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           Candidate Packet
           Executive Board
             2009- 2010

 The Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina (SNA-SC) is a pre-
professional organization for pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in
 South Carolina accredited associate and baccalaureate degree programs.
    SNA-SC is a constituent member of the National student Nurses’
Association (NSNA). SNA-SC offers leadership experience, educational
opportunities, career networking and information about the ever changing
                          profession of nursing.

Table of Contents:
  1. Letter from Nominations and Elections Director……………………..3

  2. Eligibility for Office…………………………………………………..4

  3. Description of Available Offices……………………………………..5

  4. Campaign Rules and Regulations……………………………………8

  5. Bylaws Article 5: Elections………………………………………….9

  6. Guide for Candidates and Campaigning…………………………….10

  7. Executive Board Members Contact Information……………………13

  8. Application for SNA-SC Executive Board………………………….16

  9. Confirmation Form………………………………………………….17

                                 Kristen Frala
                            SNA-SC Executive Board
                                 PO Box 1305
                              Columbia, SC 29202

Dear Future Nurses,

       I am your Nominations and Elections Director and Historian for the 2008-2009

SNA-SC. I would love for you to consider running for office at the upcoming state

convention October 8-10, 2009.

       By being a board member of SNA-SC you not only get to represent one of the

best SNAs, but you also gain so much experience in the world of nursing. You will learn

to network with people across the country, grow in friendships with your fellow board

members, get to know constituents from across the state, learn more about your future

career, and so much more! Being a board member is so much fun, but it also takes time

and dedication. You can look further in the packet to determine what position you would

enjoy serving as and the duties responsible for each position. PLEASE feel free to

contact me if you have any questions.


Kristen Frala
2008-2009 SNA-SC NEC/Historian

                       Eligibility for Office
1. Candidates shall be chosen from among those members who have been
     nominated by a constituent association of this association.
2.   Only members who shall be nursing students at least 7 out of 12 months of a term
     of office and have the privileges of active membership shall be eligible for the
     office of President, First Vice-President or Second Vice-President.
3.   Only members who shall be nursing students throughout at least 7 out of 12
     months of a term of office and have privileges of active or associate membership
     shall be eligible for the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Legislative Director,
     Breakthrough to Nursing Director, Community Health Director, Nominations and
     Elections Committee Director/Historian and the Newsletter Editor/Website
4.   All candidates must have a cumulative GPR of 2.5 or its equivalent.
5.   The President, First Vice-President or Second Vice-President shall not
     concurrently serve as President of a constituent association unless they are the
     outgoing President of the constituent association. An outgoing term is defined as
     having three months or less remaining in the Presidency of the constituent
6.   Candidates shall have obtained written consent from the director of their school
     of nursing to hold office if elected, and shall have given consent to serve if
     elected. Students who are graduating from diploma and associate degree
     programs and plan to attend RN to BSN, or RN to MSN programs, must have the
     signature of both the current dean/director and the dean/director of the new
     program on their application for office. If a written consent is not obtained, a
     written statement of the reason why consent was not obtained shall be submitted
     and approved by the Nominations and Elections Committee Director.
7.   All students who have submitted completed candidate applications to the NEC
     Director will have their candidacy considered. The NEC Director will complete
     a slate for each office based on the decisions of the NEC Committee, unless the
     NEC Director is seeking re-election to the SNA-SC Executive Board.
8.   In the event that the current NEC Director is seeking re-election to the SNA-SC
     Executive Board, the NEC Committee will be composed of three Executive
     Board Members not seeking re-election to the SNA-SC Executive Board: the
     Legislative Director, Secretary, and/or any other SNA-SC Executive Board
     member not seeking re-election, and all approved school constituent
     representatives. This committee must finalize the slate of qualified candidates.

Term of Office
The term of office shall be from the adjournment of the annual meeting at which officers
are elected to adjournment of the annual meeting at which their successors are elected.

Description of Available Offices
   1. Preside at all business meetings of this association and of the executive board.
   2. Appoint special committees with the approval of the executive board.
   3. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections
   4. Approve expenditures as submitted by the Treasurer and authorized by the executive
   5. Perform all other duties pertaining to this office and represent this association in all
       matters relating to the South Carolina Nurses’ Association.
   6. Have the option of appointing a Corresponding secretary, with approval of the executive
       board, from the same school as the President. The duties shall be determined by the
   7. Have the authority to issue checks and make deposits in lieu of the Treasurer in time of
   8. Serve as SNA-SC’s representative to the NSNA Council of State Presidents.
   9. Be chairperson of the Executive Committee of Council of School Representatives.
   10. Act as liaison between Executive Board and Constituent schools including each school
       Dean, Advisors, and Faculty.
   11. Act as liaison for SNA-SC with the South Carolina Nurses’ Association and the South
       Carolina League for Nursing.
   12. Be bonded.

1st Vice President:
   1. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President, and in the event of a
      vacancy in the office of the President assume the duties of the office of the President.
   2. Serve as chairperson of the Committee on Annual Convention.

2nd Vice President:
   1. Assume the duties of the First Vice-President in the absence of the First Vice-President,
      and in the event of a vacancy in the office of the First Vice-President assume the duties of
      that office.
   2. Plan and promote the annual Leadership Conference.

   1. Record and distribute the minutes of this association and the executive board.
   2. Keep a register of all members for roll call and business purposes.

   3.    Keep on file as a permanent record all reports, papers and documents submitted to the
   4.    Conduct the general correspondence of the association and notify committees of their
         appointments as requested by the President or the executive board.
   5.    Sign with the president such organizational papers as come into their executive and
         administrative spheres.
   6.    Notify all constituent associations of all meetings of the association at least two weeks
         prior to the meeting.
   7.    Refer to the duly appointed committees the necessary records for performance of their
   8.    Provide each executive board member with a list of all committee members and
   9.    Serve as chairperson on the Committee on Policies and Procedures.
   10.   Provide monthly, the SNA-SC Website Director and NSNA copies of all SNA-SC
         COSR meeting minutes.
   11.   Maintain a current list of all Constituent School Officers.
   12.   Accept and file monthly School Constituent minutes.

  1. Act as a custodian of organization funds and deposit these funds in a bank approved by
         the Executive Board.
   2.    Prepare a budget and the monetary disbursements with the approval of the President and
         as authorized by the Executive Board. Treasurer may not issue disbursements to
         themselves. All disbursements to the Treasurer must be made by the President.
   3.    Keep accurate entries of acquisitions and disbursements of organization funds.
   4.    Prepare a report of the transactions of the Treasurer’s office to be submitted at the annual
   5.    Keep a permanent record of all dues paid together with a registrar of all members in
         good standing as submitted at the annual convention.
   6.    Submit a financial report to the Executive Board at regular intervals and when requested
         to do so by any member of the Executive Board.
   7.    Communicate monthly with the CPA. All SNA-SC financial records are to be reviewed
         by a CPA at the expiration of the Treasurer’s term with a written statement from the
         CPA of the review. This review shall be submitted to the President.
   8.    Serve as chairperson on the Committee on Ways and Means.
   9.    The retiring Treasurer shall, by the end of his/her term, deliver to the newly elected
         Treasurer all money and properties of the association held in custody.
   10.   Be bonded.

Newsletter Editor/Website Director:
  1. Serve as representative for the staff of the SNA-SC newsletter to the Executive Board.
  2. Manage the preparation and distribution of the newsletter.
  3. Forward twenty (20) copies of the official bulletin to the headquarters of NSNA, Inc.
  4. Send one copy of the official bulleting to the SCNA and the SCLN.
  5. Manage, update, and maintain the SNA-SC website.

Community Health Director:
  1. Promote, plan, carry out and evaluate a minimum of three community health activities
        on a state-wide level. These shall be distinct from the projects carried out at the SNA-
        SC Annual Convention.
   2.   Serve as advisor to constituent schools for community health activities.

Nominations and Elections Director/Historian:
  1. Serve as Chairperson of the Committee on Scrapbooks.
  2. Furnish to the chairperson of the Tellers not less than one hour before the opening of the
        polls a list of delegates entitled to vote at the annual meeting election.
   3.   Two weeks prior to the annual House of Delegates, notify officially each constituent
        association the number of delegates to which it is entitled. This number shall be
        forwarded to the Secretary of SNA-SC at the same time.
   4.   Update and provide a Delegate Packet for each delegate at the Annual Convention. At
        least one copy of the Delegate Packet should be available to each school constituency a
        minimum of two months prior to the annual convention.
   5.   Assist the secretary in keeping accurate records, as well as taking pictures for the
        purpose of historical documentation.
   6.   Serve as Chairperson of the Committee on Policies and Procedures.
   7.   Approve and present a slate of qualified candidates at the annual convention.
   8.   Update and make available, a minimum of three months prior to the
   9.   Annual Convention, an SNA-SC Executive Board Candidate Packet.

Breakthrough to Nursing Director:
  1. Provide information to all schools in South Carolina concerning types of education
        available for becoming a graduate nurse.
   2.   Encourage recruitment of minority groups into nursing.
   3.   Serve as chairperson on the Committee on Breakthrough to Nursing.
   4.   Encourage recruitment and retention of membership into NSNA and SNA-SC including
        sustaining members.
   5.   Update and publish a Breakthrough to Nursing Handbook annually.
   6.   Update, promote, and record constituent points for the SNA-SC.
   7.   Breakthrough to Nursing Points Program.

The Legislative Director:
  1. Promote political awareness among nursing students and plan legislative activities on a
        statewide level.
   2.   Serve as the SNA-SC liaison on the SCNA legislative committee.
   3.   Serve as chairperson of the Committee on Legislation.
   4.   Serve as co-Chairperson of the Committee on Bylaws.
   5.   Serve as chairperson of the Committee on Resolutions.
   6.   Update and provide a handbook on writing Resolutions annually.

    7.   Resolutions Handbook to be distributed a minimum of 6 months prior to the annual
         convention and should include all approved NSNA resolutions from current year.
    8.   Plan and promote the annual Capitol Day.

Other general duties of officers shall be:
  1. Shall be members of the Executive Committee of Council of School Representatives.
  2. Officers should submit regularly to the Treasurer a report of their expenses with receipts.
  3. Officers shall deliver to their successors all records, papers or other property belonging
         to the association. Any SNA-SC property not immediately returned upon the completion
         of an officer’s term may be subject for re-payment pending SNA-SC board approval.
    4.   Officers are required to attend monthly Council of School Representative and Executive
         Board meetings, National, State, and Leadership Conventions, and any other SNA-SC
         community function.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions, please contact Kristen Frala
at or contact any other member of the executive board.

    Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina
Campaign Ethics and Professionalism
It is expected that all candidates will conduct their campaigns in and honest and ethical
manner with particular consideration for the rights and privileges of fellow candidates.

The Nominations Committee interprets and enforces the campaign rules and regulations.
Campaigning is defined as the use of verbal or written materials for the purpose of: a)
presenting the personal qualifications and accomplishments of the candidates; b)
discussing a candidate’s stand on issues; and c) discussing a candidate’s goals and

Election results will be announced during the House of Delegates meeting on the day of

Pre- Convention Period
All campaigning will take place at the annual SNA-SC Convention. That is, there will be
no pre- convention campaigning, mailings, or political advertisements. All candidates
who have completed their application packet by the pre- slate deadline will be introduced
in the SNA-SC Convention Booklet.
It would not be considered campaigning, if the potential candidate were to garner support
from his/ her fellow classmates in his/ her school of nursing in preparation of a campaign
for the state convention. Contacting other schools of nursing, however, would be
considered campaigning.

If desired, candidates may designate a campaign manager; however this individual must
be from his/ her school. This will eliminate the possibility of campaigning at other
schools prior to convention.

Campaigning at Convention
   1. No campaigning, verbal or distribution or materials, may take place in official
      meetings or program sessions of the convention or immediately in front of doors
      leading to official meetings of the convention (so as to block access to or exit
      from a meeting room).
   2. No campaigning may take place on the floor of the House of Delegates; however,
      campaign materials (such as buttons and ribbons) acquired before entering the
      House may be worn by delegates while participating in the business of the
   3. A campaign headquarters in the convention hotel will be identified at the first
      meeting of the convention. Space in the campaign room will be assigned to the
      candidate by the Nominations committee.
   4. The campaign headquarters will be for the display of candidate posters and
      additional campaign materials. Only one poster (maximum size- 36” X 44”) may
      be used in this room. No audiovisual materials may be used as campaign devices.
   5. Tables for campaigning during “Meet the Candidates” will be assigned to
      candidates prior to the event.
   6. Removal of campaign materials and articles of school identification brought into
      Campaign Headquarters is the responsibility of the individual member. SNA-SC
      and/or the convention hotel are not responsible for the materials left in the
      campaign room.
   7. The SNA-SC executive board may not wear campaign materials nor campaign for
      any candidate other than themselves.

                         SNA-SC Bylaws 2005
                            ARTICLE V
       5.1         The officers of this association shall be elected at each
              annual meeting.

       5.2           The elections shall be taken by secret ballot.

       5.3          The plurality vote of all delegates present, entitled to vote
              and voting, shall constitute an election. In case of a tie, a re-
              vote shall be taken.

       5.4            Before the opening of the polls, opportunity shall be
               given for nominations from the floor. Persons nominated from
               the floor after verification of eligibility and availability (Article
               IV 4.2) shall be posted in the polling places and may be written
               in on the ballot. Only write-ins nominated from the floor shall
               be eligible.

       5.5           Delegates shall be notified of the hours of voting and the
               place for the election.

       5.6           The executive board shall appoint tellers from
               constituents without slated candidates.

              For a complete list of bylaws, please visit or
               contact your NEC/Historian at

   Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina
     A Guide for Candidates and Campaigning
This has been prepared to help you gain additional information and insight that will aid
you in your campaign to become a member of the SNA-SC Board of Directors.

Time is an essential factor to consider when running for an SNA-SC office. Before
deciding to run for an office, you should have considered the following questions:

Do I have a sufficient amount of time to put toward the effort of running for office?
How much time do I have to give to SNA-SC?
What are the benefits to me as an individual?

If you have not asked these questions of yourself, do so now. Running for and holding an
SNA-SC office is time consuming, and you must be aware of this before you plan your

Prior to Convention
The weeks prior to convention are the time when you should be planning your campaign
and learning all you can about SNA-SC. Doing this will enable you to utilize your time at
convention efficiently. Specifically, you should be:

-Preparing your campaign materials so that you can arrive at convention with your
materials ready for distribution.
-Studying the questions for candidates and preparing your answers.
-Reading all the materials in the candidate’s packet until you are familiar with all of
SNA-SC policies, programs, and membership benefits and services.
-Planning what you are going to say at the Candidates’ Forum; becoming familiar with
the Campaign and Election Regulations; contacting the committee on nominations with
any questions.

You have got a lot to do, so organize yourself. Make a list and set priorities. If you find
yourself falling behind, maybe you need to rework your list.

At the Convention
If you have done everything above, convention will not be as hectic for you. Once you
get to convention, check the program immediately and highlight all the candidate and
campaign events that you will be involved in, then plan your time around these sessions.
You will not have time to attend everything so plan what you will attend carefully.

It will probably be to your advantage to attend the business meetings, resolutions and
bylaws hearings. Not only will this keep you up- to- date on the issues that concern the
House of Delegates, it will also keep you visible.

Attend the programs that interest you the most, and also attend the opening night party.
They will give you time to unwind. And, remember to leave some time to eat and sleep!!

Campaign Materials
Before jumping into creating and obtaining materials, you should first have a theme-
something catchy or informative. Something that fits you and something that will make
the voters think of you. Here in an example that was used successfully: Allison used the
A from her name and put it with a plus- “A+”. The implication was “this person can do
the job right!” Any voter seeing the A+ on the bright green sticker instantly thought of
Allison. You can utilize issues, names, anything you wish. Be creative- having a good
theme will not only make you more noticed, but it will be a good opener and a
“psychological motivator” for you.

Types of Campaign Materials
This is the fun part but make sure you know the campaign regulations before you get
creative. Here are some hints:
     Utilize your theme to let the House of Delegates know who you are.
     Put your picture on your campaign poster or materials.
     Give your supporters buttons, stickers or ribbons with your name and slogan on it.
     Have copies of your stand on the issues for your campaign workers to distribute
In many ways, it is like a real political campaign, so have fun as well as being serious.

Being An Effective Campaigner
After considering the time factors, studying SNA-SC’s policies, programs,
and services, and gathering together your campaign materials, you are now
ready to mount an effective campaign.

Know the Campaign Regulations and follow them. They are designed to
help you.
Be prepared and on time to all functions at the convention. Knowing the
policies and issues are of vital importance, but if you are late or not there,
your preparations did not do you much good.
Be open to new ideas. Listen and watch what others have to say and do. You
can always learn from them.
Do not be afraid to take a stand on the issues. Being honest and letting the
delegates know how you feel is important.
Be visible. Give everyone your name and get to know as many others as you
can. Make use of your classmates as campaign workers to distribute your
materials. The delegates are anxious to know who you are- make sure they
do not forget once they do know.
Last, but not least, have confidence. Think positively. Of course, you are
nervous, but so is everyone else.

        Michael Jennings                                      Kaitlin Scheffing
                                      Tory Brown
            President                st
                                    1 Vice President          2nd Vice President

       Jacqueline Roper               Wendy West
                                                              Robbie Campbell
           Secretary                   Treasurer
                                                             Legislative Director

        Tiffany Lint                   Sam Davis                      Catherine S. Duncan
Community Health Director   Break Through to Nursing Director   Newsletter Editor/Website Director   

      Kristen Frala                  Legare Miller                      Michele Bunker
     NEC/Historian                Executive Consultant              Co-Executive Consultant        

      Jeremy Hendricks            Mrs. Jacqueline Ford          Mrs. Karen Standish
  Co-Executive Consultant                                      Professional Consultant
                                 Professional Consultant                           

                 Application for SNA- SC Executive Board


School/ University:______________________________________________


Telephone Number:_____________ Email:__________________________

Office Applying to run for:_______________________________________

Other offices willing to serve in:___________________________________

Local involvement:______________________________________________

Every applicant must be in good academic standing. Please obtain a
signature from your school’s dean or officer certifying your academic

I certify that the applicant is in good academic standing (at least 2.5)

________________________________ position ______________________
Student current GPA: ___________________________________________

Please note that each applicant/ candidate is required to have a board to display
describing their goals for office during campaigning. Each applicant/ candidate is also
required to have prepared a short speech to be presented during the candidates’ debate
forum. (Please note that candidates must adhere to all campaigning rules and guidelines
or be removed from their candidacy. Contact NEC for any questions or concerns.)

Please include a short bio with your name, school, and any additional personal
information you would like included in the convention booklet. In order to have your bio
in the convention booklet, you must turn in your application by the September 5th COSR
meeting. The last date to turn in your application to be considered a pre- slated candidate
is the October 2nd COSR meeting.

If elected to a position, attendance is imperative. You will be required to attend monthly
COSR and executive meetings, National, State, and leadership conventions, and any
other SNA- SC community functions as a member of the state board.



If elected, I promise to serve the Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina to the
best of my ability. I am aware of the time and effort demanded by the responsibilities
outlined for the office to which I have been nominated. To the best of my knowledge, all
statements on my application are true. I realize that any falsity, incompleteness, or failure
to follow directions on this application may result in my disqualification as a candidate
and/ or potential SNA- SC officer. I understand the attendance policy adopted by the
SNA- SC and will abide by this policy if elected.

Candidate Signature:   ____________________________________
Please note that each applicant/ candidate is required to have a board to display
describing their goals for office during campaigning. Each applicant/ candidate is also
required to have prepared a short speech to be presented during the candidates’ debate
forum. (Please note that candidates must adhere to all campaigning rules and guidelines
or be removed from their candidacy. Contact NEC for any questions or concerns.)

Please include a short bio with your name, school, and any additional personal
information you would like included in the convention booklet. In order to have your bio
in the convention booklet, you must turn in your application by the September 5th COSR
meeting. The last date to turn in your application to be considered a pre- slated candidate
is the October 2nd COSR meeting.

If elected to a position, attendance is imperative. You will be required to attend monthly
COSR and executive meetings, National, State, and leadership conventions, and any
other SNA- SC community functions as a member of the state board.