Publisher
            o 20/20 Design
            o Email
     Vendors/vendor representatives
     Product reference guides/manuals
     Product catalogs
     Training classes
     Reference materials
     Fax machine
     Spec books
     US Postal Service


Education and/or Experience:
    4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in an area of design or
    On-the-job training after hire
    Previous showroom and/or plumbing experience is preferred, but not necessary

Language Skills:
    Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
    Ability to communicate clearly both in person and over other methods of contact (telephone, email, etc.)

Mathematical Skills:
    Knowledge of basic math skills
    Knowledge of percentages and fractions
    Ability to do some computations on-the-spot/mentally
    Ability to do computations using a calculator or other aid

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
    Knowledge of general building codes and regulations
    Ability to know and understand how plumbing systems work
    Knowledge of showroom products
    Ability to multi-task with different customer orders
    Knowledge of sales entry and Eclipse
    Ability to interact with all types of customers and people
    Ability to work quickly and with minimal errors
    Skill in using selling and up-selling techniques
    Ability to consistently provide exceptional customer service
    Ability to consistently have a positive attitude
Physical Demands:
    Light lifting (up to 15 lbs.) may be required at times
    Sitting for both short and long periods of time
    Standing for both short and long periods of time
    Reaching with hands and arms

    Must be able to work varying hours (7:30am-4:30am, some nights and weekends) when needed
    Must pass a pre-employment drug test
    Must pass a pre-employment background check
    Must have access to personal transportation (for sales calls, etc.)
    Some travel required


Works Closely With:
          o Outside Salespersons
          o Branch Manager
          o Inside Salespersons (spec books)

           o    Builders
           o    Plumbers
           o    Interior Designers
           o    Individual Customers/Homeowners

Job Progression:
       1st – Inside Sales
       2nd – Showroom Consultant
       3rd – Showroom Management or other sales opportunities (Outside)

Cross Training:
    Inside Sales

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