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					                           Cerritos High School
                           Baseball Booster Club
                             Meeting Minutes

I. Boosters in attendance: T. Crammer, M. Crammer, O.Kidd, W. Cornell, W.
   Kamiyama and Coach Stecher

II. Fund Raisers:

        a. 3/17/08- Rubio’s Cerritos Town Center

           No changes from last meeting Coach Stecher to place ad on school
           marquee and give flyers to players day of event to distribute around

        b. 3/29/08- Carwash

           Everything is set. Tickets were distributed to all the players. Pre-
           sales are crucial. Each player is to sell 20 tickets at $5.
           Approximately 48 players potential fundraising amount $4,800.
           Coach Stecher is keeping track of tickets with a sign out roster.
           Mr. Crammer will organize day of event will need a few parents for
           supervision (still waiting :) . Players will be at school from 7:30 a.m.
           to 3:30 p.m. Barrier tape, sponges, soap, buckets and hoses are
           taken care of. Reminder each player should bring a couple of old
           towels for drying.

        c. 4/15/08-Frantones

           This fundraiser will be a fundraiser / spirit builder for the team and
           their families. Come out and join everyone and meet the DC
           Baseball family!

        d. 5/15/08-Angels vs Chicago White Sox

           Coach Stecher will be getting tickets for this game. Tickets will be
           sold to team at a reduced price and sold at normal price. Proceeds
           will go to baseball program. (Tickets arrived after meeting and
           should be going out within the next week)

        e. Wearables: Home games

           Still looking for volunteers to help Mr. Yamada to sell snacks and
           wearables at Home games. See minutes (2-27-08). Can sell
           wearables at Freshman and JV games but need a responsible
           adult(s) to be in charge.
          f. Community Businesses:

             Coach Stecher asked for volunteers to help him contact last years
             sponsors. Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Crammer volunteered to help
             out. Also Mr. Kidd will be contacting the Moskowitz foundation to
             try and get there support again and possibly sponsoring the

III. Photographers:

     Volunteers have been providing Mr. Yamada with pictures for the Dons of
     Cerritos Baseball web site. Thanks to all involved especially Mr. Yamada
     for taking the time to do this. The photos are great. Also thanks to Mr.
     Faria for stepping up to be the Freshman Photographer! Remember to go
     to our website www.donsofcerritosbaseball.com

IV. Alumni Game

     This has been scheduled for April 12, 2008. Will discuss more at next

 V. Booster Club-Bylaws

     Mr. Crammer has not developed draft bylaws which he would like to have
     reviewed by the activities director from the school as well as compare with
     other bylaws on campus.

VI. Baseball Banquet

     June 6th from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. at CPE. Theme TBD. Suggested favorite
     baseball team jersey (high school, college, minor or major league)? How
     about Tailgate party theme for the food? Looking into the Loft also.

VII. Ideas for improving the Baseball program (i.e. What are we going to do with
     the money?)

          a. Coach Stecher shared some ideas of his wish list for the program:

                 i. Field Improvements

                       1. Brick backstop on the Varsity Field
                       2. Dugouts painted inside
                       3. Backstop fence and wood painted
                       4. Chain link fence around the field
                       5. Heavy Duty vinyl drape over backstop fence to help
                          the outfielders pick up ball
                       6. Electronic scoreboard
                       7. Laser level field
                       8. New infield-Bermuda?
                       9. Home side bull pen improvements
                       10. Batting cage improvements

                ii. Equipment needs

                       1. Official Baseballs
                       2. Pitching Machine Baseballs
                       3. 3 Functioning Pitching Machines (2 broken)

                iii. For the players

                       1. Senior watches
                       2. Jackets
                       3. Bats (2 new ones for Varsity, 1 for JV and 1 for

                iv. Other: Hire additional coaches for each level

          b. Discussed how to accomplish and focus on a few that can be
             accomplished this year. Also discussed the importance of trying to
             involve projects that help the entire program (freshman, JV and
             Varsity). Obviously field improvements to the one field helps JV
             and Varsity. Batting cages will help all levels. Discussed some
             ideas that already have been approved by the school such as the
             school doing the painting requests. Mr. Kidd having permission to
             build the brick backstop. Mr. Kamiyama will look into repairing the
             two broken Jugs pitching machines. Mr Crammer will look into
             getting either donated or very discounted baseball items such as
             baseballs, bats, pitching machine balls from local businesses.
             Discussed possibly moving ads from out field to backstop area
             which can double up as the backstop tarp temporily until a larger
             one piece can be purchased. More discussion on this topic at
             future meetings.

VIII. Next Meeting

     March 27, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in Coach Stecher’s room next to weight room.