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   ANNUAL REPORT 2008/09

         Third XI Premiership Team
                 Sunshine Heights Cricket Club 2008/09 Annual Report

President’s Report                     Chris Hatzoglou

Administrator’s Report                 Alex Cini

Senior Coach’s Report                  Matthew Shawcross

Chairman of Selectors Report           Colin Cass

SHCC First XI Captains Report          Llew Berchy

SHCC Second XI Captains Report         Matthew Shawcross

SHCC Third XI Captains Report          Ilario Candusio

SHCC One Day Team Report               Jamie Hinge

Junior Coordinators Report             Gavin Mahoney

Wednesday Night Fun cricket            Kerry Young

Under 11’s                             Mick Saunders

Under 13’s                             Ron Berchy

Under 15’s (Richardson)                Matthew Shawcross

Under 15’s (Miller)                    George Pantzikis

Under 17’s                             Adam Scanlon

Independent Audited Report             Peter Wilson
Presidents Report by Chris Hatzoglou
New Committee
I am pleased to report that Season 2008/9 was a year of transformation and success for the Sunshine
Heights Cricket Club. In June 2008, a new and expanded committee was in place to lead the club
throughout the season. In addition to the experienced committee of Nick Hatzoglou, Robert Angelevski,
Alex Cini, Adam Scanlon, Paul Stockwell, Steve Dimitriadis, Gavin Mahoney, Ilario Candusio, Simon
Charlton, Adam Ciach, Chris Hatzistavrou, Deb & Trevor Walker, Gail Grainger, Damir Cupic and I, we
welcomed Mario & Sharon Gatt, Sav and Daniela Fazio. This combination of experienced and new
committee members worked well and enabled the club to build of the good work of past committees. I
thank everyone for their tremendous contributions over the season. Volunteers are the essence to the
continued existence and development of our community club. I encourage everyone to continue
helping in any way they are capable, so that we can spread the volunteering effort in a sustainable way.

The new committee worked during the off season to ensure that strategies were thought out and
implemented. The costs of participation were an area of priority and the new committee agreed to
keep membership costs the same as the previous season. This was achieved in a period of rising costs
and demonstrates the value the club places in anyone from the community being able to get involved
regardless of financial status.

New fundraising ideas put forward and supported by the new committee members, included the
Bunnings BBQ’s held in August 2008 and February 2009 and the chocolate drive. A special mention to
Deb and Trevor Walker, Gail Grainer, Sharon & Mario Gatt and Daniela Fazio. A number of friends and
families also assisted with sales and the Club appreciates the time people put into this successful
fundraising event. We have a couple more Bunnings BBQ’s planned during the off season. These
initiatives raise much needed funds that predominantly go towards making the Junior Program more
enjoyable and affordable for all participants, particularly those of refugee backgrounds.

New Coach
After a couple of season of coaching, Saman Kandage returned to Sri Lanka for his home coming
wedding. This opened up some opportunities for the club to make changes in its coaching and
leadership structure. Following a review of options, the Club appointed from within. Matthew
Shawcross was appointed as the new Senior Coach and B-Turf Captain, Lou Berchy as Assistant Coach
and A-Turf Captain, Ilario Candusio as C-Matting Captain and Jamie Hinge continued as One Day Captain.
An important overseer of this new team was Colin Cass. He has brought a wealth of experience and
provided an objective avenue for feedback and discussion. He ensured that the strategies of the club
were developed and refined. Other senior players, such as Simon Charlton, Hareendra Perera, Ben
Ciach, Adam Ciach and Darren Sandars assisted with training and the mentoring of the younger players.

Matthew Shawcross has played most of his senior cricket at St. Josephs in the Geelong Cricket
Association. His introduction to the club came via St Paul’s Primary School and the junior cricket
program. This season, his role expanded to include the Senior Coaching role. Matthew has introduced a
completely new training format and the results this season have been transformational. This change
combined with the construction of the third training net have lead to a 128% increase in training
attendance compared with the previous season. I’d like to acknowledge the Brimbank City Council
Leisure Services team for supporting this initiative, particularly Ken Phillips, Lee Fraser and David
Shepard. We have a good working relationship with Council and we continue to rely on Council support
for our existence as a club.
Preseason commenced in August and combined Sunday net sessions, with weekly indoor sessions. Two
practice matches were played, with the first against Haig Amateurs and the second against Brighton
Districts. I would like to thank Bob Kunesevic and Saul Wajntraub for agreeing to host both matches.
We hope to continue them in the coming pre-season. With the early onset of daylight savings, we were
able to commence regular outdoor training early in October. I encourage all players to continue to stay
active during the off season, so that we are all in good shape come pre-season 2009/10.

Integration Strategy
The integration and development of the younger players was a key strategy and one that the new
leadership ensured was fully implemented and supported throughout the season. This involved
providing an introduction to senior cricket for a number of our advanced junior cricketers. Throughout
the season, a number of places in the Turf grades were provided to players under the age of 21. This
enabled them to gain valuable experience and accelerate their development. I would envisage that next
season we will have more juniors wanting to play senior cricket. If this is the case we could examine the
feasibility and practicality of having an extra senior team if there is a commitment by both Juniors and
Seniors to warrant an extra team. Congratulations also to Stephen Hatzistavrou who chalked up his first
century of 113 against Glenroy in the B-Turf for round 8 at JP Fawkner reserve. In only his second B-Turf
game, Steven has achieved something very special. Well done Steven!

Junior Program
Our flagship program, the Junior Program is exceptional well managed by Gavin Mahoney and
supported by a number of key volunteers. I’d like to acknowledge all the coaches for the past season,
including Adam Scanlon (U17’s), Matthew Shawcross (u15’s Richardson) George Pantzikis and Alex Cini
(U15’s Miller), Ron Berchy and Trevor Walker (U13’s), Mick Saunders (U11’s) and Kerry Young
(Wednesday Night Fun Cricket). Their Combined efforts have provided opportunity for over junior
participants this season – a statistic we are proud of and one likely to increase into the future.

Coaching Accreditation
I’d like to congratulate George Pantzikis, Alex Cini and Trevor Walker on successfully completely their
Level 1 Coaching through Cricket Victoria. All of our Senior and Junior Coaches have at least Level 1
Coaching Accreditation. A couple of seniors will undertake Level 2 Coaching over the winter. The Club
will continue to support its Coaches with their development. We believe it benefits them personally and
enhances the development of all players.

Geelong Country Week
Increased participation and development have been experienced by many throughout the club this
season. A major highlight was the grand final win in the Geelong Country Week Cricket Carnival. Our
club had three representative teams playing the best in the Geelong region. This program has been the
brainchild of Matthew Shawcross. The Shawcross family has been a tremendous support to the club
throughout the carnival. This season we had a team of volunteers coordinated by Matthew and Gavin
Mahoney. The Club entered three junior teams, which was the biggest entry by the club ever. It
provided children with a week long holiday stay in Geelong. A holiday that many of the boys simply
would never have had. The fundraising effort across the club and from outside grant providers was
tremendous and meant that the entire cost of the event was covered (approximately $6,600). In
particular I would like to thank everyone at the club who volunteered their time and energy, in
attending fundraisers, coaching, organising, transporting, supervising or doing all the tasks that made
the week a huge success.
Development amongst our junior participants was highlighted by representation. It was great to see
Aaron Hopper (U/17’s & U/15’s) making it through the selection process and playing in the Altona Hatch
Team. In addition, Tim Mahoney from our U15’s was selected and captained the U/14 Cricket Victoria
Western Spirit team. This team is made up of the best talent in the Western region. Tim led the team
to 4 wins out of 5 games, just missing out in the Semi Final. Well done Aaron and Tim.

A number of Junior and Seniors teams improved this season. Well done to the following teams on
making finals:
 U15’s Miller – Runners Up
 U15’s Richardson - Finalist
 C-Matting – Premiers
 One Day - Finalist

Throughout the final series, it was pleasing to witness some courageous performances. The highlights
for me were seeing the U15’s Miller win a close Semi Final at home. Also the close win against St Albans
in the C-matting Semi Final and the Premiership win over rivals Merlynston-Hadfield. It was pleasing to
see some new and experienced players get a taste of finals success. Well done to all the coaches,
captains, players and supporters on a good season. At all games it was pleasing to witness a cross
section of the club attending to show their support. I look forward to the coming season, where I
believe we will experience sustained improvement and success. We have solid foundations to build on.

Major Sponsor
Our Major Sponsor, ADAPT Australia has continued to sponsor our Junior and Senior teams with playing
tops (SHCC & Adapt Logo’s) and maroon wide brimmed hats. Over a number of seasons Peter Sandars
from ADAPT has been the Clubs mainstay sponsor. Let me say that as a club we are very appreciative of
Peter’s extremely generous contributions, especially to our Junior Chapter at the club. It has made an
important difference to the program and helped raise the standards.

Balmoral Park
The newly developed grounds at Brimbank Gardens, referred to as Balmoral Park are nearing hand over
to the Brimbank City Council. Our Club was successful in its application and has been issued with a 9
years lease. This facility will cater for a number of junior and senior teams that play on hard wickets.
Plans and funding are in place to develop a community hub and pavilion at this site over the next couple
of years. We look forward to using this facility when it’s up and running. A big thank you to Gavin
Mahoney for pulling together the clubs successful submission and to everyone that provided letters of

Sunshine Secondary College (Ardeer Campus)
The neighbouring secondary school campus, Sunshine Secondary College, in recent times has been
underutilised. The Club originally obtained support from Cricket Victoria to install a new cricket pitch in
the 1990’s. It was used by the Clubs junior and seniors for a number of years. Due to lack of
maintenance the ground became dangerous and matches were moved to Bon Thomas reserve in Deer
Park. With the help of Lee Fraser from Brimbank Council and the Campus Principal, Maria Agapiou, the
Club has recommenced playing matches at this venue. The Council have agreed to maintain the ground
and have arranged for the toilets to be fixed for use by players and spectators. Next season, we will be
applying to use this facility as it provides convenient access to local children and families.
Over the past couple of years, a golfing group has emerged, mainly from current and former players.
Steve Dimitriadis and Chris Konstantinidis have been behind the push to play more regular games
throughout the year. Anyone can participate in the days that are organised at various golfing venues.
Some recent venues include the new Sunshine Golf Course, Growling Frog, Port Arlington, Gisborne, a
weekend tri to Yarrawonga and Woodend. Anyone interested in participating should contact the Club.

The Club has remained focused on a few key events. These have included the season launch/ cap
presentation, trivia challenge, Melbourne Cup Auction, Christmas Party and Presentation Nights.
Additional events are held around particular themes and we had a few additional events this season.

Australian Drug Foundation Presentation
For a number of years, our Club has been a Good sports Club. We are currently Level 3 accredited. This
initiative by the ADF, aims to raise awareness of the risk of alcohol and the dangers of illicit drugs. It
provides guidelines and resources for club to assist them to move away from relying on alcohol sales to
raise funds. In October 2008, we hosted a special presentation by the ADF. Representatives from the
ADF presented to 38 Juniors and 24 Adults on the dangers of illicit drugs. Our Club will continue to
reinforce the key messages and hold similar events to remind all of our members of the dangers of drugs
and ensure responsible consumption of alcohol.

Indian Cultural Night
Over the past few season, the Club has welcomed a number of new members of Indian background. On
the 22nd of January, players Sukhy Dhaliwal and Karan Grewal presented to the club on their experiences
of settling in Australia and provided some interesting facts on where they are originally from; the Punjab
region of Northern India. Everyone was treated to an authentic Indian meal and a very informative

Depression and Overcoming diversity
Following the tragic passing of Life Member Wayne Lewis and past players Steve Kliszewski and Max
Bennett, the Club recognized the need for a special counselling and information session on depression.
In February 2009, the Club hosted two special guest speakers; Psychologist Stav Zarhos and Motivational
Speaker, Arthur Bolkas. They presented on the causes and signs of depression and how people can
overcome adversity in their lives. All participants benefited from the informative presentations. Weeks
after the presentation, participants could be heard discussing the themes of the presentation. The Club
has provided Beyond Blue kits to a number of members and will continue to raise awareness of mental
health issues. We encourage our members to look out for each other and seek help from their fellow
members, family and friends in times of adversity.

SHFC Premiers 2008
Congratulations to the Sunshine Heights Football Club on winning the Western Region Football league
Division 2 Premiership in 2008. The Dragons outplayed favourite North Footscray to win by 62 points at
Chirnside Park in Werribee. Former SHCC player, Nick Mallia was best on ground. Congratulations to
Captain Robbie Greto and the team on winning promotion to the A1 Competition. Best wishes to Vince
Sposato (President) and Club on the 2009 season.

Amateur Soccer
Since 1997, the Club has had its own amateur soccer team, which plays in the Amateur Soccer
Federation of Victoria. In 2008, the team placed 5th out of 9 teams. A number of current cricket players
play in the side, including Lou Berchy, Nick Hatzoglou, James Alp, James Rhodes, Robert Angelevski and
Chris Hatzoglou. A number of new players have joined up this season. Thanks to Brimbank City
Council’s. Lee Fraser and Grant Smethhurst for ensuring the team have access to appropriate facilities.
Brimbank Cricket Network
An initiative of the Brimbank Council and Cricket Victoria, these meeting are held approximately three
times a year. All cricket Clubs are invited to attend to discuss issues that effect all clubs and share ideas
and experiences. An award winning initiative that the SHCC has supported by attending all meetings
and contributing to the discussion, particularly on issues related to encouraging participation amongst
people of migrant and refugee backgrounds. The Club hosted a meeting in January 2009 and will
continue to support this important network.

Grant Providers & Supporters
Throughout this season, we have relied on the generous sponsorship and grants from a number of
organisations. Below I have included a brief mention:
   Fr Joe Caddy from Centacare and Brendan O'Connor - MHR Gorton for being our joint Patrons
   Nick Hatzoglou for being our Junior Patron
   James Demetriou from Sports Without Borders for providing financial assistance for our Geelong
    Country Week Carnival
   Annie Hately and Daniel Trevellian from Cricket Victoria for providing funding and advice for our
    Junior Program
   Danny Pearson from Hawker Britton for providing funding contributions towards our Junior Program
   Mike Austin for his generous donations towards our Junior Program
   Sam from Shark Tails Fish N’ Chippery for funding contributions for Geelong Country week
   Frank from Sunshine Pizza for vouchers used for achievement awards
   Steven Diffey for donating his photography services
   Denis Moriarty from for advice and letter of support
   Ian, Carmel, John and Greg Shawcross for their support of the Geelong Country Week Carnival
   Sandy Shaw from Melbourne Newsboys Club Foundation for Grants for Junior Program
   Vic Grima for his contributions towards our Junior Program
   Maria Agapiou, Principal of Sunshine Secondary College for use of School ground for Junior cricket
   Jim Markovski from Open Family for use of mini bus
   Ken Phillips, David Shepard, Lee Fraser, Ashley Flemming and Grant Smethhurst from Brimbank City
    Council for their outstanding service and advice throughout the season
   Damian Casamento the Principal St Paul's P.S. for encouraging Junior participation
   Bert & Maria Candusio for their catering support throughout the season
   Brad Shanks from Safeway Niddrie for his support of fundraising events

These supporters and others have enabled the club to keep costs down for participants and have helped
us implement important programs, such as the Geelong Country Week. We are grateful for the support
and hope these organisations continue to work with the Club to provide opportunity for young people
to get involved and stay active.

Final comment
We are fortunate to have a number of experienced, capable, passionate and committed volunteers
throughout the Club. We will continue to provide an environment that encourages a broad mix of
people participating in sport and becoming involved in a grass roots community organisation. Our club
is focussed on developing friendships and mixing in a healthy, inclusive environment that does not
exclude on the basis of race, wealth or social status.
Administrator’s Report by Alex Cini
Another season and another premiership. Let this be the case every season; let us get use to continued
success. This season was going to be a year of development, a foundation for future success and I would
like to think that has been achieved. Even though the first and second XI narrowly missed out on the
finals, we must remember the youth of these sides and the great efforts in getting so close. The one day
grade missed another opportunity for a grand final appearance whilst our Third XI were Premiers,
thanks to the strong leadership shown by Ilario Candusio.

Success does not just happen, it is a journey, and although we are still at the beginning of that journey
the signs look very good and we are heading in the right direction. On the field we saw some great
individual achievements across all the grades as well as some great fight backs which is testament to the
Sunshine Heights character. We saw this through the Third XI’s season where we were comprehensively
beaten in round 1 against St Albans, chased down over 300 against East Coburg, won a semi final by just
two runs and fought back in the first innings of the grand final to take a small first innings lead and
eventually, the Premiership.

Our First and Second XI included a core group of junior cricketers who were ready to take that step into
senior cricket and throughout the season we saw them develop into fine young cricketers and great
young men. In addition to this, their finals experiences in the junior grades will continue to benefit their
development and help the club to become regular participants in finals cricket.

The future is in good hands but it didn’t just happen on its own or overnight, it was through the tireless
efforts of Gavin Mahoney and Matthew Shawcross, the match committee and the general committee
that the club is heading in the right direction, with such a bright future.

As a committee we have worked hard to continually promote and better the club. We have seen this
through Gavin Mahoney’s and Chris Hatzoglou’s tireless efforts in campaigning with the Brimbank
Council to increase our facilities to better accommodate the growth of the Club. One aspect of their
efforts was for a third net to be built which has given the coaching personnel the opportunity and the
freedom to run training more efficiently.

Our functions calendar will continue to grow and we have seen the beginning of this through the trivia
night and the junior presentation becoming a separate event as a result of the number of juniors that
are becoming a part of the club. What has been most impressive though has been the involvement of
the junior cricketers’ families. In the past were many parents have dropped off their children and come
back few hours later to pick them up, we have seen many parents willing to help out and become a part
of the club in some capacity, themselves.

From an administrative aspect, fines were kept to a minimum, whilst many of the ones we did receive
were often questionable and/or avoidable. Some of the honour boards have been fully updated
however others remain in progress such as the ‘one hundred games’ board. This board is an important
part of the club as it recognises those who have been at Sunshine Heights for so long, riding the highs
and lows of our on-field history. Our website has also seen improvement this season and that is thanks
to Damir Cupic who has worked hard in updating and improving our electronic face to the world to
further promote and professionalise our club.

The Moreland Moonee Valley Cricket Association (MMVCA) went through a season which could have
been its final season as a standalone association. Tireless efforts were put in place for a proposed
merger with the North West Cricket Association (NWCA) but were not successful and as such the
MMVCA will continue to operate as it has in the past. It is our responsibility as a club involved in this
association to help support it by becoming more actively involved in its operation giving us a better
opportunity to promote and grow our club.
Over the last two seasons as the administrator of Sunshine Heights there have been many highs and
some frustrating and stressful times in trying to organising things for the club and dealing with a
sometimes unforgivable association. Having said this, I believe that it has been a successful period from
an administrative point of view and a position that I now step away from knowing that many inroads
have been made in an attempt to grow and better the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club.

I would like to finally thank all those who have been a tremendous support to me over the last two
seasons, in particular Chris Hatzoglou, Gavin Mahoney, Ben Ciach, Chris Hatzistavrou and Adam Scanlon.
Your support and encouragement has always been greatly appreciated.

Sunshine Heights Cricket Club is heading in the right direction, let us build upon our on and off field
achievements over the last two seasons in a bid for continued strength and prosperity.
Chairman of Selectors Report by Colin Cass
Thank you to the Committee of Sunshine Heights Cricket Club for the opportunity to present this report.

I see my role as an objective figure in forming a basis for selecting competitive teams while at the same
time, keeping an eye on the future potential of the playing group.

This was set in place when we conducted planning meetings prior to the season. For the first time in my
experience at the club, we as a match committee set expectations based on realistic and achievable
goals and most importantly looked beyond 2008/2009.

With the appointment of Matthew Shawcross as Club Coach and Lou Berchy as 1st Captain the
foundation was laid to plan for a 1st grade assault on the premiership within 3 seasons.

It was heartening that we did not waiver from these objectives.

Another objective we achieved through this process was to confirm those players who have the talent
and more importantly the desire to play cricket at the best possible level. The junior component largely
forms the basis of this but not entirely. As a match committee we must nurture this to the next level,
prioritizing game time at the 1st grade for these category players next season. We should encourage
these young players to make their own history and achieve success for their own player generation.

It is gratifying to see the club has so many players over 35 years of age. This has a positive effect on
younger players. I am sure other clubs envy Heights for the "band" of older players that are sprinkled
through the grades.

My experience in cricket tells me that successful teams bat well and can get themselves out of trouble
when quick wickets have fallen. This happened through the grades resulting in many players getting
scores over 50 and indeed centuries. This has not prevailed in seasons past and we must remember

All well and good with this experience, but we would be foolish to think that the likes of Lars, Charlie
and Cook can keep playing these sorts of roles. My suggestion moving forward is that we objectively
identify potential leaders and give them responsibility next year.

I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the captains of all 4 grades. Realistically none of the
grades failed. We won a 2nd consecutive premiership with all grades competing for finals positions right
to the last round. This is another point that I have not experienced at the club before.

I look forward to chairing the Match Committee in 2009/2010.
Senior Coaches Report by Matthew Shawcross
The Sunshine Heights Cricket Club took the first step this season past on the path towards sustained

After a very productive pre-season, where new training methods were trialled and embraced by the
playing group, we began the season with some outstanding numbers for our senior sides.

As the season progressed it was very pleasing to see the turf sides begin to put together some very
competitive performances, resulting in a number of victories, including great wins against eventual
finalists. This came about due to the commitment of all players to their training, in particular following
the scenarios presented when both batting and bowling. I am a firm believer that you train as you play
and I think that, for a sport such as cricket, the manner in which we trained as a club this year best
replicates what we want to achieve on a Saturday. The presence of our junior players, added a real
energy to training, especially in the running of the fielding drills.

Huge congratulations to Lars and all the C-Matting boys on an outstanding season and a just reward at
the business end. It was great to see Llewy do such a wonderful job leading the A-Turf in his first year as
captain. I thank him for all his support at senior training as well.

In addition, I would like to pay tribute to the work of Colin Cass as chairman of selectors. He has been an
outstanding “sounding-board” for me and the other captains. Colin is extremely enthusiastic about the
path the club is taking and we look forward to hopefully having him with us on match committee right to
the time our journey reaches fruition.

Finally, a huge thanks to Cook. His work is tireless and his support for me in my first season as coach was
simply tremendous. It is great to have the leader of the administration on board with what the club is
trying to achieve and, let me assure you, with Cook at the helm, we are building a club that will achieve
sustained success both on and off the field.

Let’s now look forward to season 2009/2010. Our young boys who played turf this year are participating
in the Winter Warriors development program and we will also be having some opportunities for our
developing senior players to improve their games over the pre-season. Have a great break and let’s
return with renewed enthusiasm and energy, ready to take another positive step forward on our path to
long-term success.
First XI Captains Report by Llew Berchy
Season 2008/2009 was seen as a challenging season for the whole club not just A Turf in general. It was
a period of building and strengthening teams for the future and at the start of the season the selection
committee got together and planned out what we wanted to achieve over the coming year. The plans
were realistic, for the A turf we planned to at least win 3 games and also blood at least a few juniors
through the season.

The season opened up with a shocker with the A Turf batting first against Merlynston Hadfield and only
managing to hit 98 runs and in reply Merlo reached the target with no wickets down. Nonetheless we
kept on trying and finally in round two we recorded our first victory with a resounding win over league
strugglers Haig amateurs.

We ended up drawing the next two games with Barkley street United where we were in a very strong
position hitting 197 runs and then with the bench mark of our league St. Andrews where we hit 170 and
had them 4/22, so we were a little unlucky to have lost points in those matches but we showed the
other teams in the league with these two matches that we weren’t the push over’s they thought us to
be and we were ready to give the league a good shake.

Next round we faced The Socials C.C who like Haig were struggling without a win when we faced them
and we ended up winning the game comfortably with all our bowlers taking wickets and Priyan De Silva
hitting a beautiful 62no.

So at this stage of the season we were looking pretty good with only one loss two wins and two draws
but the next game against St. Andrews was a big challenge with them posting 226 which was relatively
gettable score on Cole reserve because of its size but we ended up falling short being all out for 150 but
there were positives which came out of the match in the form of young Adrian Fazio who hit a elegant
31 on his debut in A turf cricket.

We played St. Mary’s next, who were unbeaten and had a strong experienced side but they didn’t
expect what would happen as they came to play a somewhat green Sunshine Heights team at Ainsworth

I won the toss and elected to bat and we had a decent start with the top three bats making starts but at
3/58 something special happened, out steps our new recruit Brad Shanks. After about ten sixes and
even more fours the man who looked as fresh as a baby because he didn’t need to run, was unbeaten
on 95 and our score was up to 7/201. The die was set and we ended up winning the game by 30 runs a
big statement to the league. Sunshine Heights is on the way!!!

We ended up winning one more match against East Coburg in easy fashion and had a good game against
the premiers Glenroy. So our season finished four wins two draws and five losses and ended up 8th out
of 12 teams on the ladder which was a great effort from our boys.

Looking back to the our goals from the start of the season we went one further then three wins winning
four games and also we ended up playing six juniors in our A turf side and had a average age of 24 in our
team. We also picked up two good recruits in Brad and Amneet and saw a lot of promise out of other
young senior players in Adam and Dilum. But special thanks has to go out to Firstly Simon Charlton who
was my right hand man throughout the season, who gave up his beloved fishing and helped us out
throughout the whole season. Secondly a big thanks to Harry and Fatih who are absolute stars of the
game and stood up with the bat and ball this season.

So as the Captain of Sunshine Heights Cricket Club A Turf side I would like to thank all of my team
members and congratulate them on their performances this season, it’s been a lot of fun and a privilege
to be a team mate and an Honour to captain you fellas this season all the best for the break and hope to
see all of you fit and ready to take on the 2009/10 season.
Second XI Captains Report by Matthew Shawcross
The Sunshine Heights B-Turf team experienced a highly successful season for a number of different

As a club, we made a conscious decision to use our B-Turf side to promote the development of our
talented young players from the junior section of the club. As a result, we managed to blood 9 junior
debutants into the team at various stages of the season, with a core group of at least 4 juniors in the
side every week. Amazingly, with this structure, we came very close to achieving some amazing results.

Following our Round 2 game against St. Francis those amazing results would have appeared to be a
major pipedream. To put it politely, we were flogged!!!! Ben, Shane and I kept reassuring each other
that things could only get better (which wouldn’t have been hard!) however, I must admit to some
moments of self-doubt!! Nevertheless, the season did improve from there with our side having the
better of two washouts and then an outright victory in the most bizarre game of cricket I have ever
played in!!

As the season continued, we started to play with a great deal of confidence. The young guys began to
feel at home at the level and we managed to strengthen our experienced playing stocks with the mid-
season addition of Nick! Either side of the Christmas break, we defeated two sides that eventually
played off in the finals – a sign that we are not far away! We followed this up with two more wins,
including a fantastic victory over another of the potential finalists. Unfortunately, at the business end of
the season our batting let us down but the disappointing finish should by no means take away from
what we have achieved.

Individual highlights included: Stephen Hatzistavrou’s hundred against Glenroy – a brilliant innings – the
overall improvement of young players such as Tim, Godders, Nick, Kris, JZ and Faz, the all-round
performances of Rhodesy and terrific innings by Shane, Brad and Adam.

Special thanks to everyone who supported the team throughout the season – especially Kerry for
scoring. Also, I would like to pay tribute to the leadership support of Ben and Shane for the entire
season. Their input, work ethic and example to the younger guys was invaluable.

Thanks to all the players – hopefully next season we can go further – I’m very confident we are capable
of doing so!
Thirds XI Captains Report by Ilario Candusio
This season, I took on the captaincy of the C Mats with some ambivalent feelings on a personal note.
l have been playing on turf wickets for so many years that l felt that committing to play on hard wickets
meant that my cricket was somewhat over.

What l found was that the game of cricket will always surprise you and teach you a few more things, just
when you think you understand it all. I learnt that playing cricket isn’t about where you play, or for that
matter with whom you play. It’s about the essence of just that….playing cricket and how you play the
game! So simple really.

I learnt that if you play the game with a positive attitude, respecting your team-mates, the opposition,
the spirit of the game; and as a team you commit to enjoy playing together; sharing in each others
triumphs and losses then you will take great enjoyment from every game regardless of the match

The 2008/2009 season was somewhat blessed for the C Mats. We won 9 of the home and away games
losing 2 and were awarded points for one game we lost because the opposition played an ineligible
player. We went on and managed to win the Grand Final, after surviving the Semi final and getting
across the line in that game by a mere 3 runs!

We enjoyed many fantastic highlights along the way including Stocky’s stoic batting throughout,
Colonels 87 in the semi, Bhupinders swashbuckling 100, Alex Cini’s first 50, Jamie Emmanouil’s highest
score (39), Gopi’s Glenn McGrath like bowling accuracy for which he earned the Outstanding player for
2008/9, Aman’s partnerships with Cook (Cook who eventually won man of match in the G/F) when we
would look buried, there really are so many highlights and my apologies to those not mentioned, l could
write a book on the season…..

The C Mats team utilized 25 players this season, of these, 16 players played 5 or more games; of the 25
players it would be fair to presume that most if not all wanted to play more cricket than they played.
Of the 25 players 7 of these were new players to the club, that’s fantastic and showed good growth.

One of the challenges the club found was that we had more available players most weeks, than sides
could meet. The C Mats bore the brunt of this dilemma, thus the introduction of a ‘rotation’ policy.
Players throughout the season were asked to miss games so that others could participate in order to
have a fairer way of involving and managing the large playing list.

I was inspired by the acceptance of this policy by all players, and most players couldn’t keep away from
the games they missed, helping to score, or support from the sidelines.

One of the predominating themes l tried to introduce into the C Mats this season was ensuring that
players who played had a purposeful role and opportunity within the team each game. My aim was to
try and create an environment where the C Mats players were able to participate fairly and evenly
where possible, learn, improve, and experience in a cohesive, positive and enjoyable manner.

I believe that lower graded cricket, and junior cricket share common themes. Firstly they both allow the
opportunity to play competitive cricket regardless of the level, but secondly l believe the emphasis in
these grades should be balanced a little away from the winning at all cost mentality.

One of the underlying themes of lower grade cricket, and junior cricket should be to ensure balanced
participation, enjoyment and learning. The lower grades and juniors are where adults and our kids learn
to develop and hone their skills both athletically and socially.
Ensuring fairness at this developmental stage encourages a sense of fairness, equality and respect for
not only the individuals themselves but an awareness and respect for others around them.
As grades move upwards within Juniors say under 13/15/17, or within seniors from C Mats to B Mats, to
C Turf, to B Turf etc, then my feeling is that this is where the emphasis moves more towards creating a
theme of winning at the cost of balanced participation.

Anyway getting back to the C Mats, l would like to thank the match committee, Colin Cass as chairman
of selectors for his insightful wisdom, Llew Berchy who in his 1st year as A-Turf captaincy has displayed
maturity beyond his years, Cook for his unheralded preparation on statistics, eligibility and weather
reports, and Matthew Shawcross whose outstanding dedication, work and effort is reason why the club
sits in good stead with a healthy group of talented juniors.

Within the team a personal thank you to Stocky, Alex Cin-Cock for his selection/ batting suggestions,
Gavin for his own acts of selflessness and finally a big thank you to all the players who participated
throughout the year, as well as the many supporters who came and barracked helping to make the end
goal achievable.
One Day Team Captains Report by Jamie Hinge
Well the off season started with Bill Garrard and Luke Bykersma departing our team and the inclusion’s
of Peter Georgiou, Mark Patchett and Patrick Edmisgon.

Round 1 kicked off on Saturday 18th October with a home game against Oak Park, not wanting to be
under done early we had a net session on Friday then a weight session at the pub.

We won the toss and elected to bat with Peter Georgiou after much discussion and a few wagers with
people decided to show us how valuable he was to our team by opening the bat lasting 2 balls before
heading back to the eskies with a duck, Barnard (70) and Andrew (66) batted well in putting on 6/211
after 35 over’s and Mizzi 3/11 and Paddy 3/10 wiping out Oak Park for 75. Nice win 1st up.

Round 2 we travelled to Rayner reserve to play St Francis De Sales we again won toss and decided to
bowl hoping to get out early and watch Caulfield Cup as we all had a few tips going. The early game was
exactly what we got with a great bowling display by Barnard taking 7/22 and Andrew 4 of these caught
in gully and after 23 over’s had them all out for 74 and Brett (32n.o) and Jakovich (42n.o) getting total in
just 10 over’s.

Round 3 was again away and against arch enemy Flemington who ended our season in the preliminary
final off 07/08, we won our third toss in a row and sent them in with a great team effort keeping them
to just 108 (Grima 2/18, Mizzi 2/21, Mckerrow 4/24).

As is always the case with Flemington they didn’t go down without a fight having us 7/93 after 26 over’s
in a bit of trouble before Pete Georgiou 25n.o hit the winning runs and went to the top of the ladder 3-

Round 4 saw us on the road again and getting a bit of a habit to Robert Barrett playing Barkly St Uniting
(First v Last). After a flying start with the bat our top 3 batsmen had us looking at 300 with a quick out
field, Jakovich 32, Andrew 64 and once again Barnard 31 and the team 2/130 after 22 over’s, then a slow
partnership, me getting run out on 25 and not happy throwing my bat we collapsed with 3 quick wickets
in succession making 8/180 (at least 30/40 runs short of what we needed). We got 3 early wickets but
the 4th wicket out played us putting on 70 run partnership and captain finishing us off with a fine 85 and
3 over’s to spare and clearly out played us.

The next month was not much cricket played but plenty of trips to the Glengala pub and Ainsworth
reserve with 2 washouts, a forfeit and an easy win against West Coburg were Rob Ratas and Seabiscuit
got a chance to bat by opening.

Round 9 had Brett take over the reigns as on field Captain as I was injured and just batting if needed, we
sent StAlbans in to bat and going along ok at 3/100 before a great spell of bowling by Garry Hill (6/28)
ending the total at 150, Jakovich batted the whole way nearly and a lone batsmen making 66 as we got
8/157 and headed to the Xmas party at club for souvlaki’s sitting on top at half way mark with 6 wins 1
loss and 2 washouts.

Round 10 Flemington again and a bit fiery after them making 172 with wickets all shared by our bowlers,
the 1st over off our run chase saw me not allow there bowler to bowl again after 3 beam balls in a row,
and a fine innings by Brett (71) with plenty off sledging a great win in last over by 2 wickets.

Round 10 first v last again and yet again disappointing effort as Barkly St posted 5/167 and us being
bowled out on 166, Alex and Gary having 1st or 2nd hits of year and way too much pressure on them as
top/middle order failed they nearly got us over the line.
Round 11 v Pascoe Vale United at Bon Thomas had me chasing players to play as was left with a pull out
from selected side, arise Ilario Candusio to fill in and much appreciated as we got the runs in last over
only to get back to rooms not knowing we needed a permit for Ilario to have our points stripped from us
by the league.

Round 13 being the darkest day for Victoria with the black Saturday bush fires and no cricket being
played due to heat.

Round 14 v East Coburg at Jackson reserve and we posted a great 5/241 Brett 93 (the highest 1day score
for us and individual score) and Barnard 83 beating them by 70 runs with Patchy taking 5/34.

Round 15 another easy win against St Francis then last game against St Albans we got up in a close game
with G Hill taking 5/35 and Andrew hitting 62, so we ended the season in 2nd place by percentage with 9
wins 3 losses and 3 games abandoned.

1st final in the top 6 format and we met Oak Park who was 5th at there ground due to 3rds playing at Bon
Thomas, we batted and with the scores amended at lunch due to Alex’s scorebook error (to busy looking
at Oak Park girls as they are very hot looking) we were 7/203 Andrew 37 Barnard 37 and a tough ask
ahead of us, they destroyed us and we had a bit of a sniff but putting in worst fielding performance of
year they won by 5 wickets in last over.

Top 6 formula meant if St Andrews beat St Albans we were still in as lucky loser, so I drove around
corner to hear good news we were in but bad news was we met St Andrews who we have never beaten
and have won the past 6 premierships.

The feeling was good during week and everyone was pumped and believe we could beat them, we
arrived Saturday with constant rain around every where and no chance of play but trying to persuade
umpire’s to take field with no luck. We came back Sunday and with no rain and ground in good condition
we knew the day would go ahead and we won the toss putting them into bat, an early couple of wickets
had them struggling at drinks being 2/67 and 2 quick wickets after drinks 4/80.
They batted well and ended up making 6/170, a good effort by us but maybe a bit more than they
should of got but it was there if we wanted it. After losing Brett early we were well placed at drinks
being 2/77 and them arguing between themselves and as quiet as a morgue the great cricket game done
what is has so often done before and changed a few quick wickets gave them hope which they took and
the game as we were bowled out for 133.

Another prelim final loss and another season shortened by heartache.

After the 2nds last year and 3rds this year which I am so happy for I really want to taste that success
after consecutive final appearances, I want nothing more, I thank all players in 1dayers and ask to keep
perusing that dream in 2009/10 and stick together.
Junior Coordinator’s Report by Gavin Mahoney
The past season has seen the club field teams in all junior grades, an achievement never realized before.
Over the past 5 seasons our junior membership base has grown considerably, to clearly illustrate such
growth see the participation chart below.
Season 2004/2005            Season 05/06                 Season 06/07            Season 07/08            Season 08/09
De Vries, Alec              Baldacchino, Josh            Alvares, Chelston       Alvares, Chelston       Abiem, Deng
Gatt, Christopher           Butler, Leslie               Baldaccino, Joshua      Bol Bol                 Adoor, Chol
Gatt, Daniel                Cupic Nikolas                Butler, Leslie          Cadman, Gary            Allen, Jarrod
Hartley, Jacob              Cupic, Kristofer             Charan, Sid             Charan, Sid             Alvares, Chelston
Kotevski, George            Deligiannis, Nick            Cupic, Kristofer        Cupic Nikolas           Bates, Jesse
Lam, Michael                Deng, David                  Cupic, Nikolas          Cupic, Kristofer        Bates, Thomas
Mahoney, Tim                DeVries, Alec                De Vries, Alec          Custo Jason             Cadman, Gary
Nguyen, Tommy               Doan Kenneth                 Deligiannis, Nicholas   Custo, Kane             Cupic, Kristofer
Noble, Jessy                Evangelou, Nick              Deng, David             De Vries, Alec          Cupic, Nikolas
Orfanidis, Demi             Fazio, Adrian                Disisto, Brandyn        Deligiannis, Nick       Deligiannis, Nick
Pantzikis, Stephen          Gatt, Christopher            Doan, Kenneth           Deng,David              Deng, David
Saade, Saade                Gatt, Daniel                 Elli DiSisto            DiSisto, Brandyn        Di Sisto, Brandyn
Truong, Ngoc                Godfrey, Adrian              Fazio, Adrian           Doan, Kenneth           Doan, Kenneth
Truong, Trung               Grainger, Jarred             Fazio, Dario            Duong, Damian           Duong, Damian
Walker, Adam                Hatzistavrou, Lazaros        Gatt, Christopher       Fanning, Jake           Fanning, Jake
                            Hatzistavrou, Marcus         Gatt, Daniel            Fazio, Adrian           Fazio, Adrian
                            Hortle, Troy                 Godfrey, Adrian         Fazio, Dario            Fazio, Dario
                            Joseph, Nicholas             Grainger, Jarred        Gatt, Christopher       Fokianos, Dimitri
                            Knight, Cameron              Grantham, Danny         Gatt, Daniel            Gatt, Christopher
                            Maddy, Jarvis                Hatzistavrou, Marcus    Godfrey, Adrian         Gatt, Daniel
                            Mahoney, Tim                 Hatzistavrou, Stephen   Grainger, Jarred        Godfrey, Adrian
                            Nguyen Peter                 Heath, Ben              Hatzistavrou, Marcus    Grainger, Jarred
                            Nguyen, Van                  Hopper, Aaron           Hatzistavrou, Stephen   Harper, Brad
                            Noble, Jessy                 Joseph, Nicholas        Hatzoglou, Peter        Hatzistavrou, Marcus
                            Pantzikis, Stephen           Mahoney, Tim            Heath, Ben              Hatzistavrou, Stephen
                            Ratnasekara, B.              Martin Custo            Hopper, Aaron           Hatzoglou, Max
                            Ratnasekara, Vidhura         Mawien, Akon            Joseph, Nicholas        Hatzoglou, Peter
                            Temple, Tyler                Mawien, Ringo           King, Jack              Hinge Dillon
                            Trinh, Jack                  Nguyen, Eric            Mahoney, Tim            Hopper, Aaron
                            Vu, John                     Nguyen, Kien            Mawien, Akon            Joseph, Nicholas
                            Walker, Adam                 Nguyen, Peter           Mawien, Ringo           King, Jack
                            Zahra, Justin                Noble, Jessy            Ngo, Tuan               Kuan, Wada
                                                         Pantzikis, Stephen      Nguyen, Eric            Mahoney, Tim
                                                         Plasztan, Braedon       Nguyen, Kien            Mawien, Akon
                                                         Ratnasekara, B          Nguyen, Thai            Mawien, Ringo
                                                         Ratnasekara, Vidhura    Nguyen, Truong          Murphy, Michael
                                                         Saunders, Emily         O’Campo, Michael        Muscari, Gino
                                                         Sinclair, Bryan         Pantzikis, Stephen      Ngo, Tuan
                                                         Temple, Tyler           Paolozza, Louis         Ngollueth, Daw
                                                         To, Darren              Plasztan, Braedon       Ngollueth, Ngollueth
                                                         Trinh, Jack             Ratnasekara, B          Nguyen, Eric
                                                         Vu, John                Ratnasekara, Vidhura    Nguyen, Kien
                                                         Walker, Adam            Saliba, Nathan          Nguyen, Thai
                                                         Zahra, Justin           Saunders, Emily         Nguyen, Tim
                                                                                 Stephen, Jonathan       Pantzikis, Stephen
                                                                                 Svendsen, Braeden       Paolozza, Louis
                                                                                 Temple, Tyler           Paolozza, Oliver
                                                                                 To, Darren              Plasztan, Braedon
                                                                                 Tran, Jimmy             Ratnasekara, B
                                                                                 Trinh, Jack             Ratnasekara, Vidhura
                                                                                 Tzanoudakid, Yiannis    Saliba, Nathan
                                                                                 Tzanoudakis, Stellios   Saunders, Emily
                                                                                 Vella, James            Saunders, Natalie
                                                                                 Vu, John                Stephen, Jonathan
                                                                                 Walker, Adam            Taylor, James
                                                                                 Zahra, Dylan            Temple, Tyler
                                                                                 Zahra, Justin           Thomas, Tran
                                                                                                         To, Darren
                                                                                                         Tran, Jimmy
                                                                                                         Vella, James
                                                                                                         Vu, John
                                                                                                         Walker, Adam
                                                                                                         Zahra, Dylan
                                                                                                         Zahra, Justin
This graph, excludes Wednesday evening fun cricket participants.
The above list also illustrates that our retention rates have been very high.

This is the result of perseverance, dedication and input from a wide range of individuals, families,
business’s, organizations, and supporters in general it really is a community building and strengthening
exercise, far beyond the game of cricket that to date has gone extremely well.

This season we welcomed the Bates, Ngollueth, Adoor, Abiem, Kuan, Fokianos, Allen, Murphy and Hinge
families to the club for their first year of competitive cricket, we hope you enjoyed the season and will
all stay with the club for our cricketing journey.

The enthusiasm, excitement, and apprehension built around the participation of our juniors over past
seasons that one day we will see these kids play senior cricket at the club, came to fruition this season.
The selection committee, overseen by Colin Cass should be commended, for its foresight and courage in
“backing the kids” to play in the clubs senior teams. It is accurate to say that these integration aspects
at the club are paying off and I am sure we will all see this continue with even greater participation from
more of our junior’s seasons to come.

Our fundraising efforts (chocolate drive, quiz night, Bunnings BBQ’s, grants, donations) were primarily
channelled into paying for our week long stay at the Geelong Country Week competition, an event that
enabled 37 juniors to play in the carnival with the U/15’s team winning the final.

This time last season we were desperately in need of extra home grounds, President Cook and I
presented to Brimbank Council, that subsequently lead to the construction of our 3rd practice net, and
the lease at the Sunshine Secondary College, the efforts of the council directly lead to us being able to
cater for our burgeoning growth.

We also submitted a very thorough and concise application (3 other clubs also submitted) to the council,
that has seen us successfully obtain a 9 year lease at Balmoral Reserve, Brimbank Gardens, this is a huge
boost for our club, and is testament to the professional leadership of the club, lead by a contemporary,
competent, diligent capable President, Chris Hatzoglou.

These outcomes for the club were underpinned via a positive and proactive working relationship with
the council.

This season also saw a presentation from the Australian Drug Foundation, to our juniors on the dangers
of drugs, and a presentation on dealing with stress and depression.

As a club we need to continue to be vigilant at ensuring that all our junior players be given opportunity,
as this is what differentiates us from other clubs.

Now more than ever we need to firmly re commit to our “participation not premierships” values, a
foundation upon which our successful junior chapter has been built upon. There is no place for white
line fever within our Junior teams !!

The club has also recently recommitted to the SHCC and Centacare MOU that reinforces the equity and
wellbeing principles for all our children.

With the support of parents and the committee we have been able to create and now fine tune our
“Junior Policies and Procedures Handbook”, a useful handbook for existing and new members to our
club, this is the second season that the handbook has been in circulation.
Congratulations to our league award winners, Chris Gatt – U/15 South Bowling, Justin Zahra – U/15
South Batting, Thai Nguyen – U/15 North Bowling, Tim Mahoney – U/15 North Batting.
Well done to Aaron Hopper & Tim Mahoney who represented the club in regionally based
representative teams, and to the clubs junior “Most Outstanding Cricketers”
U/13’s Dimitri Fokianis, U/15’s Justin Zahra, Tim Mahoney & Stephen Hatzistavrou.
U/17’s Nikolas Cupic.

Good Luck to all the children who are participating in the Winter Warriors program, make the most of
your opportunity.

Next season will see a new junior structure that will hopefully see each team with at least one coach,
and a team manager, both of whom will be eligible to sit on the management committee. I hope you
will give this new structure your utmost support and encouragement.

The new structure will supersede a centralized junior coordinator, and relegate a number of
responsibilities and actions to the team managers and coaches.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who has assisted me as the clubs junior coordinator over the years, we
have successfully sourced over $40,000.00 in tied grants, for activities like camps, surfing, adventure
park, and we have had great times, and heaps of fun
 – remember when we played the visiting International Japanese team !!!!

I look forward at continuing to play a supporting role to the club in other constructive ways that will
reinforce our reputation that gives everyone a fair and decent opportunity !!!!!!

I look forward to watching our juniors develop, not just as great cricketers but as brilliant individuals as
well, because for me that is the only real score that ever matters.

                                                           This season the club entered 3 junior teams in
                                                           the Geelong Country Week Competition.

                                                           This was the biggest entry by the club ever, it
                                                           provided children with a week long holiday
                                                           stay in Geelong, a holiday that many of the
                                                           boys simply would never have had.

                                                           The entire club raised funds to cover the
                                                           $6,600.00 week long expedition.

37 Children 08/09 Country Week.

 Boys from the U/13’s team having a dip at the
 beach whilst at Country Week, for some of them
 it was their first time in the ocean.

 Other activities included – Beach cricket, Ten Pin
 Bowling, Smorgys all you can eat, Pizza Night,
 Swimming and Waterslide !!!

                                                        Enjoyment at the beach - Country Week.
                                                                     The successful U/15’s Country Week
                                                                     Premiership team.

                                                                     Jarred Grainger, Adrian Fazio, James Vella,
                                                                     Adrian Godfrey, Kris Cupic, Nick Deligiannis,
                                                                     Stephen Hatzistavrou, Stephen Pantzikis,
                                                                     Nikolas Cupic, Tim Mahoney, Ringo Mawien,
                                                                     Justin Zahra.

                                                                     Coaches: Ilario Candusio, George Pantzikis.

Finalists – Country Week

                                   West Metro Junior Association 08/09 award winners
             L – R Justin Zahra U/15 (south) batting, Chris Gatt U/15 (south) bowling,
             Thai Nguyen U/15 (north) bowling, Tim Mahoney U/15 (north) batting & champion player.
Deng, Ngollueth & Akon, some of the boys who
joined the club this year and made it possible for the
club to field a full U/13’s team this season.

At Sunshine Heights we are about creating
friendships that lead to life long mateships, it’s about
participation, not premierships, to date it has been
no place for white line fever, ever !!

                                                           DENG   NGOLLUETH   AKON
Wednesday Night Funcricket by Kerry Young
I would like to thank Sunshine Heights Cricket Club for letting me set up and run Funcricket again for the
Third year. It is great to run a fun night for the children who are too young to play cricket or they just
want to go somewhere to have fun.

The first night we had about 20 children turn up, each week there would be 15 – 17 children. We still
had new children coming along right up to the 3rd last week. The first night we had all of year last year’s
children plus 6 new children, which was great.

The children would come along all excited and ready to have a lot of fun. The parents appreciate that
there is somewhere to take there children to learn to be part of a team and have fun.

I would like to whish Anthony Ferlazz – Baars and Allen Joseph all the very best for next season as they
go into playing cricket for the club, good luck.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matthew Shawcross and Gavin Mahoney who helped me
out with flyers going home making sure that the clubrooms where open and that I have all the
equipment. Tess O’Reilly for helping out each week and helping with the ring around when the weather
was not right to play. Thanks to the parents for bringing their children who without the children it
wouldn’t have happened.

I again look forward to starting up Wednesday Night Fun Cricket again next season.

                           WEDNESDAY NIGHT FUNCRICKET SEASON 2008/09
Standing Kerry Young (Coordinator), Justin Tran, Dylan Gauci, Dale Guiney, Anthony Ferlazzo-Baars,Allen Joseph, Mitchell Green
Seated Thomas O’Reilly, Sarah Lee, Stefan Perez, Ivan Lee, Aashir Dublish, Andre Perez, Christopher O’Reilly
Under 11’s by Mick Saunders

SEASON 2008/09 SHCC Under 11’s TEAM
Standing Mick Saunders (Coach), Peter Hatzoglou, Tim Nguyen, Brandyn Di Sisto, Emily Saunders, Louis Paolozza, Natalie
Seated Oliver Paolozza, Max Hatzoglou, Dario Fazio, Jake Fanning, Jesse Bates, Thomas Bates

Well, it was a memorable season !!!

Firstly I would like to thank the parents for their fantastic support and help throughout the year,
especially Adrian Fazio and Stephen Hatzistavrou with the umpiring and Mario Gatt for tending to the
pitch, which would have been difficult due to weather circumstances.

Throughout the year the kids skills improved immensely, which puts then in good stead for future

We were very fortunate to have two girls in the side (being my daughters) which made it enjoyable.
I would also like to thank Lucy, Barbara Bates and Tracey Disisto for scoring as that in itself is a tough

During the year we had other activities arranged by the parents, they consisted of a pizza night and a
swimming day. The training sessions were not just cricket as the children also played soccer, rounders
and participated in different fielding drills which all the kids enjoyed.

Overall it was a great pleasure to coach the under 11's and rewarding.

I hope these kids advance further with their cricket and enjoy it.
Under 13’s by Ron Berchy
Season 08/09 started slowly. Our first game against St. Albans was quite ordinary. Our team was still
getting to know each other as many of them were playing together for the first time. We started to find
our balance as our training schedule expanded.

The aim of junior coaches especially in the U13 age group is to get every individual in the team to learn
the basics of batting bowling & fielding. We have to make sure at this junior level players are taught
correctly the rudiments of the game both with the practical side and the codes of conduct and the
appropriate etiquette on and off the field. The club and committee also insist that every player gets to
bat and bowl at this level to involve them so as to feel a part of the team.

The game against Footscray United in Rnd.2, we managed 111runs which was quite an achievement
against the top side. The next two games were drawn due to inclement weather.
Our first win came in Rnd,5 against Sunshine YCW. Our boys fared very well with bat and ball. YCW
scored 120 and we overhauled them with 4/149.

Our second win came in Rnd.7 against Caroline Springs Blue in a one dayer. It was a resounding victory.
Caroline Springs only managed 50. Our score was 4/88.The rest of the games we did not have much luck
in spite of batting bowling and fielding well.

Our team consisted of boys who never played cricket ever, as they are children of migrants who came
from countries that had no concept of the game. These boys had to be taught from scratch-the absolute
basics. Trevor Walker, myself and occasionally Llewy and Chris Hatzistavrou took on the task of training
the boys – sometimes individually and then together with the team. By the end of the season, Chol
Adoor, Wada Kuan and Ngolleuth Ngolleuth had runs and wickets against their names.

Also outstanding were Dimitri, Vidura, Chelston, Daniel and Darren. Their hard work and their
contribution with bat and ball are to be applauded. The younger players like Adam, Buddhika and Akon
also contributed very well throughout the season.

These boys were good listeners and I’m sure they learnt a lot this season. They were also very well
behaved and this is also attributed to their families. I thank them for the pleasure of coaching them. I
would also like to thank Trevor for his great assistance and friendship, Mario for his hard work and his
“yes you can “attitude and young Chris for his dedicated scoring. Thanks also to all the parents who
supported us and attended the games.

I sincerely wish the players all the best for the coming season.

Good Luck and God Bless,
Under 15’s (Richardson) by Matthew Shawcross
The Sunshine Heights Richardson team experienced another highly successful season on a number of
different levels.

Firstly, I would like to commend the boys on their outstanding conduct throughout the season – not
once, did I have to address a behavioural issue either within the team or directed at an opponent or
umpire. This was in no small part due to the outstanding leadership of co-captains, Tim Mahoney and
Stephen Hatzistavrou. We, as a club, have an impressive reputation in this regard. Let’s make sure we
continue to protect it.

The year began with our side gaining many boys from the Under 13s as well as a number of players new
to the sport of cricket. Combined with our more experienced group of Under 15 boys, the side very
quickly gelled into a very competitive outfit that played very intelligent cricket to the best of their ability
every week. All boys were given opportunities to perform each game with bat and/or ball and this
resulted in the team gaining a great deal of depth as the season progressed.

Individual highlights included: Stephen Hatzistavrou’s outstanding year with the bat, Adrian Godfrey’s
consistent form throughout, Thai Nguyen’s opening spell against Caroline Springs (4 for 6), Tim Mahoney
and Kenneth Doan’s famous last wicket partnership to secure victory over Sunshine United, Daw
Ngollueth’s innings against Sunshine, Ring Mawien’s bowling spell in the Semi Final and the continued
improvement of Nick Joseph, Tuan Ngo, John Vu, Akon Mawien and Eric Nguyen.

As you can see by the above names, we certainly were a United Nations Cricket Team – something that I
have been very proud to be associated with. Within this team sporting environment, the boys were able
to mix together, coming from all different kinds of backgrounds, and celebrate in one another’s
successes. We should never lose sight of the fact that, as a club, we are providing a far greater service to
the community than just simply churning out some talented cricketers.

Special thanks to Chris, Gavin and Kerry for their support throughout the season – with all my other
cricketing commitments there is no way I could have done it without you. Also, a big thanks to all
parents who assisted with transport – something as simple as this is a great way of building and
connecting community – a tradition we must ensure continues into the future.

Thanks to the boys for all their hard work – as a result we achieved an amazing team outcome – Semi-
Finalists. I hope they all enjoyed their season and come back again next season to continue their
involvement in the club.
Under 15’s (Miller) by George Pantzikis

2008/09 season saw 2 new players join the club and Miller team; we also wished 4 players all the best
with moving up to the U17’s. Welcome to Jarrod Allen & Michael Murphy and best of luck to Nathan
Saliba, Gary Cadman, Aaron Hopper & James Vella.

It was pleasing to see both Jarrod & Michael settle in and become good team players and contribute
throughout the season. At the start of the season all the players were given an opportunity to write
down their team & individual goals for the coming season and why they enjoyed playing cricket.

A common theme from all the players as to why they enjoyed playing cricket was playing with friends or
my mates, enjoying each others company. This was evident throughout the season from all the players.

The highlight for the year was the team playing in their first Grand Final. Although we lost to a better
team, it was how they boys played the game and how humble they were in defeat. Throughout the year
the conduct of all the players during every game was in typical Sunshine Heights spirit.

Other highlights during the season were the team’s highest score in round 3 against
Hoppers Crossing, scoring 321 runs. Some individual bowling highlights were Chris Gatt taking 3/4 in
one match and Nick Deligiannis, Jack King & Kien Nguyen each taking 2/2 in other games throughout the
year. Highest individual score for the year was 55 n.o. scored by Justin Zahra.

Congratulations to Chris Gatt who won the bowling (best average) award & Justin Zahra winning the
batting (best average) award for the WMJCA U15 South competition.

I am very proud to have coached a group of boys who behaved in an exemplary manner and always
respected their coaches, team mates and opposition. Many thanks go to the following people who
sacrificed their time in supporting the team every week.

Alex Cini (assistant coach) for his great support during the season, Gail Grainger & Gary Allen for helping
with the scoring, Mario Gatt with ground preparation etc and all the parents who transported the boys
to the games.

I wish all the boys the very best for 2009/10 season, to keep working hard at your cricketing skills. The
season award winners were: A. Fazio – Batting, C. Gatt – Bowling, N. Deligiannis (Coaches award), J.
Zahra Outstanding Player.
Under 17’s by Adam Scanlon.
This season Sunshine Heights Cricket Club fielded its first ever under 17s team. The team started off with
a squad of twelve, however, these numbers slowly dropped off and we were left with a core group of
seven or so players. These boys trained every week and were always there on the match-days ready to
give it their all, despite the lack of numbers.

Nikolas Cupic captained the side and emerged as a genuine leader. With time, and some regular senior
cricket, Nik employed some very clever field settings that often led to chances. Nik definitely led from
the front, leading the wickets (15 with a best of 4/35) and runs (199 with a best of 50*) tally at the end
of the season. Nik was also well supported by his brother Kristofer.

Kris’ bowling was an absolute joy to watch. Almost every ball he bowled would beat the bat, turn a foot
and bounce over the stumps (making life very difficult for James). Kris also had an important role with
the bat this year. With the smaller numbers it was always going to be a challenge to bat out the overs.
Therefore, I had to drop my two most reliable bats Kris and Braedon, down the order to see out the
innings. And at the close of the season Kris remained not out in the last three matches.

Braedon was always energetic in the field. He was very vocal, and did a great job. With one run-out and
five catches, he was the stand-out fielder. It was hard to slot Braedon in as a batter or a bowler,
although he did a great job at both.

The surprise packet of the season was James Vella. James started out the season as a middle-order-bat;
however I thought I would give him a chance up the order. After three scores in the teens, James made
32* and 53* in the following two matches. James was an explosive opener, often hitting the ball to the
boundary (and over it), yet he also showed a great deal of discipline. James also had the arduous task of
keeping to the Cupics, however he did well, taking 5 catches, 1 stumping and he was involved in 3 run-

Dylan Zahra was also a surprise. Whenever we needed to break a partnership, I would throw the ball to
Dylan and the wickets would fall. Dylan bowled especially well against Barkly St/Footscray United on
both occasions we played them with figures of 1/6 of two overs, and 1/3 off two overs. Dylan was also
very energetic, and always threw his body around in the field.

Nathan Saliba was also very lively in the field and always kept the talk up. Nathan did very well with the
bat at country week, and I was hoping that he would keep up the form in the 17s. However, he only had
the one chance and it was against the top side. Nathan was the pick of the bowlers in the last match,
taking 1/7 from his three overs with only 6 fielders.

Dillon Hinge was a very handy weapon to have in the middle order. Although he only played a handful of
matches due to work commitments, the team could always rely on him to lift the run-rate. This often
had opposition parents wondering if he was a legitimate under 17s player.

After a lot of hard work from Chris Hatzistavrou, we managed to merge the SHCC under 17s with the
Williamstown Congs under 17s. Jack Hyde, Rohan Crowle and Mathew Beavis were very welcome
additions to the team.

We now had a regular opening bowler in Rohan (who bowled a great line and length that consistently
resulted in plays and misses). A good all-rounder in Jack (with five wickets and 74 runs in the last two
matches) and a solid number three bat in Mathew.
The season was not without some controversy. Arguably the most controversial moments resulted from
my umpiring decisions that resulted in wickets against SHCC. Dillon and Kris were both given out caught
behind down leg-side. Nik Cupic was given out LBW when the match was in the balance against Caroline
Springs, and also some lenient wide calls for swing bowlers to James Vella’s dismay.

It was a great experience to coach the first SHCC under 17s team, and I wish all the boys the best of luck
with their cricket in the future. I also look forward to playing senior cricket with a lot of the boys. I would
like to the thank all of the players that helped out this year including: Brad Harper, Gino Muscari, David
Deng, Aaron Hopper, Garry Cadman, Jarred Grainger, Stephen Pantzikis, Eric Nguyen, Bradon Mifsud and
Troy Griffin.

I would also like to thank Tracy, Jenny and James Rhodes for their help with the scoring and umpiring

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