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About PDI
Located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Priority Distribution Inc. (PDI) is a privately held, family-
owned business. PDI was founded in 1987 by Daniel McElroy, after clients of Mr. McElroy's
successful independent brokerage business convinced him to provide more comprehensive
transportation management services. Most of those same companies are still with PDI today, a
testimonial to the increased value PDI has provided these clients over the years. Over the next
two decades PDI continued to grow and add a broader range of value-add services to support
their expanding customer base. Today, PDI's services range from every mode of transportation to
integrated warehousing and distribution. More recently, PDI invested in best of breed technology
that has enabled the Company to transform itself into a technologically advanced 3PL.

Job Summary
This newly created position of Director of Sales is headquartered in East Brunswick, NJ and will
report directly to Drew McElroy, President. The majority of this Director’s time will be spent with
PDI’s potential and/or existing customers. This client interaction will include the President, and
(as needed) the Director of Operations and the Vice President Strategy and Marketing, as they
play a critical role in client development and retention.

This position is part of the Senior Management Team and will therefore be accountable to overall
organizational success and EBIDTA performance. The Director of Sales will be required to
provide the necessary leadership skills, business acumen, and sales ability to ensure that PDI
enhances its overall financial performance. She/he should be knowledgeable in the dynamics of
the logistics industry as this individual will be immediately chartered with leveraging the current
position PDI holds in order to gain new and greater market share. It’s important to point out that
PDI’s leadership team is committed to accomplishing the sales initiatives necessary to meet all
corporate revenue goals and objectives, and the Director of Sales will be provided the necessary
resources to support these efforts. As there is currently no established Sales organization, the
Director of Sales will need to lead the creation and implementation of the sales infrastructure.

PDI’s competitive advantages include:

•       Flawless track record of client start-ups and ongoing delivery of services.
•       Minimal bureaucracy and politics; decisions made quickly.
•       Low SG&A costs allowing for very competitive pricing of services.
•       Organization that is highly entrepreneurial.
•       Best of breed technology and an exceptionally talented, experienced team

Responsibilities and Duties
•        Work closely with the President and the VP of Strategy & Marketing to develop and
implement new strategies, services and tactical business plans, as well as ensure the necessary
resources are in place to fulfill customers’ needs and contract obligations.
•        Aquire and contribute current industry trade knowledge to assist internally in development
of marketing and pricing strategies.
•        Aggressively and rapidly gain market share. Provide hands-on direction and interaction
with all new and existing customers.
•        Provide strong leadership and sales support to all functions of the business and help
build a "service/customer oriented" culture.
•        Closely manage the pricing function to increase profit margins. Implement value added
customer pricing systems.
•         Foster good will and maintain excellent communication with all customers, suppliers, staff
and the members of the executive management team.
•         Improve the market and business “savvy” of the team through concise analysis and
reporting, as well as engaging the team as appropriate.
•         Be visible for direct customer contact and respond quickly to problems by developing
corrective action plans and ensuring customer service parameters at all levels are consistently
achieved or surpassed.
•         Develop a compelling value proposition that balances quality and profitability for PDI.
Analyze competitive services in an effort to increase awareness of market share and profitability.
Develop appropriate responses, as needed, to new competitive initiatives or threats to market
•         Establish collaborative alliances with service providers outside PDI’s core competency
(e.g., freight forwarders, warehouse 3PL’s) that will enable PDI to provide a broader range of
integrated services.
•         Develop Sales organization plan to include the recruitment and hiring of “A” level sales
•         Contribute to the development of:
•         Annual “Business Plan”.
•         Sales initiatives to achieve “Plan”.
•         Business growth, expansion, and strategic alliance strategies.

Qualifications for the Successful Candidate
The successful candidate will be afforded an outstanding opportunity to join a rapidly growing
provider of non-asset based transportation 3PL services for the logistics industry. Integral to the
success of this newly recruited Director of Sales will be the leadership, business acumen, vision
and technology and industry expertise needed to build PDI’s presence in this dynamically growing

This individual must possess a solid track record of sales success, preferably in transportation,
3PL or other relevant industry experience. She/he must exhibit a history of developing and
executing an overall Sales plan to “drive the revenue and profit lines” of a business.

Given the current size of the organization and the numerous business opportunities that have
significant potential to develop, it is expected that this Director of Sales will favorably impact the
top and bottom line of PDI’s operation from a Sales perspective. Clearly, as PDI grows, this
executive will enhance her/his value to the organization while improving their personal long-term
growth potential.

Highlighted below is the profile that has been developed for this position describing the preferred
business background, sales leadership and essential personal attributes:

•       Minimum of five (5) years of demonstrated success leading Sales teams with
accountability for the selection, motivation and development of the leadership team.
•       Ideal candidate will have current/recent experience in a sales leadership role with a
value-added lead logistics provider who designs, builds and manages complex engineered
solutions that include processes, people and technology.
•       Demonstrable track record of meeting and/or over-achieving sales revenue and profit
margin targets.
•       Ideal candidate will have been responsible for sales in a >$50 million operation.
•       Possess a current knowledge of the relevant industry sectors. Must understand the
dynamics of several industry segments and be able to leverage strong relationships that can be
converted into business opportunities.
•       A strong familiarity with the issues and opportunities facing the 3PL industry today.
•       Ability to architect and price complex logistics/transportation management (“engineered”)
solutions for clients.
•        A self-starter with a passion for Outside Sales and the travel that accompanies it. Must
possess relevant, hands-on experience and demonstrated success in the following key areas:
•        Business-to-business selling of complex “engineered” logistics solutions/services to
various industry vertical segments.
•        Demonstrated experience in developing sales strategies, techniques and tactics based
on customer feedback and market environment.
•        Proficient with technology – especially TMS optimization technology, as well as
PowerPoint, Word and Excel.
•        Experience overseeing the hiring, management and retention of key sales personnel.
Great coach and mentor to the Sales team.
•        Solid planning and organizational skills – must be comfortable in budget meetings
(financial acumen) and have strong communication skills (oral and written).
•        Genuine and respected. Interacts effectively with colleagues in operations, finance and
human resources. Communicates regularly, provides input and builds consensus. Has the ability
to establish credibility quickly.
•        Willing to travel approximately 40% - 60% of the time and work out of the East Brunswick,
NJ headquarters office when not traveling.
•        Bachelor’s degree required with a strong preference for advanced educational
•        Possess the following personal attributes:
•        entrepreneurial spirit
•        a collaborative team player
•        honest; high integrity; trustworthy; personable
•        articulate; great communicator up and down the chain of command
•        sense of urgency
•        “proactive” management style - a bias for action
•        leadership and team building skills; ability to motivate and coach
•        high energy level
•        boardroom presence

PDI offers a very competitive salary and bonus plan, a comprehensive medical plan that includes
health and dental, and other attractive benefits. PDI also contributes to an employee 401(k) plan.

PDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). This position will be subject to a full background
and reference check and will require the competition and signing of a non-disclosure and non-
compete agreement.