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					                                        AWIS-CJC News
  Volume 9 Issue 1                                                                       February 2004

President’s Message                                 suggestions, ideas or can host our seminars in
Shoreh Miller, D.V.M., Ph.D., President             your workplace, please let me know.

                                                    We have a great web site that gets updated
                    Happy 10th AWIS-CJC             frequently. This site has been established by
                     Anniversary to all! I have     the enormous efforts of Vidya Ramesh,
                    been with this organization     Christina Korche, Faith Dizond and Julia
                     for almost 9 years and         Heinrich. I encourage everybody to visit our
                     have witnessed the hard        web site.
                      work and dedication of
                       the board members and        We still need volunteers for many activities
volunteers. I am very proud to be a member of       and functions; please give us a helping hand if
the executive board again this year and             you are interested and available.
encourage everybody to become an active
member of this organization.                        We had our first networking meeting on 1-29-
                                                    2004 at the Forresstal Village food court. The
This year, our efforts will center around           board meeting will be held in August and
helping women scientists enter the workforce.       everyone is welcome to attend. Dr. Macdonald
For those already employed, we have planned         of Bristol-Myers Squibb will be our first
seminars and networking meetings for job            seminar speaker on February 19 at Bristol-
advancement. If you have any job openings in        Myers Squibb, Plainsboro-I hope to see all of
your workplaces, I encourage you to notify us       you there!
and we will post them on our web site. If you
are unemployed, please attend our monthly           AWIS-CJC Volunteer Opportunities
gatherings with your resume.                        The following is a brief description of the committees
                                                    that need help. Please contact Shoreh with any
We have published articles regarding job-           questions, or to volunteer.
hunting skills in this issue and plan to write
more about this subject in future newsletters.      Corporate Sponsor committee: This committee is
We have invited Ms. Jackie La Piedra, who has       responsible for sending letters to area companies
many years of experience in teaching                (usually Pharmaceutical or Biotech companies) to solicit
interpersonal communication skills in               funding from them annually for our many activities.
academia and industry, to present two seminars      Chairperson: Ronnye Schreiber
about assertive communication and negotiating       Members: Mary Egbert, Rose Oughtred
skills. I have attended her seminars and have
benefited immensely from them. We also have         Newsletter Committee: This committee solicits our
planned to invite successful women who have         membership for articles for 3-4 newsletters per year.
reached high positions in their field to share      They format and edit the newsletter.
their success stories with us.                      Chairperson: Min Xu
                                                    Members: Mary Egbert Shoreh Miller
Mentoring women scientists is very important
for us. We have already distributed the             High School Award committee: This committee
announcements for High School Essay Award           publicizes our annual award for area high school seniors
among NJ High Schools. Mary Egbert, our             planning to major in science and technology fields in
enthusiastic Vice President, is in charge of this   college. They review the applications and select
project, and we have added a college award          winners of the award.
this year. More information on the awards can       Chairperson: Mary Egbert
be found in this newsletter.
                                                    Hospitality committee: This committee is responsible
I encourage everybody to become a member of         for obtaining refreshments for monthly meetings. Costs
our chapter and attend our monthly meetings.        incurred are reimbursed by AWIS-CJC.
Please circulate our flyers to your friends and     Chairperson: Smita Thakker-Varia
colleagues; our seminars are free and both          Members: Shoreh Miller, Min Xu
genders are welcome. A tentative list of this
year event is listed below; if you have any
  2                                                                                      AWIS-CJC News
Website committee: This committee is responsible for       College Students Achievement
updating and maintaining our website.
Chairperson: Vidhya Ramesh                                 Award

AWIS-CJC 2004 Event Calendar                               One student from a four-year college will be awarded
                                                           Contact Mary Egbert for details.
A flyer will be sent via email before each event. Events
will be posted in our website too. Networking meetings
may be replaced by a seminar.                              Article on Interview
Confirmed events are highlighted                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Month Date          Speaker/Topic Place                    Win Your Next Job With Three Essential
Feb       Thu       Dr. Macdonald       BMS, Plainsboro    Interview Skills
          19        Expression                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                    Profiling                              With competition for good jobs at an all-time high,
Mar       Thu,      Networking          Ruby Tuesdays      candidates who conduct their job search as a sales
          25                                               campaign consistently win out over those who don’t.
Apr       Tue       Jackie La           Plainsboro         When job seekers              practice the skills of sales
          13        Piedra              Library            experts they                              learn to apply the
                    Assertive                              strategies of a                          sales presentation
                    Communication                          to their job                             interviews.
May       Thu       Networking          Bertucci’s         To get to the                             top of the
          20                                               candidate list,                           you’ll need these
Jun       Thu       UMDNJ               UMDNJ              three essential sales skills:
          24        Successful          Piscataway         1. Pre-interview preparation
                    woman                                  2. Finding and using the interviewer’s “Hot Buttons”
Jul       Thu       Financial           Library or         3. Closing on the next step of the interview process
          29        Planning            Merrill Lynch
Aug       Thu       Open Board          Library            1. Pre-interview preparation
          26        meeting                                Every great sales presentation starts with pre-sales
                    Book Club                              preparation, which includes client research, and product
Sep       ?         Joint AWIS          PA                 analysis. Job seekers prepare for interviews similarly:
Oct       Tue       Jackie La           Plainsboro         research on the prospective employer and a thorough
          19        Piedra              Library            catalog of their own accomplishments to illustrate their
                    Negotiating                            potential contribution and worth to the employer.
                    Skills                                 Thanks to the Internet, company research is relatively
Nov       Thu       Networking          Library            easy, especially on publicly held firms. A few good
          18                                               sources are Yahoo, Hoovers, Wall Street Journal
Dec       Thu       Holiday Dinner Romeo’s                 archives as well as company web sites. Information on
          2                             Plainsboro         privately held companies is often readily available as
                                                           well. One of the easiest ways to get such information is
                                                           simply enter the company name in your favorite search
High School Essay Award                                    engine and see what pops up.
                                                           Minimally, you’ll want to find out company size,
Topic: “What experience has inspired you to choose         products or services, major competitors, branch or head
            science as your future career?”                quarters and any recent news items. Time allowing, it’s
                                                           also very helpful to know some of the major players in
              The students will be chosen from Central     their organization; a little history on them and future
              NJ areas. HS award will be awarded to        products, markets or growth objectives.
              three students (First place $500, two        Once you’ve done the research, prepare to communicate
              second places, $100 each).                   your value through your accomplishments. Examine
              The deadline for the essay will be set for   your career for examples of how you have solved
mid May and students will receive their awards on the      problems, saved money, increased revenue, or created
June meeting.                                              revenue opportunities for your former employers. As
                                                           much as possible, dollorize or quantify your
Contact Mary Egbert for details.                           contributions. Do not depend on your ability to “wing
                                                           it” through your interviews. Ask any high-producing
                                                           sales profession, they will tell you that it is impossible
  3                                                                                         AWIS-CJC News
to wing your way to success. It takes preparation and          4. In the second interview ask to speak with the decision
practice.                                                      maker.
Once you’ve prepared for the interview, don’t forget the       * “Who, besides yourself, will make the final hiring
next essential sales skill:                                    decision?”
                                                               * “When is convenient for Mr. /Ms. Decision Maker to
2. Finding and using the interview “Hot Buttons”               meet with me?”
An interviewer’s hot button is his/her unspoken                * “Is there any other presentation materials I should
concerns or wishes.                                            bring when I visit with Mr. /Ms. Decision Maker?”
It’s your job as the interviewee to uncover the                5. When speaking with the decision maker ask for the
interviewer’s hot button. If you don’t ask, he/she             job offer:
probably won’t tell you. There are two magic questions         * “Are there any objections that prevent you from
that will reveal the interviewer’s hot buttons.                extending an offer?
1. “What do you see as the greatest challenge for this         * “When would you like me to start?”
position?”                                                     * “What challenges would you have me tackle first?”
2. “What qualities do you see as most important for this       Asking for the next interview or the job offer may seem
position?”                                                     bold, but try it. You’ll find yourself invited back more
Once you’ve asked the all important questions—shut up          often and feel much more in control of the interview
and listen!                                                    process.
After the interviewer has revealed his/her hot buttons,        Once you’ve mastered and applied the three essential
use the information to frame your answers to his/her           sales skills for effective interviews you’ll see your job-
questions. You’ll connect with the interviewer much            search efforts accelerate and your confidence soar.
faster once you sell yourself based on his/her                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
motivations.                                                   Deborah Walker, CCMC
Now that you have their attention, don’t forget the most       Resume Writer ~ Career Coach
important skill:                                               888-828-0814 or

3. Closing on the next step of the interview process           Fitness Tip of the Issue:
The term “closing” as a sales term that means
                                                               Good Posture! Your head should feel as if it is on a
influencing one to agree to take certain action (as in
                                                               string, slightly lifted with your eyes gazing straight
signing a contract or writing a check.) A complex sale
                                                               ahead. Your shoulders should be back and down. If
involves a                            number of small
                                                               you practice good posture, you will feel ten pounds
closes before                         the ultimate closing
purchase. The                         interview process is a
series of                             closes leading up to
                                                               Mary J. Egbert
the final job                         offer.
If you’ve                             purchased a car lately
                                                               AWIS-CJC corporate sponsors
you know that                         the sale starts with
                                                               Amersham Biosciences
the test drive and moves forward through a series of
                                                               Bristol -Myers Squibb
carefully crafted questions such as “do you prefer silver
or black?” “Which of you will be the primary driver?”
                                                               On Assignment Inc., Lab Support
“Shall we park this in the sale-pending area” “Do you
                                                               Powerful Solutions
wish to trade in your car, or shall we finance this 100%”
The effective sales person knows what closing steps
must take place—attempt to skip the steps and he may
loose the sale altogether.                                     AWIS-CJC Board 2003
As a clever sales person identifies the small closing          Shoreh Miller, D.V.M., Ph.D., President
steps needed to move the sale forward, so must the job        
seeker understand the closes necessary to keep the             Min Xu, Ph.D., Past-President
interview process moving forward toward a job offer.          
Those steps look something like this:                          Mary Egbert, Vice-President
1. The cover letter must entice the reader to read your       
resume.                                                        Secretary:
2. The resume must motivate the reader to call you in          President Elect: Smita Thakker-Varia, Ph.D.
for an interview.
                                                               Rose Oughtred, Ph.D., Treasurer
3. In the first interview ask for a second interview.
*“When would you like to schedule our next meeting”?
* “Is there any reason you wouldn’t consider inviting          AWIS on the Web
me back for second interview?”                                 AWIS-CJC:
* “Who will I meet in the second interview?”                   cjc/
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