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Careers in Sales


									Careers in Sales
   Why are you taking this class?
   My career history
   Careers in sales
   How sales prepares you for
    advancement within any organization
   Questions/Answers
            My career history
   Presently Eastern Division Manager
    for CED
    • Wholesale distributor of electrical
      supplies, lighting and power distribution
    • $100MM Profit/Loss Responsibility
    • Responsible for 12 operating businesses
      in 5 states
    • 200+/- employees
        Early work experience
   BSEE
   First job in design engineering
    • Why were all the salespeople telling the
      engineers what to do?
    • Why were all the salespeople going to
      after hours events with the President
      and the CEO?
    • Why were all the salespeople making all
      the money?
        My experience, contd.
   Moved to technical sales (application
   Moved to account management
   Moved to sales management
   Moved to sales and marketing
   Moved to first-level general management
   Moved to multi-location general
           Careers in sales
   Product Specialist
   Application Engineer
   Account Manager
   Product Manager
   Financial Planner
   Partner
   Just about anything with the word
    “Marketing” in it
           Selling Environments

Simple product/repeat sale             Complex product/repeat sale
(Commodity/price/relationship)        (Expertise/service/relationship)

Product/Service Complexity

Simple product/one time sale             Complex product/one time sale
       (Closing skills)                           (Time intensive)

                      One-time vs. repeat sales
  Income over time
Sales vs. other options

                               Simple product sales

                       Marketing/operations, etc

     Complex product/repeat sales
        How sales prepares you for
         advancement within any
   The most precious commodity is the ability to acquire and
    retain customers
   The people skills you develop in sales are basically the
    same ones you use in managing people
   The time management/self management skills you need to
    be good at sales are the same ones you need in executive
   In all Management positions, you have to sell your ideas to
    your people
   In Senior/Executive Management positions, you have to sell
    your company to potential employees, suppliers, financiers,
Career Opportunities
     with CED
CED Growth Since 1957

                     2           534 Profit Centers
1957       2
1960       8
1965           30
1970                70
1975                  90
1980                       140
1985                               210
1992                                           354
1998                                                  442
2003                                                          534

       0            100      200         300    400     500         600
    Products Provided

 Commercial, industrial and residential electrical
construction materials
    Power distribution, substations, transformers, lighting, wiring
    and wiring devices, data communications equipment

 Electrical supplies for manufacturing plant
maintenance & repair operations
    Fusing, circuit protection, lighting, motor control

 Electrical parts for original equipment
    Motor drives, electrical enclosures, panel wiring components,
     Sales/Management Training
   Full-time                         Part-time/Internships
    • 30-month program –               • Program can be
      Management                         customized to
    • 12-18 month program --             accommodate flexible
      Sales                              work hours
    • Warehouse/logistics              • Combination of
    • Counter-face-to-face sales         warehouse/logistics work
                                         and a TBD special project
    • Inside/Outside sales               which we can design with
    • Purchasing                         the candidate and our
    • Administration                     local management
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource
        Career Progression
   Determine your career interest during your
    progression in the program (sales vs.
   First assignment for Managers is usually a
    small, underperforming Profit Center
   First assignment for Salespeople is usually a
    territory that has potential but is undeveloped
   Successive assignments are based on
    geographic flexibility and demonstrated ability
   Larger locations/markets typically have more
    income potential

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