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					                           Westside Entertainment Softball League
                                   Revised - Spring 2008

                                        Rules of Competition

1. It is the manager’s responsibility to inform his/her players of the rules of W.E.S.L.

2. No team shall participate without a minimum of four (4) women batting and playing in the field. A team
   may participate with a minimum of eight (8) players as long as there are at least four (4) women playing.

3. Once the Final Rosters are due, a team may not use ANY players in a game that are not on the Final
   Roster or have not signed the waiver. After the Final Rosters are turned in, a team may use up to two
   players from any other teams in the league to avoid a forfeit.

    o   After the rosters have closed, any team facing a forfeit due to lack of players may “borrow” up to (2)
        players from any other team, or teams in the league’s active roster. Players may only be borrowed to
        bring the teams total number of players for the game to (10) [i.e. if the team has nine players they
        may only borrow (1) additional player, if they have (7) players they may only borrow (2) players].
        Should the team’s regular players arrive, they would be a direct substitution for the borrowed players.

4. Teams unable to take the field due to shortage of players will be given a (5) minute grace period after the
   scheduled start of their game. After the five (5) minute grace period expires, a forfeit will be issued for
   that game.

5. It is the manager’s responsibility to notify the league commissioners and the opposing manager of a known
   forfeit situation no later than noon Saturday before the scheduled game.

6. Games will run 7 full innings or one hour and fifteen minutes, whichever is reached first. In the event of
   time running out, the home team will always have the opportunity to bat should they be down or tied. In
   the event of a tie, the game is over and each team will receive a tie in the standings.

7. This league is an Unlimited Arc League. Legal pitches are anything above the batter’s shoulders, at the
   discretion of the umpire, and there is no ceiling.

8. Equipment restrictions for bats follow the Los Angeles Municipal Sports rules. The entire
   rules can be found at the below web address, and are listed below:
         o Bats shall be made of Wood or Metal (No 100% Composite bats).
         o Metal bats can have only one layer of metal on the barrel (No Multi-walled or Exterior
            Shell bats).
         o Outer surface of non-wood bats must be metal (No Fiber wrapped bats or non-metal
            coated bats).
         o Bats cannot contain Titanium.
         o Must say "Official Softball" and not be tampered with or altered, including
            manufacturer's labeling.
         o Bats cannot exceed 1.20 BPF (Supplemental Rules).
                       Please see attached list for specifications.
9. The base runner MUST avoid contact when approaching the base. Players MUST slide or 'give themselves
   up' by running towards the outfield on force plays at second, third or home. When a defensive player is
   covering a base, and NO THROW IS MADE, the defensive player MUST give the base runner the right-of-
   way. Blocking the base in any way when no play is being made will result in a safe call for the base
   runner. If the base is blocked and the runner cannot slide, the runner MUST avoid the blockage. The
   umpire will eject a player for aggressive sliding or contact. A second infraction is a mandatory ejection
   from the game and suspension from the league. Length of suspension will be for the entire season.

10. A runner may lead off the base at her/his own risk as soon as the pitcher releases the pitch. The runner
    may be thrown out by the catcher if the ball is not hit fairly. This is a force play, no tag is
    necessary. Should the ball be thrown away by the catcher, the runner may advance at their own risk,
    providing they tag up prior to their attempt to advance.

11. The batting order will rotate from men to women regardless of the number of rostered players, or number
    or men vs. women batting. If there are 6 men and 5 women playing the order will rotate as follows: man
    1, woman 1, man 2, woman 2, man 3, woman 3, man 4, woman 4, man 5, woman 5, man 6, woman 1,
    man 1, woman 2, etc…

12. When a woman is at bat, there may be (1) rover. This rover must be a female. The remaining (3)
    outfielders must remain on or behind the cone line until contact is made, not when the pitcher pitches.
    Violation of this rule will result in the batter being awarded 1st base.

13. While at bat a man thrown four (4) consecutive balls is awarded second base and the woman batting next
    in the lineup has the OPTION of taking first base or batting.

14. Each team has the option of two (2) intentional walks per game as defined herein. If the pitcher chooses
    not to pitch to a man, they may intentionally walk him without throwing a pitch or before throwing a fourth
    consecutive ball. In this case, the man takes only one base for free and the woman batting next in the
    lineup must bat. The Intentional Walk can only be used twice a game.

15. Each team has the option of two (2) “one strike” passes per game as defined herein. A pitcher has the
    option of passing a man batting if the pitcher has pitched at least one (1) strike to the batter, the pitcher
    may pass that man without pitching another ball. That man is awarded first base and the woman batting
    next in the lineup must bat. The One Strike Pass can only be used twice a game.

16. No player may argue a call made by the umpire. Team managers may discuss a call with the
    umpire but discussion must be in a civil and calm manner. Violations of this rule will result in
    the player being ejected from the game immediately. Any further violation of this rule will
    result in ejection from the league.

17. W.E.S.L. uses municipal softball rules to address any subject not covered by the above rules.